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FESS Dozla.png
Artwork of Dozla from The Sacred Stones.

A berserker from Rausten.
He's a hearty man with a thirst for life.







Starting class



Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Gwah ha ha!
— Dozla in many conversations.

Dozla, known as Dozzla (ドズラ, Dozura) in Japan, is a berserker who appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. A hearty, eager fighter, he is L'Arachel's most loyal servant, along with Rennac, her much less enthusiastic follower.

Dozla first appears in Chapter 4, then briefly in Chapter 9 of Eirika's route or Chapter 10 of Ephraim's route. Dozla joins in Chapter 11 of both routes, either Creeping Darkness or Phantom Ship.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


Dozla first appears, along with L'Arachel and Rennac, in Chapter 4. As Eirika's party fights off monsters, the three appear on a high cliff. L'Arachel orders them to charge down the cliffs and help out, but Rennac snarkily says they'll die if they do so. The three then decide to go another way. At the end of the chapter, L'Arachel reveals that she is from Rausten; however, Dozla keeps her from revealing her identity. They leave Eirika confused as they leave. He seems to be following the mysterious L'Arachel on a journey of vanquishing evil.

Eirika's route

In Chapter 9, Dozla and the others appear again. Eirika is looking for a ship to Rausten when L'Arachel's party comes up. She warns Eirika that no ships are leaving because of a fabled ghost ship, and advises Eirika to take the land route. Going off in the wrong direction, she intends to travel to Rausten. Dozla enthusiastically encourages her and continues with her.

Later, in Chapter 11, L'Arachel and Dozla appear again, without Rennac, fighting monsters at the same fort as Eirika's group. They meet, and L'Arachel and Dozla agree to join Eirika. Afterwards, Dozla joins Eirika's army and stays for the rest of the game.

Ephraim's route

In the end of Chapter 10, Dozla comes up to Ephraim along with L'Arachel and Rennac. L'Arachel warns Ephraim of a ghost ship that has been terrorizing the seas; however, Ephraim goes anyway.

They appear very soon after this meeting in Chapter 11, when Ephraim's ship is attacked by the ghost ship, full of monsters. L'Arachel and Dozla arriving on a neighboring ship intending to help vanquish these monsters. Ephraim recruits L'Arachel, who tells Dozla they will be joining Ephraim's army. Dozla is enthusiastic about this, ready to do whatever L'Arachel says.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait dozla fe08.png
Level 1
Affinity Is gba thunderaffin.png
Recruitment: Eirika's route: Chapter 11, speak to with L'Arachel
Ephraim's route: Chapter 11, appears on turn 5, speak to with L'Arachel

Stats Growth Rates

Is gba battle axe.png Battle Axe
Is gba elixir.png Elixir
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe B GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --

Personality and character

Dozla is a very boisterous and energetic axeman. He is very enthusiastic about anything L'Arachel decides to do, and is a very loyal follower of hers. To some, he acts as a father or uncle, at forty-seven years old.[1] Extremely often, he laughs with a distinctive laugh of "gwah ha ha!" This appears in every single conversation of his except for his conversations with Garcia. He is very well-meaning, trying to make situations better, such as when he tries to cheer up Myrrh when she begins to cry.[2] However, he has rather bad perception of others' feelings, such as when he sees Rennac in a "pleased" mood.[3] Overall, he is a friendly, hearty man.

Dozla travels with L'Arachel along with the unwilling Rennac around Magvel defeating monsters. He agrees with nearly everything she says, not out of flattery but of true agreement; the two seem to share the same unique view on life. He says little about his life. To Myrrh, he says he has "tasted the sweet and sour of life", along with love.[4] He talks of the past as long ago.[5]


Main article: Dozla/Supports
Portrait dozla fe08.png
Is gba thunderaffin.png
Small portrait l'arachel fe08.png
Troubadour Is gba lightaffin.png
Initial: 25
Per turn:+3
Small portrait rennac fe08.png
Rogue Is gba darkaffin.png
Initial: 10
Per turn:+2
Small portrait garcia fe08.png
Fighter Is gba fireaffin.png
Initial: 10
Per turn:+2

Initial: {{{initialpoints7}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints9}}}
Per turn:+
Small portrait myrrh fe08.png
Manakete Is gba windaffin.png
Initial: 0
Per turn:+2
Small portrait ewan fe08.png
Pupil Is gba lightaffin.png
Initial: 0
Per turn:+3

Initial: {{{initialpoints6}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints8}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints10}}}
Per turn:+
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Dozla of the Steady Axe
As L'Arachel rose to become queen, he remained by her side. Watching L'Arachel grow to become the queen she was destined to be was Dozla's greatest joy in life.

L'Arachel and Dozla
L'Arachel was, in time, made queen of Rausten, with Dozla at her side, as always. Later, Dozla wept like a baby when L'Arachel was wed. His emotional outburst is remembered as much as, if not more than, the ceremony itself.

Death quote

Ha ha ha! I couldn't have asked for a better ending!
— Dozla's death quote

Battle quotes

Other appearances

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Dozla A rare surname found in Germany. [6]
Japanese ドズラ Officially romanized as Dozzla.
Spanish Dozla
French Dozla
German Dozla
Italian Dozla


  • Dozla's growth rates are identical to Bartre's growth rates from Fire Emblem.


Small portrait dozla fe08.pngSprite Gallery
Portrait dozla fe08.png Berserker
Bs fe08 dozla berserker axe.png


  1. "Myrrh: And how old are you?
    Dozla: Me? I'm all of forty-seven years old.
    " - Myrrh and Dozla's C support conversation, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  2. "Dozla: Er... What's wrong?! Did I ask something that I shouldn't have? I-I'm sorry, lassie. Please don't cry...
    Myrrh: I'm not crying... I'm not crying...
    Dozla: Ah! What do I do? Wait. Just think. I must have run across something like this before. When Princess L'Arachel was a babe, and she would begin to cry... She would tug on my beard! That would always make her happy. C'mon, lassie, grab a handful of my beard and give it a good, strong yank!
    " - Myrrh and Dozla's A support conversation, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  3. "Rennac: Ah... Why has fate chosen to treat me so cruelly?
    Dozla: Ah, Rennac. You look so pleased to have been reunited with Princess L'Arachel. I'm glad we're all in one piece!
    " - Rennac and Dozla's C support conversation, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  4. "Dozla: Mm. I've tasted the sweet and the sour that life serves up, and I know love. You, my dear, are in love with Princess L'Arachel!
    Myrrh: I'm not so sure about that...
    " - Dozla and Myrrh's B support conversation., Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  5. "Garcia: I completely agree. Young men in this army are strong in their specific fields, but weak in others. The art of complete training has been lost on the younger generation, I'm afraid.
    Dozla: Yes, that's right! Back in our day, fighters had to learn many disciplines in case they had to fill in for a wounded teammate.
    " - Dozla and Garcia's C support conversation., Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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