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New Moon

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New Moon

Is feh skill special.png
Icon of special skills, the type to which New Moon belongs, in Heroes.



New Moon (Japanese: 影月 Shadow Moon) is a special skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes. New Moon allows the user's attack to ignore 30% of the target's Defense or Resistance. New Moon can be considered a weaker variation of two other special skills, one being Moonbow having the same effect but faster cooldown, the other being Luna having the same cooldown but a stronger effect.


Game Icon Effect Rarity req. Cooldown SP cost Notes
Heroes Is feh skill special.png Deals damage to target as if target has a 30% penalty to its Defense and Resistance applied. 3★ 3 100 SP --



Units Athena: Borderland SwordBlack Knight: Sinister GeneralCatria: Middle WhitewingCelica: Imprisoned SoulChrom: Knight ExaltEirika: Graceful ResolveEphraim: Restoration LordFae: Holiday DearFrederick: Polite KnightHinoka: Blue Sky WarriorHríd: Icy BladeIke: Brave MercenaryIke: Young MercenaryIshtar: Thunder GoddessJoshua: Tempest KingLinus: Mad DogLucina: Future WitnessMia: Lady of BladesNailah: Unflinching EyeNephenee: Fierce HalberdierNina: Eye SpyNino: Pale FlowerOdin: Potent ForcePalla: Eldest WhitewingSonya: Vengeful MageTakumi: Prince of SoupTana: Winged PrincessTiki: Beachside ScionTiki: Legendary DragonValter: Dark MoonstoneWalhart: The ConquerorZelgius: Jet-Black General


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English New Moon
Japanese 影月 Shadow Moon


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