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Mutiny in the Mist

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Mutiny in the Mist

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Garreg Mach Monastery

New units

Anna (paid DLC)



It's you... Thunderstrike Cassandra! It was your wretched zealotry that killed my son! The fog has cleared. There's nothing left to hide you or the filthy Central Church from the judgement of the goddess!
— Lonato

Mutiny in the Mist (Japanese: 霧中の叛乱 Rebellion in the Fog) is the third chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


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Main article: Mutiny in the Mist/Script (Blue Lions)
Main article: Mutiny in the Mist/Script (Golden Deer)

Rhea and Seteth reveal that Lonato, a minor lord from Faerghus and the adoptive father of Ashe, has raised a rebellion against the Church of Seiros. Byleth's mission for the month is to accompany Catherine, a veteran Knight of Seiros, and support her as she mops up the rebellion. At the end of the month, Byleth and their students march for the Gaspard region. Catherine explains that Lonato's son Christophe was executed for alleged involvement in the Tragedy of Duscur, an incident four years prior that resulted in the death of King Lambert of Faerghus; this is likely what provoked Lonato into turning against the Church. Lonato's knights create a fog cover to slip past the knights' front line, forcing Byleth and Catherine to engage them in battle. Lonato directly confronts them and is slain. After the battle, if Byleth is a member of the Golden Deer, Claude recounts how he only recently learned that his mother was the daughter of the Duke of Riegan and that he was named the legitimate heir to House Riegan last year. Catherine discovers a note on Lonato's person containing plans for an assassination attempt against Rhea. When Byleth returns to the monastery, Rhea advises Byleth to take what happened as a lesson in what happens to those who defy the Church.

Character data

Black Eagles Blue Lions Golden Deer

New Units
Small portrait anna fe16.png
Talk to her at the monastery with the expansion pass purchased
Returning Characters

Small portrait byleth f fe16.pngSmall portrait edelgard fe16.pngSmall portrait hubert fe16.pngSmall portrait ferdinand fe16.pngSmall portrait linhardt fe16.pngSmall portrait caspar fe16.pngSmall portrait bernadetta fe16.pngSmall portrait dorothea fe16.pngSmall portrait petra fe16.pngSmall portrait felix fe16.pngSmall portrait ashe fe16.pngSmall portrait sylvain fe16.pngSmall portrait mercedes fe16.pngSmall portrait annette fe16.pngSmall portrait ingrid fe16.pngSmall portrait lorenz fe16.pngSmall portrait raphael fe16.pngSmall portrait ignatz fe16.pngSmall portrait lysithea fe16.pngSmall portrait marianne fe16.pngSmall portrait leonie fe16.pngSmall portrait constance fe16.pngSmall portrait balthus fe16.pngSmall portrait hapi fe16.pngSmall portrait yuri fe16.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 bullion.png Gold Monthly stipend
Is ns01 lance.png Steel Lance Quest reward: Bolstering Forces
Is ns01 meat.png Poultry (×3) Quest reward: Bolstering Forces
Is ns01 produce.png Noa Fruit (×4) Quest reward: Bolstering Forces
Is ns01 gift.png Armored Bear Stuffy Quest reward: Lost? Found!
Is ns01 gift.png Whetstone Quest reward: Lost? Found!
Is ns01 gift.png Riding Boots Quest reward: Lost? Found!
Is ns01 produce.png Carrot (×4) Quest reward: Learning from the Best
Is ns01 produce.png Cabbage (×4) Quest reward: Learning from the Best
Is ns01 bullion.png 500G Quest reward: Learning from the Best
Is ns01 bow.png Steel Bow Quest reward: Words of Wisdom
Is ns01 produce.png Albinean Berries (×4) Quest reward: Words of Wisdom
Is ns01 bait.png Pond Snail (×5) Quest reward: Words of Wisdom
Is ns01 tea.png Bergamot Quest reward: Abyss Rumor*, if the player is a Black Eagle
Is ns01 tea.png Chamomile Quest reward: Abyss Rumor*, if the player is a Blue Lion
Is ns01 gift.png Owl Feather Quest reward: Roster Retrieval*
Is ns01 stat booster.png Secret Book Reward for clearing The Magdred Ambush without any NPC casualties
Is ns01 stat booster.png Goddess Icon Reward for clearing The Magdred Ambush without any NPC casualties


Main article: Mutiny in the Mist/The Magdred Ambush

From now on, you can request one student join you to help you in battles for the month. They can't gain experience, but it might not hurt to have some extra firepower on the battlefield since the upcoming chapters typically have a 10-man deployment limit and you only have 9 units under most circumstances. You also gain access to the battalion guild, faculty training, lost items, gifts, and the confession box through quests. The battalion guild is basically a store for battalions, faculty training allows you to train Byleth's skills when exploring the monastery, lost items can be returned to their owners for support points and motivation, gifts can be given to people who like them for support points and motivation, and the confession box gives you support points with someone if you answer a question correctly.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Mutiny in the Mist --
Japanese 霧中の叛乱 Rebellion in the Fog
Spanish Motín en la niebla Mutiny in the mist
French Une insurrection dans la brume An insurrection in the mist
German Meuterei im Nebel Mutiny in the Mist
Italian Ribellione nella nebbia Rebellion in the mist
Korean 안개 속의 반란 Revolt in the mist
Simplified Chinese 雾中的叛乱 Rebellion in the mist
Traditional Chinese 霧中的叛亂 Rebellion in the mist


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