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Path of Radiance Radiant Dawn

FERD Zihark.png
Artwork of Zihark from Radiant Dawn.

A traveling mercenary swordsman. For reasons known only to himself, he has an affinity for laguz. He's working with Tauroneo to revive Daein.





  • 22 (Path of Radiance)[1]
  • 25 (Radiant Dawn)[2]


Starting class
The Daein soldiers call this war "the sub-human hunt." You know I hate that word. Daein will change... At least that's what I believed. But now... I can’t just stand by. This war is the last straw. I can't fight for Daein anymore.
— Zihark, to Lethe.

Zihark (Japanese: ツイハーク Zihark) is a traveling mercenary from Daein who joined a group of vigilantes in Crimea to save laguz from being hunted.[3] Upon meeting the laguz travelling with the Greil Mercenaries, Zihark decides to aid them in their escape from the Daein army, and assists them in the Mad King's War. After the war, he returned to Daein and would eventually help Micaiah in the war to liberate Daein.



Laguz sympathies

Zihark was originally from Daein, and had a romantic relationship with a non-tiger laguz. Unfortunately, his relationship did not last as the pressure from the taboo nature of their relationship was too much for his girlfriend. Zihark began to travel Tellius as a mercenary to do what he could to stop the oppression of laguz. When he heard that Crimea was creating an alliance with Gallia, Zihark thought that his dream would become reality, but upon coming to Crimea, found that the attitude towards laguz was the same as before. To do what he could to realize his dream, Zihark joined with an anti-laguz vigilante group in the port town of Toha to stop laguz from being killed.[3]

The Mad King's War

When Mad King's War began in 645, Zihark was with the Toha vigilantes. Ike and the Greil Mercenaries came to Toha to escape by ship to Begnion, but Ranulf accidentally revealed himself as a laguz, much to the shock and anger of the townspeople. Upon the news that laguz had been spotted in town, Zihark tried to assist their escape. He met up with the laguz, Lethe or Mordecai, and chose to help their cause by joining them.[4][5] Once the Greil Mercenaries had escaped onboard the ship, Zihark continued to journey with them, and would eventually fight with Crimean army to end the war. After war, Zihark departed for his homeland of Daein.[6]

Daein's emancipation and choosing sides

Years later, in 648, Zihark joined up with the Daein Liberation Army along with his former comrades Jill and Tauroneo to fight against the oppression by the occupying Begnion forces. After the Dawn Brigade joins the army and Micaiah is made Vice Commander, he and the Daein Liberation Army fought a series of battles to free Daein from the clutches of the Begnion occupation forces, eventually triumphing and retaking Nevassa, Daein's capital. Not long after, Daein joined Begnion in the fight against the Laguz Alliance. Zihark was torn between choosing to stay loyal to his newly freed country or his long-standing ideals. He either stayed with his country or defected to join Ike and the Laguz Alliance, depending on whether he was able to speak with one of his close friends in the alliance. Regardless of his fate, Zihark eventually participated in the battles against the Disciples of Order. After the defeat of Ashera, Zihark would once again travel Tellius as mercenary, settling disputes between beorc and laguz, eventually settling in Gallia.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Zihark is a playable unit. He is recruitable as an enemy in Chapter 11 if talked to by Lethe or Mordecai. He stands among the Toha vigilantes just north of the starting position.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait zihark fe09.png
Level 10
Affinity Is gcn earthaffin.png
Constitution 9
Recruitment: Chapter 11, speak to with Lethe or Mordecai

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Killing Edge
Steel Sword
Weapon Levels
GCNRankSword.gif C GCNRankLance.gif -- GCNRankAxe.gif -- GCNRankBow.gif --
GCNRankFire.gif -- GCNRankThunder.gif -- GCNRankWind.gif -- GCNRankStaff.gif --

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Weapon level
Swordmaster +4 +1 +2 +2 +2 +0 +2 +2 +1 +1 GCNRankSword.gif (x to C)


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Zihark is the second myrmidon to join the party. He has respectable base stats for his join time, having great skill and speed, workable strength, and good sword rank (i.e. able to use the Killing edge immediately). Thus, he needs minimal investment to perform his role as an infantry sword-using unit well. As he does not have a mount, he cannot keep up with units like Titania, Oscar, and Kieran, nor can he canto, severely limiting him. His base durability is also weak, so he cannot be too exposed.

Zihark has good offensive growths, with good strength, skill, and speed growths, ensuring he can offensively keep up at 1-range (especially with Adept). However, his defensive growths are mediocre. Due to his durability and swordlock, his enemy phase combat will almost always be limited compared to lance and axe users despite his excellent offense.

Zihark has the Adept skill, which is a primary reason to use him over other infantry combat units. As it is an excellent skill with good activation rates, it should never be removed. Vantage works well for him, though he lacks 1-2 range, and Vantage+Adept is not as powerful of a combo as Vantage+Wrath or Vantage+Resolve. Astra is a good skill for Zihark, but it has a lower activation rate than other good mastery skills, and requires removing Adept from him, so it is recommended to save the Occult scrolls for other units.

Zihark has an earth affinity which gives pure avoid. His only support partner whose affinity complements this is Muarim, with a thunder affinity giving light defense and more avoid. Ilyana appreciates the avoid boost from Zihark, but her own bonuses are lackluster for him. Brom's water affinity does not complement Zihark, as it only gives +1 attack and defense at max support.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Zihark is a playable unit who becomes available in Part 1 Chapter 6 as a part of Micaiah's party, though he appears as an ally unit in the previous chapter. Zihark can be recruited to Ike's party if he talks to Lethe or Mordecai in Part 3 Chapter 6. He can also be recruited if he is talked to by Lethe or Mordecai, or by Brom or Ilyana with an A support in Path of Radiance in Part 3 Chapter 7 and Part 3 Endgame.

If a Radiant Dawn game was started via a data transfer from Path of Radiance, any stat Zihark maximized in Path of Radiance will result in a boost to his base in the stat in question in Radiant Dawn; his HP receives a +5 bonus under these conditions, while all other stats receive a +2 bonus. The below stats are Zihark's default stats if no transfer is made or if he capped no stats in Path of Radiance.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait zihark fe10.png
Level 3
Affinity Is wii earthaffin.png
Constitution 11
Recruitment: Part 1, Chapter 6, start of chapter

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Killing Edge
Critical +10
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png A WiiRankLance.png -- WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png --
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png -- WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png -- WiiRankDark.png -- WiiRankStaff.png --

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Skills Weapon level
Trueblade +4 +2 +4 +2 +2 +0 +2 +4 +0 +0 Critical +20*
WiiRankSword.png (x to A)


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Zihark is a prepromoted swordmaster on Micaiah's team. He has excellent offensive base stats, with decent strength and excellent skill and speed. He also has a crit boost, innate Adept, and comes with a Killing Edge, so he requires no investment to immediately contribute. He is an excellent user of the Brave Sword through part 1 thanks to his good crit and Adept. However, his base durability is mediocre (though not as bad as most tier 1 units), and he lacks good 1-2 range for much of the game. Path of Radiance Zihark caps strength, skill, and speed on average, so PoR transfers benefiting him significantly.

With excellent skill and speed growths, he will cap them quickly before promotion (especially with PoR transfers). Though his other growths are mediocre, BEXP helps patch them in the long run, especially strength. Through part 3, Zihark's offense remains excellent but his durability does not keep up, so it is easy for him to get overwhelmed especially by enemy laguz (this is heavily mitigated if he is supporting Nolan or Volug). When promoted, his crit boost increases and he learns Astra, further amplifying his good offense, though he is still stuck with swords.

In part 4, he will likely be underlevelled, but if used frequently enough before part 4, he can catch up without too much investment. As an infantry unit, he does not want to join Micaiah's team due to the desert chapter, but he works well on the other two teams. His excellent speed ensures he can double most units in endgame, though he is limited by his class's low strength cap, meaning he has trouble with the generals and dragons (unless given the Wyrmslayer).

Zihark has innate Adept, which complements his good crit rate and the Brave Sword. Tauroneo's Resolve and Edward's Wrath complement innate Adept, though unfortunately he won't have space for all three simultaneously. He can also use the Vantage scroll from 1-E and complement it with Leonardo's Cancel, both with high activation thanks to good speed. Paragon through part 3 can help Zihark catch up to other units when part 4 comes around, though there are better users of it.

Zihark has an earth affinity which gives a massive boost to avoid. Nolan is a popular partner due to being another good infantry unit with another earth affinity, giving both units +45 avoid at max level. Volug also has an earth affinity, and despite being a laguz, it is not hard to keep them near each other especially through part 3. Fiona as well has an earth affinity but she requires significant investment to catch up, and most of her chapters are not friendly for cavaliers. Micaiah can also be a good partner, as her dark affinity gives Zihark an appreciated attack boost and also a bit more avoid. Tormod also gives an attack boost with his fire affinity, but due to his terrible availability through the game, this is not recommended.

Fire Emblem Awakening


Zihark is playable as a SpotPass character, released in the Path of Radiance character set. Zihark is also present as an enemy in the first and third installments of the Smash Brethren DLC series; additionally, Zihark appears as an ally in Smash Brethren 2.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait spotpass zihark fe13.png
Level 19
Movement 5
Recruitment: SpotPass, hire him for 7,400 G or defeat him in a battle.

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Killing Edge* Avoid +10
Weapon Levels
Swords B Lances -- Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --

Reclassing options

Small portrait spotpass zihark fe13.png
Base classes:*
Myrmidon Swordmaster
Reclass options:
This unit can reclass to any male class available through reclassing.
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

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Promotion stat gains

Archer Barbarian Cavalier Dark Mage Fighter Knight Mage Mercenary Myrmidon Priest Tactician Thief Wyvern Rider

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Weapon level
Sniper +4 +2 +1 +4 +3 +0 +5 +3 +0 +1 --
Bow Knight +8 +3 +0 +2 +4 +0 +1 +2 +0 +3 Swords E

Skill set

Like all male bonus units in Awakening, Zihark has access to all base class and advanced class skills available to standard male units.

Personality and character

Zihark is courteous and amiable, always making an effort to know the members of the army. He cares deeply for his friends and often invites them out for meals. He has a sense of humor, cracking jokes with Tormod and Muarim after being reunited during Daein's liberation.[7][8] He also seems to be able to recognize when people have ulterior motives, such as when he ignores Ilyana's attempts to take his food.

Zihark has a strong sense of justice towards laguz, willing to go to great lengths to protect them, such as infiltrating the vigilantes in Toha.[5] Despite how he detests Daein's attitude towards the laguz, he shows loyalty in his contribution to freeing Daein. His loyalty frequently clashes with his ideals, and he is forced to choose a side during the war with the Laguz Alliance. In battle, Zihark is very honorable, never turning his blade against his friends, and requesting his opponent surrender if possible. Zihark rarely ever loses his cool, but when it comes to laguz, he tends to act more emotional, reacting in anger when fighting against Izuka after witnessing his atrocities.[9]


Path of Radiance

Main article: Zihark/Supports (Path of Radiance)
Small portrait zihark fe09.png
Is gcn earthaffin.png
Small portrait ilyana fe09.png
Mage Is gcn lightaffin.png
C: 4
B: 9
A: 14
Small portrait brom fe09.png
Knight Is gcn wateraffin.png
C: 3
B: 6
A: 9
Small portrait muarim fe09.png
Beast tribe (Tiger) Is gcn thunderaffin.png
C: 3
B: 6
A: 9

C: {{{c4}}}
B: {{{b4}}}
A: {{{a4}}}

C: {{{c5}}}
B: {{{b5}}}
A: {{{a5}}}

C: {{{c6}}}
B: {{{b6}}}
A: {{{a6}}}

C: {{{c7}}}
B: {{{b7}}}
A: {{{a7}}}
Click here for more details on supports.

Radiant Dawn

Bond supports

Small portrait zihark fe10.png
Default bonds:




Extra bonds:*
Small portrait ilyana fe10.png
Thunder Mage
Small portrait muarim fe10.png
Small portrait brom fe10.png
Axe General


Click here for more details on supports.


Radiant Dawn

Zihark, Blade of Unity
Zihark traveled Tellius as a mercenary, resolving beorc-laguz disputes. Some say he eventually settled in Gallia.


Battle quotes

Understood, I'll go ahead. I'll wait for you over there.
— An unused quote intended to be Zihark's retreat quote in Path of Radiance.
What am I doing? Why am I helping these bigots in their hunt for laguz?
— Zihark, when fighting Lyre or Kyza in part 3 chapter 7 of Radiant Dawn.
I use my sword for Daein... But am I really fighting for Daein here? What am I doing...
— Zihark, when fighting Ranulf, Ulki, or Janaff in part 3 chapter 7 of Radiant Dawn.
I'm sorry. I didn't want us to meet again like this. Forgive me.
— Zihark, when fighting any other character that appeared in Path of Radiance in part 3 chapter 7 of Radiant Dawn.
Please surrender now. I don't want to kill you needlessly.
— Zihark, when fighting any other character that did not appear in Path of Radiance in part 3 chapter 7 of Radiant Dawn.
With this stroke, the last of my ideals is cut down...
— Zihark, when fighting Kyza or Lyre in part 3 final chapter of Radiant Dawn.
This is for Daein... This is for our survival!
— Zihark, when fighting Ranulf, Ulki, or Janaff in part 3 final chapter of Radiant Dawn.
There's no time to dwell on our sorrow.
— Zihark, when fighting any other character that appeared in Path of Radiance in part 3 final chapter of Radiant Dawn.
I must not think... The enemy in front of me is the only thing I will focus on.
— Zihark, when fighting any other character that did not appear in Path of Radiance in part 3 final chapter of Radiant Dawn.
I'm from the Toha vigilantes.
— Zihark's SpotPass parley quote in Awakening.
I dislike such contests.
— Zihark, in a SpotPass battle in Awakening.
I will join your group.
— Zihark's SpotPass recruitment quote in Awakening.
If a fight is upon me, then I will give it my all!
— Zihark, in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
Are you...a laguz? Leave. I don't want to fight you.
— Zihark, when fighting Panne in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
I know a threat when I see it. Still, I cannot allow you to pass!
— Zihark, in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.
I'd never wish to fight your kind, but if you attack me, I have no choice...
— Zihark, when fighting Panne in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.

Against Lethe in Path of Radiance Chapter 11

Zihark: I'd rather not fight you... Would you please flee?
Lethe: Do you expect me to believe you? Human liar! Hsss!

Against Mordecai in Path of Radiance Chapter 11

Zihark: ...Please, run away... I don't want to hurt you.
Mordecai: What are you saying? Why do you look at me with such sad eyes?

Against Homasa in Path of Radiance Chapter 19

Homasa: You are a swordsman as well. And, it appears, quite skilled! May I ask for a duel?
Zihark: I dislike contests with strangers, but I don't think I can refuse. Can I?
Homasa: Ki-yah!

Against Lethe in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 6

Zihark: Lethe?
Lethe: Zihark...! So, you also side with the enemy?
Zihark: Lethe, please surrender. Our commander doesn't want any more killing.
Lethe: Surrender? Even you could not convince me to surrender. You know that, Zihark.
Zihark: Lethe, please!
Lethe: Enough! We are enemies. The only thing left for us is this fight!
Zihark: How did it come to this...

Against Mordecai in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 6

Mordecai: Ah! Zee... Eehark! Hm... Sorry, Mordecai not say your name right. Not yet.
Zihark: What am I doing here? This isn't right. Tell me this is all a bad dream...
Mordecai: Oh, it's good to see... Zee-haark? Why are you sad?
Zihark: Mordecai... I'm so sorry...

Against Sothe in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 7

Sothe: I understand. I thought that fighting against the laguz would set you off.
Zihark: I won't make any excuses. I'm finished with the new Daein.
Sothe: You chose principles over country and comrades. I can't blame you for that.
Zihark: But these people are my comrades! Look around you, Sothe! These people aren't your enemies, they're your friends!
Sothe: Let's get on with this. I'm with Daein. You're with the Laguz Alliance. There's only one thing to do when enemies meet.
Zihark: I won't go easy on you. I respect you too much for that!

As an enemy against Ike in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 7

Zihark: Ike...
Ike: It's been a while, Zihark. So, you're with Daein?
Zihark: Yep. This is weird, Ike. I never thought we'd meet again as enemies.
Ike: It's the nature of being a mercenary. No hard feelings, Zihark. Any chance you could convince the Daein army to retreat?
Zihark: I wish. It's too complicated right now. Too many politicians playing around.
Ike: I see... I'm not much for politics. All I do is live by my principles, my sword, and my friends. What can I say? I won't change who I am, even if it means fighting you.
Zihark: That's fine by me. You're still the man I knew from the Mad King's War. It's about time I also threw away my doubts...

As an enemy against Ilyana in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 7

Ilyana: Hello, Sir Zihark.
Zihark: Ilyana... You're on their side, too?
Ilyana: And you stand with the enemy...
Zihark: I don't know why, but it feels like you've been in my life longer than the others. I couldn't handle it if you got hurt. Ilyana, please pull back before something awful happens. I beg of you.
Ilyana: Oh, Zihark...

Against Sigrun in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 12

Sigrun: I remember you... You used to travel with the Greil Mercenaries. Why are you fighting us?
Zihark: I couldn't abandon the people of my homeland.
Sigrun: I see... You are from Daein. Then there is no way for us to avoid this confrontation?
Zihark: I'm afraid not. Just like you want to protect your own country, I want to protect mine.
Sigrun: ... I am sorry to hear that.

Against Kieran in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 12

Kieran: Zihark! What are you doing in the Daein army?!
Zihark: I couldn't abandon the people of my homeland.
Kieran: You are originally from Daein?
Zihark: That's right. I want to protect my country, just like you want to protect yours. That's why I fight for the Daein army.
Kieran: I am sorry to hear that... I will not go easy on you just because we know each other.
Zihark: Thanks, Kieran. I prefer it that way.

Against Tanith in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 12

Tanith: You used to fight alongside the Greil Mercenaries! You now fight for Daein? But General Ike is on our si–
Zihark: Yes, I'm aware of that. Even so, I can't pull out of this fight.
Tanith: Then you are the apostle's enemy! Prepare to die.

Against Sothe in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Endgame

Sothe: I'll forget about our time together during the Mad King's War and the Daein Emancipation. You should do the same. We should fight without reservation and without sentiment.
Zihark: I agree, Sothe. I do hope you survive, for Micaiah's sake. But you'll have to defeat me first.

Against Tauroneo in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Endgame

Tauroneo: What a strange twist of fate that we would end up facing off against one another.
Zihark: Agreed. It seems that fate is cruel in lots of ways lately.
Tauroneo: Daein owes you, Zihark. Your efforts liberated our country. For that, you will always have our thanks. However, Daein cannot retreat from this war. We may face old friends as our enemies, but we cannot stop.
Zihark: ...
Tauroneo: I will not apologize for this war, and I cannot explain it to you. You should do what you must. We are two soldiers now, facing off against each other on the battlefield.
Zihark: ...Very well. I hope we'll get to talk more about this later, General.

Against Nailah in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Endgame

Nailah: Zihark... You used to fight for Micaiah.
Zihark: Queen Nailah. Do you fight for Daein now?
Nailah: Well, let's say I've replaced some of the deserters.
Zihark: That's right, I'm a deserter. I don't have to defend my decision. I made the right choice.
Nailah: Zihark, I don't care. These are beorc problems. What I'm interested in is you and your blade. Shall we get started? I remember you as a skilled swordsman. I'm excited to see your work up close.
Zihark: I don't know if my blade can match your jaws, Queen Nailah, but I'm honored to face you. At your ready.

Against Pelleas in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Endgame

Pelleas: Zihark... I only ever wanted to help our people. I'm sorry it came to this.
Zihark: So am I, Your Majesty. I don't understand any of this, but I do know that it has to stop.

As an enemy against Ike in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Endgame

Zihark: Ike, I'm sorry, I... I must raise my sword against you.
Ike: Zihark, what's going on here? Why do you sound so desperate? This isn't like you at all!
Zihark: I'll take my secret to the grave. Besides, you know I don't like to complain. At your ready, Commander.

As an enemy against Ilyana in Radiant Dawn Part 3 Endgame

Zihark: Ilyana, we've no time for doubts now. This mess has to finish its course. Let's get this over with.
Ilyana: Sir Zihark... I wish it didn't have to be this way...

Against Izuka in Radiant Dawn Part 4 Chapter 5

Zihark: Izuka the Cruel... You are the author of this atrocity against nature? What gives you the right to perform your vile works on the laguz!
Izuka: The sub-humans are perfect subjects! What could be wrong with using them?
Zihark: ...She always told me not to let anger and hatred get the best of me, not the let them guide my blade... This will be my only exception.

Death quotes

So this is the...end. Now...I ...
— Zihark, in Path of Radiance. I have not...yet... not yet...saved anyone... Oh...
— Zihark, as an enemy in chapter 11 of Path of Radiance.
I guess the end... of the line...for me... ... Thank you. I' waiting... It's getting dark... I'm...on my way... See you...
— Zihark, in Radiant Dawn.
The Greil Mercenaries... They really are here. There's no way we can win this. Sorry guys. I'm turning back for now. I really suggest you all retreat as well.
— Zihark's retreat quote in part 3 chapter 7 of Radiant Dawn.
They're strong. We can't even slow them down. Sorry, I'm turning back.
— Zihark's retreat quote in part 3 final chapter of Radiant Dawn.
Incredible... I know when I'm beaten...
— Zihark, in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
Agh...I seem to have only...gotten in the way...
— Zihark, as an NPC in Smash Brethren 2 in Awakening.
You're...more powerful than I imagined... If we were allies...
— Zihark, in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Zihark is currently featured on four cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Zihark
TCGCipher B03-034HN.png Wandering Swordmaster, Zihark



"Here too, it seems like circumstances force us to fight."
Attack: 60 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Swordmaster Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Killing Edge: [Activate] [Flip three bond cards] This turn, this unit's attacks cannot be avoided.
Defender of Laguz: [Always] While you have at least one Fang ally, this unit gains +10 attack.
Card #B03-034HNArtist: j-peg
TCGCipher B03-035N.png Wandering Myrmidon, Zihark



"....I am not an enemy of the Laguz."
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Myrmidon Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Protective Hand of the Laguz: [Trigger] When this unit attacks, if you have at least one Fang ally, this unit gains +10 attack this turn.
Is TCGCipher Attack.png Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B03-035NArtist: Kuno Genki
TCGCipher B09-095R.png Blade of Unity, Zihark



"I won’t go easy on you."
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Trueblade Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Bladefang Astra: [Trigger] When a Fang ally is deployed, this turn, this unit gains 10 attack.
Laguz-Protecting Trueblade: [Trigger] [Flip one bond card] When this unit's attack destroys an enemy, and this unit's support was a Fang card, you may pay the cost, and if you do: Add that card to your hand instead of sending it to the Retreat Area.
Card #B09-095RArtist: Kuno Genki
TCGCipher B09-096N.png Wandering Mercenary, Zihark



"If possible, I would wish for you to surrender. I do not desire a meaningless battle."
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Myrmidon Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Brother of the Laguz: [Always] While this unit is being supported by a Fang, this unit gains +10 attack.
Is TCGCipher Attack.png Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B09-096NArtist: Kuno Genki
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Zihark .


  • In Path of Radiance, Zihark had a support with Ike that was cut. While no conversation exists in the game files, there is an unused alternate dialogue in the Epilogue for if Zihark had an A support with Ike.
    • "Crimea’s an interesting place, but I’ve decided to travel to Daein. …We never did have our match, did we? Of course, I’m no longer in the same class as you… I’ll be training hard for the next time we meet!" - Zihark's unused Epilogue dialogue.[10]
  • In Radiant Dawn, Zihark cannot attack or counterattack Lethe, Mordecai, Ranulf, Reyson, Leanne, Micaiah, Ilyana, Jill, Meg, Brom, Tauroneo, or Pelleas.[11]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Zihark
Japanese ツイハーク Officially romanized as Zihark.
Spanish Zihark
French Zihark
German Zihark
Italian Zihark


Official artwork


Path of Radiance

Radiant Dawn


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    Ike: You and I haven't had very many opportunities to talk, and I--
    Zihark: You don't think you can trust me?
    Ike: No, it's not that. I'm just curious--I was surprised to see anyone in Toha who chose to fight on the side of the laguz.
    Zihark: I joined the Toha vigilantes solely for the purpose of saving laguz. I'm not from Crimea, but when I heard she had joined with Gallia, I envisioned my perfect world, one in which the laguz could live normal lives, free of oppression. However, when I came to Crimea, I found things were no different there than in any other beorc nation.
    Ike: It was the same for me. I couldn't allow myself to ignore these problems any longer.
    Zihark: I'm happy to hear it. Of all the beorc I've ever met, you're the only one who shares my conviction.
    Ike: Zihark, is there...some other reason you defend the laguz?
    Zihark: I don't follow you.
    Ike: You see, I was born in Gallia, or so I've been told. I just wondered if you had a similar reason guiding you.
    Zihark: ...Of course I have my reasons. Would you be upset if I didn't want to discuss them? My reasons are...extremely personal.
    Ike: No, it's no problem. I wanted a better understanding of what kind of man you are, and I have that now.
    Zihark: Can I ask what that is?
    Ike: You are a good man. I'm glad to have you along.
    Zihark: I'm glad to be here. I feel I'm finally able to do the kind of good I've longed to do for years.
    " — Ike and Zihark, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  4. "Zihark: Ah!
    Lethe: Grrr! Flee. You're Crimean...I cannot fight you.
    Zihark: Hold on! Please!...I am not an enemy to laguz.
    Lethe: L-laguz...? How do you--
    Zihark: I joined this vigilante group because I knew it would afford me a chance to help you flee. Listen, I'll distract the townspeople. While they're worried about me you can make good your escape.
    Lethe: I cannot trust the word of a human.
    Zihark: ...I see. Well, if I cut down these vigilantes, will you believe me?
    Lethe: Huh?
    Zihark: One? Two? All of them? How many do you want? Just give the word and I'll start the cutting!
    Lethe: Hsss! Quiet! Why? Why would you...
    Zihark: I want to help you....That's all.
    Lethe: ...I see... You're not an enemy. That much I'll believe...
    Zihark: Thank you. Now, you must hurry away from this place.
    Lethe: No, I cannot flee. I have fr-friends with whom I must board a ship.
    Zihark: Will you not desist? It's much too dangerous. The vigilantes and Daeins want nothing more than to kill laguz!
    Lethe: I'm not leaving.
    Zihark: I see...If that's your stance, then I've no choice.
    Lethe: Hm?
    Zihark: I will join your group.
    Lethe: Don't...Don't be ridiculous!
    Zihark: What's your name?
    Lethe: I am Lethe, but--
    Zihark: That's a good name.
    Lethe: That's beside the point! You--
    Zihark: I am Zihark. Well met, Lethe! Whoops! I don't think we have time for formal introductions. Let's hurry!
    Lethe: H-hold it! I have not agreed to this!
    " — Lethe and Zihark, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  5. 5.0 5.1 "Zihark: Ah!
    Mordecai: You are a vigilante. We must avoid vigilantes. You should flee.
    Zihark: You would speak so to the vigilante group that's hunting you? You're a kind laguz, aren't you?
    Mordecai: Hm? My words are not good. You must go quickly.
    Zihark: No, you are the one who should flee. Leave the rest to me. I'll confuse the townsfolk and give you time to run.
    Mordecai: What? Why?
    Zihark: I don't want to see any laguz harmed, so I joined these vigilantes as a double agent.
    Mordecai: Hmm...? I am confused. do not smell like an enemy. Our group must get on that ship. We are taking it to Begnion.
    Zihark: Will you not desist? It's much too dangerous. The vigilantes and the Daeins desire nothing more than to kill laguz!
    Mordecai: Even so, we will go.
    Zihark: I see...If that's your stance, then I've no choice.
    Mordecai: ...
    Zihark: I will join your group.
    Mordecai: You will betray your friends?
    Zihark: I told you, they're not my friends. I am an ally to the laguz. What? You need proof? There!
    Mordecai: Why do you drop your blade? That bright metal tool is your only fang.
    Zihark: I want you to believe me....Please. You must believe me.
    Mordecai: ...I believe you. I am Mordecai, warrior of Gallia. Who are you?
    Zihark: I am Zihark. Well met, Mordecai! Whoops! I don't think we have time for formal introductions. Let's hurry!
    " — Mordecai and Zihark, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  6. "Zihark: Crimea’s an interesting place, but I’ve decided to travel to Daein. Perhaps fate will bring us together again." — Zihark to Ike, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  7. "Zihark: Muarim!
    Muarim: Zihark, has it been three years?
    Zihark: First Crimea, now Daein. Never a dull day! Still, it’s good to fight with you again.
    Muarim: You can say that again.
    Zihark: OK. It’s good to fight with you again.
    Muarim: Beorc humor is so…odd. But you know I feel the same.
    " — Zihark and Muarim, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  8. "Zihark: Hey there, Tormod. You’re looking well.
    Tormod: So you’re here too, eh, Zihark?
    Zihark: Polished your mage skills over the last few years, I see.
    Tormod: But of course! I’ll toast anyone who dares oppose me!
    Zihark: Really? Well then, why don’t you take on the rest of the guards while I sit back and take a break?
    Tormod: You know what I mean! Get back here and fight like you mean it! Zihark!
    " — Zihark and Tormod, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  9. "Zihark: Izuka the Cruel… You are the author of this atrocity against nature? What gives you the right to perform your vile works on the laguz!
    Izuka: The sub-humans are perfect subjects! What could be wrong with using them?
    Zihark: …She always told me not to let anger and hatred get the best of me, not the let them guide my blade… This will be my only exception.!
    " — Zihark vs Izuka, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  10. Epilogue - Serenes Forest,, Retrieved: 16 January 2019
  11. Non-attacking Units - Serenes Forest,, Retrieved: 12 December 2018
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