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FERD Pelleas.png
Artwork of Pelleas from Radiant Dawn.

The orphan of Daein’s former king, Ashnard the Mad. He knew nothing of his parentage until Izuka found him living a life of poverty among the masses. His love for Daein is quite strong.








King of Daein

Starting class

Dark Sage


Pelleas (Japanese: ペレアス Pelleas) is the king of Daein, the presumed son of the late Mad King Ashnard.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


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Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait pelleas fe10.png
Dark Sage
Level 12
Affinity Is wii wateraffin.png
Constitution 9
Recruitment: Part 4 Chapter 2, automatically from turn 2 if these criteria have been met:
• The save file was created using a cleared save's data
• In Part 3 Chapter 13, the option "Refuse his command" was chosen.

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png -- WiiRankLance.png -- WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png --
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png A WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png -- WiiRankDark.png S WiiRankStaff.png --

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Skills Weapon level
Archsage +4 +4 +2 +2 +2 +0 +4 +2 +0 +0 Flare WiiRankThunder.png (x to A)
WiiRankDark.png (x to S)
WiiRankStaff.png B


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Pelleas is a Dark Sage who joins Tibarn's team in part 4, being one of the only two units in the game, along with Lehran, who can use dark magic and are only recruitable from a second playthrough onward. Filling in as the Est archaetype in Radiant Dawn, his base stats are below average, especially when taking into account that he joins at a late point in the game where some of his teammates may have already been promoted to third-tier classes and with enemies whose stats are raised accordingly, while he himself is a level 12 second-tier class. To compensate, he has decent stat growths, with better growths in magic, speed, resistance, and skill in particular. Pelleas has a relatively stable biorhythm pattern, resulting in less severe penalties to his avoid and hit rates. His base strength is just high enough to prevent him from being weighed down by all of his usable tomes except Balberith, Fenrir, and Bolting. On the downside, his base speed is low, making him more prone to getting double attacked by opponents. Additionally, dark tomes have low accuracy, meaning he may struggle to land accurate hits with his strong magic. He can alternatively use thunder tomes, exchanging raw might for a slight accuracy boost; this additionally allows him to deal bonus damage against the dragon units in chapter 4-5 and (assuming he is brought into the Tower) 4-E. Especially on easier difficulties, it is possible for Pelleas to promote to an Arch Sage during his join chapter via combat EXP alone. With the abundant thicket tiles scattered throughout the map, Pelleas can be semi-reliably left exposed to open combat and reliably dodge incoming attacks with relative ease. Though his speed cap will limit his ability to double attack in the endgame chapters, his high resistance will help his survivability against the abundant magic units in the final few chapters. He also gets a Trinity of Magic advantage against enemy Spirits by using dark magic against them.

When promoted, he additionally gains usage of staves. In comparison to the anima-specialist Archsages, he starts with a significantly higher proficiency with staves, at a B rank, in order to accommodate for his late join time. His staff rank can be raised to a maximum of an S rank, being the only Archsage that is able to do so, while anima-specialist Archsages can only reach an A rank. This effectively means that he is the only Archsage that can use the Fortify staff, and can pretty much use every other staves in the game excluding Matrona and the Ashera Staff.

Pelleas has innate Miracle, which can save him from fatal blows, though it isn't reliable due to his low luck stat. Due to bad speed, Adept and Vantage won't help either. Shade or Stillness may slightly help him survive better but should not be overdependent on. Pelleas can use Wrath or Resolve to give himself a significant boost in attack power, due to his durability being mediocre enough to drop him to low health, but high enough to prevent him from dying easily. If Pelleas has not been promoted by chapter 4-5, he can equip Paragon to help gain more combat EXP.

Pelleas has a water affinity which gives a boost to attack and defense. As his main magic specialty are the powerful, but inaccurate dark tomes, partnering Pelleas with a unit with a heaven affinity can help him land more accurate hits. An earth affinity can help strengthen his dodging ability, helping his durability. A wind affinity can accomplish both at the same time, albeit to a weaker extent.

Personality and character

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Bond supports

Small portrait pelleas fe10.png
Dark Sage
Default bonds:




Extra bonds:*





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Pelleas - Spirit-Charming Sage
After revealing his lack of royal blood, Pelleas gave up the throne, but served at court, learning to speak easily to all.


Battle quotes

If you thought to end this battle quickly by fighting me, you have made a grave mistake.
— Pelleas, in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.
Ike: You're King Pelleas? The son of Mad King Ashnard? I expected you to be...bigger.
Pelleas: You are the hero of Crimea, General Ike. You killed my father...
Ike: It was nothing personal. Your father had to be put down. Wait, are you shaking?
Pelleas: I’ve never killed anyone before... I've never even stood on a battlefield before today.
Ike: Then why did you come here? Do you want to die?
Pelleas: I do, but it won't change anything... I promised Micaiah that I wouldn't run from my destiny. General Ike, you may be able to take me down easily, but I will not run!
Ike: Just what Daein needs...another mad king. Let's see if you're as tough as your father.

— Pelleas, when fighting Ike in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.

Soren: The new king of Daein, Pelleas. How convenient. I can end this farce right now. Surrender or die.
Pelleas: Who are you? That mark on your forehead... Is it a mark of Spirit Protection?
Soren: No. It's something rather different.
Pelleas: But that shape... It looks so much like mine!
Soren: Is that so? You might still more powerful than you let on. Still, I doubt this changes anything. Prepare yourself, Pelleas.
Pelleas: But wait! There's so much I want to ask you!

— Pelleas, when fighting Soren in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.
Pelleas: Ilyana... I'm sorry. If I were a better king, this wouldn't have happened. I'm sorry...
Ilyana: Your Majesty, I don't know what's happened. All I know is that my friends are hurting each other. If that means I have to stop you to save them, then I'm going to try. I'm sorry...

— Pelleas, when fighting Ilyana in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.
Pelleas: Zihark... I only ever wanted to help our people. I'm sorry it came to this.
Zihark: So am I, Your Majesty. I don't understand any of this, but I do know that it has to stop.

— Pelleas, when fighting Zihark in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.
Pelleas: Jill, you told me once that you wished for me to become a good king for our people. I tried so hard... But I couldn't fulfil your wish. I'm so sorry.
Jill: It's all right, Your Majesty. I'd wrongly assumed that you had turned into a tyrant. Please forgive my desertion.

— Pelleas, when fighting Jill in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.
Valtome: You are no soldier! Who are you, boy?
Pelleas: I... I am Pelleas, king of Daein.
Valtome: Oh, how precious! I was hoping that I'd meet the simpering moron who signed the blood pact with Lekain... How funny! Uwee hee hee!
Pelleas: Y-you will regret this!

— Pelleas, when fighting Valtome in Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.

Pelleas: Izuka!
Izuka: Ah, my dear prince Pelleas! Excuse me, King Pelleas! I'd assumed that you had been turned to stone. How nice to see you again! But I am saddened to see that you would betray me and fight alongside these shortsighted fools! I found you and set you on the path to royalty! I served you well, did I not?
Pelleas: I know that you've been working for the senate, Izuka.
Izuka: So you found out. Very well. At least I don't need to pretend anymore. It isn't like you will spare my life, anyway.
Pelleas: With most of Daein turned to stone, the blood pact can no longer harm anyone. But that doesn't change the fact that you tricked me into risking the life of every citizen of my kingdom. Why would you betray me, Izuka? Were you ever loyal to Daein?
Izuka: Betrayal? What of your betrayal of me? I remember well how you valued one worthless laguz life over mine! It was your betrayal that forced me to abandon my work! You were supposed to be my puppet, a weakling boy-king that I could control, giving me free reign!
Pelleas: What? How could that be...
Izuka: Oh, princeling boy, how completely I've fooled you... You are not King Ashnard's son. All I did was look for a boy that could pass for the king's son.
Pelleas: But... Mother said... She said she was certain that I was her child!
Izuka: Ah yes, Lady Almedha, paragon of sanity! She is certainly fit to identify a boy she hasn't seen in fifteen years. She was so desperate to have her son again that she would have believed anything I told her.
Pelleas: No... No! Stop it! Stop talking!

— Pelleas, when fighting Izuka in Part 4 Chapter 5 of Radiant Dawn.

Pelleas: Vi-Vice-Minister Lekain...
Lekain: Hm? Ahhh, still alive, are we? I suppose that I can still find a use for you... I know! Go and attack the enemy general.
Pelleas: Um...
Lekain: Why are you not obeying, fool? That look on your face... You think you're going to save your people! That is precious! You can't possibly believe that one so flawed as you has a prayer against me?
Pelleas: I do, actually.
Lekain: Whaaat?! Did I hear you correctly?!
Pelleas: I said I believe. I believe in myself, and I believe in my companions. Even if I falter and fail... My friends will defeat you. This belief sustains me. I can fight you because I am no longer alone.
Lekain: Let us test your theory, then! Die, upstart!

— Pelleas, when fighting Lekain in Part 4 Endgame-1 of Radiant Dawn.

Sephiran: King Pelleas, correct? Aren't you brave, coming all this way!
Pelleas: If you’re the one who's been pulling the strings behind all this, please tell me... Who... Who am I?
Sephiran: ...I don't know. All I know is that you are a powerful practitioner of magic... I know that you were an orphan born and raised in Daein. But that is all Izuka ever told me.
Pelleas: So... I'm not Ashnard's true son?
Sephiran: No, you're not. Ashnard's son is of dragon tribe blood and is thus Branded.
Pelleas: I think I’m going to be ill...
Sephiran: Be assured that you were essential to Daein's reconstruction, which was a vital step toward waking the goddess. Fortunately, Izuka was able to use you to execute my plan.
Pelleas: You are going to pay! You are going to...BLAAARRRGH!

— Pelleas, when fighting Sephiran in Part 4 Endgame-4 of Radiant Dawn.

Death quotes

To die in this lonely place... It’s my fate... But... For Micaiah... I must... I...must live...
— Pelleas's normal retreat quote in Part 3 Endgame of Radiant Dawn.
Pelleas: Ugh... Guh...
Tibarn: You fought bravely. But enough is enough. No more. You'll break your mother's heart.
Pelleas: ...Y-yes...

— Pelleas, in Part 4 Chapter 2 and Part 4 Chapter 5 of Radiant Dawn.
I should have...died then... I fear...nothing...
— Pelleas
It would be better if I died here, but...I’ll keep my promise, Micaiah. I will live...
— Pelleas's alternate retreat quote in part 3 endgame of Radiant Dawn. It is unknown how to trigger this quote.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Pelleas is currently featured on two cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Pelleas
TCGCipher B20-088SR.png Prince Cursed By a Pact, Pelleas



"We can't afford to wait for another solution to present itself. We have to try. I want you to kill me."
Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Dark Sage Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Fierce Heart of National Salvation: [Activate] [Once per turn] Draw 1 card.
Final Wish: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip two bond cards] [Destroy this unit] Until the end of your opponent's next turn, all other allies gain +20 attack.
Blood Pact: [Trigger] At the end of your turn If you have 5 or more cards in your hand, choose 1 card from your hand, and send it to the Retreat Area.
Card #B20-088SRArtist: Tomohide Takaya
TCGCipher B20-089N.png Heir of Daein, Pelleas



"If I don't act, the devastation of Daein will grow ever worse. That is why I intend to come forth and present myself to the world... and why I intend to resist the Empire."
Attack: 30 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Dark Mage Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Dark Spirit Protection: [Always] The Support skills of cards supporting enemies with a Deployment Cost of 1 are unable to come into effect.
Attack Support Sealspell Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this combat, any Support skills that your opponent's Support card possesses are unable to come into effect.
Card #B20-089NArtist: Tomohide Takaya
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Pelleas .


  • Pelleas is one of two characters in Radiant Dawn to become playable only on the second or subsequent playthrough of the game, and one of only two characters capable of using dark magic. He shares both distinctions with Sephiran.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Pelleas From Sir Pelleas, a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend.
Japanese ペレアス Officially romanised as Pelleas.
Spanish Pelleas As above.
French Pelleas As above.
German Pelleas As above.
Italian Pelleas As above.


Official artwork



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