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The constitution stat help prompt in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Constitution (Japanese: 体格 Build), abbreviated as Con (Bld in Thracia 776, Cn in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) is a statistic applied to units that represents that unit's physical size. Its original function was to alleviate the effects of the weight of the unit's currently-equipped weapon on that unit's attack speed in battle—prior to the statistic's introduction in Thracia 776, units' attack speed bore the full brunt of a weapon's weight, often crippling users of heavy weapon types such as axes. Constitution also affects whether or not units can rescue each other: a unit with a higher constitution can rescue one with lower, but not vice versa.

The Constitution stat lost many of its functions in Path of Radiance: in the attack speed calculation, it was replaced by Strength; the rescuing calculation instead used the new weight stat; and Aid was removed entirely. It, however, retained some niche usage in the calculations for the Colossus and Shove skills, in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn respectively.

Constitution was removed entirely in Shadow Dragon, and has not appeared since.


Attack speed

Main article: Attack speed
Game Formula Notes
Thracia 776 Speed − (Weapon weight − Constitution) Applies to physical weaponry only.
If (Weight − Con) is negative, the result is taken to be 0.
The Binding Blade Speed − (Weapon weight − Constitution) If (Weight − Con) is negative, the result is taken to be 0.
The Blazing Blade Speed − (Weapon weight − Constitution) If (Weight − Con) is negative, the result is taken to be 0.
The Sacred Stones Speed − (Weapon weight − Constitution) If (Weight − Con) is negative, the result is taken to be 0.


The Aid stat exists only in the Game Boy Advance games, and its formulae are identical across all three games. Its main purpose is to determine whether or not one unit may Rescue another.

Foot unit's Aid: Constitution − 1
Male mounted unit's Aid: 25 − Constitution
Female mounted unit's Aid: 20 − Constitution

Ability to rescue

Main article: Rescue (command)#Calculations
Game Formula Notes
Thracia 776 If [Unit A's Con] > [Unit B's Con], then Unit A can rescue Unit B. Mounted units and ballista classes are considered to have 20 constitution.
The Binding Blade If [Unit A's Aid] ≥ [Unit B's Con], then Unit A can rescue Unit B. --
The Blazing Blade If [Unit A's Aid] ≥ [Unit B's Con], then Unit A can rescue Unit B. --
The Sacred Stones If [Unit A's Aid] ≥ [Unit B's Con], then Unit A can rescue Unit B. --



Main article: Steal

In Thracia 776, constitution affects the ability to steal. If a thief's constitution is greater than the weight of a weapon held by an enemy, the thief can steal that weapon (assuming that the thief is faster than the target).

Game Formula Notes
Thracia 776 If Thief's constitution > target weapon's weight --

Colossus skill

Main article: Colossus

In Path of Radiance only, constitution affects the Colossus skill's ability to trigger.

Game Formula Notes
Path of Radiance If user's constitution > target enemy's constitution --

Ability to shove

Main articles: Shove and Smite

In Radiant Dawn only, a unit's constitution stat affects that unit's ability to use the Shove and Smite skills.

Game Formula Notes
Radiant Dawn If [user's constitution + 2] > target's weight --

Items affecting constitution

Items providing a permanent increase
Item Constitution increase Games
Is snes03 body ring.png Body Ring Permanent +3/+2 increase when used. Thracia 776, The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones
Is gcn statue frag.png Statue Frag Permanent +2 increase when used. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Items and skills modifying the growth rate
Item/skill Constitution growth modification Games
Is snes03 nál scroll.png Nál Scroll +10% to growth rate when in inventory. Thracia 776

Flavor text

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Game Text
The Binding Blade ?? ??
The Blazing Blade Constitution, or physical size.
Affects rescue.
The Sacred Stones Constitution, or physical size.
Affects rescues.
Path of Radiance The unit's body size.
This helps determine the unit's weight.
Radiant Dawn
The unit's body size. ユニット自身の体の大きさ
Radiant Dawn
The unit's constitution. --

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

• Constitution
• Build

• This name is used in The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, and Radiant Dawn.
• This name is used only in Path of Radiance, though it is still abbreviated as "Cn" in the stat increase pop-up when changing class.



Referred to as this in the current Thracia 776 fan translation.


















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