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The emblem of Lycia.





  • Federation
  • Monarchy*


The Lycian League, commonly known as Lycia (Japanese: リキア Lycia), is one of the countries of Elibe appearing in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade. Located in the center of Elibe, it shares borders with Missur to the southwest, Etruria to the northwest, Ilia to the north, Sacae to the northeast, and Bern to the east; the Isle of Valor is nearby to the south. Lycia was founded by Roland, one of the Eight Legends.

Known leaders of Lycia are Roland, after The Scouring; Uther, during The Blazing Blade; Hector, after The Blazing Blade; Eliwood, during the The Binding Blade, and Lilina, after the events of The Binding Blade.


Main article: Timeline of Elibe


The eventual head figure of Lycia, Ostia, was a village and the home of the hero Roland, one of the Eight Legends and the wielder of Durandal. Lycia was founded after The Scouring by Roland using Durandal's power to restore life to the war-ravaged land. Eventually, Lycia became the third most prominent country on Elibe, behind Etruria and Bern. Lycia's makeup of many houses has led to many imbalances of power over the years.

Darin's rebellion plot

In 980, or possibly somewhat earlier, Nergal set his sights on Lycia as a possible source of quintessence. Nergal, using his Black Fang and other political infiltrations, contacts several Lycian lords with the idea of a rebellion to overthrow Ostia.

Ephidel, one of Nergal's morph servants, contacted Darin, the marquess of Laus at the time, who took the offer readily. Darin and the Laus forces at his disposal became a valuable piece to instigating a rebellion in the region. Helman is also known to have agreed to the plot, and was also in contact with Ephidel. Elbert also involved himself, though it is likely he involved himself to nip the rebellion plot at the bud, rather than join it. Helman was killed by Ephidel after expressing doubts about the rebellion, and Elbert ended up kidnapped and confined on Valor.

Elbert's son, Eliwood, was concerned by the disappearance of his father. Eliwood left Pherae in search of his father, which eventually leaded him to Valor. At Valor, Eliwood and his friends Hector and Lyn killed Darin, ending the Lycian rebellion plot. Elbert was killed by Nergal, whom fled after being injured. With the death of Darin the rebellion is over, and Nergal moved on to other endeavors.

It is unknown how the rest of Lycia took Darin's disappearance, as the rebellion plot had not yet erupted into widespread armed conflict, but this short-lived rebellion resulted in the death of at least three marquesses.

Disturbance of Bern

Main article: Disturbance of Bern

In 1000, Lycians played a key role during the Disturbance of Bern. Lycia as a country was also heavily affected by the conflict. During the war, Lycia lost many of its lords to Bern in an ambush. The massive loss of leadership caused instability in Lycia, with some marches such as Laus deciding to side with Bern and Ostia being forced to deal with yet another rebellion. This lead to the remaining Lycian leaders contacting Etruria for assistance.

After Bern was defeated, Lady Lilina of House Ostia became the queen of a unified Lycian League and changed its name to the Kingdom of Lycia. The only explicitly named marquesses known to be alive when this happens are Eliwood[1] and Roy of House Pherae. If Roy has an A support with Lilina, he becomes the King of Lycia.

Marches of Lycia

Lycia is composed of several small territories knows as marches or cantons.[2] Each march is ruled by a house. House Ostia is the most powerful march, and its lord acts as a head figure for Lycia. As mentioned above, after the Disturbance of Bern, many of the houses of Lycia lost prominent leaders and were unified under queen Lilina.


Main article: Araphen

Araphen is the second most powerful march of Lycia, behind Ostia. Only one unnamed ruler is known, who was alive in the year 979, though his status during the Disturbance of Bern is unknown.


Main article: Caelin

Caelin is the homeland of Lyn. It ceased to exist as a march in the year 980, when Ostia assimilated Caelin; its last independent marquess was Hausen, Lyn's grandfather, as Lyn herself refused the throne. In 979, there was a murder plot against Hausen instigated by Lundgren for the throne, though it resulted in failure.


Main article: Cornwell

Cornwell is a march that lost its standing after stealing funds from the Lycian alliance. The marquess and his wife committed suicide shortly after abandoning their children as orphans so they would not face charges related to the theft.


Khathelet (also spelled as "Kathelet") is a little featured march; the only things known of this march are that it agreed not to interfere with Caelin's inheritance issues involving Lundgren and Hausen[3] and that Lyn passed through here in 979 and encountered the Black Fang attacking Ninian and Nils.


Main article: Laus

Laus has two known marquesses. Darin died in the year 980 at the hands of Eliwood's group in retaliation for the Lycian rebellion. His son, Erik, succeeded the throne, and was marquess until the year 1000, where he was killed by Roy after siding with Bern during the Disturbance of Bern. Laus's two known leaders were not particularly liked by the populace.


Main article: Ostia

Once a humble village, Ostia is the head march of Lycia and the birthplace and home of Roland, the founder of Lycia. The march has four known leaders. Roland founded Ostia and was the first reigning Marquess. A millennium later, Uther ascended the throne sometime in 979 or 980, but died from illness very soon after his ascension, being marquess for possibly less than a year. Hector, Uther's younger brother, took up the title in 980, and ruled as marquess until his death in 1000, during the Disturbance of Bern. He was succeeded by his daughter Lilina, who then unified the marches into the kingdom of Lycia.


Main article: Pherae

Pherae is a march that played a prominent role in both Darin's rebellion and the disturbance of Bern. The oldest known marquess was lord Elbert. The duration of his reign is unknown, though his reign ended in the year 980 when he was killed by Nergal. Elbert's son Eliwood took the throne the same year, and his reign extended into the Disturbance of Bern, being one of the few Lycian marquesses not killed by the conflict. After the war, Eliwood's son Roy succeeded him as the Marquess of Pherae.


Ragna was a march that was attacked by Bern during the Disturbance of Bern; its then-current marquess Dovanon was able to fend off these attacks during thanks to the assistance of Al, Gant, and Tiena. After the end of the war, Dovanon's daughter Celdia succeeded him as the marquess; Celdia eventually married Gant and had several children.


Ryerde only appears on the Elibe's map. Other than its location (south of Laus, west of Caelin, and east of Worde), nothing is known about it.


Main article: Santaruz

Santaruz was one of the marches that participated in Darin's failed rebellion. Its marquess, lord Helman, wished to back out of the rebellion, but Ephidel killed him to prevent him from spreading information about it. Helman is stated to have had no heirs.


Not to be confused with Tanya, a bow fighter from Thracia 776.

Tania's earliest known action is agreeing not to interfere with Caelin during the inheritance issues involving Lundgren and Hausen in the year 980.[3] Following that, Tiena succeeded the previous marquess and ruled the march as late as 1002. During the Disturbance of Bern, Tania was conquered by Bern and Tiena was captured and set to be executed; she was eventually rescued by Al and Gant. Following the war's conclusion, Tania was rebuilt to be a prosperous location by the newly-wed Tiena and Al.


Main article: Thria

Thria was a march was ruled by a cousin of Hector's named Orun. However, Orun was killed by his advisor Wagner in 1000.


Tuscana's only known action is refraining from interfering with Caelin's inheritance issues when Lyn appeared.[3]


Worde was a march that was ruled by Tiena's uncle Ranward. During the Disturbance of Bern, Ranward's advisor Youzen was convinced by Bern to betray Ranward and burn down the march's castle. Following Ranward's death and the end of the war, Danan, a soldier of Worde, used the money from his shop to rebuild the castle.


Zem is a march with little information; it is known only that its marquess sided with Bern during the Disturbance of Bern and had his troops attack Ostia Castle alongside the Lycian rebels.

Characters from Lycia

Character Description Appears in
Portrait roland fe07.png
One of the Eight Legends. Founder of Lycia and the original wielder of Durandal. The Blazing Blade
Portrait uther fe07.png
Marquess of Ostia and Hector's brother. The Blazing Blade
Portrait hector fe06.png
Lord Uther's brother, and later, Marquess of Ostia and Lilina's father. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait lilina fe06.png
Lord Hector's daughter and heir to Ostia's throne. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait elbert fe07.png
Marquess of Pherae and Eliwood's father. The Blazing Blade
Portrait eliwood fe06.png
Lord Elbert's son, and later, Marquess of Pherae and Roy's father. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait roy fe06.png
Lord Eliwood's son and heir to Pherae's throne. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait hausen fe07.png
Marquess of Caelin and Lyn's grandfather. The Blazing Blade
Madelyn Lord Hausen's daughter and Lyn's mother. None
Portrait lundgren fe07.png
Lord Hausen's brother. Tries to take Caelin's throne. The Blazing Blade
Portrait lyn fe07.png
Lord Hausen's granddaughter. Raised in the plains of Sacae. The Blazing Blade
Portrait marquess araphen fe07.png
Marquess Araphen
Marquess of Araphen. Hates Sacaean people. The Blazing Blade
Portrait darin fe07.png
Marquess of Laus and Erik's father. The Blazing Blade
Portrait erik fe06.png
Lord Darin's son, and later, Marquess of Laus. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Orun Marquess of Thria and Lord Hector's cousin. None
Portrait helman fe07.png
Marquess of Santaruz. A good friend of Lord Elbert. The Blazing Blade
Portrait eleanora fe07.png
Lord Elbert's wife and Eliwood's mother. The Blazing Blade
Portrait priscilla fe07.png
A lady from Cornwell, adopted by Etrurian nobles. The Blazing Blade
Portrait marcus fe06.png
Head of the knights of Pherae. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait harken fe07.png
A knight of Pherae. Escorts Lord Elbert. The Blazing Blade
Portrait isadora fe07.png
A knight of Pherae. Lady Eleanora's steward. The Blazing Blade
Portrait oswin fe07.png
A knight of Ostia. In charge of protecting Hector. The Blazing Blade
Portrait matthew fe07.png
A spy of Ostia. Behind his cheery smile there is a ruthless man. The Blazing Blade
Portrait leila fe07.png
A spy of Ostia and Matthew's girlfriend. The Blazing Blade
Portrait astolfo fe06.png
A spy of Ostia. The Binding Blade
Portrait barthe fe06.png
A knight of Ostia. The Binding Blade
Portrait merlinus fe06.png
A traveling merchant, and later, Lord Eliwood's retainer and Roy's adviser. The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait lowen fe07.png
A fresh recruit from Pherae. The Blazing Blade
Portrait kent fe07.png
A young knight of Caelin. Extremely serious. The Blazing Blade
Portrait sain fe07.png
A young knight of Caelin. Somewhat of a flirt. The Blazing Blade
Portrait alen fe06.png
A young knight of Pherae. The Binding Blade
Portrait lance fe06.png
A young knight of Pherae and a former mercenary. The Binding Blade
Portrait wolt fe06.png
A young knight of Pherae. Roy's milk brother and Rebecca's son. The Binding Blade
Portrait bors fe06.png
A knight of Ostia and Lilina's escort. Gwendolyn's brother. The Binding Blade
Portrait gwendolyn fe06.png
A knight of Ostia. Bors's sister. The Binding Blade
Portrait ogier fe06.png
A mercenary hired by Ostia's army. Humble to a fault. The Binding Blade
Portrait serra fe07.png
A stubborn cleric working for Ostia. The Blazing Blade
Portrait wil fe07.png
A wandering archer from Pherae. Left his town years ago to become a mercenary. The Blazing Blade
Portrait rebecca fe07.png
A young archer from Pherae, and later, Lord Eliwood's retainer and Wolt's mother. The Blazing Blade
Portrait raven fe07.png
A mercenary of noble blood. The Blazing Blade
Portrait lucius fe07.png
An Eliminean monk following Raven. The Blazing Blade
Portrait dart fe07.png
Rebecca's long-lost brother. The Blazing Blade
Portrait dorcas fe07.png
An axeman from Bern. After Lundgren's defeat, he moves to Pherae with his wife. The Blazing Blade
Portrait natalie fe07.png
Dorcas' wife. The Blazing Blade
Portrait chad fe06.png
An orphan from Araphen. Serious and focused on revenge. The Blazing Blade
Portrait lugh fe06.png
An orphan from Araphen and Raigh's twin brother. Lighthearted and kind. The Binding Blade
Portrait raigh fe06.png
A wandering shaman and Lugh's twin brother. The Binding Blade

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Lycia was a provincial region of the Roman Empire located in Anatolia, Turkey. It was conformed by several city-states, which had their own federal-like government.[4]



Officially romanized as Lycia.















Used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.



Lycia; first used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Traditional Chinese


Lycia; used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.



  1. "With Hector gone, Eliwood was now the only lasting power in Lycia. Eliwood summoned the various marquesses to Pherae to discuss their further actions. It was decided that Eliwood was to become the next leader of the Lycian League and that a new Lycian League Army would be established." — Introduction to Chapter 9, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  2. "I hail from the Caelin canton, home to men of passion and fire!" — Sain to Lyn, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 "I've received word from Caelin's neighbors, Laus, Tuscana, Kathelet, Tania, and Santaruz. They will not interfere in Caelin's affairs. This they have promised." — Eliwood, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
  4. Lycia (archived by the Wayback Machine),, Retrieved: December 22, 2011
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