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Portrait zaitan fe10.png
Zaitan's portrait in Radiant Dawn.







Starting class

Armored Lance


Intruders, you say?! What with a full battalion stationed here? The gall! And the intrigue! Now, listen up, my men, catch ’em midstream and filet ’em like fish!
— Zaitan

Zaitan (Japanese: ザイタン Zaitan) is a captain in Begnion's Imperial Occupation Army in Daein. He was stationed at the manor of Lord Kisca, near the capital Nevassa, where he and a full battalion of soldiers hoarded provisions and valuables stolen from the people of Kisca.[1] He commanded the Begnion defense of the manor when Micaiah and the Dawn Brigade came to help Laura steal medicine for the town's ill abbot.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Zaitan is the boss of Part I, Chapter 2 and acts as the commander of the Occupying Army units in this chapter. In Easy Mode, the chapter's objective is to rout the enemy, including Zaitan. In Normal and Hard Mode, the objective is to have Laura reach the seize point in the upper-middle of the map, which Zaitan is not near, meaning that he can potentially be ignored entirely in higher difficulties.


See also: The Dispossessed

Easy Normal/Hard

Small portrait zaitan fe10.png
Armored Lance
Level 8
Affinity Is wii windaffin.png
Constitution 13
Authority --
Max HP 30 Speed 9
Strength 11 Luck 7
Magic 0 Defense 12
Skill 11 Resistance 5
Movement 5 Weight 21
Inventory Skills
Iron LanceThis item or skill is locked to this unit.
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances B Axes -- Bows -- Knives -- Strike weapons --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --


Zaitan is a vicious commander who readily threatens bodily harm on his enemies in relatively explicit detail. He claimed that the only reason he would not kill Micaiah when they fought was that General Jarod, his superior, wanted her brought to him alive.


Battle quotes

Don’t move a finger, thief, or I'll skewer you with my lance and serve you for lunch!
— Zaitan, as the boss of Part I, Chapter 2 in Radiant Dawn.
Zaitan: The Silver-Haired Maiden! I've got you! Lucky for you, Jarod wants you alive—but there's no escaping now!
Micaiah: I'm afraid I have to disappoint you.
Zaitan: Oh, how pompous! Try to "disappoint" me, and I'll break both your arms!

— Zaitan, when fighting Micaiah in Part I, Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.
Zaitan: And what do we have here? A decent lady like you mixed up in such scurrilous company?!
Laura: You're a fine one to talk! You Begnion mock the will of the goddess! Repent your sins!
Zaitan: How dare you preach at me, you ignorant little girl! Soon, you'll be naught but rust on my lance!

— Zaitan, when fighting Laura in Part I, Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.

Death quotes

With this many, we...can't...hold them back... Call...for...rein...force...ments...
— Zaitan, as the boss of Part I, Chapter 2 in Radiant Dawn.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
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Romanized as ZAITAN in his internal file name.



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  1. "Micaiah: Sothe, do you know the layout of the manor?
    Sothe: I was here years ago. As I remember, there’s a large armory tucked deep inside the building. And if I understand correctly, Begnion soldiers guard valuables they’ve stolen–from rare objects to necessary supplies–in that armory.
    Micaiah: Then the medicine will be there, too.
    " — Micaiah and Sothe, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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