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Shepherds (chapter)

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Cm fe13 2 l.png


The Northroad

New units

Stahl, Vaike, Miriel


Risen Chief

I wondered what manner of ignoramus would mislay their weapon. Now I know.
— Miriel

Shepherds is the second chapter in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is another chapter against Risen as the Shepherds begin their trek toward Ferox.


Main article: Shepherds (chapter)/Script

Lissa escorts Robin into the Shepherds' garrison, where a troubadour, a pegasus knight, and a fighter are already gathered, then asks Robin to make himself/herself at home. As Robin takes a look around, the troubadour (whose name is revealed to be Maribelle) asks Lissa if she is all right, that she was on pins and needles concerned for Lissa's safety. Lissa tries to reassure Maribelle that she is OK, but Maribelle reveals that she sprouted 14 gray hairs fretting over Lissa. Lissa tells Maribelle that she can handle a battle or two, and that Maribelle worries too much, but Lissa could do without the bugs and bear meat barbecues. The fighter (whose name is revealed to be Vaike) asks where Chrom is, believing Chrom to have had a rough time without the aid of Vaike and his axe. Lissa, surprised at the nickname Vaike gave himself ("Teach") and having thought people were simply born lacking wits, now thinks lacking wits can be taught. Vaike, after first gloating, doesn't take kindly to Lissa's insult. The pegasus knight (whose name is revealed to be Sumia) asks when they can see the captain; Maribelle reveals that Sumia's been beside herself with concern, what with Sumia's eyes scanning the horizon all day during training, and that Sumia could have earned fewer bruises battling blindfolded. Lissa tells Sumia that it was sweet of her to worry about Chrom; Sumia says that she'd naturally worry about their captain and prince. Vaike is the first to notice Robin's presence, and inquires about the "stranger"; Lissa states that nobody is stranger than Vaike, but introduces Robin anyway, revealing Chrom allowing him/her to join the Shepherds as their new tactician, and Lissa stating that the others should see the tricks up Robin's sleeve. Vaike demonstrates his own "trick", and belches; Robin states that he/she has much to learn in such arts, then reveals it's a pleasure to make the acquaintances of the other Shepherds. Maribelle chews out Vaike for his disgusting behavior, wondering if baseborn oafs must pollute the air with buffoonery, and asks Robin not to encourage Vaike, having hoped Robin was cut from finer cloth. Maribelle leaves the area. Sumia asks Robin not to take Maribelle too seriously, as it takes time for Maribelle to warm up to people; Lissa believes Maribelle to burn too quickly, but does ask that Robin give her more time. Chrom arrives, and Sumia greets him, tripping over her words--before physically tripping herself. Chrom asks Sumia if she's all right, wondering if Sumia tripped due to her boots. Sumia appears to be at a loss for an answer. Chrom reveals that, come morning, that the group will be marching to Regna Ferox. Robin naturally inquires about Regna Ferox; Sumia reveals that Regna Ferox is a unified kingdom to Ylisse's north, allegedly inhabited by barbarians. Chrom corrects Sumia and calls the Feroxi warriors, and Ylisse needs their help to quell the Risen menace. In a typical situation, Emmeryn would request such aid in person, but recent events would cause the people to worry should she suddenly leave the capital; as a result, the task has been passed to the Shepherds. Chrom states that the mission is voluntary; before Chrom can say much more, Lissa volunteers, followed by Vaike and a knight nobody knew was around (whose name is revealed to be Kellam). Kellam reveals he's been present the whole time, but he goes ignored. Sumia, again at a loss for words, reveals that she's not sure she's ready for a proper mission at this time, that she'd just get in the way; Chrom asks Sumia to stay behind the main group and, if a battle starts, to watch and learn. Chrom states that Sumia's choice is hers, but some lessons can only be learned on the battlefield, to which Sumia accepts, Chrom asking she stay by him and she'll be fine.

A short time later, we see Chrom, Lissa, Robin, and Vaike in a grassy area to the north. Chrom asks if everybody is ready is ready, that they have a long march ahead. Another knight (whose name is revealed to be Stahl) asks that they wait for him; Stahl then runs onto the scene. Chrom is surprised by Stahl's arrival; Stahl asks why he was the last to hear about the expedition to Ferox. Lissa reveals that Vaike was supposed to tell Stahl about the mission, then chews out Vaike for forgetting to do so. The Vaike states he never forgets--he just doesn't always remember, to Lissa's annoyance; Lissa claims Vaike would forget his own name if he weren't constantly saying it, then asks Vaike if he remembered to bring his axe. Vaike brings up that it only happened one time--twice, actually, but he doesn't count practice sessions, then reveals that he did remember his axe; he then says it's good to have Stahl along. Stahl reveals that he was in such a hurry that he missed breakfast, which he briefly describes. Robin then introduces himself/herself to Stahl, Chrom revealing him to be one of Ylisse's finest. Stahl greets himself, revealing that Miriel had told him there was a new Shepherd; Stahl reveals that Miriel is one of their mages, and that she should be catching up soon.

The march gets interrupted by an encounter with Risen; Chrom asks if they really have spread this far. Robin asks about the term "Risen"; Frederick revealed that a name was needed to refer to the new threat, so the council came up with the name. Chrom asks that the group remember what they're up against; Vaike claims that the Risen will remember him when he drives his axe into an area of their body, but doesn't reveal where as he notices his axe, which he claims to have had a second ago, is missing. Chrom tells Vaike that this is no time for jokes; Vaike reveals that it's no joke, his axe is gone, he had just had it, and it has to be around the area somewhere. Chrom asks that Vaike keep to the rear, as a battle is about to start. As the battle starts, Frederick asks the group to listen up, especially those who actually brought weapons; he explains the weapon triangle, and it should be worked into their strategy whenever possible.

After one full turn of combat, Miriel arrives on the scene and joins the fray. She notices an axe lying about, wondering if someone mislaid it, a behavior she thought not possible among the Shepherds but willing to return the axe to its owner--along with a stern word or two. If Miriel returns Vaike's axe to him, she insults Vaike's intelligence before being thanked for the favor. Miriel then threatens to have Vaike's axe permanently fasten in his hands with a spell.

Once the battle ends, Chrom deems good riddance to the Risen. However, as Risen have appeared that far up the Northroad, Chrom and Frederick deduce no path is safe, and the group needs to stay wary. The player may save their game at this point.

A short time later, Chrom, Lissa, and Robin are continuing their journey when Robin spots something. Lissa is wondering if it really is a pegasus she sees; the group walks up to it and we see that it is indeed a pegasus. Chrom sees that the pegasus is hurt, and goes for a look; when Chrom gets close, the pegasus reacts violently, startling Chrom. Sumia comes onto the scene and asks for Chrom to wait a moment; as Sumia approaches her pegasus, she trips, prompting Chrom to ask Sumia if she's all right and if her boots are causing the problem. Again, Sumia is at a loss as how to word her response. Chrom asks Sumia to come no closer, as the pegasus is a crazed beast; Sumia states that she can handle the situation. Sumia asks the pegasus to be easy, that she won't hurt it.

Sumia gets close to the pegasus and manages to calm her. Robin asks how Sumia managed to calm the pegasus so quickly, with Lissa deeming the feat incredible and Chrom saying he's never seen anything like it. Sumia states it's nothing, that she just has a way with animals. Sumia asks that the group go on ahead, she'll dress the pegasus's wounds and catch up as soon as they're able (at this point revealing that the pegasus in question is indeed Sumia's pegasus). Chrom states he can make time to wait for Sumia, but Sumia states that she can manage, what with every moment being precious when Ylisse is in danger. Chrom asks Sumia to be safe, to which Sumia confirms.


Lissa introduces the other Shepherds. They head north to Regna Ferox to seek military aid against the creatures from the woods, now named "Risen."

Chapter data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Enemy
Defeat: Chrom or Robin die. 8+1 12
File:Cm fe13 2.png

The chapter's map is 15 columns by 20 rows.

Character data

New Units
Small portrait stahl fe13.png
Automatically from the start
Small portrait vaike fe13.png
Automatically from the start
Small portrait miriel fe13.png
Automatically from turn 2
Returning Characters

Small portrait chrom l fe13.pngSmall portrait avatar f-default fe13.pngSmall portrait lissa fe13.pngSmall portrait frederick fe13.pngSmall portrait sully fe13.pngSmall portrait virion fe13.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds01 iron sword.png Iron Sword Dropped by an enemy Mercenary
Is 3ds01 iron lance.png Iron Lance Dropped by an enemy Soldier

Shop data

After clearing chapter 3, the shop at this location will become available.

Armory contents

Normal stock Possible merchant items

Item Price
Is 3ds01 fire.png Fire 540
Is 3ds01 thunder.png Thunder 630
Is 3ds01 wind.png Wind 450
Is 3ds01 flux.png Flux 540

Event tiles

  • Column 4, row 14: On the northeast side of a mountain formation
  • Column 10, row 7: Southwest of the northeast fort

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic(+)

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds01 mercenary risen enemy.gif
Risen Mercenary 2 2 Iron Sword --
Ma 3ds01 barbarian risen enemy.gif
Risen Barbarian 2 4 Iron Axe --
Ma 3ds01 soldier risen enemy.gif
Risen Soldier 2 3 Iron Lance --
Ma 3ds01 soldier risen enemy.gif
Risen Soldier 2 1 Iron LanceThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma 3ds01 mercenary risen enemy.gif
Risen Mercenary 2 1 Iron SwordThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma 3ds01 barbarian risen enemy.gif
Risen Chief Barbarian 4 1 Hand Axe Immobile.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Risen Chief

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait risen chief fe13.png
Level 4
Movement -
Max HP 26 Speed 8
Strength 11 Luck 3
Magic 0 Defense 4
Skill 7 Resistance 1
Inventory Skills
Hand Axe --
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes D
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Shepherds
Japanese 小さな自警団 Little Vigilantes
French Veilleurs Watchmen


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