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Voting Gauntlet

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A Voting Gauntlet in progress, showing the state of the contest between Palla and Minerva.

The Voting Gauntlet (Japanese: 投票大戦 Voting Battle) is a gameplay mode in Fire Emblem Heroes, which pits themed groups of characters from across the Fire Emblem series against each other in a contest of popularity.


At the start of each Voting Gauntlet, the player is shown the bracket for the contest, and asked to select which character they would like to support. The player must then earn points for their chosen character by participating in Voting Gauntlet battles; these battles do not consume stamina, and may be fought once every 30 minutes. The total score of all players supporting a character determines that character's score. Each round runs for 45 hours. At the end of each round, the characters with the lowest score in each matchup are eliminated from the contest, and the winners proceed to the next round. If the player's chosen character is victorious, they will continue to support them in the next round; if not, they will be asked to choose another character to support.

Battling for your team

Battles in the Voting Gauntlet pit the leaders of the player's current team, a randomly chosen friend who supports the same character, and a random player from the player's supported character's team, against the preferred characters of three randomly selected players from the opposing character's team. The objective is to simply defeat all three members of the opposing army. Unlike in the Arena, Light's Blessing may be used, and the player's score is not penalized if any player characters are defeated; however, experience and skill points cannot be earned.

If the player is victorious, they earn points based on the number of friends they have (50 points for no friends, plus 5 additional points per friend, up to a maximum of 100 points), and receive a 10% bonus if they used the same character as the one they are supporting. The player may also use Battle Flags to boost their score; the score will be multiplied by the number of Battle Flags spent, up to a maximum of 200.

For the third Voting Gauntlet (Battle of the Mages), the scores earned by players on a losing team was tripled, in order to give them a better chance of competing. From the fourth Voting Gauntlet (War of the Clerics) onward, this multiplier is instead based on the length of time elapsed since the beginning of the round, starting at 3.1×, and increasing by 0.1× each hour to a maximum of 7.5× in the final hour. For the first six Voting Gauntlets, a team was designated as "weaker", and would receive this bonus, if their score equated to 90% or less of the leading team's score; from the seventh Voting Gauntlet (The Blood of Dragons) onward, this requirement was changed to 99% or less.


At the end of each round, players are ranked based on their individual scores, and are awarded Hero Feathers based on their ranking within their chosen character's team—the higher a player's ranking is, the more Feathers they earn. Players supporting a winning character also receive a bonus 500 Feathers in the first two rounds, and 1,000 Feathers for supporting the winner of the final round. At the end of the overall contest, players also receive Hero Feathers based on their overall ranking across all participating players.

In earlier gauntlets, if the total points earned across all characters in all three rounds exceeds a given amount, all players will be rewarded with a number of other prizes in the form of special log-in bonuses—these may include Orbs, Hero Feathers, and Badges. In more recent gauntlets these prizes have been shifted over daily quests; generally requiring the player to participate in a set amount of battles in the gauntlet.

Past Voting Gauntlet results

January 2019: New Year's Showdown

This Voting Gauntlet ran from 7am UTC on 3 January, 2019, until 4am UTC on 9 January. All characters in this gauntlet are using their New Year's variations. The overall winner was Azura, who defeated Gunnthrá in the final round by over 4 billion votes.

Round 1

Fjorm Camilla
Portrait fjorm new traditions feh.png vs. Portrait camilla holiday traveler feh.png
7,316,915,921 votes 7,869,902,893 votes
Gunnthrá Takumi
Portrait gunnthrá year's first dream feh.png vs. Portrait takumi prince of soup feh.png
6,358,192,828 votes 5,716,529,769 votes
Laevatein Azura
Portrait laevatein kumade warrior feh.png vs. Portrait azura celebratory spirit feh.png
8,896,819,756 votes 9,987,927,519 votes
Hríd Corrin
Portrait hríd resolute prince feh.png vs. Portrait corrin enjoying tradition feh.png
4,607,256,407 votess 5,338,778,882 votes

Round 2

Camilla Gunnthrá
Portrait camilla holiday traveler feh.png vs. Portrait gunnthrá year's first dream feh.png
17,129,671,050 votes 18,082,399,148 votes
Azura Corrin
Portrait azura celebratory spirit feh.png vs. Portrait corrin enjoying tradition feh.png
14,054,239,228 votes 13,894,040,331 votes

Final Round

Gunnthrá Azura
Portrait gunnthrá year's first dream feh.png vs. Portrait azura celebratory spirit feh.png
30,716,830,134 votes 34,799,038,782 votes

February 2019: Mothers and Sons

This Voting Gauntlet ran from 7am UTC on 31 January, 2019, until 4am UTC on 6 February. The overall winner was Owain, who defeated Corrin in the final round by under 5 billion votes.

Round 1

Ethlyn Leif
Portrait ethlyn feh.png vs. Portrait leif feh.png
5,540,497,640 votes 6,243,163,620 votes
Lissa Owain
Portrait lissa feh.png vs. Portrait owain feh.png
5,375,479,247 votes 6,051,512,090 votes
Cherche Gerome
Portrait cherche feh.png vs. Portrait gerome feh.png
4,650,019,457 votes 4,610,407,659 votes
(Caring Mother)
(Dream Prince)
Portrait mikoto caring mother feh.png vs. Portrait corrin dream prince feh.png
6,022,759,658 votes 6,045,265,582 votes

Round 2

Leif Owain
Portrait leif feh.png vs. Portrait owain feh.png
14,744,375,675 votes 15,571,064,846 votes
Cherche Corrin
(Dream Prince)
Portrait cherche feh.png vs. Portrait corrin dream prince feh.png
19,275,893,033 votes 19,964,449,656 votes

Final Round

Owain Corrin
(Dream Prince)
Portrait owain feh.png vs. Portrait corrin dream prince feh.png
52,639,946,163 votes 47,849,609,976 votes

March 2019: War of the Tacticians

This Voting Gauntlet ran from 7am UTC on 28 February, 2019, until 4am UTC on 6 March. The overall winner was Morgan, who defeated Soren in the final round by under 1.5 billion votes.

Round 1

Katarina Lewyn
Portrait katarina feh.png vs. Portrait lewyn feh.png
8,970,944,988 votes 10,992,281,876 votes
Morgan (F) Saias
Portrait morgan f feh.png vs. Portrait saias feh.png
5,974,046,534 votes 4,094,326,904 votes
Cecilia Jagen
Portrait cecilia feh.png vs. Portrait jagen feh.png
3,808,097,117 votes 3,013,064,438 votes
Innes Soren
Portrait innes feh.png vs. Portrait soren feh.png
5,795,979,886 votes 6,602,323,231 votes

Round 2

Lewyn Morgan (F)
Portrait lewyn feh.png vs. Portrait morgan f feh.png
26,755,704,062 votes 28,307,558,379 votes
Cecilia Soren
Portrait cecilia feh.png vs. Portrait soren feh.png
10,337,376,814 votes 10,398,569,108 votes

Final Round

Morgan (F) Soren
Portrait morgan f feh.png vs. Portrait soren feh.png
50,413,848,443 votes 48,938,254,160 votes

April 2019

This Voting Gauntlet ran from 7am UTC on 1 April, 2019, until 4am UTC on 7 April.

Round 1

Round 2

Final Round


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Voting Gauntlet --
Japanese 投票大戦 Voting Battle
Spanish Torneo de votos Tournament of Votes
French Tournoi Tournament
German Wahlturnier Voting Tournament
Italian Sfida ai voti Voting Challenge
Traditional Chinese 投票大戰 Voting War


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