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The Binding Blade Heroes

FEFT Sue.png
Artwork of Sue from The Binding Blade.

The granddaughter of Dayan, the Silver Wolf.








Sacaean[1] (from the Kutolah tribe)


Doe of the Plains[1]

Starting class


Voiced by
The breeze, the trees, the sky, the brooks... They are all speaking to us.
— Sue to Roy in a support conversation.

(Japanese: スー Sue) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She first appears in Chapter 6.

A Sacaean nomadic girl, Sue is a member of the Kutolah tribe and granddaughter of their leader, Dayan, also known as the Silver Wolf. She is also the daughter of Rath, a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. While her mother's name is unknown, there is the possibility of Lyn being the other parent, as suggested by her shared ending with Rath.

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade


Sue and her tribe. Dayan and Sin can be seen in the background.

When Bern starts to invade countries, Sacae is one of the first lands to be attacked. The Silver Wolf, leader of the Kutolah tribe and the most powerful warrior of Sacae, leads the resistance forces, and entrusts the women and children to Sue, his granddaughter. She is told to lead them to Lycia, where they would be safe. However, another tribe, known as the Djute, betrays the Kutolah and ambushes them. Sue, in an attempt to buy some time for her clansmen, faces the incoming attack, but this ends up being a ruse; the main forces were waiting where the Kutolah women and children had fled to, and Sue is unable to help them.[3] Apparently, she is the only survivor of this massacre.

After wandering in Lycian territory for a while, Sue finds refuge in Thria, under Lord Orun's protection. Yet when Wagner rebels and assassinates his lord, she is thrown into a cell, to be sent to Bern soon. She is later freed by the remnants of the Lycian Alliance army, who had been trapped by Wagner. After inquiring about their goal, she decides to join them in order to fight against Bern and to avenge Lord Orun.

When the army goes to the Western Isles, she runs into Sin, a fellow clansman. She wonders what he is doing there, so far away from Sacae, and after hearing Sin's explanations, she asks him to join the Lycian army, as they would be helping her grandfather by doing so. Then, ff the Etrurian army chooses to liberate Sacae first, Sue finally meets with her grandfather and convinces him to join forces with Roy, assuring him that the Lycian lord does not plan on conquering them thereafter. After liberating Sacae, she, together with Sin and Dayan, shows Roy where the Divine Weapon wielded by Hanon, Mulagir, is hidden.

After Bern is defeated and the war is over, Sue returns to the plains of Sacae and lives normally, declining all credit for her contributions in the war. These actions would eventually lead people to compare her with the Divine Warrior Hanon.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait sue fe06.png
Level 1
Affinity Is gba windaffin.png
Recruitment: Chapter 6, talk to her with Roy.

Stats Growth Rates

Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe -- GBARankBow.gif D
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --

Promotion gains

Class HP Str Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Weapon level
Nomadic Trooper +6 +2 +1 +1 +0 +2 +4 +1 +1 GBARankSword.gif E, GBARankBow.gif +1


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Fire Emblem Heroes


Sue is one of the characters added to the game in the A Father's Legacy update, and became available for summoning by players on March 8, 2019. Only one variation of Sue is currently available in Heroes, based on her The Binding Blade incarnation.

Sue notably brings green bows into the normal summoning pool, a weapon type not available in the game at its initial launch and previously exclusive to the Legendary Hero variation of Lyn and the New Year's variation of Fjorm.

Starting stats

Sue: Doe of the Plains is only available at 5★ rarity.
Portrait sue doe of the plains feh.png
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh green bow.png
Movement type Cavalry

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 16/17/18
Attack 7/8/9 Speed 9/10/11
Defense 3/4/5 Resistance 4/5/6
Is feh skill offense.png Short Bow+
Is feh skill support.png --
Is feh skill special.png New Moon

Skill set

Skill Rarity SP cost
Is feh skill offense.png Iron Bow Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Steel Bow Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Short Bow Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Short Bow+ Innate
Is feh skill special.png New Moon Innate
Is feh skill special.png Moonbow ★★★★★ 200 SP
Is feh darting blow 1.pngA Darting Blow 1 ★★★★★ 50 SP
Is feh swift sparrow 1.pngA Swift Sparrow 1 ★★★★★ 120 SP
Is feh swift sparrow 2.pngA Swift Sparrow 2 ★★★★★ 240 SP
Is feh chill def 1.pngB Chill Def 1 ★★★★★ 60 SP
Is feh chill def 2.pngB Chill Def 2 ★★★★★ 120 SP
Is feh chill def 3.pngB Chill Def 3 ★★★★★ 240 SP
Is feh hone spd 1.pngC Hone Spd 1 ★★★★★ 50 SP
Is feh hone spd 2.pngC Hone Spd 2 ★★★★★ 100 SP
Is feh hone spd 3.pngC Hone Spd 3 ★★★★★ 200 SP
Is feh hone spd 4.pngC Hone Spd 4 ★★★★★ 300 SP


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

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Personality and character

Sue is a quiet and focused person. She is not one to raise her voice, even when forced to act differently as she had wanted to.[4] Despite her calm nature, she is willing to fight as soon as she is freed;[5] in fact, the only times she protests loudly is when she is denied from fighting or overprotected. Such willingness may be due to her failure at protecting the Kutolah women and children; due to this, she wants to be in the front lines, despite what Sin, her bodyguard, thinks on the matter.[6]

While Sue may not seem very interested in the rest of the army,[7] she is in very close contact with nature, and is dumbfounded after learning that Fae is not allowed to go outside her room;[8] in several of her supports she shows this facet, even stating that her heart lies in the plains of Sacae. However, that does not mean she does not try to understand other lifestyles; after talking to Wolt, she tries to use her bow while on feet,[9] and wonders if the differences between her and Roy are due to their different upbringings.[10]


Main article: Sue/Supports
Portrait sue fe06.png
Is gba windaffin.png
Small portrait dayan fe06.png
Nomadic Trooper Is gba animaaffin.png
Initial: 40
Per turn:+3
Small portrait fae fe06.png
Manakete Is gba lightaffin.png
Initial: 1
Per turn:+1
Small portrait roy fe06.png
Lord Is gba fireaffin.png
Initial: 1
Per turn:+1

Initial: {{{initialpoints7}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints9}}}
Per turn:+
Small portrait sin fe06.png
Nomad Is gba iceaffin.png
Initial: 30
Per turn:+2
Small portrait wolt fe06.png
Archer Is gba iceaffin.png
Initial: 1
Per turn:+1

Initial: {{{initialpoints6}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints8}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints10}}}
Per turn:+
Click here for more details on supports.


Sue, Doe of the Plains
Short: Contiuned life in Sacae as a nomad.

Long: Sue returned to Sacae and resumed life as a nomad. Despite playing a major role in the war, she refused to claim credit. Seeing how she chose to live her life in the vast plains which she loved so dearly, some people say that she reminded them of the "Divine Warrior" Hanon.

Roy and Sue
Sue accompanied Roy to Lycia, where she married him and became the mistress of Pherae. However, she never could cast away her love for nature, and her behavior sometimes troubled those around her, who were not familiar with Sacaean culture.


Death quote

Sound of the wind... Smell of the grass...
— Sue.

Battle quotes

— Against Monke.
Is this the end? Or is it the beginning...
— In the final chapter.

Heroes quotes

Main article: Sue/Quotes (Heroes)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Sue is currently featured on two cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Sue
TCGCipher B05-032HN.png Doe of the Plains, Sue




"Once in a while, I listen to the various voices from the heavens and the earth..."
Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 2 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Nomadic Trooper Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Longbow: [Activate] [Flip one bond card] Until the end of this turn, this unit can attack your opponent’s Back Line regardless of range.
Anti-Fliers: [Always] If this unit is attacking a Flight unit, this unit gains +30 attack.
Card #B05-032HNArtist: Mayo
TCGCipher B05-033N.png Girl of the Kutolah Tribe, Sue




"Please give me a bow. I will fight alongside you."
Attack: 40 Support: 20 Range: 2 Deploy Cost: 2
Class: Nomad Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Girl who walks the Plains: [Activate] [Once per turn] Move this unit. This skill cannot be used if this unit is tapped.
Anti-Fliers: [Always] If this unit is attacking a Flight unit, this unit gains +30 attack.
Card #B05-033N, B05-033STArtist: Mayo
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Sue .


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Sue See the Japanese name.
Japanese スー Romanized as Sue in the Fire Emblem Museum website (archived by the Wayback Machine). Sue is the short form of Susanna, which comes from the Hebrew word שׁוֹשָׁן, meaning "lily".[11]


Small portrait sue fe06.png Sprite Gallery
Portrait sue fe06.png Nomad Nomadic Trooper
Bs fe06 sue nomad bow.png
Bs fe06 sue nomadic trooper bow.png
Bs fe06 sue nomadic trooper sword.png

Official artwork

Heroes artwork

Other appearances


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    " — Sue and Dayan's C support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
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    Sue: Then that is more the reason I should go up front and fight.
    " — Sue and Sin's B support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
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    Roy: !? Oh, Sue.
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    Sue: Oh?
    Roy: Yeah... I never see you speaking with other people. You don't like talking that much?
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    Sue: Never...? You always stayed indoors?
    Fae: Uh-huh.
    Sue: I...see.
    Fae: La la la laa...
    Sue: Always inside... She never knew the blessing of the Sky or the warmth of the Earth...
    " — Sue and Fae's C support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  9. "Wolt: What? ...Do you mean about fighting with a bow?
    Sue: Yes. With a horse, it's easier to approach and step back from your target.
    Wolt: Well, I'm sure it's up to each his own... Wait, did you actually get off your horse and try shooting from the ground?
    Sue: I wouldn't know unless I actually try.
    " — Sue and Wolt's B support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  10. "Sue: ...You look better.
    Roy: What?
    Sue: Your's become better.
    Roy: My feel? What do you mean?
    Sue: It has become softer.
    Roy: Do you think so? I can't really tell.
    Sue: Perhaps things like these cannot be recognized by those who work the land as compared to those who run through it.
    " — Sue and Roy's B support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
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