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I'm just playing around with this

Fire Emblem Character File No.024: Lilina
FEFT Lilina.png
Gender: Female Estimated Age: Teens Title: Beautiful Duchess Origin: Lycia
Status: Leader of Ostia Weapon: Anima, Staves
Can the secret she holds deep in her heart ever reach that person? A noble lady of Ostia, part of the Lycia Alliance and Roy's childhood friend. Was imprisoned for a short time during the Ostia rebellion, but was saved by the one she cares deeply for, Roy. Even though she is aware of the death of her father; Hector, she does not let the sadness show no matter what. She is incredibly gifted in the ways of magic, enough to even astonish the mage-general Cecilia.

Lilina quickly ended up carrying the weight of Ostia on her shoulders because of the sudden death of her father, Hector. Though she often says she still cannot do anything to help, her extraordinary magic ability along with listening to her subjects intently gives a glimpse of the hidden potential as the current head of the Ostian family. That being said, she confides in Mareus about her expected age-appropriate love troubles.Will her true feelings be reciprocated by Roy...?

Profile translation made by Kantopia