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Tempest Trials

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The Tempest.

Tempest Trials (Japanese: 戦渦の連戦 Series of Battles of the Chaos of War) are a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes. During Tempest Trials, players earn points in order to earn rewards, which come in a variety of forms.


Main article: Tempest Trials/Script

Due to the nature of the game, in which new content is steadily added on a consistent basis, new tempest trials may be added to the game in any given update, hence this synopsis may be rendered incomplete at any given time.

Dark Clouds over Awakening

The first time the Tempest descends on Askr, a masked man arrives with it, seeking to aid against the chaos caused by the Tempest. A Tempest is a fierce colliding of different worlds, throwing the land and people on it into chaos. The Tempest must be journey through to be calmed, though there are many confused foes along the way. The final opponent of the first Tempest was Veronica.


The original incarnation of the Tempest Trials events typically lasted two weeks. The goal is for the player to accumulate points through many battles to redeem rewards such as Orbs, Hero Feathers, Sacred Seals, and even reward characters. The highest rewarded amount of points for the typical length Tempest Trial during the original format is 99,999.

At the start of each day a Tempest Trial players receive a multiplier for a limited number of runs, allowing players to get a boosted start on gaining points each day.

Each attempt at a Tempest Trial will pit players against four randomized characters on maps taken from a certain selection of the game's story maps; some maps may draw their characters from specific pools based on certain properties; this can last from two to six battles, depending on difficulty and certain other attributes available for the player to choose. The final map of a sequence is a fixed map with a fixed boss and four random opponents drawn from character pools based on weapon and movement types.

Tempest Trials Mini

A new Tempest Trial variant was introduced in September 2017, lasting only a week, half the time of normal Tempest Trials. The rewards points pool only goes up to 50,000, approximately half of a normal Tempest Trial. The first Tempest Trial Mini, To Die on the Battlefield introduced new Sacred Seals and allowed for players to obtain the previously run Masked Marth character as well as past Sacred Seals, like Quickened Pulse.

Tempest Trials+

Starting on April 21, 2018, the Tempest Trials received a format overhaul, with the new format being called Tempest Trials+. The revamped format takes elements from both the original format of the full-fledged Tempest Trials as well as the smaller variant Tempest Trials Mini; the duration of a Tempest Trials+ is typically 10 days (the January 2020 edition, "Mid-fest Digest", is an exception to this, lasting 11 days), which falls between the two earlier formats, while the reward structure for the new format is based on the Tempest Trials Mini.

Bonus Units

Each Tempest Trial has sets of bonus units, these units typically follow a theme within the Tempest Trial; newly released related characters often provide the larger bonus.

List of Tempest Trials

Note: All date ranges begin at 7:00 AM UTC on the first listed date and end at 6:59 AM UTC on the second listed date unless otherwise noted.
Date Unit reward Sacred Seal rewards Bonus Units
#1 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-06.png
Dark Clouds over Awakening
June 8, 2017-
June 22, 2017
Portrait marth enigmatic blade feh.png
Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Is feh breath of life 1.png
Breath of Life 1
Is feh quickened pulse.png
Quickened Pulse
1.4x Robin: High Deliverer Lucina: Future Witness Nowi: Eternal Youth Tharja: Dark Shadow
1.2x Robin: Mystery Tactician Marth: Enigmatic Blade Lissa: Sprightly Cleric Alfonse: Prince of Askr
#2 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-07.png
Resonating Fangs
July 7, 2017-
July 21, 2017
Portrait tobin feh.png
Tobin: The Clueless One
Is feh resistance +1.png
Resistance +1
Is feh phantom spd 1.png
Phantom Speed 1
1.4x Alm: Hero of Prophecy Faye: Devoted Heart Mae: Bundle of Energy Boey: Skillful Survivor
1.2x Clair: Highborn Flier Tobin: The Clueless One Lukas: Sharp Soldier Sharena: Princess of Askr
#3 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-08.png
Reunited at Last
August 11, 2017-
August 25, 2017
Portrait clive feh.png
Clive: Idealistic Knight
Is feh breath of life 1.png
Breath of Life 1
Is feh atk ploy 1.png
Atk Ploy 1
Is feh hardy bearing 1.png
Hardy Bearing 1
1.4x Celica: Caring Princess Delthea: Free Spirit Gray: Wry Comrade Sonya: Vengeful Mage
1.2x Berkut: Prideful Prince Clive: Idealistic Knight Alm: Hero of Prophecy Genny: Endearing Ally
Banner feh tempest trials 2017-09 1.png
To Die on the Battlefield
September 8, 2017-September 15, 2017 Portrait marth enigmatic blade feh.png
Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Is feh quickened pulse.png
Quickened Pulse
Is feh defense +1.png
Defense +1
Is feh distant def 1.png
Distant Def 1
1.4x Eliwood: Knight of Lycia Lyn: Lady of the Plains Hector: General of Ostia Ninian: Oracle of Destiny
1.2x Ursula: Blue Crow Lloyd: White Wolf Marth: Enigmatic Blade Anna: Commander
#5 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-09 2.png
Moment of Fate
September 23, 2017-October 7, 2017 Portrait black knight feh.png
Black Knight: Sinister General
Is feh resistance +1.png
Resistance +1
Is feh fortify def 1.png
Fortify Def 1
Is feh panic ploy 1.png
Panic Ploy 1
1.4x Ike: Young Mercenary Elincia: Lost Princess Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier Oscar: Agile Horseman
1.2x Mist: Helpful Sister Soren: Shrewd Strategist Titania: Mighty Mercenary Black Knight: Sinister General
#6 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-10.png
Genealogy of Light
October 23, 2017-November 6, 2017 Portrait arden feh.png
Arden: Strong and Tough
Is feh brash assault 1.png
Brash Assault 1
Is feh atk smoke 1.png
Atk Smoke 1
Is feh guidance 1.png
Guidance 1
1.4x Sigurd: Holy Knight Ayra: Astra's Wielder Deirdre: Lady of the Forest Tailtiu: Thunder Noble
1.2x Arvis: Emperor of Flame Arden: Strong and Tough Eldigan: Lionheart Lachesis: Lionheart's Sister
#7 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-11.png
Less Than Heroic
November 21, 2017-December 6, 2017 Portrait joshua feh.png
Joshua: Tempest King
Is feh savage blow 1.png
Savage Blow 1
Is feh hone spd 1.png
Hone Spd 1
Is feh close def 1.png
Close Def 1
1.4x Dorcas: Serene Warrior Lute: Prodigy Mia: Lady of Blades Ike: Brave Mercenary
1.2x Roy: Brave Lion Lyn: Brave Lady Lucina: Brave Princess Joshua: Tempest Blade
#8 Banner feh tempest trials 2017-12.png
A Gift of Peace
December 26, 2017-January 9, 2018 Portrait marth enigmatic blade feh.png
Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Is feh threaten spd 1.png
Threaten Spd 1
Is feh iote's shield.png
Iote's Shield
Is feh heavy blade 1.png
Heavy Blade 1
1.4x Chrom: Gifted Leader Robin: Festive Tactician Lissa: Pure Joy Tharja: "Normal Girl"
1.2x Lucina: Future Witness Nowi: Eternal Youth Frederick: Polite Knight Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-01.png
Stepping into the New Year
January 16, 2018-
January 23, 2018
Portrait corrin enjoying tradition feh.png
Corrin: Enjoying Tradition
Is feh seal atk 1.png
Seal Atk 1
Is feh def ploy 1.png
Def Ploy 1
Is feh quick riposte 1.png
Quick Riposte 1
1.4x Takumi: Prince of Soup Camilla: Holiday Traveler Azura: Celebratory Spirit Corrin: Novice Vacationer
1.2x Ryoma: Peerless Samurai Hinoka: Warrior Princess Sakura: Loving Priestess Alfonse: Prince of Askr
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-02 1.png
Shrouded by the Storm
January 31, 2018-
February 7, 2018
Portrait marisa feh.png
Marisa: Crimson Flash
Is feh poison strike 1.png
Poison Strike 1
Is feh hone atk 1.png
Hone Atk 1
Is feh drive def 1.png
Drive Def 1
1.4x Ike: Vanguard Legend Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams Fjorm: Princess of Ice Azura: Lady of Ballads
1.2x Marisa: Crimson Flash Lucina: Brave Princess Xander: Student Swimmer Robin: Seaside Tactician
#11 Banner feh tempest trials 2018-02 2.png
Breath of Destiny
February 14, 2018-February 28, 2018 Portrait eliwood devoted love feh.png
Eliwood: Devoted Love
Is feh threaten atk 1.png
Threaten Atk 1
Is feh fortress res 1.png
Fortress Res 1
Is feh armored boots.png
Armored Boots
1.4x Hector: Just Here to Fight Lyn: Wind's Embrace Roy: Youthful Gifts Lilina: Delightful Noble
1.2x Eliwood: Devoted Love Ninian: Oracle of Destiny Klein: Silver Nobleman Clarine: Refined Noble
#12 Banner feh tempest trials 2018-03.png
Invisible Ties
March 15, 2018-
March 29, 2018
Portrait gerome feh.png
Gerome: Masked Rider
Is feh obstruct 1.png
Obstruct 1
Is feh res ploy 1.png
Res Ploy 1
Is feh def tactic 1.png
Def Tactic 1
1.4x Chrom: Knight Exalt Morgan: Lass from Afar Morgan: Lad from Afar Gerome: Masked Rider
1.2x Olivia: Blushing Beauty Donnel: Village Hero Cherche: Wyvern Friend Robin: Mystery Tactician
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-04.png
Thunder's Fist
April 21, 2018-
May 1, 2018
Portrait finn feh.png
Finn: Lance of Legend
Is feh seal spd 1.png
Seal Spd 1
Is feh fortress def 1.png
Fortress Def 1
Is feh drive atk 1.png
Drive Atk 1
1.4x Leif: Prince of Leonster Reinhardt: Thunder's Sword Olwen: Righteous Knight Nanna: Nordion Princess
Seliph: Heir of Light Reinhardt: Thunder's Fist Olwen: Blue Mage Knight Finn: Lance of Legend
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-05.png
Loki's Flames
May 25, 2018-
June 4, 2018
Portrait marth altean groom feh.png
Marth: Altean Groom
Is feh attack def +1.png
Attack/Def +1
Is feh flier formation 1.png
Flier Formation 1
Is feh spd smoke 1.png
Spd Smoke 1
1.4x Tharja: Obsessive Bride Ninian: Bright-Eyed Bride Sanaki: Apostle in White Marth: Altean Groom
Tharja: Dark Shadow Ninian: Oracle of Destiny Sanaki: Begnion's Apostle Marth: Altean Prince
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-06.png
Feud of the Fangs
June 16, 2018-
June 26, 2018
Portrait canas feh.png
Canas: Wisdom Seeker
Is feh live to serve 1.png
Live to Serve 1
Is feh earth dance 1.png
Earth Dance 1
Is feh res tactic 1.png
Res Tactic 1
1.4x Nino: Pale Flower Karla: Sword Vassal Legault: The Hurricane Canas: Wisdom Seeker
Nino: Pious Mage Jaffar: Angel of Death Karel: Sword Demon Linus: Mad Dog
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-07.png
Sweet Dreams
July 15, 2018-
July 25, 2018
Portrait marth enigmatic blade feh.png
Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Is feh spd ploy 1.png
Spd Ploy 1
Is feh hp res 1.png
HP/Res 1
Is feh flashing blade 1.png
Flashing Blade 1
1.4x Tiki: Beachside Scion Linde: Summer Rays Takumi: Prince at Play Camilla: Tropical Beauty
Tana: Noble and Nimble Corrin: Novice Vacationer Gaius: Thief Exposed Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-08.png
Chaos Named
August 14, 2018-
August 24, 2018
Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Tobin: The Clueless One
Clive: Idealistic Knight
Black Knight: Sinister General
Arden: Strong and Tough
Joshua: Tempest King
None 1.4x Marth: Enigmatic Blade Tobin: The Clueless One Clive: Idealistic Knight Black Knight: Sinister General
Arden: Strong and Tough Joshua: Tempest King Alfonse: Prince of Askr Sharena: Princess of Askr
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-09.png
Doorway to Destiny
September 11, 2018-
September 21, 2018
Portrait ethlyn feh.png
Ethlyn: Spirited Princess
Is feh threaten def 1.png
Threaten Def 1
Is feh drive spd 1.png
Drive Spd 1
Is feh blaze dance 1.png
Blaze Dance 1
1.4x Sigurd: Holy Knight Lewyn: Guiding Breeze Silvia: Traveling Dancer Quan: Luminous Lancer
Ethlyn: Spirited Princess Deirdre: Lady of the Forest Eldigan: Lionheart Jamke: Prince of Verdane
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-10.png
Familiar Faces
October 14, 2018-
October 24, 2018
Portrait dorcas pumpkin smasher feh.png
Dorcas: Pumpkin Smasher
Is feh spd def 1.png
Spd/Def 1
Is feh darting stance 1.png
Darting Stance 1
Is feh brazen atk res 1.png
Brazen Atk/Res 1
1.4x Myrrh: Spooky Monster Kagero: Beverage Ninja Niles: Forbidden Tease Mia: Moonlit Witch
Dorcas: Pumpkin Smasher Myrrh: Great Dragon Mia: Lady of Blades Dorcas: Serene Warrior
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-11.png
Before We Met...
November 12, 2018-
November 22, 2018
Portrait azura young songstress feh.png
Azura: Young Songstress
Is feh gale dance 1.png
Gale Dance 1
Is feh atk def bond 1.png
Atk/Def Bond 1
Is feh water boost 1.png
Water Boost 1
1.4x Corrin: Dream Prince Corrin: Dream Princess Camilla: Flower of Fantasy Mikoto: Caring Mother
Azura: Young Songstress Ryoma: Peerless Samurai Hinoka: Blue Sky Warrior Leo: Sorcerous Prince
Banner feh tempest trials 2018-12.png
Life Is But Fleeting
December 18, 2018-
December 28, 2018
Portrait cecilia festive instructor feh.png
Cecilia: Festive Instructor
Is feh fierce stance 1.png
Fierce Stance 1
Is feh drive res 1.png
Drive Res 1
Is feh atk spd 1.png
Atk/Spd 1
1.4x Eirika: Gentle as Snow Ephraim: Sparkling Gallantly Fae: Holiday Dear Cecilia: Festive Instructor
Chrom: Gifted Leader Robin: Festive Tactician Lissa: Pure Joy Tharja: "Normal Girl"
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-01 1.png
An Alliance of Princesses
January 1, 2019-
January 11, 2019
Portrait laegjarn new experiences feh.png
Laegjarn: New Experiences
Is feh threaten res 1.png
Threaten Res 1
Is feh spur def res 1.png
Spur Def/Res 1
Is feh atk spd bond 1.png
Atk/Spd Bond 1
1.4x Fjorm: New Traditions Gunnthrá: Year's First Dream Hríd: Resolute Prince Laegjarn: New Experiences
Laevatein: Kumade Warrior Fjorm: Princess of Ice Eir: Merciful Death Sharena: Princess of Askr
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-01 2.png
Heating Things Up
January 26, 2019-
February 5, 2019
Portrait camilla steamy secrets feh.png
Camilla: Steamy Secrets
Is feh fire boost 1.png
Fire Boost 1
Is feh even def wave 1.png
Even Def Wave 1
Is feh brazen atk def 1.png
Brazen Atk/Def 1
1.4x Ryoma: Samurai at Ease Hinoka: Relaxed Warrior Sakura: Hot-Spring Healer Elise: Bubbling Flower
Camilla: Steamy Secrets Xander: Paragon Knight Takumi: Wild Card Leo: Sorcerous Prince
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-02.png
Greil's Request
February 10, 2019-
February 20, 2019
Portrait titania warm knight feh.png
Titania: Warm Knight
Is feh darting blow 1.png
Darting Blow 1
Is feh aerobatics 1.png
Aerobatics 1
Is feh torrent dance 1.png
Torrent Dance 1
1.4x Ike: Stalwart Heart Greil: Heroic Exemplar Mist: Purest Spirit Soren: Addled Strategist
Titania: Warm Knight Ike: Young Mercenary Oscar: Agile Horseman Mia: Lady of Blades
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-03.png
To Defy the Gods
March 23, 2019-
April 2, 2019
Portrait loki spring trickster feh.png
Loki: Spring Trickster
Is feh spd res bond 1.png
Spd/Res Bond 1
Is feh hp spd 1.png
HP/Spd 1
Is feh warding stance 1.png
Warding Stance 1
1.4x Palla: Eldest Bun-Bun Marisa: Crimson Rabbit Bruno: Masked Hare Veronica: Spring Princess
Catria: Spring Whitewing Alfonse: Spring Prince Sharena: Spring Princess Loki: Spring Trickster
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-04.png
Taste of Spring
April 24, 2019-
May 4, 2019
Portrait leo extra tomatoes feh.png
Leo: Extra Tomatoes
Is feh wind boost 1.png
Wind Boost 1
Is feh even res wave 1.png
Even Res Wave 1
Is feh chill atk 1.png
Chill Atk 1
1.4x Lukas: Buffet for One Genny: Dressed with Care Felicia: Off the Menu Flora: Signature Dish
Leo: Extra Tomatoes Alm: Hero of Prophecy Faye: Devoted Heart Kliff: Curious Spirit
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-05.png
The Holy Guard
May 25, 2019-
June 4, 2019
Portrait louise eternal devotion feh.png
Louise: Eternal Devotion
Is feh spd res 1.png
Spd/Res 1
Is feh renewal 1.png
Renewal 1
Is feh brazen atk spd 1.png
Brazen Atk/Spd 1
1.4x Fjorm: Bride of Rime Pent: Fancy Fiancé Tanith: Forthright Heart Sigrun: Steadfast Bride
Louise: Eternal Devotion Tharja: Obsessive Bride Ninian: Bright-Eyed Bride Sanaki: Apostle in White
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-06.png
A Promise of Joy
June 24, 2019-
July 4, 2019
Portrait ylgr breaking the ice feh.png
Ylgr: Breaking the Ice
Is feh armored blow 1.png
Armored Blow 1
Is feh spur atk spd 1.png
Spur Atk/Spd 1
Is feh attack res 1.png
Atk/Res Bond 1
1.4x Laevatein: Bonfire's Blaze Laegjarn: Burning Sun Gunnthrá: Beaming Smile Helbindi: Seaside Scourge
Ylgr: Breaking the Ice Laegjarn: Sheathed Steel Helbindi: Savage Scourge Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-07.png
Lessons Learned
July 12, 2019-
July 22, 2019
Portrait fiora defrosted ilian feh.png
Fiora: Defrosted Ilian
Is feh attack res 1.png
Attack/Res 1
Is feh steady stance 1.png
Steady Stance 1
Is feh chill spd 1.png
Chill Speed 1
1.4x Lilina: Beachside Bloom Wolt: Sunbeam Archer Lyn: Lady of the Beach Ursula: Clear-Blue Crow
Fiora: Defrosted Ilian Roy: Young Lion Cecilia: Etrurian General Gwendolyn: Adorable Knight
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-08.png
A Hero's Mettle
August 17, 2019-
August 27, 2019
Portrait sigrun loyal protector feh.png
Sigrun: Loyal Protector
Is feh sturdy blow 1.png
Sturdy Blow 1
Is feh atk tactic 1.png
Atk Tactic 1
Is feh earth boost 1.png
Earth Boost 1
1.4x Alm: Imperial Ascent Micaiah: Queen of Dawn Eliwood: Marquess Pherae Camilla: Light of Nohr
Sigrun: Loyal Protector Ike: Young Mercenary Sanaki: Begnion's Apostle Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-09.png
Till Song's End
September 10, 2019-
September 20, 2019
Portrait rinea reminiscent belle feh.png
Rinea: Reminiscent Belle
Is feh hp atk 1.png
HP/Atk 1
Is feh atk feint 1.png
Atk Feint 1
Is feh def res bond 1.png
Def/Res Bond 1
1.4x Reinhardt: Lightning's Rondo Ishtar: Thunder's Waltz Berkut: Debonair Noble Nephenee: Sincere Dancer
Rinea: Reminiscent Belle Inigo: Indigo Dancer Azura: Lady of Ballads Olivia: Festival Dancer
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-10.png
A Child's Wish
October 14, 2019-
October 24, 2019
Portrait rolf tricky archer feh.png
Rolf: Tricky Archer
Is feh defiant atk 1.png
Defiant Atk 1
Is feh swift stance 1.png
Swift Stance 1
Is feh chill def 1.png
Chill Def 1
1.4x Hector: Dressed-Up Duo L'Arachel: Harvest Princess Dozla: Harvest Attendant Ilyana: Treat Harvester
Rolf: Tricky Archer Hector: General of Ostia L'Arachel: Princess of Light Oscar: Agile Horseman
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-11.png
Sands of Time
November 22, 2019-
December 2, 2019
Portrait brunnya devoted general feh.png
Brunnya: Devoted General
Is feh def res 1.png
Def/Res 1
Is feh spur atk res 1.png
Spur Atk/Res 1
Is feh flier guidance 1.png
Flier Guidance 1
1.4x Pereval: Knightly Ideal Larum: Sprightly Dancer Echidna: Unyielding Idealist Igrene: Nabata Protector
Brunnya: Devoted General Chad: Lycian Wildcat Lugh: Anima Child Raigh: Dark Child
Banner feh tempest trials 2019-12.png
For a Smile
December 17, 2019-
December 27, 2019
Portrait jaffar angel of night feh.png
Jaffar: Angel of Night
Is feh warding blow 1.png
Warding Blow 1
Is feh steady posture 1.png
Steady Posture 1
Is feh distant guard 1.png
Distant Guard 1
1.4x Marth: Royal Altean Duo Nino: Flower of Frost Zephiel: Winter's Crown Sothis: Silver Specter
Jaffar: Angel of Night Marth: Altean Prince Nino: Pale Flower Jaffar: Angel of Death
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-01 1.png
Mid-fest Digest
January 3, 2020-
January 14, 2020
Portrait eir renewed life feh.png
Eir: Renewed Life
Is feh hp def 1.png
HP/Def 1
Is feh spd feint 1.png
Spd Feint 1
Is feh swift sparrow 1.png
Swift Sparrow 1
1.4x Alfonse: Askran Duo Anna: Wealth-Wisher Lethe: New Year's Claw Selkie: New Year's Spirit
Eir: Renewed Life Ranulf: Friend of Nations Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie Selkie: Free Spirit
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-01 2.png
Mirage Vortex
January 21, 2020-
January 31, 2020
Portrait itsuki finding a path feh.png
Itsuki: Finding a Path
Is feh defiant def 1.png
Defiant Def 1
Is feh mirror stance 1.png
Mirror Stance 1
Is feh chill res 1.png
Chill Res 1
1.4x Tsubasa: Madcap Idol Mamori: Microwavin' Idol Kiria: Cool Façade Eleonora: Shooting Starlet
Itsuki: Finding a Path Chrom: Exalted Prince Caeda: Talys's Heart Virion: Elite Archer
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-02.png
Romance Whirlwind
February 8, 2020-
February 18, 2020
Portrait silque selfless cleric feh.png
Silque: Selfless Cleric
Is feh defiant spd 1.png
Defiant Spd 1
Is feh even atk wave 1.png
Even Atk Wave 1
Is feh close guard 1.png
Close Guard 1
1.4x Alm: Lovebird Duo Rudolf: Emperor of Rigel Faye: Drawn Heartstring Conrad: Unmasked Knight
Silque: Selfless Cleric Alm: Hero of Prophecy Celica: Caring Princess Silque: Adherent of Mila
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-03.png
Full-Bloom Bout
March 20, 2020-
March 30, 2020
Portrait bartre earsome warrior feh.png
Bartre: Earsome Warrior
Is feh def feint 1.png
Def Feint 1
Is feh death blow 1.png
Death Blow 1
1.4x Idunn: Dragonkin Duo Est: Springtime Flier Fir: Student of Spring Narcian: Vernal General
Bartre: Earsome Warrior Idunn: Dark Priestess Fae: Divine Dragon Bartre: Fearless Warrior
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-04.png
Iote's Return
April 21, 2020-
May 1, 2020
Portrait minerva princess-knight feh.png
Minerva: Princess-Knight
Is feh sturdy stance 1.png
Sturdy Stance 1
Is feh spd tactic 1.png
Spd Tactic 1
1.4x Marth: Legacied Hero Caeda: Princess of Talys Merric: Changing Winds Palla: Sisterly Trio
Minerva: Princess-Knight Marth: Altean Prince Caeda: Talys's Heart Minerva: Red Dragoon
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-05.png
A Waltz Unending
May 22, 2020-
June 1, 2020
Portrait hinata samurai groom feh.png
Hinata: Samurai Groom
Is feh even spd wave 1.png
Even Spd Wave 1
Is feh spd def bond 1.png
Spd/Def Bond 1
1.4x Micaiah: Dawn Wind's Duo Nailah: Bleesed Queen Rafiel: Blessed Wings Oboro: Fierce Bride-to-Be
Hinata: Samurai Groom Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn Sothe: Zephyr Nailah: Unflinching Eye
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-06.png
Summer Two-Piece
June 19, 2020-
June 29, 2020
Portrait rhys gentle basker feh.png
Rhys: Gentle Basker
Is feh brazen spd res 1.png
Brazen Spd/Res 1
Is feh sorcery blade 1.png
Sorcery Blade 1
1.4x Mia: Harmonic Blades Selena: Sandbar Fluorspar Lute: Summer Prodigy Joshua: Tropical Gambler
Rhys: Gentle Basker Mia: Lady of Blades Lute: Prodigy Lucina: Future Witness
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-07.png
Sandy Struggle
July 9, 2020-
July 20, 2020
Portrait lorenz highborn heat feh.png
Lorenz: Highborn Heat
Is feh mirror strike 1.png
Mirror Strike 1
Is feh spd res solo 1.png
Spd/Res Solo 1
1.4x Byleth: Fell Star's Duo Dorothea: Solar Songstress Ingrid: Solstice Knight Sylvain: Hanging with Tens
Lorenz: Highborn Heat Hubert: Sinister Servant Byleth: Tested Professor Hilda: Idle Maiden
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-08.png
Royal Treasures
August 8, 2020-
August 18, 2020
Portrait darros seawalker feh.png
Darros: Seawalker
Is feh phantom res 1.png
Phantom Res 1
Is feh hone dragons.png
Hone Dragons
1.4x Veronica: Harmonic Pirates Geese: A Life at Sea Brigid: Orgahil Pirate Tibarn: Shipless Pirate
Darros: Seawalker Veronica: Brave Princess Eyvel: Mistress of Fiana Tibarn: Lord of the Air
Banner feh tempest trials 2020-09.png
Dancing Affinity
September 8, 2020-
September 18, 2020
Portrait eldigan strutting lion feh.png
Eldigan: Strutting Lion
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Res Feint 1
Is feh armor march 1.png
Armor March 1
1.4x Sigurd: Destined Duo Quan: Lightfoot Prince Ethlyn: Glimmering Lady Lachesis: Ballroom Bloom
Eldigan: Strutting Lion Sigurd: Holy Knight Deirdre: Lady of the Forest Eldigan: Lionheart
Announced without a name October 9, 2020-
no end date announced
Unknown Currently unknown 1.4x Currently unknown

Etymology and other languages

Tempest Trials

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Tempest Trials From the Old French tempeste and the Latin tempestas, meaning; "season, weather, storm". A "Tempest" is a type of violent windy storm.
Japanese 戦渦の連戦 Roughly "Series of Battles of the Chaos of War". "Chaos of War" (戦渦) can also be translated literally as "war vortex", which is presumably where the English version got "tempest" from.
Spanish La Tormenta The Storm
French La Tourmente The Storm
German Sturmprüfung Storm test
Italian Prove Tempesta Storm trials

Tempest Trials Mini

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Tempest Trials Mini --
Japanese 戦渦の連戦 Mini Series of Battles of the Chaos of War Mini
Spanish La Tormenta Mini The Storm Mini
French La Tourmente Mini The Storm Mini
German Sturmprüfung Mini Storm test Mini
Italian Prove Tempesta Mini Storm trials Mini

Tempest Trials+

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Tempest Trials+ --
Japanese 戦渦の連戦+ Series of Battles of the Chaos of War+
Spanish La Tormenta+ The Storm+
French La Tourmente The Storm+
German Sturmprüfung+ Storm test+
Italian Prove Tempesta+ Storm trials+


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