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Critical +

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Critical +

Is ns01 crit +20.png
Icon of the Critical +20 ability in Three Houses.

Increases Crit by 20.






Critical + (Japanese: 必殺+ Critical +) is a series of skills which debuted in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. As the name suggests, they increase a unit's critical rate by a set amount, and are associated with various classes, typically ones specializing in a single weapon type. Though certain classes have granted critical rate boosts as early as The Binding Blade, their appearance in Radiant Dawn marks their first appearance as visible, defined skills. Awakening would later feature Critical +5 under a different name, Zeal (Japanese: 熱い心 Hot Heart). Three Houses sees the return of the Critical + series with Crit +20.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Radiant Dawn
(Critical +5)
Is wii critical +5.png Grants +5 critical rate. -- 0 --
Radiant Dawn
(Critical +10)
Is wii critical +10.png Grants +10 critical rate. -- 0 --
Radiant Dawn
(Critical +15)
Is wii critical +15.png Grants +15 critical rate. -- 0 --
Radiant Dawn
(Critical +20)
Is wii critical +20.png Grants +20 critical rate. -- 0 --
Radiant Dawn
(Critical +25)
Is wii critical +25.png Grants +25 critical rate. -- 0 --
Is 3ds01 zeal.png Grants +5 critical rate. -- -- --
Three Houses
(Crit +20)
Is ns01 crit +20.png Grants +20 critical rate. -- -- --


Radiant Dawn

Critical +5

Classes MyrmidonHalberdierReaverWarrior (Part 4 enemies only)

Critical +10

Classes SwordmasterSniperSentinelHalberdier (Part 4 enemies only)

Critical +15

Classes MarksmanSniper (Part 4 enemies only)

Critical +20

Classes TruebladeSwordmaster (Part 4 enemies only)

Critical +25

Classes Assassin


Units BasilioLyn (DLC version)Alm (SpotPass version)DagdarEdward
Classes Fighter (Learned at Level 10)

Three Houses

Classes War Master

Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn
(skill assignment menu, NTSC-U)
Raise critical hit by #.
Cannot unassign
Radiant Dawn
(skill assignment menu, PAL)
Raise critical hit chance
by #.
Cannot unassign
Radiant Dawn
Increases critical-hit percentage by #. 『必殺』に+#
Awakening Grants Crit +5. 必殺+5
Three Houses Increases Crit by 20. 斧殺が20上がる

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

• Critical +
• Zeal

• Used in Radiant Dawn and Three Houses. Abbreviated to Crit + in Three Houses.
• Used in Awakening.



• Critical +. Used in Radiant Dawn and Three Houses.
• Hot Heart. Used in Awakening.


• Critico +
• Celo

• Critical +. Used in Radiant Dawn and Three Houses.
• Zeal. Used in Awakening.


• Crit +
• Ferveur

• Critical +. Used in Radiant Dawn and Three Houses.
• Zeal. Used in Awakening.


• Krt. +
• Eifer

• Critical +. Used in Radiant Dawn and Three Houses.
• Zeal. Used in Awakening.


• Triplo +
• Fervore

• Critical +. Used in Radiant Dawn and Three Houses.
• Zeal. Used in Awakening.


필살 +

Deadly +

Simplified Chinese


Killing +

Traditional Chinese


Killing +



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