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FEG Mae.png
Artwork of Mae from the art book Fire Emblem: The Complete.





17 (in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)



Starting class


That Boey's just a kid who can't use anything but fire magic. As for me, Lady Celica, I can use thunder magic as well. Please count on me, 'kay?
— Mae to Celica

Mae (Japanese: メイ May) is a mage and Mila priestess appearing in Fire Emblem Gaiden. She is a friend of Celica and Boey.

Fire Emblem Gaiden


Mae is one of the first characters to join Celica's group, she resides in Nomah's Mila Shrine with Celica.

Aside from her initial recruitment she has no other story role or dialogue.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait mae fe02.png
Level 1
Recruitment: Act 2, speak with Celica.

Stats Growth Rates Spell Levels

X mark.png
X mark.png
B. Magic
Yes check.png
X mark.png
X mark.png
W. Magic
X mark.png

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Skill Spd Luck Def Res Con Move Weapon level
Priestess +x to 36 +x to 5 +x to 1 +x to 1 +0 +x to 1 +0 +0 +0 --
  • In Gaiden, promotion gains consist on giving the character as many points as necessary -the "x" value shown in the table- to reach the promoted class' base stats. If the character's stats are higher than their promoted class' base stats, they will not receive any bonus; however, if all stats are higher, then they will receive +1 to HP.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait mae status fe15.png
Level 1
Age 17
Fatigue tol. 0.5
Recruitment: Act 2, speak with Celica.

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Item Skills
Is 3ds03 sweet cookie.png Sweet Cookie --
X mark.png
X mark.png
Yes check.png
X mark.png
X mark.png
X mark.png

Spell list

Mage/Priestess Cleric/Saint

Spell Learned at
Fire Innate
Thunder Innate
Aura Mage, level 9
Seraphim Mage, level 14
Recover Priestess, level 1
Silence Priestess, level 6
If the character promotes before learning a spell, the level at which that spell is learned becomes (Spell's level - [Level before promotion +1]).

Promotion stat gains

Personality and character

As with many characters in Gaiden, there is little characterization. Mae is a cheerful and relaxed girl, she loves to tease Boey. Despite her teasing she does seem to care about him, if he dies she is affected fairly significantly after the war.


Main article: Mae/Supports



If Boey survived
She works together with Boey in the Church of Zofia.

If Boey died
She still sustains a bit of shock from the loss of her bicker buddy Boey.

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

If Boey survived
Mae returned to Novis and resumed her work at the priory with Boey. The two bickered endlessly before—and after—their wedding, while managing to raise many children during the pauses between barbs. Both of them often remarked that they couldn't possibly be happier.

If Boey died
After the loss of her verbal sparring partner, Boey, Mae fell into a deep depression—but the encouragement of her friends eventually helped light return to her life. She spent her days helping others at the priory, where she was beloved for her kindness and wicked humor.


Death quote

Jeez! I messed up...
— Mae, in Gaiden

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Gaiden (manga)

FEGM Mae.png

Mae has a minor role in the Gaiden manga. When waiting out a sandstorm on their way to the Mila Temple she tells Saber to stop teasing Celica about her feelings for Alm. She also participates in the fight against Sonya and Deen. Otherwise she mostly appears as a background character with little dialogue.


Mae casting Excalibur in the English "A Master Class in Strategy" trailer.
  • In an English gameplay trailer titled "A Master Class in Strategy", Mae is shown using Excalibur, a spell she cannot learn. This anomaly was not present in the Japanese version of the trailer.


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Mae As of Awakening and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
May Used in the Gaiden fan-translation.
Japanese メイ Officially romanized as May.
French May A more common spelling.
German Mae --
Italian Mae --


Sprite Gallery
Portrait mae fe02.png Mage Priestess
Bs fe02 mage female magic.png
Black magic
Bs fe02 priestess magic.png
Black magic/White Magic
Bs fe02 celica priestess sword.png


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