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A Hero Rises

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The most popular hero can be yours!
— Website tagline

A Hero Rises (Japanese: アスク王国国民投票 Ask Kingdom's National Voting) is an anniversary polling event associated with Fire Emblem Heroes that first ran in two rounds in 2018 associated with the game's first anniversary, and was later repeated since 2020 in association with the game's anniversary in those years. No edition was held in 2019; the differently-structured Find & Vote Heroes! event was held that year instead.


An example of one of the wallpaper rewards; this one features Marth.

Unlike Choose Your Legends, the polling for each version of A Hero Rises consists exclusively of characters already in Fire Emblem Heroes at the time.

The purpose of the 2018 edition of A Hero Rises was to determine the hero given to players after the completion of Xenologue 3: The People's Hero. The first round, featuring every playable character at the time, ran from February 2 to February 13; the second round, featuring the four top contenders from round one, ran from February 16 to February 20. The editions from 2020 and beyond had their first rounds, which ran from February 2 through February 9 of their respective years, determined the lineups of the respective March editions of the Voting Gauntlet, and the winner of that Gauntlet was distributed to all players for a month soon after the conclusion of the Gauntlet.

The normal variations of several characters original to Heroes are ineligible for voting, presumably due to the developers being unwilling to give out extra copies of these heroes due to gameplay reasons. Across all editions to date, these characters are Alfonse, Anna, Sharena, Veronica, and Bruno; Gustav, Freyr, and Fáfnir (both as human and as dragon) have been ineligible ever since their respective introductions as their normal variations are still not playable. Surtr, Laevatein, and Loki were also ineligible in the 2018 edition, but were made eligible from the 2020 edition onward as they have since become playable; Hel, Plumeria, and Triandra were ineligible in the 2020 edition, but were made eligible for the 2021 edition; Ótr was ineligible in the 2021 edition, but he was made eligible for the 2022 edition; Elm is ineligible in the 2022 edition. Seasonal variations of these characters extant at the start of an event are unaffected.


Similarly to the Choose Your Legends, a voter may vote once per day, and if they have a My Nintendo account they can track their previous votes on their Battle Ballot page. A day in this case begins at 3:00 AM UTC. Users without a My Nintendo account cannot view their previous votes. If a day of voting is missed the voter cannot "make up" their missed vote, so they become limited to one less overall vote; if there are seven days of voting and the first day is missed one can only vote six times if they make sure to vote every subsequent day.

One voter can vote for the same character multiple times, or they can choose to vote for a variety of characters.

Characters are organized by unit color (red, green, blue, colorless) as well as number of taps recorded on the home screen by players worldwide within said color. Upon choosing a color the voter is presented with a list of characters to choose from. After confirming a vote for a particular character, a link to a phone wallpaper featuring the chosen character was provided.

After voting for a specific character, the voter was given a link to a phone wallpaper featuring said character. There exists a wallpaper for each of the candidates available to each edition.

A Hero Rises 2018


Main article: :Category:A Hero Rises (2018) wallpapers


Main article: A Hero Rises/2018 Results

First round

The top four characters, and thus the characters that would move on to the final round, of the first round are as follows:

First round
Placement Character Votes
1 Portrait ike vanguard legend feh.png
Ike: Vanguard Legend
2 Portrait hector feh.png
Hector: General of Ostia
3 Portrait tharja "normal girl" feh.png
Tharja: "Normal Girl"
4 Portrait azura lady of ballads feh.png
Azura: Lady of Ballads

Final round

The results of the final round are as follows:

Final round
Placement Character Votes
(Change from
first round)
1 Portrait ike vanguard legend feh.png
Ike: Vanguard Legend
2 Portrait tharja "normal girl" feh.png
Tharja: "Normal Girl"
3 Portrait azura lady of ballads feh.png
Azura: Lady of Ballads
4 Portrait hector feh.png
Hector: General of Ostia

A Hero Rises 2020


Main article: :Category:A Hero Rises (2020) wallpapers


Main article: A Hero Rises/2020 Results

First round

The top eight characters, and thus the characters that would move on to the final round, of the first round are as follows:

First round
Placement Character Votes
1 Portrait altina dawn's trueblade feh.png
Altina: Dawn's Trueblade
2 Portrait alfonse askran duo feh.png
Alfonse: Askran Duo
3 Portrait sothis girl on the throne feh.png
Sothis: Girl on the Throne
4 Portrait leif unifier of thracia feh.png
Leif: Unifier of Thracia
5 Portrait sothis silver specter feh.png
Sothis: Silver Specter
6 Portrait azura vallite songstress feh.png
Azura: Vallite Songstress
7 Portrait alm saint-king feh.png
Alm: Saint-King
8 Portrait edelgard the future feh.png
Edelgard: The Future

Final round

Main article: Voting Gauntlet/2020 § March 2020: AHR 2020 Finals

The bracket for the ensuing Voting Gauntlet applied an unusual pattern in regards to seeding; instead of the anticipated 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5 matchups with the 1-8/4-5 and 2-7/3-6 matchup winners meeting in the semifinals, the seeds were applied 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, and 4-8; the semifinals still applied the expected logic as far as the stronger seeds were concerned.

A Hero Rises 2021


Main article: :Category:A Hero Rises (2021) wallpapers


Main article: A Hero Rises/2021 Results

First round

The top eight characters, and thus the characters that would move on to the final round, of the first round are as follows:

First round
Placement Character Votes
1 Portrait seiros saint of legend feh.png
Seiros: Saint of Legend
2 Portrait lyn ninja-friend duo feh.png
Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo
3 Portrait dimitri savior king feh.png
Dimitri: Savior King
4 Portrait freyja lady of nightmare feh.png
Freyja: Lady of Nightmare
5 Portrait corrin child of dusk feh.png
Corrin: Child of Dusk
6 Portrait edelgard adrestian emperor feh.png
Edelgard: Adrestian Emperor
7 Portrait byleth fell star's duo feh.png
Byleth: Fell Star's Duo
8 Portrait micaiah dawn wind's duo feh.png
Micaiah: Dawn Wind's Duo

Final round

Main article: Voting Gauntlet/2021 § March 2021: AHR 2021 Finals

Unlike the previous year, the bracket for the ensuing Voting Gauntlet applied the anticipated seed combination (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5 matchups, with the 1-8/4-5 and 2-7/3-6 matchup winners meeting in the semifinals).

A Hero Rises 2022


Main article: :Category:A Hero Rises (2022) wallpapers


Main article: A Hero Rises/2022 Results

First round

The top eight characters, and thus the characters that would move on to the final round, of the first round are as follows:

First round
Placement Character Votes
1 Portrait corrin nightfall ninja act feh.png
Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act
2 Portrait edelgard hegemon husk feh.png
Edelgard: Hegemon Husk
3 Portrait sigurd fated holy knight feh.png
Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight
4 Portrait thórr war god feh.png
Thórr: War God
5 Portrait eitri youthful sage feh.png
Eitri: Youthful Sage
6 Portrait byleth the fódlan star feh.png
Byleth: The Fódlan Star
7 Portrait azura hatari duet feh.png
Azura: Hatari Duet
8 Portrait dagr new year jötnar feh.png
Dagr: New Year Jötnar

Final round

Main article: Voting Gauntlet/2022 § March 2022: AHR 2022 Finals

Like the previous year, the Voting Gauntlet pitted 1-8, 4-5, 2-7, and 3-6 matchups in the first round, with the winners of 1-8/4-5 and 2-7/3-6 meeting in the second round.

A Hero Rises: Garland Moon Cup

This is a special edition of A Hero Rises themed to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, including only characters originating in Three Houses derived from that game's academy arc excluding Duo Heroes, Harmonized Heroes, and units first distributed via Grand Hero Battle or Tempest Trials. This edition ran from 3:00 AM UTC on June 6, 2022 to 2:59 AM UTC on June 13, 2022, and consists only of a single round with its winner being gifted to all Heroes players at 7:00 AM UTC on June 24, 2022.

Character wallpapers

Main article: :Category:A Hero Rises: Garland Moon Cup wallpapers

Other wallpapers

These wallpapers were distributed during specific periods of the event; the first wallpaper was distributed between 3:00 AM UTC on June 6 through 2:59 AM UTC on June 10, while the second wallpaper was distributed between 3:00 AM UTC on June 10 and 2:59 AM UTC on June 13. The first wallpaper is available in five language settings: Japanese, English, Korean, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese; Korean and simplified Chinese wallpapers are available despite the event's interface not being available on those language settings.


Main article: A Hero Rises/Garland Moon Cup Results

The top ten characters are as follows:

First round
Placement Character Votes
1 Portrait yuri ashen valiant feh.png
Yuri: Ashen Valiant
2 Portrait rhea witch of creation feh.png
Rhea: Witch of Creation
3 Portrait ashe fabled sea knight feh.png
Ashe: Fabled Sea Knight
4 Portrait byleth tested professor feh.png
Byleth: Tested Professor
5 Portrait bernadetta frosty shut-in feh.png
Bernadetta: Frosty Shut-In
6 Portrait hapi drawn-out sigh feh.png
Hapi: Drawn-Out Sigh
7 Portrait byleth proven professor feh.png
Byleth: Proven Professor
8 Portrait marianne adopted daughter feh.png
Marianne: Adopted Daughter
9 Portrait gatekeeper nothing to report feh.png
Gatekeeper: Nothing to Report
10 Portrait mercedes unfussed basker feh.png
Mercedes: Unfussed Basker

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

A Hero Rises




Ask Kingdom's National Voting


El trunfo de un héroe

The triumph of a hero


Un héros émerge

A hero emerges



Heroes choice


Splende un eroe

A hero shines

Traditional Chinese


Ask Kingdom's National Voting


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