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Fire Emblem Heroes - A Day in the Life

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Fire Emblem Heroes
A Day in the Life

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The comic series's logo and cover image.



Release date

November 14, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes - A Day in the Life (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 英雄たちの日常 Fire Emblem Heroes: Heroes' Everyday Lives) is a weekly Yonkoma manga, or 4koma, comic hosted on Fire Emblem Heroes's Japanese website. It was initially only produced in Japanese and was announced on November 14, 2017 during a Feh Channel; an official English version began on October 23, 2019 without prior announcement, starting with the 100th issue.

As it was only announced in a Feh Channel's Japanese broadcast, it was initially believed there were no plans to officially translate the comic into English or other non-Japanese languages; as a result, multiple fan translation efforts had been undertaken for this comic prior to its official English debut, and remain the only avenue for translations of the comic prior to issue 100.

A Latin American Spanish translation was released in February 2021, with comics from January 2021 being translated as well.


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The series consists of short gag comics, as indicated by the title, based on the everyday lives of the characters in Heroes.

# Title Post date Summary
1 FEH manga ch 01.png November 15, 2017 When Cordelia wishes that Chrom would be summoned, Felicia and the summoner offer to help. After several attempts, Cordelia becomes disillusioned when Felicia admits that they had only been summoning from blue orbs instead of red because they matched Chrom's hair color.
2 FEH manga ch 02.png November 22, 2017 Alfonse and Sharena receive the daily presents from Feh: a Stamina Potion and an Orb. Alfonse comments that the new Orb feels warm.
3 FEH manga ch 03.png November 29, 2017 Soren demands that the Summoner stop using Ike so much. The Summoner states that they will after three more battles, and when Soren is outraged he explains that Ike is currently a bonus unit for Tempest Trials.
4 100px December 6, 2017 Xander and Veronica are waiting as the Order of Heroes are about to arrive. However, because she cannot see them approaching, she has Xander let her climb onto his horse with him.
5 100px December 13, 2017 Narcian tells Anna that the castle should be upgraded to be more beautiful. Narcian is satisfied with the castles upgrades, but notices that Feh has stayed the same. Narcian then dresses Feh up with colorful feathers, to the annoyance of Feh.
6 100px December 20, 2017 Draug is able to move much faster with help from Tana's Guidance and Amelia's Armor March, but he suddenly throws up because his body cannot handle the speed.
7 100px December 27, 2017 The masked Marth introduces herself to the summoner. However, when the actual Marth appears and points out that they share the same name, she becomes embarrassed and apologizes, removing her mask.
8 100px January 10, 2018 The masked Lucina proclaims that she will save her future, and asks that her father watch over her. However, the Spring Festival Chrom suddenly appears, alongside the similarly-dressed Lucina, causing the masked Lucina to start crying.
9 100px January 17, 2018 Faye is summmoned, and immediately asks where Alm is. When the summoner tells her he hasn't been summoned yet, she immediately says that she is leaving. Tthe summoner begs her not to leave, while Tobin and Gray apologize for her behavior.
10 100px January 24, 2018 Ogma is training and wishes to become stronger. The summoner knows of a method to help him and goes to Hinata, bowing to him and asking that he pass on his Fury skill, much to Ogma's confusion.
11 100px January 31, 2018 Wrys feels humbled that someone like him could be considered a hero, but Sharena encourages him. Just as Sharena asks if they can be friends, however, the summoner appears, demanding his Live to Serve and Rehabilitate skills for inheritance.
12 100px February 7, 2018 Sharena wishes to make a thousand friends from the Heroes that are summoned, only to be met with numerous copies of Wrys. Sharena notes that it still counts as making friends with one thousand Heroes.
13 100px February 14, 2018 Alm is helping to make the daily teams. On the first time is himself, Ike, Chrom, and Marth. On the second team are dragons: Nowi, Ninian, Sophia, and the young Tiki. Finally, he moves to the third team of Mathilda, Mae, Faye, and Celica; Faye suggests being removed from the team since she may "accidentally" strike her allies, though Alm tries to convince her that she will be okay.
14 100px February 21, 2018 The summoner and Setsuna are in the Arena, with Clair and Shanna as opponents. Clair notes that the symbol indicating bonus damage to an enemy has appeared over them, though Shanna has a plan. Right as Setsuna is aiming at them, the two hold up signs over the bonus damage icon to indicate that they deal bonus damage to her, which successfully tricks her while the summoner hastily tries to get her to fire.
15 100px February 28, 2018 The summoner tells Alfonse that Robin called him their "other half", and that they share the same kind of bond he and Chrom do. While Alfonse accepts the compliment, the summoner asks whether they would be the "upper" or "lower" half, and speculates that they could merge together into a unit with all the advantages of every unit type, with the ability to use every weapon, while Alfonse suggests simply asking Robin what he meant.
16 100px March 7, 2018 Sharena is lamenting that she has not made many Hero friends lately. When the summoner complements Alfonse as his "other half", however, Sharena is shocked and mad at him for becoming the "lower half" while she keeps trying to make friends, to Alfonse's confusion.
17 100px March 14, 2018 Sharena has dressed up in a Feh costume as she believes she won't be getting a seasonal costume at any point. However, the others mistake her for the actual Feh; the summoner appears to collect the daily presents, Ryoma asks her to deliver a paper, and Marth and Caeda dote on her. When Alfonse finally notices her with the costume off and asks where she was, Sharena replies that she was thinking about how unperceptive others are.
18 100px March 22, 2018 The summoner informs Xander that there have been complaints regarding a ladies' man at the castle recently. Believing it to be Laslow, Xander marches into the castle to stop him, only to find Gray flirting with Clair while Laslow notes that he has been minding his own business.
19 100px March 28, 2018 The summoner is going into battle with Gray, Lissa, Cain, and Leo. They order the team to enter the forest to increase evasion, though Gray notes that Heroes doesn't have an avoid mechanic. The summoner then asks them to try using Pair Up, Capture, or Dragon Vein, only to be told that those are in Awakening, Thracia 776, and Fates respectively. Confused and angry, the summoner throws Breidablik into the air.
20 100px April 4, 2018 Sharena suggests that Alfonse try to appeal to more people, telling him that it may give him an advantage in the next Voting Gauntlet. He tries, but becomes too embarrassed. Sharena tries to console him by telling him that he now has one Battle Flag, though Alfonse states that she isn't helping.
21 100px April 11, 2018 Anna alerts everyone that Kamui has recently been summoned. Leon, believing it to be his friend, is surprised to see that the male Corrin has been summoned. However, he still believes him to be the Kamui he knows, but with a different appearance as a side effect of being summoned. As he excitedly wonders what Valbar will look like when he is summoned, Saber tells the summoner that Leon always acts like that.
22 100px April 18, 2018 The summoner gives Arden a Sacred Seal that will increase his speed. Arden is joyful that he will finally be fast after all the times the enemies have mocked him for his speed, though as he shares his joy with Ayra the summoner doesn't have the heart to tell him that the seal only gives a one point increase.
23 100px April 25, 2018 Four armor units (the Black Knight, Zephiel, Effie, and Arden) are being sent on a mission together. The summoner is concerned, but Anna tells him to be patient. Night falls and the group still hasn't returned when Feh arrives with a message, telling that the four have only just gotten to the enemy.
24 100px May 2, 2018 The summoner has Shigure use his Sing skill; he admits to himself that, while singing is useful by allowing allies to move again, he also enjoys hearing Shigure's singing. When he starts singing, however, the summoner immediately recognizes that he is singing the game's title theme, with Shigure admitting that he is trying to expand his repertoire. Afterward, the summoner decides to put in some requests.
25 100px May 9, 2018 Alfonse notices that the summoner's units are lacking assist skills, which suggests that he doesn't use them. The summoner tries to convince him otherwise, noting one time on a narrow map that he won by constantly using Shove on Draug, though Alfonse is only convinced that he is also bad at unit selection and placement.
26 100px May 16, 2018 Robin has been summoned, and observes the summoner moving his units in battle. As it seems like he is about to make a comment, he instead reassures the summoner that he is doing fine, to the summoner's annoyance.
27 100px May 23, 2018 Leo and Takumi try to prove which of them has the superior retainers. Takumi brags about Oboro, stating that she is both a skilled fighter and tailor. Leo notes, however, that his retainer Odin has great skills for skill inheritance, to which Takumi sympathizes.
28 100px May 30, 2018 Alfonse, Anna, and Hawkeye come across Bruno. Hawkeye says that he looks weak, but Bruno, ripping his top off, challenges him to a fistfight. Alfonse watches their fight in shock, while Anna takes pictures with her snapshot tome.
29 100px June 6, 2018 Veronica and Xander have been defeated by the summoner, who is also using Xander. As Veronica wonders why she lost, Xander notes that the summoner has a close bond with his allies that improves their fighting abilities. Veronica decides to "bond" with Xander, drawing an "S" on his outfit.
30 100px June 13, 2018 Lissa asks Anna how Hero Feathers are obtained. Anna explains that Hero Feathers can be earned by completing quests, or as gifts from heroes. The two see feathers floating around Leo, but he explains that they are actually feathers from Hinoka's pegasus.
31 100px June 20, 2018 As Ryoma and Hawkeye finish a battle together, Hawkeye pats Ryoma's head. The two stare at each other silently, Hawkeye having believed it to be a tradition from Corrin's home after she did it to him when they first met, while Ryoma believes it to be a greeting from Nabata.
32 100px June 27, 2018 Anna and Alfonse have encountered Loki, who demonstrates her shapeshifting power by turning into Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna. While Alfonse is angered that she would use their forms for deceit, Anna is mad that she doesn't have the power herself, as she would use it to make money selling pictures of the other heroes.
33 100px July 4, 2018 The summoner notices that Lon'qu is nervous around women, but appears to be fine around girls like Nowi. Thus, he is teamed up with her, Tiki, and Fae. Sully, Stahl, and Gaius watch as Lon'qu struggles to keep the dragons under control.
34 100px July 11, 2018 Veronica tries to go over her latest scheme, but can't remember it. Xander suggests that she write memos and post them in an easy-to-see place. She first tries posting them on her crown, though Xander states that she wouldn't see them there. She then tries posting them on Xander's cape, but Xander tells her to take them off, and that he will memorize the notes for her.
35 100px July 18, 2018 Fjorm has been enjoying her time in Askr ever since she escaped. She comes across the two Robins, who ask her to help work on plans with them. However, Fjorm is frightened as the Robins reveal their true nature as Grima and start talking about bringing despair, while the summoner states that the two Grimas aren't fooling anyone.
36 100px July 25, 2018 A group of heroes have been defeating many Emblian soldiers. Bruno wonders who those powerful heroes are, but it turns out to be a team of villagers: Gray, Tobin, Donnel, and Rebecca.
37 100px August 1, 2018 Laevatein is cold in the snowy weather of Nifl, so Laegjarn offers her her pauldrons for warmth. Laevatein is worried that her sister would be cold, but considers that her sister will only keep worrying, and that she has nothing else to put on, so she accepts the offer. Laevatein feels warmer, while Laegjarn thinks that she looks like their father.
38 100px August 8, 2018 The summoner watches as, one by one, his entire team (Fir, Subaki, Serra, and Barst) is defeated. Out of anger, the summoner rips his own clothes.
39 100px August 22, 2018 As Bruno continues on his journey, he receives a letter from Feh. The letter is from Veronica, explaining that she will be joining the summoner, much to Bruno's confusion.
40 100px August 29, 2018 While traveling through Nifl, Laejarn notices that Laevatein is hungry and asks her to take a break. Laevatein reassures her she is fine and they must fight under their father's orders. Laegjarn insists by offering to join Laevatein on her break and both sisters agree to find a place to eat.
41 100px September 5, 2018 Saias, the female Robin, and Soren are discussing battle strategies. As the summoner watches their discussion (while Katarina takes notes), he finally joins them by saying that point B is the best place for a snack. Soren admonishes the summoner for disturbing the tacticians in response.
42 100px September 12, 2018 While battling in the Tempest, Azura, in her Performing Arts attire, sings her song to give her allies extra actions. Eventually, she gets bored of singing the same song and decides to change things up by forming a band with Reinhardt and Hardin and singing her song in rock to Michalis.
43 100px September 19, 2018 Laevatein is left alone, recalling that Laegjarn promised to meet her again soon. She returns to the castle, only to find an injured Laegjarn, who is overjoyed to see Laevatein again. However, "Laegjarn" turns out to be Loki when Laevatein points out that Laegjarn would never act like that, frustrating Loki since she was only trying to comfort her.
44 100px September 26, 2018 Legendary Ike notices Est and Sharena cuddling Feh and wonders what they are up to. The summoner explains that this is a form of therapy as a way to relieve troubles before heading into battle, and asks if he wants to try it. Ike turns down the offer, but Sharena reveals that due to the therapy's popularity, there is a 2 hour wait time and offers Ike alternatives while he waits: a pegasus, Fae's dragon form, and Oliver, to Ike's horror.
45 100px October 3, 2018 Mist is feeling nervous about going into battle. Ike, however, reassures her that he will be there to protect her. The other two Ike variants step in and offer their protection as well, though Mist is surprised to see so many Ikes.
46 100px October 10, 2018 The summoner presents a riddle to the masked Marth, female Kana, and Nowi: "Who are the ones that are the most respected in the family?" Nowi guesses it to be the mother, but the summoner states it is incorrect, revealing that it is the ones who have the will to change the future, specifically "a certain father and a certain daughter who's hiding her true self," unnerving "Marth" because the answer is too specific.
47 100px October 17, 2018 The Order of Heroes are about to face off Sigurd in Tap Battle. Just as the battle begins, Alfonse notes his enemies' lack of rhythm, while Arden reminds Sigurd to time his attacks to the beat.
48 100px October 24, 2018 The summoner is jealous of seeing their companions wearing accessories, To comfort the summoner, Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna offer theirs to the summoner. However, the summoner puts them all on under their hood, with Alfonse yelling at them for missing the point of wearing the accessories.
49 100px October 30, 2018 The summoner is struggling to figure out which blessing to give to Lyn: a Wind blessing because her Legendary variant is of the Wind attribute or an Earth blessing to increase her Attack. Lyn reassures the summoner that she will be at her strongest regardless of the blessing. The summoner decides to give all of them to Lyn by splitting each blessing into quarters and merging them into one.
50 100px November 4, 2018 Jaffar comes across Palla teaching Nino how to read an entry from the summoner's diary, that entry being Jaffar's recent summon. He congratulates Nino on a job well done, while Palla restrains an embarrassed summoner.
51 100px November 12, 2018 The summoner has assigned Minerva to learn Lancebreaker from a Narcian combat manual. Just as Minerva picks up the manual and start reading it, she is traumatized by its contents and asks Maria to help her burn it, with Maria warning Minerva that fire is not allowed in the archives.
52 100px November 19, 2018 Ylgr is held captive in Múspell. Helbindi questions her on why she hasn't eaten anything; Ylgr replies that this is because the food is tough to chew. Helbindi solves the problem by cutting the food into smaller pieces. Ylgr is grateful for Helbindi's kindness, though he is quick to deny it.
53 100px November 26, 2018 The summoner's plan of teaming up Lon'qu with Nowi, Tiki, and Fae has failed. This time, they decide to put him in a team consisting of feminine-looking men that includes Lucius and Libra in order to help him cope with women more easily. Lon'qu is suspicious of the team's fourth member, who turns out to be Linde; she congratulates Lon'qu for discovering her before recalling the time she had to flee from Gharnef while disguised. Lon'qu is unnerved that the situation took a dark turn and quickly agrees to go along with the plan.
54 100px December 3, 2018 Siegbert greets his "Aunt" Elise a good afternoon. Not feeling cute after the greeting, Elise insists her nephew use something less formal. Siegbert ends up mixing up his honorifics, frustrating Elise.
55 100px December 10, 2018 The male Robin has been recently summoned, but is suddenly greeted by the Spring variant of Chrom. The male Corrin understands Robin's confusion, as he explains that his other siblings have also been overtaken by seasonal festivities.
56 100px December 17, 2018 Minerva notices her "nickname" of "Minerva-kins" being called, but it turns out to be Cherche tending to her wyvern mount. Cherche apologizes for the misunderstanding and asks to call the Macedonian by that nickname as well.
57 100px December 24, 2018 The female Grima-possessed Robin mocks Myrrh and the Harvest Festival Nowi for being defeated in the Grand Conquests. She decides to take matters into her own hands, but as she is warped into the battlefield, she is surrounded by Exalted Chrom, Hoshidan Summer Elincia, Legendary Marth, the masked Marth, Julia, Klein, and Jeorge, who all have weapons that deal effective damage to her.
58 100px January 8, 2019 Sharena and Anna host a karuta tournament to kick off the New Year. Anna sells the cards, while Sharena explains the rules: she reads the theme of the cards and each player tries to get their matching picture cards first. The Whitewings, Chrom, Oliver, and the masked Marth are among the tournament's players. As the tournament winds down to the last card, which depicts the actual Marth, Sharena notices it is missing. "Marth" reveals that she kept it hidden in her yukata the whole time.
59 100px January 15, 2019 Before Leif heads to the front lines in battle, Quan and Ethlyn support him with Rally Speed/Defense+ and Physic+, respectively and wish him luck. Leif suggests that his parents head into battle first, but leaves embarrassed when they insist. Both the summoner and Finn are touched by what had happened.
60 100px January 22, 2019 Arthur attempts to protect Elise from harm with the help of Delthea's Drive Attack and Dark Aura, but his bad luck catches up to him, causing him to trip and knock himself out before he can do anything.
61 100px January 29, 2019 The Order of Heroes cannot defeat Surtr with his Múspellflame active, so they retreat to form another plan. Matthew suggests using a net to trap Surtr, only to learn that Setsuna already got caught in it. Suddenly, Dorcas in his Harvest Festival outfit throws candy at Surtr's face, defeating him. Dorcas apologizes to Natalie for losing the candy while Alfonse tells him to relax since Askr will ship Natalie replacement candy after the battle.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Fire Emblem Heroes - A Day in the Life


ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 英雄たちの日常

Fire Emblem Heroes: Heroes' Everyday Lives

(Latin America)

Fire Emblem Heroes - UN DÍA CON LOS HÉROES

Fire Emblem Heroes - A Day with the Heroes



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