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Special Maps

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Special Maps (Japanese: スペシャルマップ Special Map) are a collection of game modes in Fire Emblem Heroes that encompass a number of types of battles that take place outside of the game's chapter system. These maps typically offer various rewards for their completion on certain difficulties, which vary based on the type of Special Map; the difficulty of these maps vary greatly based on type, individual map, and difficulty. Special Maps are made available for limited periods of time, with the types of Persistent Special Maps kept on pre-set schedules.

Types of Special Maps

  • Hero Battle: A type of Persistent Special Maps. Twelve somewhat easy character-themed maps that rotate each day. Offers characters of one- and two-star difficulty for completion on Normal and Hard, respectively.
  • Grand Hero Battle: Somewhat difficult character-themed maps, thirty-five have been introduced to date. The first two battles of this type offer two-star characters on Normal difficulty and three-star characters on Hard difficulty; subsequent battles of this type offer three-star characters on Normal difficulty and four-star characters on Hard difficulty. All battles offer four-star characters as well as Hero Feathers on Infernal difficulty, a difficulty that was not part of first-run battles until Legion and not part of repeat battles until Lloyd's first rerun. The second through ninth battles had summoning events associated with them. The first fourteen have become part of two daily rotations as one type of Persistent Special Maps, and the first such rotation have since added an Abyssal difficulty which offers golden accessories upon completion.
  • Bound Hero Battle: Somewhat difficult maps themed to two characters, twenty-nine have been introduced to date. Similar in setup to Grand Hero Battles, but have included Infernal difficulty from its beginning and offer Orbs as the lone reward. All Bound Hero Battles to date have had an associated summoning event.
  • Legendary Hero Battle: Somewhat difficult maps themed to characters termed Legendary Heroes, fourteen have been introduced to date. Similar in setup to Grand and Bound Hero Battles, but instead offer Blessings on Normal difficulty, golden accessories on Abyssal difficulty, and Orbs on difficulties in between. Legendary Hero Battles are offered on five difficulties: Normal, Hard, Lunatic, Infernal, and Abyssal; the third of which has never been seen on any Grand or Bound Hero Battle to date, and the fifth of which were not part of first-run battles until Marth and not part of repeat battles until Robin's first rerun.
  • Mythic Hero Battle: Somewhat difficult maps themed to characters termed Mythic Heroes, five have been introduced to date. Similar in setup to Legendary Hero Battles and offer the same difficulties and types of rewards, although this mode is the first to offer a named Abyssal difficulty from its outset.
  • Event Maps: Collections of maps of varying types and mechanics which offer Orbs for their first completion on a difficulty. Twenty different sets of maps have been introduced to date, with between two and twenty-five battles per set.
  • Trial Maps: Collections of difficult maps themed to the game's artists and developers, rewarding Orbs for their completion. Two full sets have each showcased one of the artists, while three further sets each showcase five of the game's development team; the sets that have showcased the game's development team to date have showcased eleven developers.
  • Special Training Maps: A type of Persistent Special Maps. Five somewhat easy maps rotate each day, four of which are designed to train specific types of units and a fifth a harder "workout" map. Offers two varieties of Normal and Hard difficulties as well as a single Lunatic difficulty.
  • Rival Domains: Maps are bigger than in normal gameplay and offer larger deployment limits, with the goal being to capture the enemy's fortress while protecting your own; unlike other types of Special Maps, enemies are randomized in Rival Domains. Maps initially rotated weekly but now appear less often intertwined with Relay Defense mas, seventy-six have been run to date. Offers four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal.
  • Relay Defense: Similar to Rival Domains, but focused more on defending your fortress while forced character rotations occur. Individual events run for two weeks, and its schedule intertwines with Rival Domains; two events have been run to date.

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