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Portrait marla fe02.png
Marla's portrait in Gaiden.





Juda (Father)
Heste (Sister)
Sonya (Younger Sister)



Starting class




(Japanese: マーラ, Marla) is a witch in Fire Emblem Gaiden. She is one of Juda's daughters and one of Sonya's older sisters.[1] She is also a follower of Duma. She is also Heste's sister, but their relative age to each other is unspecified.

Marla is fought twice throughout the game, Alm fights her in chapter 4 on the way to Nuibaba's mansion. The second time she is fought by Celica and Alm is in the final chapter in the basement of the Tower of Duma alongside her sister and father.

Fire Emblem Gaiden

Boss data

Boss: Chapter 4 Boss: Chapter 5


Battle quotes

Marla does not have any battle quotes.

Death quotes

May the blessings of Duma--
— Marla


  • Marla and Heste have the exact same stats as each other throughout all their appearances in Gaiden.
  • The generic class portrait for witches in Fire Emblem Fates may be inspired by Marla's and Heste's appearances, as the Fates' witch has the same hair color-a very dark and high contrast purple-as the two sisters.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
• Mara
• Mar
• Marla
• Most common variant, used in the most recent Gaiden fan translation.
• Rarely used variant, from the older Gaiden fan translation.
• Less common variant, somewhat popularized by Serenes Forest.
Japanese マーラ Officially romanized as Marla.


Sprite Gallery
Portrait marla fe02.png Witch
Bs fe02 enemy witch magic.png
Black magic


  1. "Her two older sisters, Marla and Heste, had been reborn as witches to be sacrificed to Duma... Sonya would never forgive their father Juda for making his three daughters into sacrifices." - Sonya's ending, Fire Emblem Gaiden

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