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Detached Princess

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Detached Princess

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Chrom, Lucina, Eirika, Ephraim, Leo, Elise

Why can't I ever get what I want? All of you, fall back and escape through that gateway! There's no need to fight for me until the bitter end. Then I'd be all alone again...
— Veronica

Detached Princess (Japanese: 閉ざされし皇女 Closed-off Imperial Princess) is the first available xenologue chapter of Fire Emblem Heroes. The story of this chapter is told from the point of view of Veronica, Princess of Embla, giving the player an insight into her personality, and her motivations regarding the conflict between Askr and Embla.

This chapter was added to the game as part of an update released on March 7th, 2017, to celebrate the launch of the first Voting Gauntlet, which pitted various princes and princesses of the Fire Emblem series against each other, and features the characters who participated in that event (except Alfonse and Sharena) as enemies.


Main article: Detached Princess/Script

Princess Veronica summons a number of Heroes for her to "play" with - Chrom, Lucina, Ephraim, Eirika, Leo, and Elise. She picks out Ephraim and Eirika, who refuse to follow her instructions. Veronica reminds them that, due to their contract, they are bound to follow whatever order she gives them, and, if they still refuse, she will force Ephraim to kill his sister. However, she offers to release them from the contract if they comply with her request—to prove to her that their family bonds are as strong as they say they are. Just then, Veronica is interrupted by the arrival of the Order of Heroes, so she orders her Heroes to fight them off.

The battle is won, however, by the Order, so Veronica orders her Heroes to retreat, rather than fight on and leave her alone. She returns to the castle, where she is greeted by the Mysterious Man, who has been searching for "something", and must leave again to continue his search. Veronica offers him some tea, which he accepts. He then asks her if she has had any "odd" feelings lately, as if she was being controlled by something else. Veronica says that she has not, but mentions that she does occasionally hear a voice commanding her to "kill".

Chapter data

This chapter features only one playable map, unlike other chapters of Heroes.

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy. Player Other Enemy
Defeat: All player units are defeated. 4 0 ChromLucinaEirikaEphraimLeoElise
Cm feh xenologue 1.png

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Type Weapon Lv Skills
Portrait chrom feh.png
Chrom infantry Is feh sword.png 10 Is feh skill offense.png Steel Sword
Is feh spur def 1.pngC Spur Def 1
Portrait lucina feh.png
Lucina infantry Is feh sword.png 10 Is feh skill offense.png Steel Sword
Is feh defiant spd 1.pngA Defiant Spd 1
Portrait eirika feh.png
Eirika infantry Is feh sword.png 10 Is feh skill offense.png Steel SwordIs feh skill support.png Pivot
Is feh hone spd 1.pngC Hone Spd 1
Portrait ephraim feh.png
Ephraim infantry Is feh lance.png 10 Is feh skill offense.png Steel Lance
Is feh threaten def 1.pngC Threaten Def 1
Portrait leo feh.png
Leo cavalry Is feh red tome.png 10 Is feh skill offense.png Ruin
Is feh savage blow 1.pngC Savage Blow 1
Portrait elise feh.png
Elise cavalry Is feh staff.png 10 Is feh skill offense.png AssaultIs feh skill support.png Mend
Is feh live to serve 1.pngB Live to Serve 1
Name Type Weapon Lv Skills

Enemy Hero data


Main article: Chrom

Normal Hard Lunatic


Main article: Lucina

Normal Hard Lunatic


Main article: Eirika

Normal Hard Lunatic


Main article: Ephraim

Normal Hard Lunatic


Main article: Leo

Normal Hard Lunatic


Main article: Elise

Normal Hard Lunatic


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.


  • This chapter is the first xenologue chapter in the Fire Emblem series to officially bear a chapter number.

In other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Detached Princess Refers to Veronica.
Japanese 閉ざされし皇女 Closed-off imperial princess
Princesa distante Distant princess
(Latin America)
Princesa distante Distant princess
French La princesse isolée The isolated princess
German Einsame Prinzessin Lonely Princess
Italian Principessa distaccata Detached princess


Detached Princess The Brink of Chaos

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