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FESoV Rudolf.png
Artwork of Rudolf from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Emperor of Rigel.








Alm (son)
Berkut (nephew)




Emperor of Rigel

Starting class

Gold Knight

A merciful leader may grant a second chance. Only a fool allows a third.
— Rudolf

Rudolf (Japanese: ルドルフ Rudlf) was the Emperor of Rigel. He posed as a malevolent tyrant and invaded neighboring Zofia as part of his plan to instigate the rise of true heroes in Valentia to combat the corrupting influence of the gods Mila and Duma.


In the year 590,[1] Rudolf travelled to Ram Village in secret to visit the former Zofian knight Mycen, now an exile protecting Celica from Desaix. Rudolf informed Mycen of the details of his master plan to free Valentia, determined even then, and entrusted his newborn son Albein to Mycen's care.[2]

Later in 604, Rudolf put into motion the beginning steps of his plan: he received Falchion from Duma, and with it sealed away Mila,[3] causing the crops of Zofia to wither and inciting famine in the nation.[4] Under these weakened conditions, Zofia fell to a coup instigated by Desaix, followed by Rudolf's launch of an invasion of Zofia. In response to these conditions, in 606, Alm departed from Ram to lead the Zofian liberation army against both Desaix's faction and Rigel, while Celica departed from Novis Priory to search for Mila.

At the culmination of the war with Rigel, Alm led a charge on Rigel Castle itself. Rudolf led the defense of the palace, determined to lead his men to the last, and implored his soldiers to surrender to Alm should he fall in battle and to value their lives.[5] Rudolf was defeated in battle, and in his dying words revealed Alm's true identity as his son and implored Alm to use Falchion to defeat Duma.

Fire Emblem Gaiden


Rudolf is the final boss of Alm's route in Chapter 4 of Gaiden, fought at Rigel Castle. He is incapable of actually harming Alm, instead displaying the message "Why won't Rudolf attack?"; curiously, he can still initiate rounds of combat with Alm in the enemy phase, but will not actually strike him and instead leaves himself wide open to Alm's counter-attacking.


Portrait rudolf fe02.png
Ma nes02 gold knight enemy.gif Gold Knight
Level 20
Max HP 52 Luck 40
Strength 27 Defense 22
Skill 16 Resistance 6
Speed 21 Movement 9
Equipment Spells
Angel RingThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
X mark.png
X mark.png
B. Magic
X mark.png
Yes check.png
X mark.png
W. Magic
X mark.png

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


Rudolf reprises his role as the final boss of Alm's route in Chapter 4. Once again, he will not attack Alm, and will leave himself open to Alm's attacks.

He is also featured in a Memory Prism, titled The Lasting Promise. It is shown here that, instead of him travelling to Ram village in secret, Mycen traveled to Rigel Castle, where Rudolf revealed his plan[6] and entrusted Mycen with the newborn Alm.


Normal Hard

Personality and character

Rudolf saw the ruinous state of Valentia induced by the strong influence of the gods, and in response sought to rescue Valentia from itself by ridding it of their influence. To this end, he instigated a conflict with himself as the archvillain, sacrificing himself to spark the rise of heroes capable of fighting back, defeating him and unifying the continent without the influence of the gods.[7] He was fiercely determined to achieve his goal, completely accepting of this self-condemnation.[2] In spite of the atrocities committed under his rule by his commanders, he cared for the welfare of his subjects, entreating them to survive beyond his rule in Alm's company.[5] Rudolf is shown to treat his nephew Berkut sternly and harshly, and outright calls him a weakling to his face before marching out to battle Alm. His guard captain Massena claims that he truly loved Berkut and regretted that his plan to save Valentia would inevitably hurt him, but none of their on-screen interactions support this claim.


Battle quotes

Brave soldiers of Rigel! How admirably you have fought for me until now! However... The time has already grown late. The fate of the Rigelian Empire has drawn to an end. Hear me, all of you!!! This is my final request. If I should fall, you must not interfere. Those of you who remain should surrender like the courageous men you are. I hear that Zofia's young general is a man of compassion. In no way should surrender be a bad choice for you. Is that clear? Do not die in vain. Do not throw away your lives so frivolously!
— Rudolf, at the start of the battle in Gaiden.
Brave warriors of Rigel. You have fought with courage and skill at my side these long years. But the hour of reckoning is upon us. Our empire's light is guttering. Now heed my words well! If I should fall, my final order is that you lay down your arms and surrender. I hear the young Zofian general is a man of mercy. If you have any love and loyalty for me, you'll not waste your lives this day.
— Rudolf, at the start of the battle in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
Come... Strike me!
— Rudolf in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Critical quotes

The time has come!
— Rudolf
— Rudolf
No mercy!
— Rudolf
Now perish!
— Rudolf

Death quotes

This it should be...
— Rudolf's defeat voice clip in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
Alm... You've become a splendid young man... Was it no mistake to have entrusted you with Sir Mycen after all...? You should have realized it by now, haven't you? Your real name is Albein Alm Rudolf. and only...son... Guh... I cannot speak for much longer... However, Alm. I have just one last request. Using "Falchion", that holy sword that sealed Mila... Defeat...the fell god...Duma...
— Rudolf in Gaiden.
You've...done well... I'm proud of son. [...] I knew I was right to entrust you to my dearest friend. [...] I'd thought you'd have realized by now. Your true name... Your true name is Albein Alm Rudolf. You one and only son. [...] Nnngh... Be still, Alm. I haven't time explain. But I beg you to grant me favor. [...] Take the divine Falchion that...sealed Mila's strength... Duma has become a thing of mindless evil. Use the blade... Destroy him... Please, my son... You must...
— Rudolf in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


  • Rudolf appears to be his surname, judging by Alm's full name being "Albein Alm Rudolf". His given name is unknown, making him the only Fire Emblem series character who is referred to exclusively by a surname (or at least, the only one explicitly indicated, given the lack of clarification on the names of the vast majority of the series cast). Alm is also called "Rudolf II" by Rudolf's followers, and in the cast listing, Rudolf is called "Rudlf First".

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Rudolf From the Germanic name Hrodulf, which was derived from the elements hrod "fame" and wulf "wolf".[8]
Rudolf Used in the Gaiden fan translation.
Japanese ルドルフ Officially romanized as Rudlf First.
Spanish Rudolf As above.
French Rudolf As above.
German Rudolf As above.
Italian Rudolf As above.
Dutch Rudolf As above.
Simplified Chinese 鲁道夫
Traditional Chinese 魯道夫


Sprite Gallery
Portrait rudolf fe02.png Gold Knight
Bs fe02 enemy rudolf gold knight lance.png


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  3. "Rudolf used the Divine Falchion to seal Mila's powers before taking her. A treasure given to him by the wicked god Duma, no doubt. Aye, finding Mila may just be a matter of reaching Duma Tower. But Duma himself can only be slain by Falchion's edge." — A priestess, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
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  6. "Mycen, I have to draw first blood. I must awaken the people to their potential—their own strength—and stop them from leaning so hard on the blessings and precepts of gods. I know the people will rise up against me for what I do. But as a father...nothing would make me prouder than for Alm to lead them." — Rudolf to Mycen, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  7. "It was due to the gods that this land Valentia came to be divided into North and South. And in doing so they mistakenly involved themselves too deeply with the concerns of mankind. As a result, the people of Zofia forgot the meaning of toil, and the people of Rigel forgot the meaning of leisure. As things were, we would all certainly come to ruin. It was due to such considerations that Rudolf took it upon himself to become a destroyer, to instigate the appearance of true heroes in the land. For the sake of creating a new era, he decided to become a sacrificial piece. And to meet the hero who would bring about his defeat, even if it were his own child, he could not have been happier..." — Mycen, Fire Emblem Gaiden
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