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This article is about the bonus unit type from the Nintendo 3DS games. For the battalion from Three Houses, see Einherjar (battalion).

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Einherjar (often synonymous with bonus units) are a type of bonus unit appearing in two games of the Fire Emblem series: Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates. There are two main kinds of Einherjar in each game, one based around Avatars, the other based around story characters.

Fire Emblem Awakening


Einherjar first appear in Awakening as legacy characters mainly obtained via SpotPass and downloadable content. Up to 20 Einherjar can be part of a player's party at any time, and up to 99 Einherjar can be in a player's Avatar Logbook at any time.

Einherjar encountered via SpotPass can be added to a player's team by encountering them on the world map, then choosing to either defeat their team in a battle and choosing to recruit their leader for free, or paying a fee to recruit the leader directly without a battle. These actions add the Einherjar to the Avatar Logbook in any event. Einherjar can also be bought directly from the Avatar Logbook, but at a higher price.

The legacy character Einherjar are heavily featured in many of Awakening''s xenologues, where Einherjar take the form of cards originating from the Outrealms that resemble locations from the series' history. Old Hubba, an inhabitant of the Outrealms, is a keeper of Einherjar cards and also capable of sealing rogue Einherjar back into their cards once weakened. Each Einherjar-focused xenologue (the Champions of Yore, Lost Bloodlines, Smash Brethren, and Rogues and Redeemers series) rewards the player a card upon completion, as do Infinite Regalia, the Death's Embrace, Five-Anna Firefight, Roster Rescue, and Apotheosis on the normal route.

A total of 123 legacy characters appear as Einherjar in Awakening; 119 via SpotPass (including two varieties of Marth) and 17 via downloadable content, only 4 of which do not have a variant available via SpotPass.

Einherjar in Awakening are capable of accessing every standard class available to their gender, in the same fashion as the player's own avatar, Robin. In addition, the three varieties of Marth Einherjar are capable of accessing the Lodestar class, and the Einherjar depicting young Tiki is capable of accessing the Manakete class.

Due to a glitch in non-Japanese versions of Awakening, players who include SpotPass Einherjar (and presumably[verify] Eldigan as well, due to existing in the base game but only awarded via Infinite Regalia) in their StreetPass teams will have their teams show up with generic units instead; this is not a problem in the Japanese version of the game.

List of Einherjar

Small portrait dlc pr marth fe13.png Small portrait dlc roy fe13.png Small portrait dlc micaiah fe13.png Small portrait dlc leif fe13.png Small portrait dlc alm fe13.png Small portrait dlc seliph fe13.png Small portrait dlc elincia fe13.png Small portrait dlc eirika fe13.png
Pr. Marth Roy Micaiah Leif Alm Seliph Elincia Eirika
Small portrait dlc lyn fe13.png Small portrait dlc ephraim fe13.png Small portrait dlc celica fe13.png Small portrait dlc ike fe13.png Small portrait dlc est fe13.png Small portrait dlc catria fe13.png Small portrait dlc palla fe13.png Small portrait dlc katarina fe13.png
Lyn Ephraim Celica Ike Est Catria Palla Katarina
Small portrait spotpass nyna fe13.png Small portrait spotpass caeda fe13.png Small portrait spotpass linde fe13.png Small portrait spotpass merric fe13.png Small portrait spotpass tiki fe13.png Small portrait spotpass minerva fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ogma fe13.png Small portrait spotpass navarre fe13.png
Nyna Caeda Linde Merric Tiki Minerva Ogma Navarre
Small portrait spotpass gharnef fe13.png Small portrait spotpass pr marth fe13.png Small portrait spotpass clair fe13.png Small portrait spotpass boey fe13.png Small portrait spotpass mycen fe13.png Small portrait spotpass valbar fe13.png Small portrait spotpass luthier fe13.png Small portrait spotpass clive fe13.png
Gharnef Pr. Marth Clair Boey Mycen Valbar Luthier Clive
Small portrait spotpass nomah fe13.png Small portrait spotpass deen fe13.png Small portrait spotpass alm fe13.png Small portrait spotpass celica fe13.png Small portrait spotpass norne fe13.png Small portrait spotpass catria fe13.png Small portrait spotpass malice fe13.png Small portrait spotpass athena fe13.png
Nomah Deen Alm Celica Norne Catria Malice Athena
Small portrait spotpass horace fe13.png Small portrait spotpass etzel fe13.png Small portrait spotpass legion fe13.png Small portrait spotpass katarina fe13.png Small portrait spotpass hardin fe13.png Small portrait spotpass king marth fe13.png Small portrait spotpass deirdre fe13.png Small portrait spotpass arden fe13.png
Horace Etzel Legion Katarina Hardin King Marth Deirdre Arden
Small portrait spotpass jamke fe13.png Small portrait spotpass raquesis fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ethlyn fe13.png Small portrait spotpass quan fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ayra fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lewyn fe13.png Small portrait spotpass arvis fe13.png Small portrait spotpass sigurd fe13.png
Jamke Raquesis Ethlyn Quan Ayra Lewyn Arvis Sigurd
Small portrait spotpass eldigan fe13.png Small portrait spotpass fee fe13.png Small portrait spotpass arthur fe13.png Small portrait spotpass scáthach fe13.png Small portrait spotpass larcei fe13.png Small portrait spotpass altena fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ced fe13.png Small portrait spotpass julia fe13.png
Eldigan Fee Arthur Scáthach Larcei Altena Ced Julia
Small portrait spotpass ares fe13.png Small portrait spotpass julius fe13.png Small portrait spotpass seliph fe13.png Small portrait spotpass nanna fe13.png Small portrait spotpass dagdar fe13.png Small portrait spotpass salem fe13.png Small portrait spotpass olwen fe13.png Small portrait spotpass eyvel fe13.png
Ares Julius Seliph Nanna Dagdar Salem Olwen Eyvel
Small portrait spotpass finn fe13.png Small portrait spotpass saias fe13.png Small portrait spotpass mareeta fe13.png Small portrait spotpass raydrik fe13.png Small portrait spotpass leif fe13.png Small portrait spotpass wolt fe13.png Small portrait spotpass shanna fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lugh fe13.png
Finn Saias Mareeta Raydrik Leif Wolt Shanna Lugh
Small portrait spotpass raigh fe13.png Small portrait spotpass sophia fe13.png Small portrait spotpass cecilia fe13.png Small portrait spotpass perceval fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lilina fe13.png Small portrait spotpass zephiel fe13.png Small portrait spotpass roy fe13.png Small portrait spotpass florina fe13.png
Raigh Sophia Cecilia Perceval Lilina Zephiel Roy Florina
Small portrait spotpass nino fe13.png Small portrait spotpass serra fe13.png Small portrait spotpass matthew fe13.png Small portrait spotpass karel fe13.png Small portrait spotpass jaffar fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lyn fe13.png Small portrait spotpass hector fe13.png Small portrait spotpass nergal fe13.png
Nino Serra Matthew Karel Jaffar Lyn Hector Nergal
Small portrait spotpass eliwood fe13.png Small portrait spotpass eirika fe13.png Small portrait spotpass amelia fe13.png Small portrait spotpass moulder fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lute fe13.png Small portrait spotpass marisa fe13.png Small portrait spotpass innes fe13.png Small portrait spotpass l'arachel fe13.png
Eliwood Eirika Amelia Moulder Lute Marisa Innes L'arachel
Small portrait spotpass seth fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lyon fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ephraim fe13.png Small portrait spotpass mist fe13.png Small portrait spotpass soren fe13.png Small portrait spotpass mia fe13.png Small portrait spotpass zihark fe13.png Small portrait spotpass titania fe13.png
Seth Lyon Ephraim Mist Soren Mia Zihark Titania
Small portrait spotpass elincia fe13.png Small portrait spotpass geoffrey fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lucia fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ashnard fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ike fe13.png Small portrait spotpass edward fe13.png Small portrait spotpass leonardo fe13.png Small portrait spotpass brom fe13.png
Elincia Geoffrey Lucia Ashnard Ike Edward Leonardo Brom
Small portrait spotpass nephenee fe13.png Small portrait spotpass sanaki fe13.png Small portrait spotpass sigrun fe13.png Small portrait spotpass sothe fe13.png Small portrait spotpass black knight fe13.png Small portrait spotpass sephiran fe13.png Small portrait spotpass micaiah fe13.png Small portrait spotpass camus fe13.png
Nephenee Sanaki Sigrun Sothe Black Knight Sephiran Micaiah Camus
Small portrait spotpass travant fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ishtar fe13.png Small portrait spotpass narcian fe13.png Small portrait spotpass lloyd fe13.png Small portrait spotpass linus fe13.png Small portrait spotpass ursula fe13.png Small portrait spotpass selena fe13.png Small portrait spotpass petrine fe13.png
Travant Ishtar Narcian Lloyd Linus Ursula Selena Petrine
Small portrait spotpass oliver fe13.png

Fire Emblem Fates


Einherjar return in Fates as one of four types of bonus units that can be saved to the Avatar Logbook, the other three being bond units, guest units (legacy characters obtained via amiibo interaction or promotional DLC), and prisoners. As in Awakening, a player can have up to 20 bonus units on a team and 99 bonus units in their Avatar Logbook, with Einherjar included in both counts.

Einherjar in Fates take three forms—Avatars, storyline characters, and generic units—and again primarily take the form of cards. Einherjar of Avatars and storyline characters are capable of being won for free whenever players battle in another player's My Castle and win without any handicaps in place (players also have the choice of buying a skill known by an Einherjar for a discount); this also adds the Einherjar to their Avatar Logbook (as does purchasing a skill). Players who win against another player in any My Castle battle (their own or their opponent's and regardless of handicaps) can add an Einherjar to their Avatar Logbook as their reward.

Upon completion of Chapter 11 (of any route), players have the option of building an Einherjar Shop in their My Castle at the cost of 1 Dragon Vein point. Completing Chapter 17 allows the Einherjar Shop to be upgraded to level 2, and completing Chapter 23 allows it to be upgraded to level 3, each for one Dragon Vein point. Einherjar Shops are shops that sell Einherjar cards, the variety of which depends on the player's campaign and the level of their shop:

Einherjar Shop level Birthright Conquest Revelation
Level 1 First three characters in the seller's StreetPass team
First three generic Hoshidan Einherjar
First three characters in the seller's StreetPass team
First three generic Nohrian Einherjar
First three characters in the seller's StreetPass team
First three generic Hoshidan Einherjar
Three generic Nohrian Einherjar
Level 2 First six characters in the seller's StreetPass team
First six generic Hoshidan Einherjar
First six characters in the seller's StreetPass team
First six generic Nohrian Einherjar
First six characters in the seller's StreetPass team
First six generic Hoshidan Einherjar
Six generic Nohrian Einherjar
Level 3 All ten characters in the seller's StreetPass team
All nine generic Hoshidan Einherjar
All ten characters in the seller's StreetPass team
All eight generic Nohrian Einherjar
All ten characters in the seller's StreetPass team
All seventeen generic Hoshidan and Nohrian Einherjar

Einherjar based on a player's Avatar or story characters vary in price based on their overall statistics, whereas generic Einherjar have a base price of 1500 gold. In all cases, the same Einherjar are more expensive when purchased from the Avatar Logbook as opposed to an Einherjar Shop, and the price of an individual Einherjar can be discounted based on the class of the character running the shop.

Einherjar based on Avatars and story characters maintain the same class selection a normal version of those characters would have access to, whereas generic Einherjar have access only to their base class tree and potentially any downloadable content classes accessible to characters of their gender.

The generic Einherjar have their bases as follows:

Hoshidan Einherjar

Base stats

Ippei Jitaro Minori Shinobu Goro Musashi Nanaki Hachio Konoe

Generic small portrait samurai fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 samurai playable.gif Samurai (♂)
Level 1
Movement 5
Recruitment: Purchase from a Birthright or Revelation Einherjar Shop for 1500G.

Stats Growths Mods Pair Up

Inventory Skills
-- --
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas E Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --

Reclassing options

Ippei Jitaro Minori Shinobu Goro Musashi Nanaki Hachio Konoe

Generic small portrait samurai fe14.png
Base classes:*
Samurai Swordmaster
Master of Arms
Reclass options:
See reclass for more details on the reclassing system.

Nohrian Einherjar

Base stats

Unil Dua Trim Quatro Penvo Xestu Hepto Octu

Generic small portrait mercenary fe14.png
Ma 3ds02 mercenary playable.gif Mercenary (♂)
Level 1
Movement 5
Recruitment: Purchase from a Conquest or Revelation Einherjar Shop for 1500G.

Stats Growths Mods Pair Up

Inventory Skills
-- --
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas E Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --

Reclassing options

Unil Dua Trim Quatro Penvo Xestu Hepto Octu

Generic small portrait mercenary fe14.png
Base classes:*
Mercenary Hero
Bow Knight
Reclass options:
See reclass for more details on the reclassing system.

Flavor text

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Game Text
The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening Cards that contain the images of legendary heroes
who perished long ago but can be mysteriously
summoned back to the present day. It is unknown
who made these cards and when, but they are
possessed and maintained by a fortuneteller named
Old Hubba who lives in the Outrealms.


  • The generic Fates Einherjar names in English localizations resemble numbers counting up from one, with the Nohrian names taken from European languages and Hoshidan names taken from Japanese.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


In Norse mythology, the einherjar (Old Norse "single (or once) fighters") are those who have died in battle and are brought to Valhalla by valkyries.





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