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Aelfric Dahlman

FETH Aelfric.png
Artwork of Aelfric from Three Houses.



Human (transformed into a monster by the Chalice of Beginnings)

Starting class


Voiced by
The Ashen Wolves are a house in name alone. They are eager students with no teacher to guide them... If you could find it in your heart to take them under your wing, I would be most grateful.
— Aelfric

Aelfric Dahlman[2] (Japanese: アルファルド Alphard) is a non-playable character appearing in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion Cindered Shadows. He is the overseer of Abyss.


Aelfric was born in Garreg Mach Monastery, and fell in love with a nun named Sitri. However, Sitri fell in love with the captain of the Knights of Seiros, Jeralt, and died giving birth to her child Byleth. 6 years after her death, Aelfric founded the Ashen Wolves, a student group dedicated to protecting lost souls who ended up in the monastery's underground city, Abyss. 5 years later, he discovered Sitri's corpse buried deep within Abyss. Having knowledge of legends surrounding the Chalice of Beginnings, an artifact created by Saint Seiros that could supposedly resurrect the dead in a ritual called the Rite of Rising, he became obsessed with finding a way to bring Sitri back to life. To this end, he lured distant descendants of the Four Apostles, Yuri, Constance, Hapi, and Balthus, to Abyss to be used as blood sacrifices in the Rite of Rising. He also abducted many of Yuri's friends and family members to force him into giving his allegiance.

Aelfric first meets Byleth as an adult when they and a group of students blunder into Abyss and discover the Ashen Wolves. Through Yuri, Aelfric manipulates the group into seeking the Chalice of Beginnings. The group finds the chalice, but Aelfric is supposedly abducted by bandits led by Metodey. Byleth and the Ashen Wolves rescue him and drive off the bandits. Aelfric then betrays the Wolves, steals the Chalice, abducts them, and takes them to the Holy Mausoleum to complete the ritual. Byleth and their companions pursue them to the Mausoleum, rescue the Wolves, and defeat Aelfric. Rhea tries to convince him to stand down, but Aelfric flees to the cathedral and attempts to finish the ritual with his own blood. The ritual fails catastrophically; Aelfric and Sitri's corpse are absorbed by the Chalice and transformed into a horrific monster called an Umbral Beast, and Byleth is forced to slay him in battle.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Aelfric is introduced as an NPC during the Cindered Shadows expansion, before being revealed to be the main antagonist. He is a temporary playable character in Chapter 5, a boss in Chapter 6, and the final boss in Chapter 7.


Playable - Cindered Shadows Chapter 5

Normal Hard

Enemy - Cindered Shadows Chapter 6

Normal Hard

Enemy - Cindered Shadows Chapter 7

Normal Hard

Personality and character

Aelfric presents a front of being a calm and forgiving benefactor to the denizens of Abyss. In reality, he is completely obsessed with reviving Sitri, and sees the Ashen Wolves as pawns to this end. Despite this, he is not entirely without virtue; he truly loved Sitri and was perfectly willing to step aside and allow her to be with Jeralt if it made her happy, and he founded the Ashen Wolves several years before he discovered Sitri's body, leading Yuri to speculate that his intentions for the Wolves were initially genuinely pure.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Aelfric From "Ælfric", an Anglo-Saxon given name meaning "elf ruler", which is cognate to modern English "Aubrey". This character is possibly named specifically after Ælfric the Grammarian, who was one of the most prolific writers in Anglo-Saxon England.
Japanese アルファルド Alphard. From the Arabic "Alfard", meaning "the solitary one".



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