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Fire Emblem Wiki

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Fire Emblem Wiki's current logo, since 2019.
Launched August 26th, 2010
Founder Izagar
Owners The community
Webmasters System Theta
Editor-in-Chief PikaSamus
Articles 11,793
Files 54,254
Total edits 590,984

Fire Emblem Wiki is a Fire Emblem-based wiki which aims to create a complete encyclopedia of knowledge about everything to do with Nintendo's Fire Emblem video game series. Fire Emblem Wiki runs on the MediaWiki wiki software, allowing anyone to sign up for an account, and freely contribute their knowledge of Fire Emblem to the site - simply log in, and click the "Edit" link on any article you wish to contribute to.

Fire Emblem Wiki is a member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, an organisation that aims to foster the growth and development of independently-owned and hosted wikis based on Nintendo game series, and enjoys a number of affiliations with several other Fire Emblem- and gaming-related sites across the Internet.

Fire Emblem Wiki wishes to coexist peacefully with any other wikis that cover the Fire Emblem series, such as the Fire Emblem Wiki on Fandom (formerly known as Wikia).

Users should be aware that Fire Emblem Wiki contains unmarked spoilers throughout the site. You read our articles at your own risk. Fire Emblem Wiki cannot be held responsible if your enjoyment of a game is impacted due to reading spoiler content; we are here only to provide information, and how and when you read that information is up to you.


Fire Emblem Wiki was created by Izagar, then known as Yusei, on August 26th, 2010. In its earliest days, the wiki was hosted on Izagar's own website, Zelda Temple (now defunct). Shortly after its launch, on September 19th, 2010, the wiki moved to its own URL,, with the URL donated by the late Axiomist, founder of WiKirby. The wiki's first Editor-in-Chief, Aria der Donau, was inaugurated on December 2nd, 2010. The wiki quickly flourished, and on April 20th, 2011, the 21st anniversary of the original Japanese launch of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem Wiki was officially inducted into the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA), becoming its seventeenth member.

A forum for the wiki was briefly established in December 2010 as part of Zelda Temple, but was closed a few months later.

Due to hosting issues in mid-2011, the wiki was forced to move from its original URL and hosting provider, to its current home of, on servers owned and maintained by tacopill and Grifkuba Gaming Services. A custom skin based on MonoBook, designed by Dkpat, was launched a few weeks later, on 1st August, 2011. The wiki enjoyed a period of steady growth thereafter, passing the 1,000-article mark on April 29th, 2012, with the creation of the article on Lucina.

On February 4th, 2013, Fire Emblem Awakening was released in North America. In contrast to the series' previous Western releases, which had achieved modest success at best, and despite the series being threatened with cancellation as a result, Awakening proved to be immensely successful. This turnaround in the Fire Emblem series' fortunes heralded a period of rapid growth for the wiki, with almost 1,000 new articles added over the following 12 months. As the Fire Emblem series has gone from strength to strength, most recently with the launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so too has Fire Emblem Wiki, and we plan to continue growing on our quest to become the Internet's definitive source for all things Fire Emblem.

On January 22nd, 2019, the wiki launched a new logo designed by Anferensis, and skin based on Timeless, with a background designed by BrandedOne.

On October 29th, 2022, Fire Emblem Wiki changed its hosting provider from Grifkuba to System Theta and went ad-free.



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