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Chon'sin (Japanese: ソンシン Sonshin) is a kingdom in Fire Emblem Awakening. Chon'sin is located on Valm, however, like Rosanne, its exact location is never specified as it was absorbed into the Valm empire. The kingdom is possibly in a coastal area, as Say'ri mentions the kingdom's dietary staple is seafood.[1] Judging by the characters native to Chon'sin their culture and dress is inspired by Japan, also making the country aesthetically similar to Hoshido.

Along with heavy favor of seafood, tea is also a highly regarded part of Chon'sin's culture, and preparation and consumption of it is taken very seriously.[2]

In terms of foliage, Chon'sin seems to differ from the rest of Valm and Ylisse, as Say'ri's painting of cherry blossom trees is seen as something foreign and unusual.[3]

The kingdom itself also seems to have reverence for Naga and Tiki, as Say'ri speaks to Tiki in a very respectful manner, calling the manakete "my lady".[4] The relationship is also somewhat parallel to Myrrh's and Saleh's in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.


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Characters from Chon'sin

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait say'ri fe13.png
The princess of Chon'sin, a swordmaster, Yen'Fay's sister, and a figurehead of the rebel alliance fighting against Walhart. Awakening
Small portrait yen'fay fe13.png
A swordmaster, and Say'ri's seemingly traitorous brother. Awakening
Small portrait lon'qu fe13.png
A myrmidon for hire who currently resides in Ferox, is uncomfortable around women. Awakening
A now deceased girl that Lon'qu cared for very much, the origin of Lon'qu's gynophobia. Awakening


  • Although the exact geography of the Chon'sin region is never formally defined, the fact that Warriors' Tomb is stated to be a Chon'sin grave may hint toward a location in the southwest of the Valmese continent.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


An alteration of the Japanese name.



Sonshin; likely from 尊信 sonshin "reverence".



As above



As above



As above



As above



From Lâmina Chon'sin "Chon'sin blade", the Portuguese translation of Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Sonshi; from 索恩希的劍姬 "Swordswoman of Sonshi", the Chinese translation of Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade in Heroes.



  1. "Raw fish is also a Chon'sin delicacy." — Say'ri, to Robin, Fire Emblem Awakening
  2. "Aye, we use different leaves and different utensils, and even drink unlike you. Chon'sin takes tea very seriously. There are entire schools devoted to the art." — Say'ri, Fire Emblem Awakening
  3. "Say'ri: 'Tis a tree called the cherry. The pink you call out are its blossoms, not its leaves.
    Avatar: Interesting. I've never seen one like it." — Say'ri, to Robin, Fire Emblem Awakening
  4. "You fought the last battle masterfully, my lady. Truly, your power is beyond my ken." — Say'ri to Tiki, Fire Emblem Awakening
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