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EXPonential Growth

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EXPonential Growth





That's terrible! ...Wait, there's a village inside the ruins? How is that even possible? And wait... What kind of a monster zombie thing eats vegetables?
— Chrom

EXPonential Growth is a downloadable content xenologue chapter in Fire Emblem Awakening. As a xenologue chapter, it does not officially bear a chapter number; if all xenologues are purchased and its list is viewed at the Outrealm Gate, EXPonential Growth is the fifth one from the top in the North American version of the game. Officially in Japan and unofficially in North America, EXPonential Growth is part of the first series of DLC releases, a distinction that does not exist in the PAL regions.

This chapter was first made available on May 17, 2012 in Japan, February 28, 2013 to the general public in North America, and May 2-3 in the PAL regions. North American players who purchased the Golden Pack prior to EXPonential Growth's offical release were able to play the chapter a week early.

In this chapter, the Shepherds are tasked with exterminating a group of a rare variety of Risen--the Entombed. And not just any ordinary Entombed either--vegetarian Entombed...


Main article: EXPonential Growth/Script

Upon arrival into a new Outrealm, Chrom naturally asks where he and the Shepherds are. One of the inhabitants, Anna, reveals that they are in the Outrealms, a place where all one's fantasies come true, and they have more exotic adventures than one can shake a stick at; Anna then asks Chrom not to worry, she will not tell the wives. Chrom asks Anna if she is feeling all right and that she seems different, to which Anna sees it as nonsense, asking Chrom to not confuse her with some real-life acquaintance; this Anna is different, an alternate version of one Chrom may know, to which Chrom thinks he gets the grasp. Anna says she is in need of some help, and asks that the Shepherds destroy the Entombed that are pouring out of the ruins--they have been raiding their village and stealing all of the crops from their fields; Chrom notes that the occurence is terrible, then asks how it's possible for there to be a village inside the ruins, and also asks what kind of zombie monster eats vegetables, to which Anna again brings up the concept of alternate versions, as they are in an alternate world. Chrom reveals that the Shepherds have urgent matters to attend to in their own world, and offers Anna some weapons so that the townsfolk can take care of the Entombed themselves; Anna states that she is just a poor defenseless woman pretending to have a ridiculous accent and she cannot actually fight, and if the Shepherds won't help, she'll just have to wait for the next passersby and the villagers will starve in the meanwhile. Anna says she can picture the lamentations of the women and children as they speak, to which Chrom notes Anna is starting to sound like Old Hubba; Anna then goes on a tangent about pumpkins, potatoes, and tomatoes, to which Chrom notes doesn't make sense before agreeing to exterminate the Entombed. Anna, dropping the accent, asks Chrom to take it easy, she just works in the area, and reveals this isn't solely charity work--the Shepherds will gain plenty in the bargain as well, as taking out the Entombed will earn someone a lot of something that Chrom knows of, to which Chrom says he doesn't know what Anna's referring to; Anna says he'll figure it out, but the Shepherds had better hurry, as the Entombed are sure to be dashing for the exits. Picking up the accent again, Anna continues her babble, to which Chrom gives a reaction in a similar style. Preparations take place at this point; the battle begins once preparations are finished.

Once the battle ends, Anna will notice that the Entombed are no more, to which Chrom states the Shepherds are all stronger for the experience; Anna states that's nice, but also reveals that the Entombed spring up like weeds, thus Anna invites the Shepherds back anytime they are looking for the challenge--there is no doubt that the villagers would weep tears of joy to see the Shepherds again, to which Chrom notes that they can save their precious vegetables they somehow grow amidst stony ruins and are threatened by vegetarian monsters. Anna agrees with Chrom and says she'll see him again soon.

Website summary

The Entombed are a rare variety of Risen soldiers, said to grant tremendous experience to those who defeat them. At Anna's request, Chrom moves to exterminate them.[1]

North American eShop summary

They say you can get a lot of experience by exploring new lands...

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Chrom or Robin dies, or the player's army is routed 6 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 17
Cm fe13 exponential growth.png
Difficulty rating: ★★
Stage dimensions:
23 columns by 24 rows
Block sizes:
Japan: 40
North America: 40
PAL region: 40
Map phase music: "Young Light" from New Mystery of the Emblem
Battle phase music: "Days of Training" from New Mystery of the Emblem
Note: Due to known flaws in how the game's downloadable content system handles music, the game may fail to load the music assigned to this chapter. If this happens, the music normally assigned to skirmishes in the base game will play.
Japan: ¥300
United States: $2.50
Europe: €2.49
United Kingdom: £2.29
Australia: $3.25
New Zealand: $4.25
Also available in: Golden Pack

United States: $6.00
Europe: €5.99
United Kingdom: £5.39
Australia: $7.80
New Zealand: $10.20

Character data

New Units












Returning Characters

Small portrait chrom l fe13.pngSmall portrait avatar m-default fe13.pngSmall portrait lissa fe13.pngSmall portrait frederick fe13.pngSmall portrait sully fe13.pngSmall portrait virion fe13.pngSmall portrait stahl fe13.pngSmall portrait vaike fe13.pngSmall portrait miriel fe13.pngSmall portrait sumia fe13.pngSmall portrait kellam fe13.pngSmall portrait lon'qu fe13.png

Note: The returning characters list represents the minimum characterbase recruitable by the point the player can first access the Outrealm Gate. If more chapters along the main story path are cleared, or if any paralogues are cleared, the player can have access to characters not listed here by the point the chapter is first started. As bonus units are recruitable at the player's discretion, the returning characters list does not list them either.

Item data

There are no items available in this chapter.

Event tiles

  • Column 4, row 11: Twelve squares north of the westernmost player deployment point
  • Column 19, row 14: Nine squares north, one square west of the easternmost player deployment point

Enemy data

The total number of enemies that appear in this chapter is 17, distributed at random from among the following:

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 1 Random Blighted Claws
UnderdogIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 1 Random Blighted Talons
UnderdogIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 10 Random Blighted Claws
UnderdogIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 10 Random Blighted Talons
UnderdogIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 20 Random Blighted Claws
UnderdogIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 20 Random Blighted Talons
UnderdogIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 30 Random Blighted Claws
Underdog CounterIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 entombed enemy.gif
Risen Entombed 30 Random Blighted Talons
Underdog CounterIs 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Random
Prioritizes escaping via the south.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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  • This chapter is one of four non-skirmish situations in Awakening to include the preparations phase to not adhere to the typical chapter deployment style of Chrom being the sole mandatory deployment; the others are The Golden Gaffe, Infinite Regalia, and chapter 23 of the base game.
  • This chapter is one of few in the Fire Emblem series to not have a boss; other notable chapters with this quality are The Golden Gaffe as well as chapter 29x (31x Hector) of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.
  • Chrom appears to have met at least one of the Annas in the past, yet the only one required to have been interacted with at the point the player can first play this chapter is the keeper of the Outrealm Gate. Given Chrom's reaction to first meeting the respective Anna characters of paralogues 2 and 4 in the base game, combined with this chapter's Anna stating she is an alternate version of one Chrom knows, this may imply that the scenario of this chapter was written with having already played one of those paralogues in mind.
  • Despite the chapter's enemies being Risen Entombed, the only part of the chapter aside from their character name listings that refers to the Entombed as Risen is Virion's battle-entry line. This makes this chapter one of four in Awakening to include generic Risen that do not refer to the Risen as such in mandatory dialogue, the others being chapter 1, paralogue 16, and Harvest Scramble.
  • This chapter is one of only two DLC chapters outside the Einherjar saga to include any mention of Old Hubba, the other being Five-Anna Firefight.
  • This chapter and The Golden Gaffe have their icons switched up in the Outrealm Gate menu. This chapter's icon is Victor and Vincent, the two main story characters of the other chapter, while The Golden Gaffe's icon is an Entombed, which are the enemies in EXPonential Growth.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

EXPonential Growth



Translates to "Mummy Paradise"


Crescita ESPonenziale

EXPonential growth


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