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FEA Cynthia.png
Artwork of Cynthia from Awakening.

An enigmatic pegasus knight who yearns to be a hero.






May 14th


Sumia (mother)

Starting class

Pegasus Knight

Voiced by

Ayano Yamamoto
(Japanese, Awakening)
Stacy Okada
(English, Awakening)

I knew something was fishy with that guy! He barely even smiled when I found him. My REAL father would've given me a big hug and called me his little pega-pony princess!
— Cynthia, to Chrom if he is her father

Cynthia is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. The daughter of Sumia from the future, she traveled back from the future to aid her mother and Chrom in their war against Grima. Cynthia can be recruited in the chapter Paralogue 9: Wings of Justice

Fire Emblem Awakening


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Starting stats and growth rates

Main article: Cynthia/Stats
Small portrait cynthia fe13.png
Pegasus Knight
Level 10
Movement 7
Recruitment: Paralogue 9, talk with Chrom or Sumia

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Max HP Varies Speed Varies
Strength Varies Luck Varies
Magic Varies Defense Varies
Skill Varies Resistance Varies
Inventory Skills
Is 3ds01 steel lance.png Steel Lance Is 3ds01 speed +2.png Speed +2
Is 3ds01 relief.png Relief
Is 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Father's inherited skill*
Is 3ds01 outrealm skill.png Sumia's inherited skill*
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances C Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --

Reclassing options

Main article: Cynthia/Stats
Small portrait cynthia fe13.png
Base classes:*
Pegasus Knight Falcon Knight
Dark Flier
Reclass options:
Knight General
Great Knight
Cleric War Cleric
This unit will also inherit the class sets of their father.
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Main article: Cynthia/Stats

Promotion stat gains

Main article: Cynthia/Stats

Cynthia will always have access to these promotion stat gains regardless of who her father is:

Pegasus Knight Knight Cleric

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Luck Def Res Move Weapon level
Falcon Knight +4 +2 +1 +3 +3 +0 +2 +3 +1 Staves E
Dark Flier +3 +1 +4 +1 +2 +0 +1 +3 +1 Tomes E

Skill set

Main article: Cynthia/Stats
Skill Learned at
Regardless of who Cynthia's father is, Cynthia will always have these skills in her own potential skill pool:
Is 3ds01 speed +2.png Speed +2 Pegasus Knight, level 1
Is 3ds01 relief.png Relief Pegasus Knight, level 10
Is 3ds01 rally speed.png Rally Speed Falcon Knight, level 5
Is 3ds01 lancefaire.png Lancefaire Falcon Knight, level 15
Is 3ds01 rally movement.png Rally Movement Dark Flier, level 5
Is 3ds01 galeforce.png Galeforce Dark Flier, level 15
Is 3ds01 defense +2.png Defense +2 Knight, level 1
Is 3ds01 indoor fighter.png Indoor Fighter Knight, level 10
Is 3ds01 rally defense.png Rally Defense General, level 5
Is 3ds01 pavise.png Pavise General, level 15
Is 3ds01 luna.png Luna Great Knight, level 5
Is 3ds01 dual guard+.png Dual Guard+ Great Knight, level 15
Is 3ds01 miracle.png Miracle Cleric, level 1
Is 3ds01 healtouch.png Healtouch Cleric, level 10
Is 3ds01 rally luck.png Rally Luck War Cleric, level 5
Is 3ds01 renewal.png Renewal War Cleric, level 15
Is 3ds01 rally magic.png Rally Magic Sage, level 5
Is 3ds01 tomefaire.png Tomefaire Sage, level 15
The above skill list does not include skills obtained exclusively via DLC, nor skills obtained exclusively via inheritance from her father (directly or indirectly).

Personality and character

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Main article: Cynthia/Supports


Cynthia, Hero Chaser (single ending)
Cynthia never gave up on becoming a hero and traveled the land in the name of justice. While she impacted the world of comedy more than the world of legend, people still loved her for trying.

Owain, Chosen One & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Owain set off on a lengthy quest with Cynthia to "stay his sword hand." Their semidelusional journey was said to be one of much mayhem and mirth.

Inigo, Flower Picker & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Inigo traveled the world, ever ready with a smile or a solution when trouble started to brew. Cynthia made for an enthusiastic partner, and before long the outrageous duo became a social sensation.

Brady, Daunting Priest & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Brady left the priesthood to become the world's scariest violinist. His original rondos caught the heart of Cynthia, who insisted he play them everywhere he went as a sort of theme song.

Gerome, Masked Rider & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Gerome and Cynthia were married and settled down near Wyvern Valley. Astride her pegasus, Cynthia labored endlessly to concoct more dashing ways for her husband to make an entrance.

Morgan, Gift from Afar & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Morgan's memory never returned, but he didn't seem to miss it much and lived happily with Cynthia. Later, scholars would speculate he had come from a different future than the other children.

Yarne, Timid Taguel & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Yarne tried desperately to find a safe haven after the battles were done, but even that journey was fraught with danger—especially as Cynthia wouldn't stop challenging brigands in the name of justice.

Laurent, The Elucidator & Cynthia, Hero Chaser
Longing to meet his mother's intellectual standards, Laurent took his wife on an expedition around the world. The hidden wonders they uncovered awed Cynthia, who had known only a world of ruin.


Event tile and Barracks event quotes

'I am Cynthia. Now, die in the name of a Brighter Future!' ...Oh, that's good!
— Cynthia, when gaining experience from an event tile or in the Barracks.
See that? The practice session of champions! I'm so strong now, it's scary.
— Cynthia, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile.
Ooh, free stuff! I call dibs!
— Cynthia, when finding an item on an event tile or in the Barracks.
What a killer day I'm having! The forces of evil will stay home if they're smart.
— Cynthia, when getting a surge in the Barracks.
Is my pegasus losing feathers? Is that a thing? ...Should I be worried?
— Cynthia, when failing to get a reward in the Barracks.

Barracks greeting quotes

Good morning, Robin! Is it break time already?
— Cynthia, during the morning.
Robin! You bored? It’s kind of early in the day for a break.
— Cynthia, during the afternoon.
Evening, Robin! About time you took a breather!
— Cynthia, during the evening.
It’s the middle of the night, Robin! Please go to bed soon.
— Cynthia, at night.
Happy birthday, Robin!
— Cynthia, on Robin's birthday.
Hello, Robin! Isn't it a great morning? I'm ready for anything!
— Cynthia, during the morning, if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin! It's great to see you. Got plans for the day?
— Cynthia, during the afternoon, if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin! Time sure flies, doesn't it?
— Cynthia, during the evening, if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin... Zzzz... Aaah! I was drifting off there.
— Cynthia, at night, if married to Robin.
Isn't it your birthday, Robin? We have to celebrate!
— Cynthia, on Robin's birthday, if married to Robin.
Good morning, Father! Is it break time already?
— Cynthia, during the morning, if Robin is her father.
Father! You bored? It’s kind of early in the day for a break.
— Cynthia, during the afternoon, if Robin is her father.
Good evening, Father! About time you took a breather!
— Cynthia, during the evening, if Robin is her father.
It’s the middle of the night, Father! I hope you’ll be in bed soon.
— Cynthia, at night, if Robin is her father.
Happy birthday, Father! How old are you again?
— Cynthia, on Robin's birthday, if Robin is her father.

Event tile and Barracks conversation quotes

General quotes

You look happy. Did you cook up a slick new catchphrase?
— Cynthia, when asking a question about mood
Nuh-uh! I came up with a new heroic battle stance. You want to see it?
— Cynthia, when answering a question about mood
How do you spend your free time? We should take whatever breathers we can.
— Cynthia, when asking a question about hobby
I make sure everyone is safe! Seeing another crisis averted makes me happy.
— Cynthia, when answering a question about hobby
So, what do you dream of doing one day?
— Cynthia, when asking a question about dreams
I dream of becoming someone's hero! I want to protect the people who matter.
— Cynthia, when answering a question about dreams
You really stand out on the battlefield! We should fight bad guys together.
— Cynthia, when asking a question about fighting together
Sure! I can spare a little extra oomph for you. Leave the toughies to Cynthia!
— Cynthia, when answering a question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with a lover

You're my shining prince, <lover>. I will always love you.
— Cynthia, her "I love you" quote
I love you, too. I want to just hug you into tiny little pieces!
— Cynthia, responding to her lover’s "I love you" quote
You are such a stud, <lover>! The legends just won't do you justice.
— Cynthia, her "You're beautiful" quote
Really? That's so sweet of you to say! Every heroine needs a dash of cute, right?
— Cynthia, responding to her lover’s "You're beautiful" quote
Don't get too close to the front lines, <lover>. I don't want to lose you!
— Cynthia, asking her lover not to leave her
Don't worry. Heroes never die. They keep YOU from dying.
— Cynthia, answering her lover when asked not to leave him
What have you got there, <lover>? You shouldn't hide stuff from your lady.
— Cynthia, when offering her lover a gift
This? It's a handmade brooch to hold a cape on! See? I made different colors.
— Cynthia, when her lover offers a gift

Quotes specifically with her father

It’s nice to spend some quality time, Father. Tell me about your life so far!
— Cynthia, when asking a question about her father’s life before they met
My life in the future? Well, I cared for Mother’s pegasus after know. And I trained hard and learned how to fight! ...It was tough without a dad to teach me. But now that we’ve got the chance, why don’t we practice together?
— Cynthia, when answering her father’s question about his life
Father, you look less than heroic today. Are you okay? Are you getting old?!
— Cynthia, asking her father if he is ill
Huh? I'm totally fine. But thanks for worrying about me, Father.
— Cynthia, answering her father asking if he is ill
Can I get you anything, Father? I want to you you happy!
— Cynthia, when offering her father a gift
How about a father-daughter special move? One that will make a foe's knees knock!
— Cynthia, when her father offers a gift
Father, you look so heroic today! Let's have a practice match.
— Cynthia, when asking her father to train
A fated battle between father and daughter? How I’ve longed for this day!
— Cynthia, when her father asks to train

Quotes specifically with Sumia

Mother, what was your life like before we met? You don’t mind telling me, do you?
— Cynthia, when asking a question about Sumia’s life before they met
Even in the future, I wanted to be a hero. I think it stemmed from having a klutzy mom. But when it really counted, I wasn't able to protect you. You protected me. I never forgave myself, so I decided to train myself silly and never let you get hurt again!
— Cynthia, when answering Sumia’s question about her life
Aaaugh! Mother, your arm is bleeding! Are you gonna make it? Help! Someone!
— Cynthia, asking Sumia if she is ill
I'm fine, Mother. Don't get carried away. I can take my share of pegasus spills!
— Cynthia, answering Sumia asking if she is ill
Mother what do you want for you next birthday? It was our tradition in the future!
— Cynthia, when offering Sumia a gift
A new cape! Something that flutters in the wind and whispers the cause of justice.
— Cynthia, when Sumia offers a gift
Mother, I challenge you to see whose flower-petal readings are more accurate!
— Cynthia, when asking Sumia to train
All right, but I won’t pull any punches just because it’s you. Heroes play for keeps!
— Cynthia, when Sumia asks to train

Quotes specifically with a female Morgan child

I would love to know more about your future, Morgan. Do I end up a big hero?
— Cynthia, when asking a question about Morgan’s life in the future
I mostly just worked on being heroic. A blend of power and swagger, you know? My big gimmick was that I came from the future, but that's no so special anymore... Hmm. Maybe I'll be a fighting mama now! Could you pretend you're in distress?
— Cynthia, when answering Morgan’s question about her life
Morgan, you look tired. Are you all right? Heroes have to stay in top form!
— Cynthia, asking Morgan if she is ill
What?! A pale avenger? Oh no! I'd better put on makeup. ...Or a mask!
— Cynthia, answering Morgan asking if she is ill
Morgan, do you need anything? I want to come through for my daughter!
— Cynthia, when offering Morgan a gift
I need someone to take up my mantle after I'm gone. Interested in a career in heroics?
— Cynthia, when Morgan offers a gift
You look like you've got hero potential, Morgan. But let's see if you can outdo me!
— Cynthia, when asking Morgan to train
A challenge? Trying to surpass your mom, is that it? Bring it on, kiddo!
— Cynthia, when Morgan asks to train

Paired battle quotes

You can do it!
— Cynthia
I'm here for you!
— Cynthia
Easy peasy!
— Cynthia
Leave it to me!
— Cynthia
Who do you think you are?!
— Cynthia
Let's get it on!
— Cynthia
All right!
— Cynthia
Here goes nothing!
— Cynthia
Just try me!
— Cynthia
Go! Go! Go!
— Cynthia
Too slow, bro!
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Strike.
Ha ha!
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Strike.
Here I come!
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Strike.
Eyes on me!
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Strike.
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Strike.
Nah ah!
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Guard.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
— Cynthia, performing a Dual Guard.
Wait, it's over?
— Cynthia, if her partner defeated the enemy.
— Cynthia, if her partner defeated the enemy.
Whew, thanks!
— Cynthia, if her partner defeated the enemy.

Critical quotes

Time to pay!
— Cynthia
This is the end, friend!
— Cynthia
Hope you're ready!
— Cynthia
Okay. You got this!
— Cynthia

Level up quotes

Eek... Being a hero is harder than I thought.
— Cynthia, when one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.
A journey of a thousand miles and all of that!
— Cynthia, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
Woo-hoo! Feeling good!
— Cynthia, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
Look upon my might, ye wicked, and despair!
— Cynthia, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
I guess a long career of heroing has paid off!
— Cynthia, when her stats are mostly capped and one or no stats grow in a Level Up.

Class Change quote

Ooh, that was certainly heroic!
— Cynthia, when changing class.

Shop quotes

I could spend all day just admiring the wares.
— Cynthia, when buying items at a shop.
Can we actually sell things brought from the future?
— Cynthia, when selling items at a shop.
I want a weapon fit for a hero like me!
— Cynthia, when forging weapons at a shop.

Death/retreat quotes

I'd...always be...someone else's hero...
— Cynthia, if defeated as an enemy in paralogue 9.
No! I...I won't give...up... I still believe...this world...can...
— Cynthia, as an NPC in The Future Past 1.
I just...wanted to be a hero...
— Cynthia's death quote in Classic mode.
Oh, crackers... I hate to do this, but I'm done for the day. Good luck!
— Cynthia's retreat quote in Casual mode.

Battle quotes

Victory quotes

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Endgame: Grima quotes

Come on! You need to fight with us!
— Cynthia
Now I know what it really means to be a hero... But heroes always come back to fight again...don't they?
— Cynthia, if Robin sacrifices him/herself to kill Grima.
Truth and justice win again! Woooooo!
— Cynthia, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima.
Father! Promise we'll be together always! Pinky-swear it! Come on!
— Cynthia, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima, and if she is Robin's daughter.
Heroes have to put other people first, but I still don't want to lose you. I love you! And a dead husband is frankly no good to me at all!
— Cynthia, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima, and if she is married to Robin.

Against Ares in Lost Bloodlines 1

Cynthia: Aha! Now here's a worthy foe! *Ahem* In the name of truth and justice, I, Cynthia, challenge you-
Ares: What obnoxious patter is this? Do you want me to swat you, fly?
Cynthia: Hey, you have to let me finish my intro! Those are the rules!

Against Ares in Lost Bloodlines 3

Cynthia: Hear me, wrongdoer! Today you answer to the forces of justice. The forces...of me! ...Holy wow! You're the first enemy to listen to the whole speech.
Ares: The least I can do is grant your last words.

Against Perceval in Smash Brethren 2

Cynthia: Aha! Sir knight! You look more chivalrous than most. I choose you to face me in a clash of two heroes! Draw your blade!
Perceval: Then who am I to refuse, miss? Have at yo—Huh?
Cynthia: Ta-da! Hero pose!
Perceval: ...What happened to our clash?

Against Perceval in Smash Brethren 3

Perceval: Withdraw your forces, or face the might of our army.
Cynthia: Oh yeah? Well I'll... I'll... Rats. I used up all my witty retorts in the last fight.
Perceval: ...Your what?

Against Eirika in Rogues & Redeemers 2

Cynthia: You there! They call me Cynthia, punisher of evil! Never have I faced a worthier foe.
Eirika: ...Really? Thank you.
Cynthia: You're welcome. ...Wait! No you're not! You're supposed to respond with some kind of epic retort!
Eirika: Er...if you say so. ...Can we just fight now?

Against Eirika in Rogues & Redeemers 3

Cynthia: Hold it right there, infidel! The mighty Cynthia has come to—
Eirika: Hyaaa!
Cynthia: Wh-whoa! What are you doing? I'm still monologuing!
Eirika: But...wouldn't it be faster to just clash and be done with it?
Cynthia: Faster ISN'T better!

DLC battle quotes

Return the stolen gold, you putrid purloinrers! 'Cause if you don't, I might just have to lose my temper! Grrrr! ... Aw, c'mon, please? Those are my special hero savings!
— Cynthia, in The Golden Gaffe.
You know what happens to monsters who ruin other people's property? I happen - that's what! Those onions were like FAMILY to the farmers! *Sniff* It just brings t-tears to my eyes. Oh, you're gonna pay!
— Cynthia, in EXPonential Growth.
I'm sorry, have we met? In the future, maybe? ...Er, my future? You just seem so darn familiar.... Oh well! It's probably my subconscious concocting a heroic backstory.
— Cynthia, in Infinite Regalia.
In the future, they taught us never to think about our foes' former lives. No matter where a monster's origins lie, it's a hero's duty to see it vanquished! So please...don't make this any harder. If my resolve were to falter, I...I'd be lost.
— Cynthia, in Death's Embrace.
Cut it out, you jerks! Leave those poor merchant girls alone! They've got families to get back to... Not to mention a business to run! Picking on the defenseless is about as unheroic as you can get. Now back off!
— Cynthia, in Five-Anna Firefight.
So my foes know all my secrets? Wow! Having secrets is so totally hero-like! Wait, what am I talking about? I don't have anything to hide! Um... Well, whatever. Prepare to taste justice, dastardly secret thieves!
— Cynthia, in Roster Rescue.
How dare you sow your terror here. I won't allow your evil on this beach! You can't just take this place and turn it into your own private playground! Hm... That does sound kinda nice. No noise, no crowds... B-but evil! Now die!
— Cynthia, in Summer Scramble.
Suddenly a silhouette emerges from the steam. Who is this striking figure?! *Gasp* Could it be? The Spitfire of the Springs? The Beauty of the Baths? YES! 'Tis Cynthia, and thy doom has come! Ooh, I got the whole line out for once!
— Cynthia, in Hot-Spring Scramble.



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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Cynthia
Japanese シンシア Officially Romanized as Cynthia.
Spanish Cynthia
French Cynthia
German Cynthia
Italian Cynthia


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