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Sickle to Sword

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Sickle to Sword


The Farfort

New units




Fight and get stronger, he says... Guess it can't hurt to try. I sure hope I don't get in the way! Gosh, that would be just awful...
— Donnel

Sickle to Sword is the first paralogue chapter in Fire Emblem Awakening. As a paralogue chapter, its events are not integral to the game's main storyline and can be done at the player's leisure. In this chapter, the Shepherds assist a young boy in rescuing his fellow villagers from a swarm of bandits.


Main article: Sickle to Sword/Script

The Shepherds arrive on an island off the southeast coast of Ylisse. Chrom is immediately greeted by a villager named Donnel, who immediately asks him for help. Chrom asks Donnel to slow down and asks what happened. A brigand shows up on the scene and reveals he's spotted the "wee piglet", to Chrom's disgust. The brigand notices Chrom and at first thinks him to be a weak opponent--until he notices the rest of the Shepherds. Chrom gives the brigand a choice: run and live, or fight and die; the brigand runs away. Once the brigand's gone, Chrom again asks Donnel what happened in the area; Donnel attempts formality but has trouble, which Chrom asks Donnel to hold off on formality and asks for his name. Donnel introduces himself and reveals he lives in the village just beyond their location. Chrom again asks Donnel what happened; Donnel reveals that the bandit Chrom just scared off attacked Donnel's village, and that Donnel was the only one to escape, and even then just barely. The bandits were rounding up the other villagers to be hauled off to a bandit camp. Donnel asks Chrom to save his fellow villagers, and reveals that his mother is one of them--all Donnel has in this world. Chrom notices that the ongoing war appears to spawn new evils by the day, and accepts Donnel's offer, asking Donnel to lead the way.

Upon nightfall, the leader of the brigands, Roddick, asks one of the brigands if he's sure of the presence of Chrom and the Shepherds, which the brigand confirms by swearing on the grave of his sainted mother. Roddick sees Chrom would fetch a high ransom from noble folk, and reveals that he'll have Chrom squealing for mercy in no time. A mother figure among the villagers states that the villagers have nothing left for the brigands to take, and asks Roddick to let the children go; Roddick demands silence from the woman. The brigand underling reveals the woman to be Donnel's mother; Roddick reveals that he knows her, she's the wife of the man who broke Roddick's rib the last time he was in the area, and Donnel's mother reveals that Roddick killed him over it, wishing that situation had gone the opposite way. Roddick insults Donnel's intelligence, and states that fact is no wonder if this woman is his mother, and that they'll see for themselves when they catch Donnel; Roddick even states they may make her watch as they kill Donnel. The woman asks that Roddick spare Donnel, that he's just a young boy.

Donnel has led the Shepherds to the bandits' camp, the Farfort. Chrom asks Donnel to stay close; Donnel reveals that he can't fight, that he hasn't even stuck a pig before. Chrom apologizes for his mistaken assumption, and asks Donnel to stay where he is and he'll be fine. Donnel states he wishes he was as strong as the Shepherds--if he was, he'd kick out the bandits single-handed, to which Chrom asks that Donnel fight and grow stronger. Donnel is about to say he isn't something, but Chrom states that no man is born a warrior, and that farm work makes for fine training, comparing a sickle to a sword; bandits may be tougher than wheat, but the principle is the same. After mulling over for a short moment, Donnel accepts the offer to fight; he may be no warrior, but the hostages are his people, and he has to do what he can.

A short while later, Chrom asks if everybody is in place, with Donnel revealing that he's ready. Preparations take place; afterward, Donnel attempts to gain confidence by repeating Chrom's words of wisdom, that it wouldn't hurt to try; he hopes that he doesn't get in the way. The game reveals the conditions necessary to retain Donnel's services right before the battle begins.

Once Roddick is defeated, and if Donnel gained at least one level during the chapter, Donnel reveals that the group did it, that the village is rid of bandits once and for all. Chrom calls it a worthy first victory for Donnel. Donnel reunites with his mother, who was worried near to death but is now relieved to see him safe; Donnel's mother thanks Chrom for saving both her son and her village. Donnel's mother asks him where his manners are, and asks him to take a knee and thank Chrom. Donnel thanks Chrom, saying he can't begin to repay all what he did for his people. Chrom revealed that it was Donnel that led the charge, the Shepherds simply picked off the stragglers, asking Donnel to hone his potential and use it to keep the village safe. Donnel asks Chrom to wait, Chrom wondering if something is wrong; Donnel requests that Chrom take him with them, that he's good with livestock. Donnel's mother attempts to silence him, but Donnel reveals he wants to hone his skills and be able to keep the village safe, that he once thought he never thought he was good for anything more than shoveling dirt; Chrom showed Donnel that there's more he can do and needs to be doing. Donnel's mother tells him that he needs to know his place, that a farmhand is no fit for something of royal designation; Donnel's mother doesn't get to finish, as Chrom reveals he'd be glad to have Donnel aboard with his group--the Shepherds need every good man they can find, and Donnel fought bravely. Donnel's mother tells Chrom that he's kind to say what he said, and quickly sighs before agreeing to let Donnel make his own decision. Donnel's mother does ask him one last favor, to come home safe, that she'll see that the village is still standing when he returns a hero. Donnel's mother prepares to see him off, and Donnel reveals he's fighting for her--but if he does find glory, he'll be sure to bring it home.

If Donnel either failed to gain a level or was defeated within the chapter, the part up to where Chrom refers to Donnel's "worthy first victory" is skipped, and the scene plays out differently after Donnel thanks Chrom. In this case, Chrom tells Donnel that he did enough, but he's still young and that, given time, he'll eventually be able to defend the village single-handedly. Donnel apologizes to Chrom, saying that he's sorry he wasn't more help.

Chapter data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Roddick Player Enemy
Defeat: Chrom or Robin dies 8+1 16
Cm fe13 1x.png

The chapter's map is 18 columns by 16 rows.

Character data

New Units
Small portrait donnel fe13.png
Automatically from turn 1
To keep at chapter's end, he must gain at least 1 level within the chapter
Returning Characters

Small portrait chrom l fe13.pngSmall portrait avatar m-default fe13.pngSmall portrait lissa fe13.pngSmall portrait frederick fe13.pngSmall portrait sully fe13.pngSmall portrait virion fe13.pngSmall portrait stahl fe13.pngSmall portrait vaike fe13.pngSmall portrait miriel fe13.pngSmall portrait sumia fe13.pngSmall portrait kellam fe13.png

Note: The returning characters list only those recruited by the time this chapter is unlocked. As a paralogue chapter, there is no set timeframe in which the chapter must be taken on; thus, it is possible to have recruited more characters than the above by the point the chapter is started.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds01 chest key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Thief
Is 3ds01 chest key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Archer
Is 3ds01 door key.png Door Key Dropped by enemy Barbarian
Is 3ds01 killer lance.png Killer Lance Open northern chest in the treasure room
Is 3ds01 rescue.png Rescue Open southern chest in the treasure room

Shop data

After clearing this chapter, the shop at this location will become available.

Armory contents

Normal stock Possible merchant items

Item Price
Is 3ds01 iron sword.png Iron Sword 520
Is 3ds01 iron lance.png Iron Lance 560
Is 3ds01 iron axe.png Iron Axe 600
Is 3ds01 iron bow.png Iron Bow 560

Event tiles

  • Column 12, row 9: In a dead-end nook two squares east of a floor tile that is itself adjacent to a plain tile.
  • Column 3, row 10: Two squares east of a one-tile wall.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic(+)

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds01 thief enemy.gif
Ruffian Thief 4 1 Iron Sword
Prioritizes opening the upper chest, then escaping via the south.
Ma 3ds01 barbarian enemy.gif
Ruffian Barbarian 4 6 Iron Axe • The eastern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The center-southern two both begin moving if either of them or the nearby Archer is provoked.
• The western one begins moving if the nearby Archer is provoked.
• The center one will not move until a unit is in range of both him and the nearest Barbarian, or until either of them is fought; in either case, he begins moving.
Ma 3ds01 archer enemy.gif
Ruffian Archer 4 5 Iron Bow • The eastern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The center-southern one begins moving if a nearby Barbarian is provoked.
• The southwestern one begins moving if the nearby Barbarian is provoked.
Ma 3ds01 thief enemy.gif
Ruffian Thief 4 1 Iron Sword Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Ma 3ds01 barbarian enemy.gif
Ruffian Barbarian 4 1 Iron Axe Door KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. Will not move until a unit is in range of both him and the nearest Barbarian; or until either of them is fought; in either case, he begins moving.
Ma 3ds01 archer enemy.gif
Ruffian Archer 4 1 Iron Bow Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma 3ds01 barbarian enemy.gif
Roddick Barbarian 7 1 Steel Axe Hand Axe Immobile.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Roddick

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait garrick fe13.png
Ma 3ds01 barbarian enemy.gif Barbarian
Level 7
Movement -
Max HP 29 Speed 10
Strength 13 Luck 4
Magic 0 Defense 5
Skill 8 Resistance 1
Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Hand Axe
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes C
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

As Donnel is a rather weak unit, it may be wise to give him a forged E-rank lance to grant him a slight advantage in this paralogue.

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  • This chapter is one of only two non-SpotPass paralogues to not include a green NPC faction at any point in the chapter including the preparations phase; the other such non-SpotPass paralogue is paralogue 14. These two paralogues also happen to be the only paralogues that take place in Ylisse.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Sickle to Sword
Japanese 弱き者、それは I am a Weakling


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Sickle to Sword The Secret Seller

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