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Dorothea Arnault

Part I (Three Houses) Part II (Three Houses) Heroes

FETH Dorothea 02.png
Artwork of Dorothea in Part I, from Three Houses.

Former singer at the Mittelfrank Opera Company






18 (Part I)
24 (Part II)


29th of the Horsebow Moon (September 29th)


170 cm (~5'7")



Starting class


Voiced by
I sang, people cheered and applauded, and when I walked off stage, I'd find the same thing every night. A mountain of presents and marriage proposals. But none of those people knew me. All they knew was the singer they saw on stage.
— Dorothea to Sylvain

Dorothea Arnault (pronounced /ˌdɔɹə'θiə/[key]; Japanese: ドロテア=アールノルト Dorothea Arnold) is a playable character appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is a student at the Officers Academy and a member of the Black Eagles.


Dorothea was born as the daughter of a maid to a nobleman in the Adrestian Empire. At a very young age her mother was forced out of the house where she worked and died of illness shortly thereafter. Dorothea was then left as an orphan to beg on the streets where she would sometimes sing alone.[2] One time, she was overheard by some people, who invited her to become a songstress in the Mittelfrank Opera. In the Mittelfrank Opera, she met Manuela and started to look up to her. During her time in the Opera, she was kidnapped, assaulted and almost assassinated, but she learned to defend herself. In Imperial Year 1180, she left the Opera, entered the Officers Academy, and joined the Black Eagles house, learning and fighting alongside them.

After the timeskip, if Dorothea is a member of Byleth's class, she returns to Garreg Mach Monastery on the day of the millennium festival and accompanies them throughout the war. Should Dorothea not be recruited on the Azure Moon and Verdant Wind routes, she rejoins the Adrestian Empire post-timeskip and defends Enbarr from Byleth's chosen faction, either on the city's streets alongside Hubert and a non-recruited Petra on Azure Moon, or in the imperial palace in Verdant Wind along with Petra and Edelgard. She can be circumvented or slain at the player's discretion.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Dorothea is a starting playable character for the Black Eagles route, a recruitable unit on the Blue Lions and Golden Deer routes and a recurring enemy should she not be poached during Part I.

Starting stats and growth rates


Main article: Dorothea/Stats

Main story P: Rumored Nuptials, Normal/Hard P: Rumored Nuptials, Maddening

Small portrait dorothea fe16.png
Ma ns01 commoner dorothea playable.gif Commoner
Level 1
Movement 4
Crest --
Recruitment: Automatically upon joining the Black Eagles; can be recruited to other houses if Byleth has skill in Charm and Authority

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Inventory Abilities
Training Sword
Sword Prowess Lv 1
Reason Lv 1
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- Thunder --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying
E+ E E E E D E E E E E
Strength -- -- -- -- Strength WeaknessBudding Talent -- -- Weakness Weakness

Enemy - Chapter 1

Normal Hard Maddening

Small portrait dorothea fe16.png
Ma ns01 commoner dorothea enemy.gif Commoner
Level 2
Movement 4
Crest --
Max HP 24 Luck 6
Strength 5 Defense 4
Magic 11 Resistance 7
Dexterity 6 Charm 8
Speed 7
Inventory Abilities
Iron Sword
Training Sword
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- Thunder --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying Class mastery
E E E E E E E E -- -- -- FE16ClassMasteryEmpty.png

Enemy - Chapter 7

Normal Hard Maddening

Enemy - Verdant Wind Chapter 20

Normal Hard Maddening

Enemy - Azure Moon Chapter 21

Normal Hard Maddening

Growth rates when reclassed

Main article: Dorothea/Stats#Growth rates when reclassed


Ability Learned at
Is ns01 songstress.png Songstress Personal ability, innate and unremovable
Is ns01 sword prowess lv 1.png Sword Prowess Innate; replaced with higher levels at Swords D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Wrath Strike Swords D
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Grounder Swords C
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Hexblade Swords C+
Is ns01 axebreaker.png Axebreaker Swords B
Is ns01 sword crit +10.png Sword Crit +10 Swords S
Is ns01 swordfaire.png Swordfaire Swords S+
Is ns01 lance prowess lv 1.png Lance Prowess Lances E+; replaced with higher levels at Lances D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art lance.png Tempest Lance Lances D
Is ns01 combat art lance.png Knightkneeler Lances C
Is ns01 swordbreaker.png Swordbreaker Lances B
Is ns01 lance crit +10.png Lance Crit +10 Lances S
Is ns01 lancefaire.png Lancefaire Lances S+
Is ns01 axe prowess lv 1.png Axe Prowess Axes E+; replaced with higher levels at Axes D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art axe.png Smash Axes D
Is ns01 combat art axe.png Helm Splitter Axes C
Is ns01 lancebreaker.png Lancebreaker Axes B
Is ns01 axe crit +10.png Axe Crit +10 Axes S
Is ns01 axefaire.png Axefaire Axes S+
Is ns01 bow prowess lv 1.png Bow Prowess Bows E+; replaced with higher levels at Bows D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art bow.png Curved Shot Bows D
Is ns01 close counter.png Close Counter Bows C
Is ns01 bow crit +10.png Bow Crit +10 Bows S
Is ns01 bowfaire.png Bowfaire Bows S+
Is ns01 brawling prowess lv 1.png Brawling Prowess Brawling E+; replaced with higher levels at Brawling D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art brawling.png Fading Blow Brawling D
Is ns01 combat art brawling.png Rushing Blow Brawling C
Is ns01 combat art.png Healing Focus Brawling B
Is ns01 brawl crit +10.png Brawl Crit +10 Brawling S
Is ns01 fistfaire.png Fistfaire Brawling S+
Is ns01 reason lv 1.png Reason Innate; replaced with higher levels at Reason D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 black magic range +1.png Black Magic Range +1 Reason S
Is ns01 black tomefaire.png Black Tomefaire Reason S+
Is ns01 white magic avo +20.png White Magic Avo +20 Budding Talent: Faith
Is ns01 faith lv 1.png Faith Faith E+; replaced with higher levels at Faith D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 white magic range +1.png White Magic Range +1 Faith S
Is ns01 white tomefaire.png White Tomefaire Faith S+
Is ns01 authority lv 1.png Authority Authority E+; replaced with higher levels at Authority D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 rally charm.png Rally Charm Authority D
Is ns01 battalion desperation.png Battalion Desperation Authority C
Is ns01 defensive tactics.png Defensive Tactics Authority B
Is ns01 offensive tactics.png Offensive Tactics Authority S+
Is ns01 weight -3.png Weight -3 Heavy Armor C
Is ns01 combat art.png Smite Heavy Armor B
Is ns01 weight -5.png Weight -5 Heavy Armor A
Is ns01 armored effect null.png Armored Effect Null Heavy Armor S+
Is ns01 dexterity +4.png Dexterity +4 Riding C
Is ns01 movement +1.png Movement +1 Riding A+
Is ns01 cavalry effect null.png Cavalry Effect Null Riding S+
Is ns01 alert stance.png Alert Stance Flying B
Is ns01 alert stance+.png Alert Stance+ Flying A+
Is ns01 flying effect null.png Flying Effect Null Flying S+
The above ability list does not include class abilities, or abilities and combat arts that are granted by items.

Spell list

Spell Learned at
Thunder Innate
Thoron Reason C
Sagittae Reason B
Meteor Reason A
Agnea's Arrow Reason A+
Heal Faith D
Nosferatu Faith D+
Physic Faith C


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Dorothea is the quintessential magic-oriented character of the Black Eagles. Unlike the other magic-oriented students of other routes, Dorothea is slightly more balanced with good growths in Magic, Dexterity, Speed, and Resistance, while having poor growths in Strength and Defense. Despite her comparatively low magic growth, Dorothea is elevated by her amazing selection of spells. The elusive Thoron spell gives Dorothea an option to attack from from three spaces away, mitigating her poor defenses by allowing her to attack from a typically uncounterable range. Additionally, with the Caduceus Staff, Dorothea can use Thoron from as many as four spaces away while turning her other two-range spells into three-range spells. Upon reaching an A-rank in Reason magic, Dorothea learns Meteor, a spell with ten range. Out of all the students, Dorothea is the only one who can learn this spell - the other playable unit who can learn it being Hanneman - and the only other units who can learn the comparable Bolting is Hilda, who has a fairly low base magic and poor magic growth, and Manuela, who has a weakness in Reason magic. Meteor also has a high might and when combined with bonuses from Fiendish Blow and Battalions can one shot enemies from a long distance or weaken tough foes from a safe distance. Meteor's other boon is that when equipped it allows Dorothea to give her allies support bonuses and gambit bonuses from up to ten spaces away or more depending on her skills and equipment. Last of all, Dorothea has access to Physic, providing her yet another option to support allies from a distance. All of these ranged magic options help Dorothea stay relevant in both combat and support roles throughout the majority of maps even with all magic classes being restricted to four movement until the Master-class tier.

Dorothea’s Budding Talent is in Faith, a weapon proficiency she is actually weak in. Upon seeing her weakness in faith, most players will be discouraged from building her proficiency in it, however, in just twelve instruction sessions, Dorothea will become proficient in Faith, allowing her to obtain Physic quicker and gain White Magic Avo +20. As the skill’s name suggests, it grants Dorothea an additional 20 Avoid when Dorothea has a faith spell equipped. While this sounds good on paper, it is mostly useless in execution as her only offensive Faith spell is Nosferatu, which is fairly weak and heavy, potentially undermining the benefits of the skill. Additionally, Dorothea does not have all that excellent of a speed stat - and consequently does not have very high Avo - to begin with and as a magic-enabled class with four movement, she will struggle to reach the front lines to make use of her limited ability to dodge tank. Nevertheless, Physic is an incredibly valuable support option, so it is recommended that you unlock her budding talent to at least reach C-rank as quickly as possible.

Due to her low strength and defense growths making her ill suited for melee-range combat and her excellent spell pool, Dorothea is best promoting into magic enabled classes throughout the game. Her best class promotion line will likely be Monk to Mage, master this class for Fiendish Blow, to Warlock or Bishop. Her best master class depends on what you value more. If you want double spell uses for Thoron, Meteor, and Physic, Gremory will be her best master class. If you would rather have six movement, Swordfaire, and Black Tomefaire, Mortal Savant will be her best class. Another option for Dorothea is the Dancer class. Promoting into a dancer provides Dorothea another option to support her allies while not forcing her to give up on her offensive options as a mage and gives her six movement. You can also attempt to promote Dorothea into a Dark Knight, however, due to her weakness in Riding, you will likely find it difficult to improve her riding rank to a sufficient level.

Recruiting for Other Routes

When recruited in Part 1, Dorothea will come having received tutoring in Sword and Reason magic. As mentioned before, Dorothea has amazing ranged options in Thoron and Meteor without relying on Thyrsus or the Caduceus Staff and a good magic growth. She may lack the sheer firepower of Annette and Lysithea but she compensates for this in the utility of her ranged offensive and supportive magic, making her a valuable addition to your team on any playthrough. Additionally, Dorothea should be fairly easy for the player to recruit as she requires that Byleth have skill in Authority and Charm, both of which are easy to develop, the former of which passively grows as long as Byleth has a Battalion equipped and the latter of which can be developed via birthday tea times with other members of your class.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Dorothea was first made available to be summoned by players on July 8, 2020 in a special summer variation as part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the Overseas Memories update. The aforementioned summer variation of Dorothea is the only one currently available in Heroes, based on her Three Houses Part I incarnation. Dorothea is one of a rare number of characters to have been made available only as a special variation without a normal variation of them available (no files at all exist in the game for their regular versions).

Dorothea: Solar Songstress

Starting stats

Dorothea: Solar Songstress is only available at 5★ rarity.
Portrait dorothea solar songstress feh.png
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh colorless dagger.png
Movement type Infantry

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 15/16/17
Attack 6/7/8 Speed 7/8/9
Defense 2/3/4 Resistance 5/6/7
Is feh skill offense.png Hidden Thorns+
Is feh skill support.png Dance
Is feh skill special.png --

Skill set

Skill Rarity SP cost
Is feh skill offense.png Iron Dagger Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Steel Dagger Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Hidden Thorns Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Hidden Thorns+ Innate
Is feh skill support.png Dance Innate
Is feh atk cantrip 1.pngB Atk Cantrip 1 ★★★★★ 60 SP
Is feh atk cantrip 2.pngB Atk Cantrip 2 ★★★★★ 120 SP
Is feh atk cantrip 3.pngB Atk Cantrip 3 ★★★★★ 240 SP
Is feh hone atk 1.pngC Hone Atk 1 ★★★★★ 50 SP
Is feh hone atk 2.pngC Hone Atk 2 ★★★★★ 100 SP
Is feh hone atk 3.pngC Hone Atk 3 ★★★★★ 200 SP
Is feh hone atk 4.pngC Hone Atk 4 ★★★★★ 300 SP

Personality and character

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Main article: Dorothea/Supports


Dorothea, Mystical Songstress
Dorothea returned to the Mittlefrank Opera as soon as the war was over. Thanks to her talent, the company enjoyed a resurgence in popularity that lasted well beyond the end of her own career. Once she gave up her position as a songstress, she settled down to a private life of peace and quiet. It is said that she was very happily married.

Byleth, Wings of the Hegemon & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Crimson Flower)
Almost immediately after the modest wedding ceremony between Byleth and Dorothea was over, the battle against those who slither in the dark began in earnest. Dorothea chose not to take the field of battle with a weapon but rather to tend the household in her spouse's absence and provide emotional support to his effort to bring lasting peace to Fódlan. Many years after the war had ended, Dorothea's diary was uncovered, revealing the full extent of the happy life the couple shared. The love poems that they wrote to one another were published as a collection.

Byleth, Wandering Flame / Ruler of Dawn & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Silver Snow and Verdant Wind)
After ascending the throne as the first leader of the United Kingdom of Fódlan, Byleth announced his marriage to Dorothea. The former songstress resolved to stay out of the public eye, keeping to herself and her family, but as Byleth worked tirelessly to restore Fódlan, she did offer advice from time to time. It is said that her experience growing up as a commoner provided a useful perspective. Many years later, her diary was uncovered, revealing the full extent of the happy life the couple shared. The love poems that they wrote to one another were published as a collection.

Edelgard, Flame Emperor & Dorothea, Mystical Songstress
As Edelgard's reign as the Adrestian emperor began, Enbarr was restored, and with it, a certain opera house. Soon the Mittelfrank Opera Company put together a war drama depicting the journey and sacrifice of the emperor and her companions, and the starring role went to none other than Dorothea. Edelgard initially forbade the company from staging it, but was eventually persuaded by Dorothea's passionate performance to rescind that decree. It is said that the emperor always set aside time to enjoy the opera thereafter.

Hubert, Emperor's Confidant & Dorothea, Mystical Songstress
After the war, the Mittelfrank Opera Company made a resurgence, in no small part thanks to the patronage of Emperor Edelgard's confidant, Hubert. Dorothea made a comeback as a songstress within the troupe, which traveled all over Fódlan, putting a large share of its profits toward relief efforts. The opera company was warmly welcomed by the war-weary people as a source of solace, and became even more famous than before. It was not discovered until many years later that the troupe's tour had been a covert operation, coordinated by Hubert and Dorothea to gather intelligence for the Empire.

Ferdinand, Noblest of Nobles & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Silver Snow)
After officially becoming Duke of Aegir, Ferdinand set about reforming his territory. Thanks to the wisdom of his wife, Dorothea, Ferdinand's policies were of massive benefit to the commonfolk and brought about a swift recovery. In recognition of this achievement, he was called upon to help govern Fódlan at large. Though the work of reforming the entire nation kept him very busy, he always managed to find time for Dorothea. It is said that their children filled their loving household with beautiful music ever after.

Ferdinand, Noblest of Nobles & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Crimson Flower)
After officially becoming Duke of Aegir, Ferdinand set about reforming his territory. Thanks to the wisdom of his wife, Dorothea, Ferdinand's policies were of massive benefit to the commonfolk and brought about a swift recovery. In recognition of this achievement, he was called upon by Emperor Edelgard to introduce these reforms to the Empire at large as the new prime minister. Though the work kept him very busy, he always managed to find time for Dorothea. It is said that their children filled their loving household with beautiful music ever after.

Linhardt, Ragamuffin Sage & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Crimson Flower)
After the war, Linhardt decided to inherit his title. He spent several years studying his territory, learning to manage its affairs, and when he was finally ready to become the new Count Hevring, he announced his marriage to Dorothea. Somehow, despite all this activity, Linhardt actually managed to keep up with his Crest studies. Though his results were dubious at times, his new wife helped him alter them so that they would be of use to people. Their relationship was unlike anything the nobility had ever witnessed. When faced with this accusation, Linhardt and Dorothea could only laugh and note that the past was of no significance to them.

Caspar, Hotheaded General & Dorothea, Devoted Heart (Crimson Flower)
In recognition of his achievements during the war, Caspar was given the title of Minister of Military Affairs in the new Adrestian Empire. Though his command developed a reputation for occasional recklessness, he proved an able leader, guiding his troops to overcome countless obstacles. In his personal life, he began to spend a great deal of time with Dorothea, who had returned to the Mittlefrank Opera Company after the war. When her efforts brought the opera house to the peak of its resurgence, it is said that Dorothea relinquished her position as songstress in order to retire with Caspar. They are rumored to have spent the rest of their lives together.

Dorothea, Devoted Heart & Petra, Queen of Brigid (Crimson Flower)
Petra returned to her homeland of Brigid, and inherited the throne from her grandfather. As ruler, she declared independence from Fódlan, and renegotiated Brigid's diplomatic ties to that nation on more equal terms. At every step along the way, she was accompanied by Dorothea, who had left Fódlan behind to support her. Dorothea used the connections she had made in her time at the opera to her benefit, and even worked reluctantly with the Fódlan nobility for Petra's sake. The people of Brigid were skeptical of her at first, but warmed up to her over time. It is said that she became the person whom Petra loved the most.

Dorothea, Mystical Songstress & Manuela, Divine Songstress
The Mittelfrank Opera Company was on the brink of collapse until two of its star songstresses, Manuela and Dorothea, returned to the stage and brought the troupe new life and prominence. They toured all around Fódlan, sometimes even visiting troops on the front lines, soothing hearts with their beautiful songs wherever they went, and donating their profits to the relief and rebuilding effort. When the damage from the war had finally healed, the pair once again retreated form the stage, this time retiring to a private life together. It is said that their relationship was full of light and love.

Dorothea, Devoted Heart & Sylvain, Sincerest of Knights
After more than 10 proposals, Dorothea finally relented and agreed to marry Sylvain. Together they inherited Gautier territory. With the support of his wife's counsel, the new Margrave Gautier was able to improve relations with the Sreng people, and thereby convince the local nobles that Relics and Crests were no longer an absolute requirement for survival. Due to their efforts, they went down in history as an extraordinary lord and lady. It is said that what finally convinced Dorothea to marry Sylvain was his promise that they would grow old happily together, and that he was true to his word.

Dorothea, Mystical Songstress & Felix, Meandering Sword (Crimson Flower, Silver Snow, Verdant Wind)
Even after the war's end, skirmishes continued to break out across Fódlan. Learning that there were still places where he could fight, Felix abandoned his noble title and chose to make a living with his sword. He traveled the land, and some years later found himself in Enbarr. There he encountered Dorothea, who had just resumed her career as a songstress in the opera. From that time on, no matter how far Felix traveled, he always found himself drawn back to that opera house. It is said that, when Dorothea saw his face in the crowd, she sang only for him.

Dorothea, Devoted Heart & Felix, The Shield's Successor (Azure Moon)
After the war, Felix inherited the title of Duke Fraldarius from his late father, Rodrigue. He married Dorothea, and the two began a happy life together. After they had finished restoring Fraldarius territory, Felix traveled across Fódlan as the king's right hand. Dorothea traveled with him always, and even threw herself into battle alongside him every so often. Tales of their bravery endured for generations, thanks in no small part to the operas that Dorothea wrote and composed herself.

Dorothea, Devoted Heart & Hanneman, Father of Crestology (Verdant Wind)
Though Fódlan had changed, Hanneman's goal remained unwavering: to determine the workings of the Crests, and to do away with the inequality caused by them. To that end, his research resulted in magical tools which could be used even without the aid of Crests. This proved to be yet another worthwhile discovery by the Father of Crestology. Hanneman also became a father in a more literal sense, by raising many children with his wife, Dorothea. Their marriage was not publicly known, however, as the songstress elected to keep it secret for the sake of both of their careers.


Battle quotes

Dorothea: Oh, Ferdie. You opposed Edie for so long... I had real hopes for you, you know? Now you're following her. Is that your duty as a noble? Follow your master when they say to heel?
Ferdinand: I will not try to explain my duty or hers. You would not understand. I wish you could. Anyway, no time for idle chitchat!

— Dorothea in Blue Lions Chapter 16 against Ferdinand
If it's our destiny to kill each other, then I cannot—will not—respect the goddess. My only request is that if you win, you'll at least have the decency to kill me quickly.
— Dorothea, as an enemy fighting Byleth in Silver Snow Chapter 19/Verdant Wind Chapter 20/Azure Moon Chapter 21.
Dorothea: Manuela? It's not like you to show up anywhere sober. What's the occasion?
Manuela: I thought maybe we could talk. I could help you see the error of your ways. Or we could just try to kill each other over what we believe in. You ready to do this?
Dorothea: No... But let's get to it.

— Dorothea, fighting Manuela in Silver Snow Chapter 19/Verdant Wind Chapter 20/Azure Moon Chapter 21.
Oh, that face brings back some memories. It's a shame we don't have time to catch up.
— Dorothea, as an enemy in Silver Snow Chapter 19/Verdant Wind Chapter 20/Azure Moon Chapter 21.

Critical quotes

Take me seriously!
— Dorothea in Part I
I can't go easy on you!
— Dorothea in Part I
This is going to hurt, okay?
— Dorothea in Part I
You can't stop me!
— Dorothea in Part I
One of us has to die.
— Dorothea in Part II
I'll strike you down!
— Dorothea in Part II
Time for your last dance!
— Dorothea in Part II
I'll leave you breathless.
— Dorothea in Part II

Death/retreat quotes

Damn it! Not here... I can't quit now.
— Dorothea's retreat quote as a playable character in Part I.
I'd hoped to relive those glory days...but it wasn't meant to be.
— Dorothea's death quote in classic mode as a playable character in Part II.
That's it for me. I still have more to do, after all.
— Dorothea's retreat quote in casual mode as a playable character in Part II.
My, my... The new professor seems very capable.
— Dorothea's defeat quote as an enemy in Chapter 1.
Edelgard, forgive me... I can't...
— Dorothea's death quote as an enemy in Verdant Wind Chapter 20/Azure Moon Chapter 21.

Other quotes

Main article: Dorothea/Quotes
Main article: Dorothea/Quotes (Heroes)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Dorothea is currently featured on four cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Dorothea
TCGCipher B18-014R.png Attractive Magic User, Dorothea



"I know my beauty will eventually fade. I very much want to find a good partner here at the academy. Someone who will take care of me for the rest of my life."
Attack: 50 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Mage Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
"You'll be my next partner!": [Activate] [Once per turn] [Send 1 Male from your hand to the Retreat Area] Reveal the 3 topmost cards of your deck. Choose 1 of those cards and add it to your hand, and send the rest to the Retreat Area.
A Gift for the Songstress: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip one bond card] Until the end of the turn, this unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B18-014RArtist: Fumi Hasumi
TCGCipher B18-015N.png Former Songstress of the Opera Company, Dorothea



"My name is Dorothea. Before I joined the Academy, I was a member of an opera company in the Empire."
Attack: 30 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Commoner Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Sonorous Singing Voice: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip one bond card] Until the end of the turn, this unit gains +10 attack.
Attack Support Magic Emblem: [Support] Draw 1 card. Choose 1 card in your hand, and send it to the Retreat Area.
Card #B18-015N, B18-015STArtist: Fumi Hasumi
TCGCipher B19-015R.png Mystical Songstress, Dorothea



"These days, so many old friends seem to be disappearing... It's incredible to see you again after five years!"
Attack: 30 Support: 10 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Dancer Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Singing Voice of Reunion: [Trigger] [Flip one bond card] When you deploy this unit, you may pay the cost and if you do: Choose 1 card with a deployment cost of 4 or lower from your Hand, and deploy it.
Special Dance: [Activate] [Tap this unit] [Flip one bond card] Choose 1 ally who has attacked in this turn, and untap them.
Card #B19-015RArtist: Sakura Miwabe
TCGCipher B19-016N.png Georgeous Magic, Dorothea



"That's my cue!"
Attack: 40 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 2
Class: Monk Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Blossom Upon the Battlefield: [Trigger] When you deploy this unit, until the end of the turn, your lord gains +10 attack.
Thoron: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip 1 Fódlan bond card face-down] Until the end of the turn, this unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B19-016NArtist: Sakura Miwabe
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Dorothea .

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dorothea appears as a Novice support spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate using her art from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. When equipped to any character, Dorothea increases the power of electric attacks.

SSBU Spirit Dorothea.png #1391
Fire Emblem Series
Trait: Electric Attack ↑

Slightly increases the power of electricity attacks.


  • As an enemy, Dorothea has access to the spell Excalibur, which she can't learn as a playable unit.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Dorothea Arnault Full name, known by just Dorothea in most menus. Dorothea is a Greek name meaning "God's gift". Arnault is a French form of Arnold, a Germanic name meaning "eagle power".
Japanese ドロテア=アールノルト Dorothea Arnold
Spanish Dorothea Arnault As above.
French Dorothea Arnault As above.
German Dorothea Arnault As above.
Italian Dorothea Arnault As above.
Dutch Dorothea Used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Russian Доротея Dorothea; used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Korean 도로테아 아르놀트 Dorothea Arnold
Simplified Chinese 多洛缇雅·雅尔诺尔德 Dorothea Arnold
Traditional Chinese 多洛緹雅‧雅貝諾貝德 Dorothea Arnold


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  2. "No, it's fine. As I'm sure you know, I was a highly praised songstress for a time... Before I was a singer though, I was an orphan. And before that I was the daughter of a noble's maid. [...] Well, I don't remember much of my early years. My father was never there, and my mother was driven out of the noble house where she worked. Before long, she fell ill... I was always alone, and I lived in the alleys of the Imperial capital, just trying to survive from one day to the next." — Dorothea, in her and Hanneman's B support, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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White Clouds
Prologue: An Inevitable Encounter • 1: Three Houses • 2: Familiar Scenery • 3: Mutiny in the Mist • 4: The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth • 5: Tower of Black Winds • 6: Rumors of a Reaper • 7: Field of the Eagle and Lion • 8: The Flame in the Darkness • 9: The Cause of Sorrow • 10: Where the Goddess Dwells • 11: Throne of Knowledge • 12: To War Black Eagles, if Byleth sides against EdelgardBlue LionsGolden Deer / Outset of a Power Struggle Black Eagles, if Byleth sides with Edelgard
Part II Silver Snow
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13: Reunion at Dawn • 14: A King Without a Kingdom • 15: Valley of Torment • 16: The Rose-Colored River • 17: The Impregnable Fortress • 18: The Chaos of War • 19: Conclusion of the Crossing Roads • 20: The City Without Light • 21: Following a Dream
Azure Moon
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13: Reunion at Dawn • 14: The Delusional Prince • 15: Valley of Torment • 16: The Rose-Colored River • 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion • 18: The King's Triumphant Return • 19: The Golden Deer's Plea • 20: The Impregnable Fortress • 21: Our Chosen Paths • 22: Oath of the Dagger
Verdant Wind
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13: Reunion at Dawn • 14: The Alliance Leader's Ambitions • 15: Valley of Torment • 16: The Rose-Colored River • 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion • 18: The Golden Scheme • 19: The Chaos of War • 20: Conclusion of the Crossing Roads • 21: The City Without Light • 22: Fódlan's New Dawn
Crimson Flower
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13: Beyond Escape • 14: The Master Tactician • 15: Tempest of Swords and Shields • 16: Lady of Deceit • 17: Field of Revenge • 18: To the End of a Dream
Paralogues Part I A Cursed Relic*An Ocean ViewBlack Market Scheme*Death TollDividing the World Black Eagles, if Byleth sides against EdelgardBlue LionsGolden DeerFalling Short of HeavenThe ForgottenLand of the Golden DeerOil and WaterRumored NuptialsThe Secret Merchant* Blue LionsGolden DeerSword and Shield of SeirosTales of the Red CanyonTrue ChivalryWar for the Weak Blue Lions Exclusive
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Cindered Shadows
(DLC side story)
Cindered Shadows
1: The Fourth House • 2: What Lies Beneath • 3: The Rite of Rising • 4: Danger in the Dark • 5: Betrayal • 6: Return to Me • 7: Wolf Pack
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