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FERK Louise.png
Artwork of Louise from The Blazing Blade.

The wife of Marquess Reglay. A lethal beauty.






Pent (husband)
Klein (son)
Clarine (daughter)
Hellene (distant relative)[1]



Starting class


Despite what you may think, I shoot much better than I dance or sing. I believe I can be of some small assistance.
— Louise in Chapter 24E/26H: Unfulfilled Heart.

Louise (Japanese: ルイーズ Luise) is a sniper from Etruria, and the wife of Pent, Marquess Reglay. Alongside her husband, she joins the army of Eliwood and Hector in the battle against Nergal and the Black Fang.

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade


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Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait louise fe07.png
Level 4
Affinity Is gba lightaffin.png
Recruitment: From the start of Chapter 24E/26H: Unfulfilled Heart.

Stats Growth Rates

Is gba silver bow.png Silver Bow
Is gba white gem.png White Gem
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe -- GBARankBow.gif A
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

For a pre-promoted unit, Louise is incredibly solid. All of her base stats are sufficient at the time you recruit her, with substantial base skill, speed, and luck. Interestingly, Louise has a relatively high base resistance and resistance growth, making her an excellent mage killer if you choose to field her. Louise also starts with a base constitution of 6, meaning that she will never be weighed down by silver bows. This, on top of her excellent base speed, means that Louise should be able to consistently double attack enemies throughout the game. Additionally, Louise's growth rates are pretty solid in every category meaning that she should remain relevant as she levels.

Louise is also unique in that she is recruited with an A support with Pent, meaning she will gain a slight advantage when paired with her husband. Pent's ice affinity will provide +1.5 defense, +7.5 accuracy, +7.5 avoid, and + 7.5 dodge whenever he is within three tiles of Louise. While these bonuses certainly are not game breaking, they are still beneficial. Coupling Louise with Pent is recommended if possible.

Louise is an immensely balanced unit. While she may fall short to other bow users, she is a perfectly viable unit in her own right.

Comparison to Rebecca

Louise serves as a pre-promoted alternative to Rebecca should the player have decided not to raise her. While Rebecca should surpass Louise if properly raised, Louise will emerge superior if the player chooses not to commit time and resources towards Rebecca. Admittedly, Rebecca can be very difficult to raise, especially in hard mode.

In summary, Rebecca has the potential to exceed Louise if the player chooses to raise her. However, if this is not met then Louise can serve as an adequate alternative.

Personality and character

Louise is kind and serene. She cares deeply for those around her and believes that loving others is the greatest joy one can experience. While speaking with Hawkeye, Louise expresses great concerns over his daughter, Igrene, and urges Hawkeye to find time to visit her knowing that she must be lonely without her father. Louise shows worry for Lord Athos because he never eats and still insists that it would be healthier for him even after learning he does not require sustenance to survive.

Despite being a noble, Louise insists on being treated equally by others. She politely explains to Heath that, while he is a knight who is dutybound to protect women and nobles, he should treat her as an equal to everyone else in the army and to address her as "Louise" rather than "milady". When meeting Rebecca, Louise graciously introduces herself and tells Rebecca that she does not need to address her with honorifics when speaking.

Louise seems to lack any natural talent at singing, dancing, or playing music. This fact is mentioned both during her recruitment as well as during a conversation with Rebecca.

Louise is also quite beautiful - her very help description describes her as a "lethal beauty". Rebecca describes Louise as graceful and elegant while expressing her admiration for her. Sain immediately becomes enamoured when first meeting Louise and Guy comments on her gorgeousness during their initial conversation. In addition, many fans of the game feel that Louise is remarkably attractive.


Louise is devoutly comitted to her husband and vice versa. Even when faced with the possibility of becoming renegades, both Pent and Louise believe that being together is more valueable than their ranking as nobles. Boths spouses share the same desire to protect one another and are willing to adapt to each others' needs when necessary.

Louise shares a mother-son relationship with Erk. Even if Erk is only her husband's apprentice, Louise still treats Erk as though he were her own. After discovering that she will be battling alongside Erk, Louise eagerly suggests speaking with Eliwood so that they may be paired together. She excitedly tends to Erk's needs - whether it be furnishing his room or insisting upon buying him new clothes. While Erk's cold demeanor seems to diregard Louise's motherly behavious, he does eventually confide with Louise that he cares very deeply for both her and Pent.

Louise is distantly related to Queen Hellene.


Main article: Louise/Supports

When recruited, Louise automatically has an A-rank support with Pent. This cannot be disrupted in any way, ensuring they always have their paired ending together. As a result, Louise's supports with other characters can only go up to B-rank.

Owing to their status as being already paired together, Louise and Pent do not follow the ordinary support conversation rules, but rather have unique equivalent conversations which occur in specific chapters: their C-rank conversation happens in Chapter 27E/29H, their B-rank in Chapter 30E/32H, and their A-rank in the second part of the Final Chapter. The second conversation will not occur if the first did not, and the third will not occur if one of the other two did not.

Portrait louise fe07.png
Is gba lightaffin.png
Small portrait pent fe07.png
Sage Is gba iceaffin.png
Initial: 241
Per turn:+0
Small portrait hawkeye fe07.png
Berserker Is gba windaffin.png
Initial: 20
Per turn:+3
Small portrait guy fe07.png
Myrmidon Is gba fireaffin.png
Initial: 0
Per turn:+1
Small portrait sain fe07.png
Cavalier Is gba windaffin.png
Initial: 0
Per turn:+1

Initial: {{{initialpoints9}}}
Per turn:+
Small portrait erk fe07.png
Mage Is gba thunderaffin.png
Initial: 20
Per turn:+2
Small portrait rebecca fe07.png
Archer Is gba fireaffin.png
Initial: 0
Per turn:+3
Small portrait heath fe07.png
Wyvern Rider Is gba thunderaffin.png
Initial: 0
Per turn:+1

Initial: {{{initialpoints8}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints10}}}
Per turn:+
Click here for more details on supports.


Louise, Lady of Violets and Pent, Mage General
When Athos died, Pent took over his research. To focus on his studies, Pent resigned as mage general of Etruria. This action set the palace in an uproar, but Pent and Louise endured.


Retreat quote

Louise: "Forgive me, my love..."
Pent: "Louise! This is too dangerous. Let's return home."
Louise: "But everyone..."
Pent: "You are my most important responsibility. Here, lean on my shoulder."

— Louise and Pent, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Final Chapter: Light quote

No matter what happens, I'll be at Lord Pent's side.
— Louise.

Battle History quotes

Oh, that is wonderful!
— Louise, with S or A rank
Good results! Well, good enough for me!
— Louise, with B or C rank
Is there something wrong?
— Louise, with D or E rank

Tactician quotes

Mark... That is your name, is it not? You're the tactician for this company, right? May our battles together be successful ones.
— Louise in Hector's tale, Chapter 26: Unfulfilled Heart

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Louise is currently featured on three cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Louise
TCGCipher B07-038N.png Golden Violet Lady, Louise
Ic TCGCipher Elibe.png

It TCGCipher Female.png

Iw TCGCipher Bow.png

"Despite what you may think, I shoot much better than I dance or sing."
Attack: 50 Support: 20 Range: 2 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Sniper Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Loving Couple on the Battlefield: [Always] During your turn, if this unit is supported by Pent, this unit gains +30 attack.
Gold and Silver Whirlwind: [Trigger] When this unit defeats an enemy with an attack while being supported by Pent, you may select an enemy and move it.
Wingbane: [Always] While this unit is attacking a Flight unit, this unit gains +30 attack.
Card #B07-038NArtist: Suisei Sasashima

Normal R+

TCGCipher B13-031R.png
Bow of Limitless Love, Louise
Ic TCGCipher Elibe.png

It TCGCipher Female.png

Iw TCGCipher Bow.png

"No matter what happens, I'll be at Lord Pent's side."
"Lord Pent, I...I will protect you as well. Along with the child inside me...our child."
Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 2 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Sniper Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Adroit Bow of Violets: [Trigger] When this unit's attack destroys an enemy, you may choose as many Elibe allies as you wish, and move them.
"I am, Lord Pent.": [Always] If you have allied Pent, this unit's attack cannot be evaded by non-lord enemies.
Wingbane: [Always] While this unit is attacking a Flight unit, this unit gains +30 attack.
Card #B13-031R(+)Artist: BISAI (B13-031R), Misei Ito (B13-031R+)
TCGCipher B13-032N.png Reglay's Marriage Candidate, Louise
Ic TCGCipher Elibe.png

It TCGCipher Female.png

Iw TCGCipher Bow.png

"My skill is with the bow. My sweet lord, if you choose me, I will protect you to life's end."
Attack: 30 Support: 20 Range: 2 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Archer Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Time Spent Together: [Always] If this unit is supported by "Pent", this unit gains +30 attack.
Wingbane: [Always] While this unit is attacking a Flight unit, this unit gains +30 attack.
Is TCGCipher Attack.png Bullseye Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this combat, non-lord defending units cannot evade.
Card #B13-032N, B13-032STArtist: Suisei Sasashima
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Louise .


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Louise The feminine form of Louis.[2]
Japanese ルイーズ Officially romanized as Luise; misromanization of above name.
Spanish Louise As above.
French Louise As above.
German Louise As above.
Italian Louise As above.


Small portrait louise fe07.png Sprite Gallery
Portrait louise fe07.png Sniper
Bs fe07 louise sniper bow.png


  1. "Queen Hellene was born in Etruria. She and I are related, albeit a distant relation." — Louise, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
  2. Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Louise,, Retrieved: 9 September 2018

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