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Timeline of Elibe

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Timeline of Elibe
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This page contains a timeline of canonical events occurring on the continent Elibe. The starting point of the relevant calendar of Elibe is the end of the Scouring after the defeat of the dragons.


Year Events in Elibe
Unknown timeframe before 0 Humans and Dragons share the continent of Elibe with each holding power over half the continent.
• Humanity attacks the dragons in a war called "The Scouring".
• The war comes to a stalemate, as the strength of dragons exceeds human biology, but their numbers are outmatched.
• The Fire Dragons request help from the Divine Dragon clan in the form of War Dragons, but they are denied help.
• The Divine Dragons vanish without explanation. One of their members, Idunn is caught by the Fire Dragons.
• Refusing to aid in the war, Idunn's soul is destroyed and she is forcefully transformed into a Demon Dragon in order to create War Dragons.
Around 0 • In response to the creation of the Demon Dragon, humanity creates the Legendary Weapons, the Staff of the Saint, and the Binding Blade for use in the war.
• These items are given to particularly strong members of humanity: Hartmut, Roland, Durban, Elimine, Barigan, Hanon, Bramimond, and Athos. This group is deemed "The Eight Generals".
• Bramimond gives up their self in order to be able to use Apocalypse.
• The Eight Generals confront the Dragons in the Dragon Sanctuary, where the Legendary Weapons cause the Ending Winter, warping the laws of nature.
• In order to conserve energy, the Dragons seal their powers into Dragonstones and take human shape. Unable to defend themselves, they are killed by the Eight Generals.
• Idunn is confronted by the Eight Generals and is sealed by Hartmut out of pity, using the Binding Blade.
• A majority of the remaining dragons flee through the Dragon's Gate. Jahn, wounded, goes into hiding within the Dragon Sanctuary.
Nergal brings his half-dragon children to the Dragon's Gate before vanishing in an attempt to save his wife Aenir.
Unknown timeframe after 0 • The nations of Bern, Lycia, Etruria, and Ilia are founded and the Western Isles settled by the Eight Generals.
• The Elimine Church is founded by Elimine
• The Legendary Weapons are sealed through multiple layers of physical and magical protection, due to the damage they caused during the Scouring.
• Hanon, Durban, Roland, Barigan, Elimine, and Hartmut die. The spirits of Roland and Durban remain on Elibe to guard their weapons.
480 • Athos meets Nergal while wandering the desert of Nabata.
• Athos discovers a village founded by Humans and Dragons called Arcadia and helps its people.
• Athos and Nergal begin their study of the knowledge contained in the libraries of Arcadia.
Unknown timeframe after 480 • After learning the art of gathering Quintessence from living beings, Nergal's mind begins to be eroded by dark magic. Athos tries to stop him, but in the end they fight, leading to Nergal being banished from Arcadia.
• After seeking refuge on the island of Valor, Nergal begins creating morphs.
961 Madelyn of Caelin and Hassar of the Lorca elope and Madelyn moves to Sacae.
962 Lyn of the Lorca is born in Sacae.
963 Hector of Ostia and Eliwood of Pherae are born in Lycia.
970 • The Black Fang, a league of assassins who hunt down corrupt nobles, is founded by Brendan Reed.
Unknown timeframe before 979 • Hector, Eliwood, and Erik of Laus first meet each other. Hector and Eliwood become friends, while Erik develops a hatred against them.
• Nergal sends the assassin Jaffar and the morph Sonia to infiltrate the Black Fang
979 Start of The Blazing Blade
• Sonia marries Brendan Reed and Nergal starts to use the Black Fang to gather quintessence.
• Lyn meets the tactician Mark on the plains of Sacae, after which she decides to journey outside of Sacae.
• In the vicinity of Bulgar, Lyn meets the Caelin knights Kent and Sain, who inform her of her heritage. Together, they set out for Caelin.
• During their travels, they meet the bard Nils and help him fend of the Black Fang.
• They meet Eliwood who saved Ninian, Nils's sister, while he was on his way to meet Hector.
• Lyn arrives in Caelin and meets her grandfather Hausen.
Uncertain timeframe during 979 and 980 • The Black Fang capture Nils and Ninian and bring them to Nergal.
Darin, the Marquess of Laus, meets the morph Ephidel.
• Ephidel convinces Darin to plan a rebellion against Ostia and Laus sends out messengers to gather support. Helman, the Marquess of Santaruz, and Elbert, the Marquess of Pherae, agree to lend their aid.
• Elbert and a troop of knights of Pherae travel to Laus to convince Darin to stop the plans of rebellion. Darin declines and Elbert follows Ephidel to Valor afterwards.
• Contact is lost with Elbert, and rumors of his death spread.
980 • Eliwood leaves Pherae to search for Elbert; Hector leaves Ostia to join him.
• Helman is killed by Ephidel after deciding to withdraw his support for the rebellion planned by Laus.
• Eliwood travels to Laus, where he is attacked by Erik.
• Darin flees and takes over the castle of Caelin.
• Eliwood and Lyn reunite and drive Darin out of Caelin.
• Eliwood follows Darin and Ephidel to Valor, where he unites with Nils and Ninian. Elbert and Ephidel are killed in a failed attempt by Nergal to open the Dragon's Gate.
• In an attempt to find a way to stop Nergal, Eliwood travels to the desert of Nabata, where he meets Athos.
• On advice of Athos, Eliwood travels to the Shrine of Seals, where he meets Bramimond, who removes a magical seal placed on the Legendary Weapons.
• Eliwood, Hector, and Athos unseal Durandal, Armads, Forblaze, and Aureola. The spirits of Roland and Durban leave the world.
• Nergal opens the Dragon's Gate.
• The marquess of Ostia, Uther, dies of an illness.
• Eliwood kills Nergal and Nils closes the Dragon's Gate.
• Athos and Bramimond die after exhausting their remaining energy.
981 • Durandal, Armads, Forblaze, and Aureola are sealed again.
• Eliwood ascends to be the Marquess of Pherae; Hector ascends to be the Marquess of Ostia.
End of The Blazing Blade
Unknown timeframe after 981 • Hausen dies, and Lyn cedes the Caelin territory to Ostia.
985 Roy of Pherae and Lilina of Ostia are born.
996 • Roy and Lilina first meet each other.
Desmond, the king of Bern is killed by his son, Zephiel.
• Zephiel ascends to be the king of Bern and breaks the seal over Idunn, indirectly causing Jahn to recover from his wounds.
• Jahn meets Zephiel for the first time.
Uncertain timeframe between 996 and 1000 • Beginning of the Disturbance of Bern.
• A youth called Al attempts to confront the forces of Bern, but fails in his quest.
• Nobles of Etruria attempt to assassinate Myrddin, the crown prince of Etruria, who assumes a cover identity afterwards.
1000 Start of The Binding Blade
• The princess of Bern, Guinivere, steals the Fire Emblem from the Shrine of Seals and goes to Lycia to seek help in stopping the war.
• Roy is taught the basics of tactics by the Mage General of Etruria, Cecilia.
• Roy returns to Pherae to join the Lycian Army in place of his father Eliwood.
• In his travel to Araphen, Roy meets Guinivere, who joins him.
• Roy drives Bern out of the castle of Araphen. Hector dies due to wounds he received in battle and instructs Roy to deliver Ostia from Bern and save Lilina.
• Roy drives the forces of Bern out of Ostia with the aid of Etruria.
• Lycia and Etruria join forces to free the continent of Bern's invasive influence.
• The Disturbance of Bern ends with the death of king Zephiel of Bern, at the hands of Roy wielding the Binding Blade.
• Guinivere ascends to be the queen of Bern.
• Myrddin returns to the Etrurian Court.
End of The Binding Blade


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