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FEH Feh (castle icon).png
Artwork of Feh from Heroes.





January 18th





Feh (Japanese: フェー Feh) is a non-playable character appearing in Fire Emblem Heroes. She is an owl living in Askr, and lives in the Askran castle with Alfonse and Sharena.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Feh could be considered Heroes's mascot, and delivers the player their daily log in bonuses in the castle. She has no dialogue in the game, though she speaks during the occasional Feh Channel broadcasts. An image of her is also used as the profile icon for the official Japanese Heroes Twitter account.

Feh Channel Broadcasts

Feh Channel (Japanese: フェーちゃんねる Feh Channel) is one of the outlets for Heroes update and character announcements on YouTube. Feh stars in these broadcasts as the one making the announcements.

All broadcasts began at 3:30 AM UTC on the date specified; English-language broadcasts are typically denoted in the broadcasts themselves by the previous day's date due to that date being current across much of North America at the time.

Broadcast List
Links Airdate Notes
First Broadcast:
April 28, 2017 Japanese only.
Second Broadcast:
July 28, 2017 First Broadcast to air in English. Announced the Valter Grand Hero Battle, the Nohrian Summer and Hero Fest summoning events, the Lilina and Cecilia Bound Hero Battle, the "Reunited at Last" Tempest Trial, Arena Assault and more daily orbs for the game's six month anniversary.
Third Broadcast:
August 28, 2017 A single-topic airing concerning the Choose Your Legends poll and related in-game events. The alternate versions of the poll winners, Lyn, Ike, Lucina, and Roy were shown. It was also revealed that everyone playing the game would be able to choose one of the four winners and obtain them for free.
Fourth Broadcast:
November 15, 2017 Announced Farfetched Heroes and the Less Than Heroic Tempest Trials and its accompanying new characters who were high ranking runner-ups in the Choose Your Legends poll. Also revealed Heroes's Book II, a new story segment that also introduces several new original characters, including Fjorm and Surtr.
Fifth Broadcast:
January 31, 2017 For the first anniversary celebration, a 50 Orb log-in bonus, a double EXP and SP event, a series of Daily Maps, developer teams as Special Maps, daily Grand Hero Battle Revivals, and Special Training maps were announced. Also announced a new Hero Fest summoning event. A brand new game mode called Tap Battle was revealed. Another new summoning event featuring a Legendary Hero version of Ike was announced. Finally, the A Hero Rises voting event was announced.

Personality and character

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Feh Presumably derived from "FEH", the acronym for Fire Emblem Heroes.
Japanese フェー Romanized as Feh.


  • Feh's birthday, January 18th, is the date of the Fire Emblem Direct in 2017 during which Fire Emblem Heroes was revealed.



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