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A Power Awakens

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A Power Awakens

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World of Zenith (Eternal Sanctum)


Niles, Julia, Alm, Nephenee

I hope you're all ready to go. We've got a mission in the western part of the kingdom. We're headed to an ancient ruin known as the Eternal Sanctum. The power that sleeps there will serve as an aid to the Order of Heroes-I'm sure of it!
— Anna

A Power Awakens (Japanese: いにしえより目覚めし Awakening from Ancient Times) is the first intermission chapter in Book I of Fire Emblem Heroes, taking place after Chapter 13. This chapter, although not numbered as such, is part of the game's main story path; despite this, it is structured more along the lines of a xenologue in that it has only one part, although the chapter gives this one part its own name. This chapter serves as a backstory to the Sacred Seal Forge mechanic, and must be cleared in order to access said mechanic.

This chapter was added to the game as part of an update released on October 9, 2017, alongside the Sacred Seal Forge mechanic to which it serves as backstory for.


Main article: A Power Awakens/Script

The Order of Heroes are heading on a mission toward an ancient ruin called the Eternal Sanctum in western Askr, Anna having been told that the temple holds a power inside by Zacharias, though she is not sure what kind of power it is. As they arrive at the temple, however, the group finds that there are Heroes guarding it, and must battle them.

Reaching the bottom of the sanctum, the Order comes across a stone with ancient Askran writing on it. Alfonse reads the stone, telling that the sanctum contains a part of the dragon Askr's "Rite of Awakening" to unlock the power of Sacred Seals, and describing how to perform the rite. With this knowledge, the Order of Heroes returns to the castle.

Chapter data

Intermission 1: Awakening Ancient Power

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy. Player Other Enemy
Defeat: All player units are defeated. 4 0 NilesJuliaAlmNephenee
Cm feh intermission.png

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Type Weapon Lv Skills
Portrait niles feh.png
Niles infantry Is feh colorless bow.png 29 Is feh skill offense.png Steel BowIs feh skill special.png Chilling Wind
Is feh warding blow 1.pngA Warding Blow 1Is feh spur res 1.pngC Spur Res 1Is feh atk ploy 1.pngS Atk Ploy 1
Portrait julia feh.png
Julia infantry Is feh green tome.png 29 Is feh skill offense.png ElwindIs feh skill special.png Dragon Gaze
Is feh resistance +1.pngA Resistance +1Is feh breath of life 1.pngC Breath of Life 1Is feh breath of life 1.pngS Breath of Life 1
Portrait alm feh.png
Alm infantry Is feh sword.png 29 Is feh skill offense.png Steel SwordIs feh skill special.png Dragon Gaze
Is feh attack +1.pngA Attack +1Is feh windsweep 1.pngB Windsweep 1Is feh phantom spd 1.pngS Phantom Spd 1
Portrait nephenee feh.png
Nephenee infantry Is feh lance.png 29 Is feh skill offense.png Steel LanceIs feh skill special.png New Moon
Is feh atk spd 1.pngA Atk/Spd 1Is feh wrath 1.pngB Wrath 1Is feh distant def 1.pngS Distant Def 1
Name Type Weapon Lv Skills

Enemy Hero data

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Main article: Niles

Normal Hard Lunatic

Main article: Julia

Normal Hard Lunatic

Main article: Alm

Normal Hard Lunatic

Main article: Nephenee

Normal Hard Lunatic


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.


In other languages

Intermission: A Power Awakens

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English A Power Awakens
Japanese いにしえより目覚めし Awakening from ancient times

Intermission 1: Awakening Ancient Power

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Awakening Ancient Power
Japanese 刃の儀式 Rite of blades
Spanish Rito de espadas Rite of swords


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