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Valentia, prior to unification.
This article is about the continent itself. For the nation which formerly shared this name with the continent on which it was set, see Valm.

Valentia (prounounced /vəˈlɛntiə/[key][1]; Japanese: バレンシア Valentia), later renamed Valm (Japanese: ヴァルム Warm), is a continent situated to the west of Archanea/Ylisse, and is the setting of Fire Emblem Gaiden, its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and parts of Fire Emblem Awakening.


Main article: Timeline of Archanea, Valentia and Jugdral

In the early history of Valentia, the continent was governed by two sibling gods: Mila, the Earth Mother, and Duma, the Dark God; however, the two experienced a schism over their incompatible philosophies, and so went their separate ways and founded their own nations, Zofia and Rigel, each governed as their god saw fit. The strong influence of the gods over the nations, with no counterbalancing philosophy, corrupted the people of both nations in different ways.[2] After centuries of this misrule, in the year 606 (Archanean calendar), Zofia was subjected to a coup d'etat by its General Desaix and Rigel launched an invasion as part of the plans of its emperor Rudolf to rid the world of the influence of both gods; in response, the heroes Alm and Celica led their respective armies to combat Rigel and find the missing Mila, ultimately ending in the defeat of Duma at Alm's hands and the disappearance of both gods from the world.

Alm and Celica, as the surviving royals of both nations, married and united Valentia into a single nation with Alm as its first Exalted King. Following Alm's death, his successor renamed both the kingdom and the continent to "Valm", in honor of Alm's legacy.[3] After an unknown amount of time, Valm experienced a schism and broke up into numerous smaller nations, and so it remained in this state until millennia after the kingdom's foundation, when the continent was reunited into a single Valmese Empire by Walhart the Conqueror.



Main article: Zofia

Zofia is the nation which comprised the southern half of Valentia prior to its unification by Alm and Celica. It was founded by the Earth Mother Mila and her followers, and so adopted a strong pacifist and passive nature.


Main article: Rigel

Rigel is the nation which comprised the northern half of Valentia, prior to its reunification by Alm and Celica. It was founded by the Fell God Duma following his schism with Mila, and so in strict adherence to his philosophy became a strict militant nation; however, in the end it was the actions of its emperor Rudolf which ensured an end to the gods' hold on Valentia and the continent's reunification.

Kingdom of Valentia / Valmese Empire

Main article: Valm

The Kingdom of Valentia, later renamed Valm, has existed in two forms over the eons. The first incarnation was founded by Alm and Celica with the unification of Zofia and Rigel following the defeat of Rudolf and Duma, with Alm as its first Exalted King; following Alm's death, his successor renamed the kingdom and continent to "Valm", in honor of Alm's legacy.[3] At some point the kingdom collapsed and the continent split once again into multiple nations, with the Valmese Empire itself now comprising a miniscule and forgettable nation, but it was reformed back into a continent-spanning powerhouse millennia later by Walhart the Conqueror.


Main article: Chon'sin

Chon'sin was a nation of Valm present after the split of the first incarnation of the Valmese Empire, located in an unidentified part of the continent. It was home to a rich warrior culture and traditions of beauty in austerity. It was re-absorbed into the second incarnation of the Valmese Empire by Walhart, after its last king Yen'fay was blackmailed into Walhart's service.


Main article: Rosanne

Rosanne was a minor nation of Valm present after the split of the first incarnation of the Valmese Empire, located in an unidentified part of the continent. It was subjugated by the second Valmese Empire under Walhart and absorbed into its holdings. Virion, an ally of the Shepherds, is a noble of its former House Virion.


Etymology and other languages


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Valentia As of Fire Emblem Awakening. From Valentia (Latin: "valor" or "strength"), the original name given by the Roman Empire to València, a prominent city and region of modern Spain.
Valencia Used in the Gaiden fan translation. Derived from València, as above.
Japanese バレンシア Officially romanized as Barensia in Gaiden, and as Valentia in Shadows of Valentia.[4] "Barensia" is a transliteration of the Japanese name for Valencia.
Spanish Valentia As above.
French Valentia As above.
German Valentia As above.
Italian Valentia As above.
Dutch Valentia As above.
Korean 발렌시아 Valentia; as above.
Simplified Chinese 瓦伦西亚
Traditional Chinese 瓦倫西亞


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Valm In-universe, both the empire and the continent are said by Virion to have been named after the first emperor of the Valm, who united its north and south after a great war; this is presumably Alm, given the name "Valm" ends with "alm".[3]
Japanese ヴァルム Officially romanized as Warm.
Spanish Valm As above.
French Valm As above.
German Valm As above.
Italian Valm As above.
Korean 바룸 Used in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.



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