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Dragalia Lost

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Dragalia Lost

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Dragalia Lost (Japanese: ドラガリアロスト Dragalia Lost) is an action role playing app game for smart devices. It, like Fire Emblem Heroes, follows the "free-to-start" business model, where the base game itself is free but numerous purchases are made in the game itself to obtain resources and other boons. The Fire Emblem series series appeared in a crossover event in Dragalia Lost on April 25, 2019 in the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event, and again on May 2020 in the Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties event.


Typical combat during a quest.

Obtaining characters and dragons is done through the game's Summoning system. Two currencies can be used to perform a summoning session. The two currencies are Wyrmite and Diamantium; Diamantium is a "premium" currency and can only be purchased with real money. Prior the April 25th 2019 update, Wyrmprints could also be obtained through summoning; they were moved to the item shop where they can now be purchased with Eldwater instead. When summoning the appearance rates are modified by the current active Summon Showcase; in Dragalia Lost there is always one active Summon Showcase. Summon Showcases with new characters often accompany an event.

Upgrading characters and weapons requires numerous different item drops from enemies in dungeons and boss fights. These resources allow the player to power up their characters and take on tougher challenges to obtain new resources, forming the primary gameplay loop.

The primary gameplay consists of dungeons and boss fights that the player must conquer. One can play by themselves or use the online co-op function to clear challenges with other players in real-time. The game utilizes a touchsceen control scheme; the player quickly taps the screen anywhere to perform standard attacks, or designated buttions to activate skills and dragon transformations when they become available. The player can swipe the screen to perform a rolling dodge. As the player completes the game's story mode, new challenges are also unlocked.


Limited time events occur fairly often; with them come extra quests the player may complete to earn extra resources. Events also come with their own story segments and new, limited time, boss fights and dungeons.

Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes

DL Lost Heroes key art.png

Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes (Japanese: FIRE EMBLEMファイアーエムブレム つながる世界 Fire Emblem: Connected Worlds) was Dragalia Lost's first crossover event with the Fire Emblem series and Dragalia Lost's first crossover event in general. The Lost Heroes event also introduced a new event type to Dragalia Lost, called Defensive Battles.[1]



There are numerous playable characters, known by the term Adventurers, appearing in Dragalia Lost. Unlike Fire Emblem Heroes only one copy of an adventurer can be possessed by the player at a time, any duplicate adventurers are converted to Eldwater, a unit-upgrading resource. Characters have a rarity value, represented with varying numbers of ★, ranging from three to five. On average, the higher rarity a character is, the more powerful they are.

In addition to the above, Loki appears during the Lost Heroes event in cutscenes.


Dragalia Lost features several weapons that can be given to adventurers. Two weapons from the Fire Emblem series has appeared in Dragalia Lost.

Note:The version of the Falchion used in Dragalia Lost is the one seen in the Archanean games and its ability references Marth as its most famous user.


Dragalia lost uses images, termed as stickers, during co-op modes. The Lost Heroes event included some Fire Emblem themed stickers exclusive to the Lost Heroes event as rewards.


  • Dragalia Lost was not the first non-Fire Emblem Heroes mobile title to feature Fire Emblem content; that title instead goes to Miitomo, one of Nintendo's early, and short lived, mobile efforts.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Dragalia Lost In-universe, the term "Dragalia" refers to the harmonious union of humans and dragons; it also refers to the magical balance of the world.[2]
Japanese ドラガリアロスト Dragalia Lost, as above.


Promotional illustrations


  1. "Defensive battles are here! Work together in co-op to cover ground and protect the castle gate."News | Dragalia Lost | Nintendo,, Published: April 18th 2019, Retrieved: April 18th 2019
  2. Euden: "Dragalia"? What is that?
    Midgardsormr: Do you seek a lesson, my prince? Very well. Let us dust off the chronicles of history together...
    Euden: So my family's power of dragonblood arose from peace. From...the light. Does the Ilian Church still have the Primal Pactstone?
    Midgardsormr: No. The stone was lost around three hundred years ago. It was shattered during a terrible conflict. This was not indicative of a rift between us. Man and dragon alike chose to shatter it to avert catastrophe. However, years later, the consequences could be felt. The loss of dragalia slowly changed the world. And now here we are, 300 years later. Dragons and dragonblood fighting amongst ourselves as if we never learned a thing. Yet what appears to be an ordinary war actually reflects a much deeper problem. It is but another sign of imbalance in a world that has lost its symbol of amity.
    Euden: Well, I know we may have broken our oath of peace... But our bond of trust remains. How else could we have forged a pact? And if that's the case, it means we can still restore dragalia.

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