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Chieftain of the Lorca


The Blazing Blade (mentioned)

Hassar (Japanese: ハサル Hassar) was the last chieftain of the Lorca tribe, leading it until his demise at the hands of the Taliver Bandits. Notably, he is the father of Lyn.

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade


Hassar never appeared in the game; however, he was mentioned multiple times due to his position as Lyn's father.


Some time before the events of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Hassar came to Caelin. There, he befriended Wallace, one of the duchy's knights. The two became rivals in all pursuits, as well as close friends.[1] He also met Marquess Hausen and his daughter, Madelyn, the latter of whom Hassar fell in love with. 16 years before the start of Lyn's tale, the two left Caelin in the night in order to elope. They were briefly stopped by Wallace, who was under orders from Hausen to bring back Madelyn. Both lovers tried to take blame for the event, hoping to help their other half escape punishment. It was that commitment to each other that made Wallace allow them to continue on their journey.

They did return to the Lorca, where they eventually had a daughter, Lyndis. At some point, he also became the tribe's chieftain. He trained Lyn in both swords and bows[2] as she grew up, as well as tried to prepare her to take over as chieftain after he passed away. He eventually did, along with almost the entirety of the tribe, at the hands of the Taliver Bandits.


As Hassar never actually appeared in-game, what little is shown of his personality comes from secondhand sources.

Hassar was a generally quiet person,[3] but not totally silent. Lyn notes that he was still more talkative than Rath.[4] Despite that silence, he still seemed trustworthy, having "honest eyes" that he apparently passed along to his daughter.[3] He was also extremely physically fit, being able to keep pace with Wallace during his laps around Caelin, even off his horse.[5]

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From Hasar, a brother of Genghis Khan.



















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