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FEA Basilio.png
Artwork of Basilio from Awakening.

The capable but slapdash West-Khan of Regna Ferox.






August 13




West-Khan of Ferox

Starting class


Voiced by


Old Basilio will be the very model of manners and good breeding! Er, but I can have SOME mead, right? ... Maybe just a barrel or two?
— Basilio

Basilio (Japanese: バジーリオ Basilio) is the Khan of West Ferox, and a friend and rival of East-Khan Flavia.

Fire Emblem Awakening


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Starting stats and growth rates

Normal Hard Lunatic

Small portrait basilio fe13.png
Ma 3ds01 warrior basilio playable.gif Warrior
Level 10
Movement 6
Recruitment: Chapter 23, automatically after defeating Validar once

Stats Growth Rates Cap Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Silver Axe
Silver Bow
HP +5
Rally Strength
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes A
Bows B Tomes -- Staves --

Reclassing options

Small portrait basilio fe13.png
Base classes:*
Fighter Warrior
Reclass options:
Barbarian Berserker
Knight General
Great Knight
See reclass for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Fighter/Warrior Barbarian/Berserker Hero Knight General Great Knight Dread Fighter

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res
Fighter/Warrior 110% 70% 10% 60% 50% 45% 50% 20%

Promotion stat gains

Fighter Barbarian Knight

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Warrior +8 +4 +0 +3 +2 +0 +3 +3 +1 Bows B
Hero +2 +0 +1 +6 +5 +0 +4 +3 +3 Swords E

Skill set

Skill set
Skill Learned at
Is 3ds01 hp +5.png HP +5 Fighter, level 1
Is 3ds01 zeal.png Zeal Fighter, level 10
Is 3ds01 rally strength.png Rally Strength Warrior, level 5
Is 3ds01 counter.png Counter Warrior, level 15
Is 3ds01 sol.png Sol Hero, level 5
Is 3ds01 axebreaker.png Axebreaker Hero, level 15
Is 3ds01 despoil.png Despoil Barbarian, level 1
Is 3ds01 gamble.png Gamble Barbarian, level 10
Is 3ds01 wrath.png Wrath Berserker, level 5
Is 3ds01 axefaire.png Axefaire Berserker, level 15
Is 3ds01 defense +2.png Defense +2 Knight, level 1
Is 3ds01 indoor fighter.png Indoor Fighter Knight, level 10
Is 3ds01 rally defense.png Rally Defense General, level 5
Is 3ds01 pavise.png Pavise General, level 15
Is 3ds01 luna.png Luna Great Knight, level 5
Is 3ds01 dual guard+.png Dual Guard+ Great Knight, level 15
The above skill list does not include skills obtained exclusively via DLC.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Basilio is one of the characters added to the game in the Book VI launch update, and became available for summoning by players on December 7, 2021. Only one variation of Basilio is currently available in Heroes, based on his Awakening incarnation.

Basilio: Feroxi West-Khan

Starting stats

★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★

Portrait basilio feroxi west-khan feh.png
Rarity ★★★
Weapon type Is feh axe.png
Movement type Infantry

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 18/19/20
Attack 11/12/13 Speed 5/6/7
Defense 8/9/10 Resistance 2/3/4
Weapon Steel Axe
Assist --
Special --

Skill set

Skill set
Skill Unlock Auto-unlock SP cost
Is feh skill weapon.png Iron Axe ★★★ ★★★ 50
Is feh skill weapon.png Steel Axe ★★★ ★★★ 100
Is feh skill weapon.png Spirited Axe ★★★ ★★★★ 200
Is feh skill weapon.png Spirited Axe+ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 300
Is feh skill special.png New Moon ★★★ ★★★★ 100
Is feh skill special.png Moonbow ★★★★ 200
Is feh atk def bond 1.pngA Atk/Def Bond 1 ★★★ 60
Is feh atk def bond 2.pngA Atk/Def Bond 2 ★★★★ 120
Is feh atk def bond 3.pngA Atk/Def Bond 3 ★★★★★ 240
Is feh atk tactic 1.pngC Atk Tactic 1 ★★★ 60
Is feh atk tactic 2.pngC Atk Tactic 2 ★★★ 120
Is feh atk tactic 3.pngC Atk Tactic 3 ★★★★ 240


Though undeniably powerful as expected of a Feroxi khan, Basilio often acts and speaks in a less than serious manner and tends to over-react to many things, positive or negative. This causes some others to ridicule him, especially Flavia. He reveals that he frequently left the Feroxi castle for fun without telling his advisors to the male Avatar, though he quickly reassures him that he always came back in one piece. Basilio is also a heavy drinker, as referenced in his support conversations with Flavia and the female Avatar.

Despite his shortcomings, Basilio acts as a father figure to both the Feroxi and Ylissean armies, especially towards Chrom and Olivia.


Main article: Basilio/Supports


Intrepid Khan - Basilio (single ending)
With Grima a done deed, Basilio returned to Ferox and applied himself to dethroning Flavia. If his army of champions failed, he knew he could always wait for little Lucina to grow up (and lend her a mask).

Basilio, Intrepid Khan & Robin, High Deliver
Many wrote of Robin's legendary exploits, but accounts of her origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—she loved her husband, Basilio, above all else.


Event tile and Barracks event quotes

I went a couple rounds with the younger sprogs. Gotta keep myself in shape, har!
— Basilio, when gaining experience from an event tile or in the Barracks.
I snuck in some training. Well, more like a warm-up...
— Basilio, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile.
What in the world... Did Chrom drop this?
— Basilio, when finding an item in an event tile or in the Barracks.
What a day I'm having. I could level an entire army!
— Basilio, when getting a surge in the Barracks.
Ah, the life of a warrior in a time of strife... This is just too much fun! Gahar har har!
— Basilio, when failing to get a reward in the Barracks.

Barracks greeting quotes

Hey, Robin! How about that fresh morning air?
— Basilio, during the morning.
Hey, Robin! Here to read a book or something?
— Basilio, during the afternoon.
Hey, Robin! Today sure did a number on me. Whew!
— Basilio, during the evening.
Hey, Robin! Get to sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow.
— Basilio, at night.
Today's your special day, right, Robin? Happy birthday!
— Basilio, on Robin's birthday.
Hello, Robin. Fine morning we're having!
— Basilio, during the morning if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. What have you cooked up for us today?
— Basilio, during the afternoon if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. Is it evening already?!
— Basilio, during the evening if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. Don't stay up too late.
— Basilio, at night if married to Robin.

Event tile and Barracks conversation quotes

General quotes

Look at you, grinning like a fool! Slipping back home from a naughty night in town?
— Basilio, when asking a question about mood
Ha! Aren't you reading into it a little too much? ...Not that I'm not amused.
— Basilio, when answering a question about mood
So what do you do for kicks?
— Basilio, when asking a question about hobby
I chop firewood. People seem to think I'm good at it. Doubles as axe practice, too!
— Basilio, when answering a question about hobby
What are your dreams? You should think of these things while you're young!
— Basilio, when asking a question about dreams
I dream about winning the tournament and taking back my throne! What else?
— Basilio, when answering a question about dreams
What do you say you and I team up on the battlefield? I think we're a good fit.
— Basilio, when asking a question about fighting together
You have excellent taste! All right, why not? Let's make the enemy weep!
— Basilio, when answering a question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with Emmeryn

Emmeryn, you look happy. Did you sneak out and have some fun for a change?
— Basilio, when asking Emmeryn a question about mood
Emmeryn, don't you do anything for fun? Life isn't all battles. ...Unfortunately.
— Basilio, when asking Emmeryn a question about hobby
What do you dream about, Emmeryn? Don't wait until you get to be my age.
— Basilio, when asking Emmeryn a question about dreams
Emmeryn, nothing would make me happier than to fight the next battle by your side.
— Basilio, when asking Emmeryn a question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with a female Avatar lover

I love you, Robin, and I dare you to stop me.
— Basilio, his "I love you" quote
Trying to melt the barbarian's heart again? It might just be working.
— Basilio, responding to Robin's "I love you" quote
Is it just me, Robin, or have you gotten prettier overnight?
— Basilio, his "You're beautiful" quote
Aw, I'm the same lug as always, but have YOU gotten prettier overnight?
— Basilio, responding to Robin's "You're beautiful" quote
Robin, promise you won't do anything reckless. Especially not for me.
— Basilio, asking Robin not to leave him
Ha! Don't worry. I already died once, and I'm not looking to repeat the experience.
— Basilio, answering Robin when asked not to leave her
What have you got there, Robin? Why not just store it with the convoy?
— Basilio, when offering Robin a gift
Oh, this is from the Feroxi treasure vault. I thought it would look good on you! Here.
— Basilio, when Robin offers a gift

Quotes specifically with a male Morgan child

What's new, Morgan? You manage to remember anything?
— Basilio, when asking a question about Morgan's life in the future
I just live life as it pleases me. I started as a pirate, and now I'm a khan. You've got to try everything while you're young and see what sticks. If you can't get your old memories back, pack your life with exciting new ones!
— Basilio, when answering Morgan's question about his life
You look a little woozy today, kid. Trying to worry your old man?
— Basilio, asking Morgan if he is ill
Don't worry. I'll get my color back in no time. Save your ideas for when it matters.
— Basilio, answering Morgan asking if he is ill
Anything you need, Morgan? Just name it! You can ask your father for whatever.
— Basilio, when offering Morgan a gift
I'd like my throne back, but I guess that's a tall order. Bwa ha ha!
— Basilio, when Morgan offers a gift
Grab a weapon, Morgan. Let's see if you've got the makings of a khan!
— Basilio, when asking Morgan to train
Bwa ha ha! That's the spirit! Once the war's over, I'll put you through the Feroxi ropes!
— Basilio, when Morgan asks to train

Paired battle quotes

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— Basilio
— Basilio
Go get 'em.
— Basilio
I got your back!
— Basilio
I gotcha.
— Basilio
Let's kick some tail!
— Basilio
Let's see what ya got.
— Basilio
Strap in.
— Basilio
Take 'em down!
— Basilio
Watch out.
— Basilio
Come on!
— Basilio, performing a Dual Strike
I need more!
— Basilio, performing a Dual Strike
My turn!
— Basilio, performing a Dual Strike
This one mine?
— Basilio, performing a Dual Strike
Too slow!
— Basilio, performing a Dual Strike
Don't just stand there!
— Basilio, performing a Dual Guard
Hell no!
— Basilio, performing a Dual Guard
I owe ya!
— Basilio, if his partner defeated the enemy
Nice one.
— Basilio, if his partner defeated the enemy
— Basilio, if his partner defeated the enemy

Critical quotes

Come on! Come on!
— Basilio
Don't try this at home!
— Basilio
Hot death coming through!
— Basilio
Time to die, pal!
— Basilio

Level up quotes

What do you expect? I'm already perfect.
— Basilio, when one or no stats grow in a Level Up.
Ha! And I thought I was past self-improvement!
— Basilio, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
Don't count me out of the action just yet.
— Basilio, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
Take a leaf out of THIS book, sprogs!
— Basilio, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
Once you hit my age, you've grown enough.
— Basilio, when his stats are mostly capped and one or no stats grow in a Level Up.

Class Change quote

This brings back some of the old fire!
— Basilio, when changing class.

Shop quotes

I must be getting old if you're doing my shopping!
— Basilio, when buying items at a shop.
I should have brought some Feroxi treasure to sell...
— Basilio, when selling items at a shop.
You design the weapon, Robin. I'll swing it!
— Basilio, when forging weapons at a shop.

Defeat quotes

You gotta be kidding me...!
— Basilio's defeat voice clip
Dammit... I was given a second lease on life, and I ain't wastin' it... Sorry, but I'm gone!
— Basilio's retreat quote in Classic Mode
Damn... Pushed my luck to far... Sorry, all, but this oaf must withdraw...
— Basilio's retreat quote in Casual Mode

Battle quotes

Victory quotes

Keep 'em comin'!
— Basilio, after defeating an enemy.
There's more where that came from!
— Basilio, after defeating an enemy.
Victory is served!
— Basilio, after defeating an enemy.

Endgame: Grima quotes

Pull it together, [lad/lass]! Death is overrated, believe me!
— Basilio
[He/She] did what [he/she] had to do. That's the mark of a true warrior! [He'll/She'll] be back. I'd bet my sweet brown arse on it!
— Basilio, if Robin sacrifices him/herself to kill Grima.
Har har har! We whupped 'em but good! Now, to feast! Bring the meat and mead!
— Basilio, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima.
You don't have to shoulder the world's problems alone, Robin... Besides, if you go, who's gonna take care of me?! Gahar har har!
— Basilio, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima, and if he is married to Robin.

DLC battle quotes

Why do these sprogs hang on to money? I sure don't! Ba ha ha! Hell, I drank away every coin I found within the first hour... Still, if they're that beat up over it, I guess I'll help 'em get it back.
— Basilio, in The Golden Gaffe
I've fought some strange customers, but you're my first vegetarian zombie. Wait till everyone back in Ferox hears about this! Ba ha ha!
— Basilio, in EXPonential Growth.
Why didn't anyone tell me about this place sooner? I could dominate the arena with soldiers of your caliber! Too bad you're dead. Now the only help I'll get from you is experience.
— Basilio, in Infinite Regalia.
Putting these people through hell just to sacrifice their lives?! I've seen my share of horrors, but this is madness! Damn... Hold tight, friends. I'll give you back the peace he stole.
— Basilio, in Death's Embrace.
Steaming hot and full of scorching lava... I could get used to this place! If only we could hold the champions' tournament in a place like this... Hey, Risen! Next time you fall from the sky, try to aim for Arena Ferox! Ba ha ha!
— Basilio, in Five-Anna Firefight.
All right, monster, fess up—what all is written about me in that thing? Wait, don't tell me—as long as the word 'oaf' is not in there... ...... Oh, for the love of all that's holy... That's it—give it here, freak!
— Basilio, in Roster Rescue.
You liked the beach so much that you decided to conquer it? Ah, the brashness of youth! If you withdraw now, I might let you off with only a bruise or three. No deal? This won't end happily for one of us. And by one of us, I mean you.
— Basilio, in Summer Scramble.
Hah! What a spectacular spring this is! Let's finish this quick so I can get back to enjoy a soak with a full mug of mead! Any of you Shepherds man enough to join me for a drink?!
— Basilio, in Hot-Spring Scramble.
Basilio: You wear a troubled look beneath those flowing locks, friend. Need a shoulder to cry on? I won't judge! Bwa ha ha ha!
Arvis: You dare mock me? I'll rip that glib tongue from your gillet!

— Basilio fighting Arvis in Lost Bloodlines 1.
Luthier: What bold and foolish man has wandered into range of my magic?
Basilio: Not a shy little mage, are you? All right, let's see what you've got!

— Basilio fighting Luthier in Lost Bloodlines 2.
Basilio: Is that furrow in your brow hereditary? You should relax. Live a little!
Arvis: Mock me, will you? I know the life I live. Let death silence you, prattling wretch!

— Basilio fighting Arvis in Lost Bloodlines 3.
Karel: I see you've got talent. You might just stand a chance.
Basilio: Doesn't anyone just shut up and hit each other anymore?
Karel: Have it your way.

— Basilio fighting Karel in Smash Brethren 2.
Basilio: Ho! This guy looks bloodthirsty. Maybe I'll just slink out of sight...
Karel: Not so fast. Once you stand in my path, you don't get to run away. Not when the feast is just about to begin...
Basilio: "Feast," huh? Scary. All right. But don't cry to me later. I tried to spare you!

— Basilio fighting Karel in Smash Brethren 3.
Basilio: You're a brave little lady to come pick a fight with old Basilio.
Nanna: I must fight. Courage has nothing to do with it.
Basilio: Ha! Well said... Then let's get this scuffle started!

— Basilio fighting Nanna in Rogues & Redeemers 2.
Basilio: Just surrender, kid. You don't really think you can beat me?
Nanna: I think it's worth a try!

— Basilio fighting Nanna in Rogues & Redeemers 3.

Heroes quotes

Main article: Basilio/Quotes (Heroes)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Basilio is featured on two cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Basilio
TCGCipher B04-078N.png Intrepid Khan, Basilio


"Me? Ha ha..This time around I'm ready to crack some skulls!"
Attack: 60 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Warrior Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
The East and West Khans: [Always] While this unit is being supported by "Flavia", this unit gains +30 attack.
Hand Axe: [Activate] [Flip one bond card] Until the end of this turn, this unit's range becomes 1-2.
Card #B04-078N • Artist: Yoneko
TCGCipher B12-063HN.png West-Khan of Ferox, Basilio


"I fully intend to outlive all you sprogs ― just see if I don't. And as for your "future", it can kiss my big brown Feroxi arse!"
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Warrior Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Friend as Rival: [Always] The deployment cost of any "Flavia" in your hand and Retreat Area becomes 1.
Gathering of the Allied Forces: [Always] If you have 2 or more other Ylisse allies in the Front Line, this unit gains +10 attack.
Card #B12-063HN • Artist: Ippei Soeda
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Basilio .

Flavor text

Game Text
The capable but slapdash
West-Khan of Regna Ferox.
West-Khan of Regna Ferox, a country led by
its preference for battle over politics. A simple
warrior who has nothing to hide. Appears in
Fire Emblem Awakening.
(登場:『ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒』)

Meet some of the Heroes entries

Basilio: Feroxi West-Khan
FEH mth Basilio Feroxi West-Khan 01.png FEH mth Basilio Feroxi West-Khan 02.png FEH mth Basilio Feroxi West-Khan 03.png FEH mth Basilio Feroxi West-Khan 04.png
Basilio is the West-Khan of Regna Ferox, a nation with a powerful military. Though his flippant personality often makes the first impression, he’s an accomplished warrior who was forged in the fires of battle! Ferox is an unusual nation ruled by two khans who reside in castles in the east and west of the land. The East-Khan, by the way, is a woman by the name of Flavia. Basilio was once a pirate, but his prowess as a warrior enabled him to defeat the previous khan and claim his title. That’s one way to climb the ranks! The culture of Ferox prizes martial skill, and sure enough, Basilio has a great respect for strong Heroes. I expect that’ll make him a big fan of the Order of Heroes, then!
Closely Associated Characters
Chrom Flavia {{{Related_name3}}} {{{Related_name4}}} {{{Related_name5}}}
A prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. Leads the Shepherds. He develops a friendship with Basilio through the war with Plegia. East-Khan of Regna Ferox, a country led by its preference for battle over politics. Boldly faces even the most perilous situations without fear. Basilio’s rival. {{{Related_blurb3}}} {{{Related_blurb4}}} {{{Related_blurb5}}}

Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
242 Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Portrait basilio fe13 cyl.png
Total results This character has 8 entries across all Choose Your Legends polls. 3,370


  • Basilio is one of only two characters in Awakening or Fates who has a support with a character of the opposite gender who is not related to them that can only reach A-rank, the other being Flavia, his partner in said support.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Italian form of Basil, from Greek Βασίλειος Basíleios, which is derived from βασιλεύς basileús, a word meaning "king" or, in Byzantine Greek, "emperor".



Officially romanized as Basilio.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.


Heroes artwork


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Story Maps Book I PrefaceP: World of Zenith • 1: World of Mystery • 2: World of Conquest • 3: World of Binding • 4: World of Awakening • 5: Back to Mystery • 6: World of Birthright • 7: World of Blazing • 8: Back to Awakening • 9: Heroes Invade • 10: World of Radiance • 11: Rite of Shadows • 12: Bitter Enemies • 13: Diabolical BloodlineI: A Power AwakensI: The Rite of Blades
Book II 1: The Flame • 2: Princess of Ice • 3: Guided by a Dream • 4: Fiery Resolve • 5: Blood and Snow • 6: The True Quarry • 7: Snow and Ash • 8: Rite of Frost • 9: Hellfire • 10: The King's Demise • 11: Prince of Ice • 12: Seeping Poison • 13: A Way Home
Book III 1: Death • 2: The Dread Gate • 3: Countdown • 4: A King's Worth • 5: A Father's Legacy • 6: Realm of the Dead • 7: A Home Unknown • 8: Truth of a Name • 9: Cohort of the Dead • 10: Omnicidal Witch • 11: Where It Began • 12: Lethal Swordsman • 13: Marvelous Dream
Book IV 1: The Dream • 2: Missing You • 3: Gullinkambi • 4: On Dark Wings • 5: Twisted Reality • 6: Dreaming Reality • 7: Steeped in Twilight • 8: Wallowing in Love • 9: Violent Fantasies • 10: Lack • 11: Plumeria's Dream • 12: Triandra's Dream • 13: Reality
Book V 1: Machine Dominion • 2: Kingsbrother • 3: Forest of the Sage • 4: The Vital Blade • 5: Night and Day • 6: Treachery • 7: Bound Elsewhere • 8: Serpent's Whispers • 9: Echoes of Truth • 10: Howling Descent • 11: Deceit • 12: What Remains • 13: Specter of Niðavellir
Book VI 1: Darkness • 2: Curse Directive • 3: Calling of Blood • 4: Princess Alone • 5: Evil Ways • 6: Revealing Lies • 7: To Be Emperor • 8: Closing In • 9: Opening a Way • 10: God of Openness • 11: One Last Chance • 12: Princess and Prince • 13: Askr and Embla
Book VII 13: Time • 5: Divine Foretelling • 6: King of Light • 7: Goddess Reunion • 8: Seeing the Present • 2: World of the Past • 3: Within Wheels • 4: Ouroboros • 9: The Innocent • 10: Light's Fading • 11: Without Limits • 12: Seer of the Past • 1: Golden Seer
Book VIII 1: Healing • 2: Traitor • 3: Bait • 4: Imperial Blood
Paralogues X1: Detached Princess • 1: Family Bonds • 2: Sibling Bonds • 3: Blazing Shadows • 4: Spring Festival • 5: World of Shadows • 6: Bridal Blessings • X2: The Brink of Chaos • 7: Echoes of Mystery • 8: Ylissean Summer • 9: Nohrian Summer • 10: The Sacred World • 11: Brave Heroes • 12: Performing Arts • 13: World of Holy War • 14: Trick or Defeat! • 15: Farfetched Heroes • 16: Winter's Envoy • 17: Happy New Year! • X3: The People's Hero • 18: Love Abounds • 19: Hares at the Fair • 20: Bridal Bloom • 21: Summer's Arrival • 22: A Sketchy Summer • 23: Festival in Hoshido • 24: Arrival of the Brave • 25: The Land's Bounty • 26: Brave Redux • 27: Adrift • X4: Whispers of Death • 28: Gifts of Winter • 29: New Year's Wish • 30: Hostile Springs • 31: Greil's Devoted • 32: Regal Rabbits • 33: A Season for Picnics • 34: Bridal Belonging • 35: Summer Returns • 36: Summer Refreshes • 37: Brave Echoes • 38: A Splendid Soiree • 39: Treat Fiends • X5: Heavenly Witness • 40: Glorious Gifts • 41: Renewed Spirit • 42: A Star Is Born • 43: Lovely Gifts • 44: Familial Festivities • 45: The Start of It All • 46: Bridal Beloveds • 47: Summer Passing • 48: Overseas Memories • 49: Pirate's Pride • 50: To Stay Dreaming • 51: Dragons Harvest • 52: In the Moment • 53: A Festival Miracle • 54: Beyond Dreaming • 55: Dark Desert Rituals • 56: Love of a King • 57: Willful Rabbits • 58: Childhood Encounter • 59: Bridal Grace • 60: Summer Vibrance • 61: Summer's Dream • 62: Perilous Seas • 63: Scions of Twelve • 64: Shared Bounty • 65: Ninja Training • 66: Winter Dreamland • 67: Like Clockwork • 68: Of Lost Kingdoms • 69: Here with Me • 70: Hop-and-Go-Seek • 71: Unlikely Friends • 72: Bridal Blossoms • 73: Summer Vacation • 74: Taken by the Tide • 75: Risk and Reward • 76: Bite of Flame • 77: Divine Harvest • 78: Wyvern Ninja • 79: Holiday Handoff • 80: Gods Renewed • 81: Sage of Khadein? • 82: A Special Gift • 83: Spring Eternal • 84: No Matter Where • 85: Bridal Dreams • 86: Summer Longing • 87: Summer Firsts • 88: Invitation to Tea • 89: Winds Offered • 90: Merchant's Harvest • 91: Our Path Ahead • 92: Holiday Lessons • 93: Ring In the Year • 94: Nabata's Shield • 95: May This Last
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