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Old Hubba

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Old Hubba

Portrait old hubba fe13.png
Portrait of Old Hubba from Awakening.






Millennia[citation needed]


February 29

  • Beatrice (wife, deceased)
  • Fondell (great-uncle, deceased)[1]



The important part is that they are out for blood! MY blood, in fact! The blood inside of me! Which is where I'd quite like it to stay.
— Old Hubba

Old Hubba (Japanese: 占い爺 Old Fortune-Teller) is an elderly fortune-teller who lives in the Outrealms, and the keeper of the Einherjar cards.

Fire Emblem Awakening


For generations, Old Hubba's family have lived in the Outrealms and served as the keepers and protectors of the Einherjar cards,[2] with Old Hubba being their latest keeper.

Xenologue: Champion of Yore 1

When Chrom and his army first came to the Outrealm through the Outrealm Gate, they found Old Hubba under attack by ten Einherjar whose cards had been stolen by Aversa and turned against Old Hubba. Chrom successfully defeated the Einherjar and returned their cards to Old Hubba, who rewarded him with Marth's card.

Hubba Tester

In addition to his role in DLC chapters, Old Hubba also presides over the Hubba Tester, a bonus feature available from the game's main menu. In the Hubba Tester, the player selects two of the game's characters to have their relationship read by Old Hubba. The results of the Hubba Tester are displayed as arrows pointing between the two units describing their "current" feelings toward each other, while Old Hubba provides snide commentary underneath. The Hubba Tester is completely separate from the main game and has no effect on the support pairings in any main game save file.

Sage Match

Aside from the Hubba Tester, the Sage Match is also a feature added in Fire Emblem Awakening. This feature gives a description of the setting featuring these two characters, which is selected randomly. A score is also given on a scale from 0 to 100.

Hubba Tester
Possible dialogue
About to swoon
Always staring
Carries a torch for
Desires attention.
Drawn by destiny
Drools openly
Fatal attraction
First Love
Has a sweet spot
Head over heels
Heart aflutter
Lives and dies for
Loins afire
Lost in pheromones
Lovey Dovey
Never wants to part
One-track mind
Puts on a pedestal
Separation anxiety
True love
True Sacrificer
Uses pet names
Wants to snuggle
Way too attached
Would give anything
Would hold hands
Admires lifestyle
Always entertained
Best friend
Budding friendship
Easy to joke with
Feels safe
Finds agreeable
Fun to train with
Good friend
Into the same foods
Like minded
Low maintenance
Not a dull moment
On the same page
Relaxed around
Same Wavelength
Sees potential
Shopping buddy
Similar hobbies
Sparring partner
Thinks highly of
Total respect
Totally platonic
Trusts implicitly
Ultimate duo
Avoids eye contact
Bad chemistry
Bad teamwork
Cold Shoulder
Dreads meeting
Expects betrayal
Fashion disaster
Feels ignored
Feigns friendship
Finds freaky
Finds irritating
Friend zone
Into different things
Keeping a distance
No ear for music
Not interested
Not into the hair
Nothing in common
Nothing to say
On eggshells
Oil and water
Out of whack
Utterly baffled
Weirded Out
Sage Match
Score Description
0 There's nothing there. They don't even remember each other's names!
1 They have bigger issues. if you ask me. it's like they just don't care.
2 With everything else going on, they hardly notice each other.
3 Maybe, if the timing was right... Actually, no. Not even then.
4 They've had more meaningful conversations with rocks.
5 These two? Seriously?! *yawn* That would make for a dull pair.
6 Two words: total apathy. They'd rather fold socks than hang out.
7 They would rather pair up with...pretty much anyone.
8 They look at each other and experience a state of heightened ambivalence.
9 They have more pressed things on their minds... like "when's lunch?"
10 With them, everything escalates to punches right out of the gate.
11 They do not look good! They ready their weapons on sight.
12 It's hard to hear over the sound of their threatening insults.
13 Spitting at someone is usually not a good way to start things off...
14 Their friendship might improve if they'd stop throwing rocks at each other.
15 The sneering between these two is intense. Other people back away.
16 Set them up together, and someone's day is about to get ruined.
17 They get all pouty when they see each other and not in a good way.
18 They spend so much time rolling their eyes at each other, they get dizzy.
19 Their relationship is awkward. They give each other weird, fake smiles.
20 Put them in a room together, and they'll start polishing their weapons.
21 Leave them alone together, and someone's getting a stomachache.
22 They would rather pluck their eyebrows than hang out together.
23 They claim that looking at each other is actually painful and hurts their eyes.
24 Put them in a room together, and someone's hair will stand on end.
25 They would rather get root canals than spend an afternoon together.
26 Their relationship is pretty bad. They just make each other nervous.
27 With this couple, someone is going to pull their hair out... Not a good look.
28 Chaining them together would be a great way to send them over the edge.
29 When they hang out, they manage to kill the entire mood.
30 Their relationship isn't great. They fight over how to fight.
31 They can't even agree on what to eat for dinner.
32 Their relationship isn't great. They can't even agree on which of them is cuter.
33 They're not a great pair--always arguing over whose music is best.
34 They haven't spoken since their fight over who is more popular.
35 They have very different ideas about what makes for a perfect date.
36 Money is a sore subject with these two. They don't agree at all!
37 They nitpick each other all day long. Really stupid stuff sets them together.
38 They are so annoying--always fighting on who is really in love with whom.
39 They tend to ignore each other and obsess over what other people think.
40 Their relationship is all right. They give each other half smiles.
41 Sometimes they comment on each other's clothing. Hey, it's a start.
42 They're just friends, but they do compliment each other's hair.
43 They chitchat idly sometimes, but mostly about the weather.
44 Don't tell them anything! They gossip like two little old ladies.
45 They danced together one time, but it was no big deal.
46 They took a personality test together... but only because they were bored.
47 Things move slowly. Sometimes they'll chat while polishing their weapons.
48 They shoot the breeze sometimes, but it's pretty casual.
49 They try to impress each other with their best knock-knock jokes.
50 Their relationship is normal. Sometimes they chat about their favorite weapons.
51 Mostly, they talk about the secret crush they have...on someone else.
52 They enjoy reminiscing about their favorite childhood memories.
53 They like compare dreams and come up with bizarre interpretations.
54 They bond over their shared irritation with certain other people.
55 They fill the time by making up tales of bravery...usually starring themselves.
56 Their hot topic of conversation centers on who has the coolest hair color.
57 When they get bored, they like to do impressions of other people.
58 They are more focused on gossiping about others' relationship than theirs.
59 They enjoy coming up with silly baby names for other people's kids.
60 A nice, long scouting mission together would do these two some good...
61 These two should get lost in the woods sometime. To climb trees, obviously...
62 They have a good relationship. They should train together sometime.
63 They could learn a lot about each other if they took a stroll together.
64 What relationship doesn't get better over a little shopping?
65 Cooking a hot, taste meal together might stir up some conversation.
66 A group yoga class would limber up their relationship.
67 When they go out, they'll never find a better wingman than each other.
68 They should treat themselves to a nice meal and great conversation.
69 A swim in the lake might splash up some fun between these two.
70 There's a rumor that they secretly hold hands under the dinner table.
71 They have a pretty good relationship. They win every three-legged race.
72 They're like magnets. They can't help gravitating towards each other.
73 Late at night, they're caught whispering, talking about their dreams.
74 They go window-shopping for hours, walking around arm in arm.
75 Not even the threat of battle can break these two apart.
76 After a long training session, they like to take naps together.
77 Everywhere they go, there are two sets of footprints trailing off together.
78 Sometimes they walk hand in hand. There may have been some skipping.
79 When they're together, they let loose and act like carefree children.
80 Nothing brings people closer than dodging a few critical attacks together.
81 They distract each other during battle with all their lovey-dovey talk.
82 Even in battle, everything is cookies and cupcakes and sprinkles on top!
83 All summer long, they chase each other up and down the beach.
84 Aww...! Is there anything cuter than the two of them sharing an umbrella?
85 They're one of those pairs who are so close, they dress in matching outfits.
86 They even have pet names for each other's weapons.
87 On the weekend, they bake their way into each other's hearts.
88 Don't mind them! They're just sneaking off for some alone time.
89 Giving each other back rubs in one way to work out a few kinks.
90 The world is all roses and butterflies whenever they're together. Blech.
91 A lucky star shines upon them, twinkling brighter than any candle.
92 They try to see who can shout "I LOVE YOU!" the loudest ,as if that's a thing.
93 Together, they can take on the world! They feel like that, anyway.
94 Their lovey-dovey relationship makes other people physically ill.
95 There's a lot of bursting into song when they're reunited. Bring earplugs.
96 When they're together, thoughts of war are far away.
97 Flowers mysteriously bloom in their path. Birds take to the air in song.
98 They only have eyes for each other. Isn't that sweet?
99 Their relationship is nearly perfect. A few minor flaws make it interesting.
100 These two are closer than close! They sneak out together at night...


Despite his general competence at a fairly important position, Old Hubba is timid and dishonest, with a distinct self-interest in his own survival; to recruit Chrom into recovering all the Einherjar, he gives what amounts to a sales pitch of the value of having some Einherjar on hand barely disguised as a feigned psychic vision. He is also a significant lecher, commenting inappropriately on the beauty of Eirika and others even while they're trying to kill him,[3] and occasionally descending into Freudian slips.[4]

Old Hubba was previously married to a woman named Beatrice, who is deceased by the time Hubba meets Chrom.[5] He met Aversa when she came to be his apprentice, which ended when she stole the Einherjar from him; it is hinted they had a "romantic" relationship during this brief time, in keeping with Aversa's methods of manipulating men.[6]


  • Old Hubba has an unused Barracks profile. In particular, it reveals his alleged age and his birthday.[7]
An old man who just sort of showed up. Mostly useless, though he can assess relationships. Oh, and he's a few millennia old or something. The one with the wildest love life. Born on February 29th.
— Old Hubba's profile
Portrait augur fe04.png

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Old Hubba

From hubba hubba, an outdated English slang expression indicating strong approval of the appearance of another person, typically with a sexual connotation.



Old fortune-teller





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