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FESMN Luke.png
Artwork of Luke from New Mystery of the Emblem.





Starting class


Voiced by


My family has served in the Altean knights for generations. In other words... I was forced to volunteer as my brother's substitute, to protect my family's honor. But you see... I'm me. I'm not my brother—I'm not some stinking substitute!
— Luke

Luke (Japanese: ルーク Ruke) is a member of the 7th Platoon of the Altean Knights. Having joined the army after the War of Shadows, he and his rival Roderick serve under Marth during Book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem and its remake, New Mystery of the Emblem.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Book 2


Luke is a fresh recruit to the Altean army. He joins Marth on his journey to Grust. After the war, he left the Altean knights and traveled as an unemployed man.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait luke fe03.png
Ma snes01 cavalier playable.gif Cavalier
Level 2
Movement 9/6
Experience 0
Recruitment: Chapter 1, automatically from the start

Stats Growth Rates

Weapons Items
Iron Sword
Sword D Lance M Axe
Bow Tome Staff

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Paladin +x to 22 +2 +3 +3 +0 +2 +6 +1 +x to 8
In Mystery of the Emblem, promotion gains for HP and weapon level consist of giving the character as many points as necessary—the "x" value shown in the table—to reach the promoted class's base value. If the character's value for one of those two stats is higher than their promoted class's base value, they will not receive any bonus in that stat.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem


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As with a number of other characters in New Mystery of the Emblem, there is a unique weapon named for Luke available through Everyone's Conditions: Luke's Sword.

Starting stats and growth rates


Portrait luke fe12.png
Ma ds02 cavalier playable.gif Cavalier
Level 1
Movement 9
Recruitment: Prologue 3, automatically from the start

Stats Growth Rates

Iron Sword
Weapon Levels
Swords D Lances E Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --

Enemy – Prologue 2

See also: Young Squires
Stats with a decimal can vary randomly; the decimal represents the chance for the stat to increase to the nearest integer, or otherwise be truncated.

Normal Hard Maniac Lunatic

Portrait luke fe12.png
Ma ds02 cavalier enemy.gif Cavalier
Level 1
Movement 9
Max HP 20 Speed 7
Strength 7 Luck 4
Magic 0 Defense 5
Skill 5 Resistance 0
Iron Sword
Weapon Levels
Swords E Lances D Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --

Growth rates when reclassed

Original set

Dracoknight Archer/Sniper Myrmidon/Swordmaster Mage Sage/Bishop Curate

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res
Dracoknight 80% 55% 0% 45% 65% 40% 35% 10%

Second set

These classes are only available after beating Hard Mode.

Knight/General Mercenary/Hero Fighter/Warrior Hunter/Horseman Pirate/Berserker Dark Mage/Sorcerer

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res
Knight/General 110% 60% 0% 45% 40% 40% 55% 0%

Promotion stat gains

Original set

Cavalier Curate Archer Mage Myrmidon

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Paladin +4 +2 +1 +3 +1 +0 +1 +6 +1 Lances +30

Second set

These classes are only available after beating Hard Mode.

Dark Mage Fighter Hunter Knight Mercenary Pirate

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Sorcerer +6 +2 +2 +1 +1 +0 +0 +3 +0 Tomes +30, Staves E


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Luke is one of the three Cavaliers acquired in the prologue, besides (potentially) the avatar. Compared to Roderick and Cecil he has the better base stats along with rather high growths rates in strength, speed and defense, which make him a solid physically-oriented growth unit that can function well in most classes. Due to how the game is structured, on Lunatic it is often not advisable to train too many characters from the Altean Platoon simultaneously, normally two is a good number to consider. Deployment slots during the prologue are limited, which forces Luke to compete with other units from the Altean Platoon from a very early stage. In addition to that, units like Caeda, Ogma, Athena and Cain sport better offensive bases which can sometimes make it difficult for the player to find a spot for him on the team depending on who else they are considering on training. After the prologue those units leave the player's roster for a while, however, which helps to give him a better shot at solidifying his niche as a strong physical unit. His base sword rank of D gives him a niche compared to Roderick since he's closer to C rank swords, allowing him to get anti-armor utility in time for Chapters 6 and 8 whereas Roderick would rather stick to training his lance rank, which forces him to compete with other strong lance specialists that are acquired during early game such as Palla and Catria.

In terms of reclassing, Luke can benefit from reclassing into classes such as Mercenary or Myrmidon to get a direct boost to his speed while keeping his sword rank or into a Hunter considering that he can make a strong Horseman, which is a class with 9 movement and a speed cap of 30 that allows him to utilize his sword rank as well as his built up bow rank while sporting superb growths in strength and speed at the cost of some defense. He can also focus only on his sword rank and then turn into a Horseman after promoting and only use swords, but then the player loses the benefits of attacking at range with strong weapons such as the Parthia in addition to the anti-flier utility; an Arms Scroll might be required if the player wishes Luke to reach A bows. On the other hand, his comparatively lower lance rank makes Dracoknight, a very versatile class that ignores terrain, an option that's probably best left for other units to handle. Despite this, Dracoknight and Paladin will bump him up to D rank lances which is only one rank away from being able to use the Ridersbane and the Dragonpike so this is still a path that can be be considered for him. As a Swordmaster he can get high speed very easily in addition to a faster access to the Mercurius alongside a speed cap of 30. During the early stages of the game there are units that join with much higher base stats such as Palla, Catria and Sirius, which gives them the benefit of being less reliant on their level-ups. Despite this, Luke is most often a solid and reliable unit to use throughout the entire game.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Luke is one of the characters added to the game in the Echoes of Mystery update, and became available for summoning by players on June 14, 2017. Only one variation of Luke is currently available in Heroes, based on his New Mystery of the Emblem incarnation.

Luke: Rowdy Squire

Starting stats

Luke: Rowdy Squire is only available at 5★ rarity.
Portrait luke rowdy squire feh.png
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh sword.png
Movement type Cavalry

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 18/19/20
Attack 7/8/9 Speed 5/6/7
Defense 7/8/9 Resistance 4/5/6
Weapon Brave Sword+*
Assist --
Special Glowing Ember

Skill set

Skill set
Skill Unlock Auto-unlock SP cost
Is feh skill weapon.png Iron Sword ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 50
Is feh skill weapon.png Steel Sword ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 100
Is feh skill weapon.png Brave Sword ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 200
Is feh skill weapon.png Brave Sword+ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 300
Is feh skill weapon.png Rowdy Sword ★★★★★ 400
Is feh skill special.png Glowing Ember ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 100
Is feh skill special.png Bonfire ★★★★★ 200
Is feh fire boost 1.pngA Fire Boost 1 ★★★★★ 50
Is feh fire boost 2.pngA Fire Boost 2 ★★★★★ 100
Is feh fire boost 3.pngA Fire Boost 3 ★★★★★ 200
Is feh panic ploy 1.pngC Panic Ploy 1 ★★★★★ 60
Is feh panic ploy 2.pngC Panic Ploy 2 ★★★★★ 120
Is feh panic ploy 3.pngC Panic Ploy 3 ★★★★★ 240


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Luke considers himself Roderick's rival.[1] In the remake, he is flirtatious.


Mystery of the Emblem

Portrait luke fe03.png



Supported by:
Portrait cecil fe03.png

See Support § Super Famicom games for more details on supports.

New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow

Portrait luke fe12.png
Mutual supports:
Small portrait kris m fe12.png
C: 6
B: 12
A: 19
Small portrait roderick fe12.png
C: 6
B: 12
A: 19
Small portrait ryan fe12.png
C: 6
B: 12
A: 19
Small portrait cecil fe12.png
C: 5
B: 11
A: 18

C: {{{cm5}}}
B: {{{bm5}}}
A: {{{am5}}}
Supported by:*
Small portrait marth fe12.png
C: 5
B: 11
A: 18

C: {{{co2}}}
B: {{{bo2}}}
A: {{{ao2}}}

C: {{{co3}}}
B: {{{bo3}}}
A: {{{ao3}}}

C: {{{co4}}}
B: {{{bo4}}}
A: {{{ao4}}}

C: {{{co5}}}
B: {{{bo5}}}
A: {{{ao5}}}
See Support § Nintendo DS games for more details on supports.

Base conversations

Main article: Luke/Conversations


Mystery of the Emblem

Luke, Altean knight
He left the knights, and once again traveled as a jobless man...

New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow

Luke - Untamed Knight
Luke suddenly retired from knighthood and continued his playboy ways. He lived the rest of his life wildly and freely.


Death quotes

Urgh, it hurts...I'm done for!
— Luke, in Mystery of the Emblem.
You've gotta be... kidding me... I, Luke the knight, have been defeated... My bad, Kris. I'll leave the rest to you.
— Luke's retreat quote in the prologues of New Mystery of the Emblem.
Ugh, it hurts... Dammit, how can I die here!?
— Luke's death quote in New Mystery of the Emblem's Classic Mode.
Crap, how could I lose like this... My bad, but I'll retreat for now!
— Luke's retreat quote in New Mystery of the Emblem's Casual Mode.

Everyone's Conditions quotes

Yowza, I'm dangerous today! I want to go to battle already and show'em what I'm made of!
— When receiving a temporary stat boost in New Mystery of the Emblem.
Alright, secret training finished! Man, I'm so cool, working hard when nobody's looking!
— When receiving experience in New Mystery of the Emblem.
Hmm? What's this? Oh well, finders keepers!
— When finding an item in New Mystery of the Emblem.
Ah, peace at last. I wonder if I'll bump into a young, pretty, gentle and cute girl?
— When failing to receive a bonus in New Mystery of the Emblem.
Hmm... I'm curious! I'm awfully curious about Kris! I should investigate!
— When receiving support with Kris in New Mystery of the Emblem.

Heroes quotes

Main article: Luke/Quotes (Heroes)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Luke is featured on two cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

One of the below cards' epithets is still in raw, untranslated Japanese; it needs translation.
Fire Emblem Cipher data for Luke
TCGCipher B15-009HN.png Paladin of Dawn, Luke



"I can handle it alone. The Luke will show you what he can do!"
Attack: 60 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Paladin Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
"Now, we rush them!": [Trigger] At the start of your turn, you may choose as many Mounted allies in the Back Line as you wish, and move them.
The Biggest Standout: [Always] During your turn, this unit gains +10 attack per other ally in the same area as him.
Card #B15-009HN • Artist: mineri
TCGCipher B15-010N.png 熱血な従騎士, Luke



"Here it is! This is where the glorious Legend of Luke will begin!"
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Cavalier Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Serene Partner: [Always] If this unit is being supported by "Roderick", this unit gains +30 attack.
Attack Support Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B15-010N • Artist: mineri
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Luke .

Flavor text

Game Text
New Mystery of the Emblem
Member of the 7th platoon of Altean knights.
Rash and stubborn, he is a nuisance to Rody.*
An aspiring knight of Altea. Flirtatious.
Roderick's longtime friend and rival. Appears
in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.
(登場:『ファイアーエムブレム 新・紋章の謎』)

Meet some of the Heroes entries

Luke: Rowdy Squire
FEH mth Luke Rowdy Squire 01.png FEH mth Luke Rowdy Squire 02.png FEH mth Luke Rowdy Squire 03.png FEH mth Luke Rowdy Squire 04.png
The knights of Altea are known across the continent of Archanea for their skill and valor. Here's Luke, an Altean squire and new recruit to the 7th Platoon! Luke has a carefree attitude, and he finds both formality and his training to become a knight rather stifling. But despite that, he's close friends with Roderick—a rather serious squire who's very much his opposite! So why did Luke want to become a knight if he doesn't care for the rules? Well, the first answer he'll give is that he “does it for the ladies,” but I hear there's another reason that he's keeping quiet about. He might not have the purest of intentions (if he's to be believed), but there's no denying his skill. And so, Luke continues to blaze his own trail to one day become a paladin in shining armor to all the ladies in Altea!
Closely Associated Characters
Roderick {{{Related_name2}}} {{{Related_name3}}} {{{Related_name4}}} {{{Related_name5}}}
An aspiring knight of Altea. Of calm demeanor. Luke's longtime friend and rival. {{{Related_blurb2}}} {{{Related_blurb3}}} {{{Related_blurb4}}} {{{Related_blurb5}}}

Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
Portrait luke fe12 cyl.png
Mystery of the Emblem / New Mystery of the Emblem
Total results This character has 8 entries across all Choose Your Legends polls. 269


  • Luke is the lowest-placed finisher in the second through fifth Choose Your Legends events to have already been in Heroes at the time of those events.
    • Round 2: 739th place, 44 votes
    • Round 3: 534th place, 58 votes
    • Round 4: 550th place, 39 votes
    • Round 5: 492nd place, 12 votes
    • He was surpassed in this distinction in Round 6 by Jorge; Luke finished in 489th place with 24 votes, but placed ahead of six other characters already in Heroes in that event.
    • Luke's lifetime vote total to date is 256, counting the 75 votes from his 676th-place finish in the first event, the lowest of any character to have participated in all six rounds to be available in Heroes.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


As of Heroes. An English form of Lucas, a Greek name which means "man from Lucania", a region in southern Italy.[2] In the Bible, Luke is a physician who traveled with Paul. The two New Testament books Luke and Acts are traditionally ascribed to him.



Officially romanized as Ruke; this appears to be an obvious transliteration mistake with it actually intended as "Luke".



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.

Traditional Chinese




Sprite Gallery
Mystery of the Emblem
Portrait luke fe03.png Cavalier Ma snes01 cavalier playable.gif Paladin Ma snes01 paladin playable.gif Knight Ma snes01 dismount knight playable.gif
Bs fe03 cavalier lance.png
Bs fe03 paladin lance.png
Bs fe03 unpromoted knight male sword.png
Bs fe03 promoted knight male sword.png
Small portrait luke fe12.png New Mystery of the Emblem

Cavalier Archer Myrmidon Mage Curate Knight Mercenary Fighter Hunter Pirate Dark Mage Dracoknight

Official artwork

Heroes artwork


  1. "何かにつかてロディをライバル視する。" — Page 55 of the manual, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
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Story Maps Book I PrefaceP: World of Zenith • 1: World of Mystery • 2: World of Conquest • 3: World of Binding • 4: World of Awakening • 5: Back to Mystery • 6: World of Birthright • 7: World of Blazing • 8: Back to Awakening • 9: Heroes Invade • 10: World of Radiance • 11: Rite of Shadows • 12: Bitter Enemies • 13: Diabolical BloodlineI: A Power AwakensI: The Rite of Blades
Book II 1: The Flame • 2: Princess of Ice • 3: Guided by a Dream • 4: Fiery Resolve • 5: Blood and Snow • 6: The True Quarry • 7: Snow and Ash • 8: Rite of Frost • 9: Hellfire • 10: The King's Demise • 11: Prince of Ice • 12: Seeping Poison • 13: A Way Home
Book III 1: Death • 2: The Dread Gate • 3: Countdown • 4: A King's Worth • 5: A Father's Legacy • 6: Realm of the Dead • 7: A Home Unknown • 8: Truth of a Name • 9: Cohort of the Dead • 10: Omnicidal Witch • 11: Where It Began • 12: Lethal Swordsman • 13: Marvelous Dream
Book IV 1: The Dream • 2: Missing You • 3: Gullinkambi • 4: On Dark Wings • 5: Twisted Reality • 6: Dreaming Reality • 7: Steeped in Twilight • 8: Wallowing in Love • 9: Violent Fantasies • 10: Lack • 11: Plumeria's Dream • 12: Triandra's Dream • 13: Reality
Book V 1: Machine Dominion • 2: Kingsbrother • 3: Forest of the Sage • 4: The Vital Blade • 5: Night and Day • 6: Treachery • 7: Bound Elsewhere • 8: Serpent's Whispers • 9: Echoes of Truth • 10: Howling Descent • 11: Deceit • 12: What Remains • 13: Specter of Niðavellir
Book VI 1: Darkness • 2: Curse Directive • 3: Calling of Blood • 4: Princess Alone • 5: Evil Ways • 6: Revealing Lies • 7: To Be Emperor • 8: Closing In • 9: Opening a Way • 10: God of Openness • 11: One Last Chance • 12: Princess and Prince • 13: Askr and Embla
Book VII 13: Time • 5: Divine Foretelling • 6: King of Light • 7: Goddess Reunion • 8: Seeing the Present • 2: World of the Past • 3: Within Wheels • 4: Ouroboros • 9: The Innocent • 10: Light's Fading • 11: Without Limits • 12: Seer of the Past • 1: Golden Seer
Book VIII 1: Healing • 2: Traitor • 3: Bait • 4: Imperial Blood • 5: A Royal Target • 6: Hand Reveal
Paralogues X1: Detached Princess • 1: Family Bonds • 2: Sibling Bonds • 3: Blazing Shadows • 4: Spring Festival • 5: World of Shadows • 6: Bridal Blessings • X2: The Brink of Chaos • 7: Echoes of Mystery • 8: Ylissean Summer • 9: Nohrian Summer • 10: The Sacred World • 11: Brave Heroes • 12: Performing Arts • 13: World of Holy War • 14: Trick or Defeat! • 15: Farfetched Heroes • 16: Winter's Envoy • 17: Happy New Year! • X3: The People's Hero • 18: Love Abounds • 19: Hares at the Fair • 20: Bridal Bloom • 21: Summer's Arrival • 22: A Sketchy Summer • 23: Festival in Hoshido • 24: Arrival of the Brave • 25: The Land's Bounty • 26: Brave Redux • 27: Adrift • X4: Whispers of Death • 28: Gifts of Winter • 29: New Year's Wish • 30: Hostile Springs • 31: Greil's Devoted • 32: Regal Rabbits • 33: A Season for Picnics • 34: Bridal Belonging • 35: Summer Returns • 36: Summer Refreshes • 37: Brave Echoes • 38: A Splendid Soiree • 39: Treat Fiends • X5: Heavenly Witness • 40: Glorious Gifts • 41: Renewed Spirit • 42: A Star Is Born • 43: Lovely Gifts • 44: Familial Festivities • 45: The Start of It All • 46: Bridal Beloveds • 47: Summer Passing • 48: Overseas Memories • 49: Pirate's Pride • 50: To Stay Dreaming • 51: Dragons Harvest • 52: In the Moment • 53: A Festival Miracle • 54: Beyond Dreaming • 55: Dark Desert Rituals • 56: Love of a King • 57: Willful Rabbits • 58: Childhood Encounter • 59: Bridal Grace • 60: Summer Vibrance • 61: Summer's Dream • 62: Perilous Seas • 63: Scions of Twelve • 64: Shared Bounty • 65: Ninja Training • 66: Winter Dreamland • 67: Like Clockwork • 68: Of Lost Kingdoms • 69: Here with Me • 70: Hop-and-Go-Seek • 71: Unlikely Friends • 72: Bridal Blossoms • 73: Summer Vacation • 74: Taken by the Tide • 75: Risk and Reward • 76: Bite of Flame • 77: Divine Harvest • 78: Wyvern Ninja • 79: Holiday Handoff • 80: Gods Renewed • 81: Sage of Khadein? • 82: A Special Gift • 83: Spring Eternal • 84: No Matter Where • 85: Bridal Dreams • 86: Summer Longing • 87: Summer Firsts • 88: Invitation to Tea • 89: Winds Offered • 90: Merchant's Harvest • 91: Our Path Ahead • 92: Holiday Lessons • 93: Ring In the Year • 94: Nabata's Shield • 95: May This Last • 96: A Place to Rest • 97: Double Vision
Locations The Sacred WorldWorld of AwakeningWorld of BindingWorld of BirthrightWorld of BlazingWorld of ConquestWorld of CrestsWorld of DawnWorld of Holy WarWorld of MysteryWorld of Mystery RenewedWorld of OriginWorld of RadianceWorld of ShadowsWorld of Thracia • World of Zenith (Askran KingdomDökkálfheimrEmblian EmpireHelJötunheimrLjósálfheimrMúspellNiflNiðavellirVanaheimrYggdrasill)
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