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World map

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Navigating the world map in Awakening.

The world map (Japanese: フリーマップ free map) is a gameplay navigation system introduced in Fire Emblem Gaiden. In it, as opposed to the linear and uninterrupted chapter progression in most games in the Fire Emblem series, the player can freely traverse the world at their own pace, fighting marauding bands of enemies which appear and visiting shops in between chapters, and starting said chapters whenever they so choose.

A traversable world map has appeared in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake Shadows of Valentia, The Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Engage. Fire Emblem Fates, Three Houses, and Warriors each have world maps that cannot be directly traversed, but does show where selected battles are. In all other games—except for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light—there is a world map present, but it is used only to show where the party is traveling between chapters, usually accompanied by narration.

Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

In Gaiden and its remake, the player moves both Alm and Celica's parties around the world map, alternating between the two at their discretion. Movement across the world map is achieved by selecting the character, selecting the Move menu option, then picking one of the location's adjoining destinations. Uniquely in the Gaiden system, the world map itself has its own turn count, in which a turn elapses every time either Alm or Celica move, or at command by selecting the Rest menu option.

Every battle within Gaiden is technically a skirmish, with the main story mostly consisting of pre-defined skirmishes against set enemy groups posted at specific locations on the world map. In addition, more enemy groups are spawned from certain locations periodically, and will move at random around the map after a certain number of turns pass; these marauding groups can be fought on their own, and can also join up with other enemy groups (both pre-defined and marauding) and both be fought at once. Skirmishes are initiated by choosing to travel to a location with an enemy group posted on it; conversely, however, enemies can also advance on the player's location and initiate skirmishes themselves.

A small few locations—mostly villages, castles, fortresses, and dungeons—can be visited outside of battles, and in these the character in question can freely move around and interact with the locals. Some villages contain item exchange couriers who can send a specific item to the other character's party; however, these are limited in number and have only a finite number of uses.

In Echoes specifically, a red bar also displays the in-game date, season, and year. The season and year progress as each Act is completed, while the number for the day increments by 1 each time Alm or Celica moves from one location to the next, or enters a dungeon or village. This day number can reach up to 999.

World map of Fire Emblem Gaiden
Map Location (Alm's route) Location (Celica's route)
Ss fe02 valentia ingame annotated.png Act 1 Act 2
1 Ram Village 1 Priory
2 Ram Woods 2 Novis Cemetery
3 Fleecer's Forest 3 Novis Greatport
4 Thieves' Shrine 4 Zofia Seaway 1
5 Ram Valley 5 Zofia Seaway 2
6 Southern Outpost 6 The Pirate Throne
7 Southern Zofia 1 7 Zofia Seaway 3
8 Southern Zofia 2 8 Seabound Shrine
9 Deliverance Hideout 9 Zofia Seaway 4
10 Zofia Gate 10 Zofia Seaway 5
11 Zofia Castle 11 Zofia Harbor
Act 3
12 North Gate 12 Zofian Coast
13 Northern Zofia 13 Mountain Highway
14 Zofia Forest 1 14 Mountain Graveyard
15 Forest Village 15 Mountain Village
16 Forest Village 16 Valley Approach
17 Desaix's Fortress 17 Dragon Shrine
18 Zofia Forest 2 18 Desert Stronghold
19 Sylvan Shrine 19 Northern Desert
20 Forest Northside 20 Southern Desert
21 Sluice Gate 21 Grieth's Citadel
22 Temple of Mila
Act 4
22 Border 23 Dead Man's Mire
23 Rigel Forest 24 Mire Boneyard
24 Fear Mountain 25 Dolth's Keep
25 Fear Mountain Shrine 26 Lost Treescape
26 Nuibaba's Abode 27 Sage's Hamlet
27 Rigel Plains/Rigelian Village 28 Duma's Gate
28 Rigel Valley 29 The Swamps of Duma
29 The Dragon's Maw 30 Duma Tower
30 Rigel Falls
31 Secret Shrine
32 The Last Bastion
33 Rigel Castle
Note: In Act 2, #11 Zofia Harbor has a route connecting it to #10 Zofia Gate; this route is not present in Act 1, and is removed once Act 3 begins.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

In The Sacred Stones, the player navigates Eirika or Ephraim around the world map by directly selecting their destination. Unlike Gaiden or Awakening, on some occasions multiple chapters will occur on the same world map location and the player is not allowed to return to the world map between each of these chapters. Some locations also offer armories or vendors to be accessed on the world map, usually selling the same items available in the matching shops in the chapter in question; additionally, after the game has been cleared and Creature Campaign mode has been entered, secret shops can also be accessed from the world map, albeit with different stock than what was offered in the original chapters.

After the completion of every chapter from Chapter 8 onward, or after leaving the Tower of Valni or Lagdou Ruins, up to three bands of enemy monsters will randomly spawn on certain locations on the world map. Eirika and Ephraim cannot pass through any location presently occupied by a monster band, and must engage the monsters in a skirmish before they can access or pass through the location again. This will usually not impede the player's ability to travel, especially later in the game, as the world map connects numerous paths between locations and usually provides an alternative.

Access to the Tower of Valni is granted once Chapter 8 has been cleared. Access to the Lagdou Ruins and Melkaen Coast is granted once Chapter 19 has been cleared.

World map of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Ss fe08 world map ingame annotated.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location Chapter Location
1 Chapter 1 Border Mulan 10 Chapter 10A Teraz Plateau Is gba rotten claw.png 16 Chapter 16 Renais Castle
-- -- Castle Frelia 11/12 Chapter 11A
Chapter 12A
Caer Pelyn Is gba vulnerary.png 17 Chapter 17 Narube River Is gba iron sword.pngIs gba vulnerary.pngIs gba rotten claw.png
2 Chapter 2 Ide Is gba iron sword.png 13 Chapter 13A Hamill Canyon Is gba rotten claw.png 18 Chapter 18 Neleras Peak Is gba rotten claw.png
3 Chapter 3 Borgo Ridge 9 Chapter 9B Fort Rigwald 19 Chapter 19 Rausten Court Is gba iron sword.pngIs gba vulnerary.pngIs gba member card.png
4 Chapter 4 Za'ha Woods Is gba rotten claw.png 10 Chapter 10B Bethroen Is gba iron sword.pngIs gba vulnerary.pngIs gba rotten claw.png 20 Chapter 20
Final Chapter
Black Temple
5 Chapter 5 Serafew Is gba iron sword.pngIs gba vulnerary.png 11/12 Chapter 11B
Chapter 12B
Taizel Is gba vulnerary.png M -- Melkaen Coast Is gba rotten claw.png
6 Chapter 6 Adlas Plains Is gba rotten claw.png 13 Chapter 13B Za'albul Marsh Is gba rotten claw.png V Tower of Valni
7/8 Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Renvall 14 Chapter 14B Grado Keep Is gba member card.png L Lagdou Ruins
9 Chapter 9A Port Kiris Is gba iron sword.pngIs gba vulnerary.png 14/15 Chapter 14A
Chapter 15
Jehanna Hall Is gba vulnerary.pngIs gba member card.png
Note: Locations numbered in teal comprise Eirika's route (Route A), while locations numbered in steel blue comprise Ephraim's route (Route B).
Locations listed with a Is gba rotten claw.png Rotten Claw icon in the chart can host skirmishes. Locations listed with an Iron Sword icon in the chart house an armory, locations with a Vulnerary icon house a vendor, and locations with a Member Card icon house a secret shop.

Fire Emblem Awakening

In Awakening, the player directly navigates between locations on the world map by pointing the Circle Pad or directional pad, rather than having to explicitly select a destination; there is also the option to press the Start button at any time to be automatically taken to the location of the next main chapter. All paralogues are exempt from the chapter order and can be challenged at any time and in any order once unlocked. All locations on the map, save for the Outrealm Gate and the Endgame's location, house an armory which is occasionally taken over by the appearance of a traveling merchant.

As with The Sacred Stones, Risen bands periodically appear to create skirmishes, but this time the player is not forced to defeat them to enter or pass the location, although the armory cannot be accessed while a Risen group is present. On rare occasions, two groups of Risen will appear on the same map location and are fought simultaneously, rewarding the player with both a sum of gold and a rare item. Additionally, bonus units and the teams they lead will spawn on the map to be parleyed with when the Nintendo 3DS console receives a StreetPass tag, and SpotPass bonus unit teams can be summoned to the world map at any time through the Wireless menu, with a maximum of ten allowed to be on the fully unlocked map at a time.

Access to the Outrealm Gate—and by extension, all downloadable content—is granted after Chapter 4 has been cleared. Access to the six SpotPass paralogues, marked in orange, is granted once Chapter 25 has been cleared and the relevant SpotPass data has been activated on the save file.

World map of Fire Emblem Awakening
Ss fe13 world map ingame annotated.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location Chapter Location
O Mi fe13 outrealm gate.png Outrealm Gate 16 Mi fe13 the mila tree.png Chapter 16 The Mila Tree 7 Mi fe13 mila shrine ruins.png Paralogue 7 Mila Shrine Ruins
P Mi fe13 southtown.png Prologue Southtown 17 Mi fe13 fort steiger.png Chapter 17 Fort Steiger 8 Mi fe13 dueling grounds.png Paralogue 8 Dueling Grounds
1 Mi fe13 west of ylisstol.png Chapter 1 West of Ylisstol 18 Mi fe13 the demon's ingle.png Chapter 18 The Demon's Ingle 9 Mi fe13 verdant forest.png Paralogue 9 Verdant Forest
2 Mi fe13 the northroad.png Chapter 2 The Northroad 19 Mi fe13 valm castle approach.png Chapter 19 Valm Castle Approach 10 Mi fe13 mercenary fortress.png Paralogue 10 Mercenary Fortress
3 Mi fe13 the longfort.png Chapter 3 The Longfort 20 Mi fe13 valm castle.png Chapter 20 Valm Castle 11 Mi fe13 wyvern valley.png Paralogue 11 Wyvern Valley
4 Mi fe13 arena ferox.png Chapter 4 Arena Ferox 21 Mi fe13 plegia castle.png Chapter 21 Plegia Castle 12 Mi fe13 the ruins of time.png Paralogue 12 The Ruins of Time
5 Mi fe13 border pass.png Chapter 5 Border Pass 22 Mi fe13 table approach.png Chapter 22 Table Approach 13 Mi fe13 law's end.png Paralogue 13 Law's End
6 Mi fe13 ylisstol.png Chapter 6 Ylisstol 23 Mi fe13 the dragon's table.png Chapter 23 The Dragon's Table 14 Mi fe13 desert oasis.png Paralogue 14 Desert Oasis
7 Mi fe13 breakneck pass.png Chapter 7 Breakneck Pass 24 Mi fe13 mount prism.png Chapter 24 Mount Prism 15 Mi fe13 kidnapper's keep.png Paralogue 15 Kidnapper's Keep
8 Mi fe13 border sands.png Chapter 8 Border Sands 25 Mi fe13 origin peak.png Chapter 25 Origin Peak 16 Mi fe13 manor of lost souls.png Paralogue 16 Manor of Lost Souls
9 Mi fe13 plegia castle courtyard.png Chapter 9 Plegia Castle Courtyard E Mi fe13 grima.png Endgame Grima 17 Mi fe13 divine dragon grounds.png Paralogue 17 Divine Dragon Grounds
10 Mi fe13 the midmire.png Chapter 10 The Midmire 1 Mi fe13 the farfort.png Paralogue 1 The Farfort 18 Mi fe13 sea-king's throne.png Paralogue 18 Sea-King's Throne
11 Mi fe13 border wastes.png Chapter 11 Border Wastes 2 Mi fe13 the twins' turf.png Paralogue 2 The Twins' Turf 19 Mi fe13 conqueror's whetstone.png Paralogue 19 Conqueror's Whetstone
12 Mi fe13 port ferox.png Chapter 12 Port Ferox 3 Mi fe13 peaceful village.png Paralogue 3 Peaceful Village 20 Mi fe13 mountain village.png Paralogue 20 Mountain Village
13 Mi fe13 carrion isle.png Chapter 13 Carrion Isle 4 Mi fe13 the twins' hideout.png Paralogue 4 The Twins' Hideout 21 Mi fe13 warriors' tomb.png Paralogue 21 Warriors' Tomb
14 Mi fe13 the searoad.png Chapter 14 The Searoad 5 Mi fe13 sage's hamlet.png Paralogue 5 Sage's Hamlet 22 Mi fe13 wellspring of truth.png Paralogue 22 Wellspring of Truth
15 Mi fe13 valm harbor.png Chapter 15 Valm Harbor 6 Mi fe13 great gate.png Paralogue 6 Great Gate 23 Mi fe13 garden of giants.png Paralogue 23 Garden of Giants

Fire Emblem Fates

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The world map in Fates is more akin to a level select than a truly explorable world map. Each of the world map locations corresponds to one or more of the game's story chapters. As the player scrolls through the chapter select, the corresponding world map location is highlighted.

Much like Awakening, bandits periodically appear to create skirmishes in the Birthright and Revelation campaigns. Additionally, the player can pay a fee to spawn a group of bandits when selecting a location of the map; a maximum of two groups of bandits may be present at any map location. Fighting two groups of bandits simultaneously is also more likely to reward the player with a rare item in addition to a sum of gold.

Access to the Dragon's Gate—and by extension, all downloadable content—is granted after Chapter 6 has been cleared.

World map of Hoshido and Nohr in Fire Emblem Fates
File:Ss fe14 world map ingame.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location Chapter Location
Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Plains of Hoshido 20
Chapter 20
Chapter 9
Fort Dragonfall 10 Chapter 10 Town in Izumo
1 Chapter 1 Northern Fortress 21 Chapter 21 Demon's Falls 12 Chapter 12 At Sea
2 Chapter 2 Castle: Reception Room 22 Chapter 22 Windmire 13 Chapter 13 Destroyed Town
3 Chapter 3 Bottomless Canyon North 23 Chapter 23 Underground Passage 16 Chapter 16 Lava Fields
4 Chapter 4 Valley Settlement 24 Chapter 24 Castle: Training Grounds 17 Chapter 17 Bottomless Canyon, South
5 Chapter 5 Hoshido Capital: Plaza 25 Chapter 25 Castle: Grand Staircase 1 Paralogue 1 Small Village
Chapter 7
Chapter 22
Chapter 8
Fort Jinya 26 Chapter 26 Castle: Combat Room 5 Paralogue 5 Riverside Village
Chapter 8
Chapter 20
Chapter 9
Wind Tribe Village 27/E Chapter 27
Castle: Throne Room 6 Paralogue 6 Divine Dragon's Forest
Chapter 9
Chapter 18
Izumo: Castle Interior 10
Chapter 10
Chapter 14
Port Town of Dia 7 Paralogue 7 White Sands
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Mokushu Forest 12 Chapter 12 Palace Macarath 9 Paralogue 9 Thieves' Den
11 Chapter 11 Sea of Hoshido 16 Chapter 16 Nohrian Sea 10 Paralogue 10 Poachers' Forest
Chapter 12
Chapter 14
Opera House 17 Chapter 17 Cave in Mokushu 13 Paralogue 13 Riverside
Chapter 12
Chapter 14
Cheve 19 Chapter 19 Kitsune Hamlet 16 Paralogue 16 Trading Town
14 Chapter 14 Border Walls 21 Chapter 21 Eternal Stairway 21 Paralogue 21 Walled Town
15 Chapter 15 Mount Garou 23 Chapter 23 Great Wall of Suzanoh 17 Paralogue 17 Isolated Village
16 Chapter 16 Near Palace Macarath 24 Chapter 24 Hoshidan Capital 22 Paralogue 22 Fancy Estate
Chapter 17
Chapter 8
Ice Tribe Village 25 Chapter 25 Shirasagi: Reception Hall 18 Paralogue 18 Countryside
Chapter 18
Chapter 7
Woods of the Forlorn 26 Chapter 26 Shirasagi: Foyer 19 Paralogue 19 Mountain Fort
Chapter 19
Chapter 11
Chapter 15
Sevenfold Sanctuary 27/E Chapter 27
Shirasagi: Throne Room 20 Paralogue 20 Ancient City
D Dragon's Gate
World map of Valla in Fire Emblem Fates
Ss fe14 valla portion world map.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location
Chapter 15
Chapter 19
Abandoned Town 23 Chapter 23 Floating Bridge
7 Chapter 7 Canyon Valley 24 Chapter 24 Castle Valla: Basement
18 Chapter 18 Floating Isle 25 Chapter 25 Castle Valla: Labyrinth
20 Chapter 20 Floating Isles 26 Chapter 26 Castle Valla: Throne Room
21 Chapter 21 Cursed Ruins 27/E Chapter 27
Castle Valla Ruins
22 Chapter 22 Lost Forest
World map of the Deeprealms in Fire Emblem Fates
File:Ss fe14 deeprealm portion world map.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location
2 Paralogue 2 Town in a Deeprealm 11 Paralogue 11 Wastelands
3 Paralogue 3 Astral Sea 12 Paralogue 12 Village in a Deeprealm
4 Paralogue 4 Sanctuary in a Deeprealm 14 Paralogue 14 Cemetery in a Deeprealm
8 Paralogue 8 Deeprealm Mountain 15 Paralogue 15 Swamp in a Deeprealm

Fire Emblem Engage

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Like in Awakening, the world map of Engage has the player directly navigate between locations on the world map by pointing the control stick or directional pad, rather than having to explicitly select a destination; there is also the option to press the L button at any time to be automatically taken to the location of the next main chapter. Additionally, the player may press the X button to open a Fast Travel menu that provides a list of all currently accessible locations; selecting one will instantly transport the player there. All paralogues are exempt from the chapter order and can be challenged at any time and in any order once unlocked.

Skirmishes can appear on the map, either formed from bands of Corrupted, ruffians, or kingdom soldiers, and the player is not forced to defeat them to enter or pass the location.

World map of Elyos in Fire Emblem Engage
FEE world map 02.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location Chapter Location
4 Chapter 4 Florra Mill Town 16 Chapter 16 Azure Coast 4 The Lady of the Plains Plains of Swift Winds
5 Chapter 5 Firene Castle 17 Chapter 17 Florra Port 5 The Radiant Hero Fort of Hope
6 Chapter 6 Mountain Settlement 18 Chapter 18 Route to Elusia 6 The Instructor Sacred Tomb
7 Chapter 7 The Grand Crossing 19 Chapter 19 Givre Port 7 The Crux of Fate Crossroads of Fate
8 Chapter 8 Brodia Castle 20 Chapter 20 Elusia Castle 8 The Azure Twin Dark Ruins
9 Chapter 9 Fort on the Border 21
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Lythos Castle 9 The Holy Knight River of Light and Dark
10 Chapter 10 Destinea Cathedral 23 Chapter 23 Lava Fields 10 The Sage Lord Bridges in a Row
11 Chapter 11 Shadowy Moor 24 Chapter 24 Mountainous Region 11 The Dawn Maiden Frozen Fortress
12 Chapter 12 Tullah Desert 25 Chapter 25 Gradlon Temple 12 The Young Lion The Binding Grounds
13 Chapter 13 Oasis Village 1 Budding Talent Tea-Field Village 13 The Caring Princess Forgotten Shrine
14 Chapter 14 Solm Palace 2 Mysterious Merchant Bandits' Hideout 14 The Hero-King The Broken Castle
15 Chapter 15 Northern Fortress 3 The Exalt Arena of the Gods 15 The Connector Garden of Memories
World map of parallel Elyos in Fire Emblem Engage
FEE world map 05.png
Chapter Location Chapter Location
1 Fell Xenologue 1 Bracelet Altar 4 Fell Xenologue 4 Frigid Forest
2 Fell Xenologue 2 Verdant Garden 5 Fell Xenologue 5 Desert Stronghold
3 Fell Xenologue 3 Royal Road 6 Fell Xenologue 6 Fallen Somniel

Fire Emblem Warriors

The world map in Fire Emblem Warriors is more akin to a level select than a truly explorable world map. Each of the 12 world map locations corresponds to one or more of the game's story chapters. As the player scrolls through the chapter select, the corresponding world map location is highlighted. The player may replay any chapter they like; skirmishes are not present. The Premonition chapter cannot be replayed.

World map of Fire Emblem Warriors
FEWA World Map numbered.jpg
Chapter Location Chapter Location
-- Premonition Unknown 9 Chapter 11 Dusk Castle
1 Prologue Aytolis Castle 10 Chapter 12 Great Plain
2 Chapter 1 Aytolis City 3 Chapter 13 Kingswood
3 Chapter 2 Kingswood 11 Chapter 14 Fortified Citadel
4 Chapter 3 Dragon Valley 12 Chapter 15 The World Tree
5 Chapter 4 Desert Arena 11 Chapter 16 Fortified Citadel
4 Chapter 5 Dragon Valley 1 Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Aytolis Castle
6 Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Desolate Gorge 2 Chapter 19 Aytolis City
7 Chapter 8 Castle Sol 12 Chapter 20 World Tree
8 Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Ebony Volcano 12 Endgame The Interspace*

Etymology and other languages

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World map




• "World map" in English; this name is used for the free-roaming world map of The Sacred Stones and Engage.
• Free map; this name is used for the free-roaming world map of Awakening.
• Entire map; this term is used in a more general manner and can describe both the world maps that are seen in chapter opening narrations as well as the free-roaming world maps. This is a term used in video gaming to refer to maps that show the whole world of the game.





Carte du monde

World map



World map


Mappa del mondo

World map


월드 맵

World map

Simplified Chinese


World map

Traditional Chinese


World map



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