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Genealogy of the Holy War Treasure TCG

FESK Patty 01.png
Artwork of Patty from the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game.






Grannvale (Yngvi)


Lady of Yngvi

Starting class



Sir, where do you think the imperial troops get all their gold? They steal it from the villagers! I'm just tryin' to take it back from them! ...What's so wrong with that!?
— Patty, explaining her thefts to Seliph

Patty (Japanese: パティ Patty) is the daughter of Lady Brigid of Yngvi. She was raised along with her brother Febail in a Conote orphanage, resorting to thievery to raise funds to continue to support the other children there. She single-handedly robbed the Aed Shrine and retrieved Balmung from it, which led her to meet Prince Shannan of Isaach and join Seliph's liberation army.

If Brigid was not married in the course of the first generation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Patty's role is filled by Daisy. In addition to her playable role in Genealogy, Patty is also the star of a scenario which was first published in the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Staff Book in 2015, which introduces the backstory which leads to her theft of Balmung.[1]


First mission

Patty and Febail were left in a Conote orphanage by Brigid some time after the Battle of Belhalla, and so she had no memory of her mother. As the two grew up, they turned to helping fund the orphanage in any way they could: while Febail became a mercenary, Patty turned to theft. Febail was never comfortable with Patty's means of raising money constantly putting herself at risk, [2] and Patty herself did not enjoy it, only doing it because she felt she had no choice.[3]

Around Grann 776, a failed attempt to rob a storehouse in Conote led to her meeting her childhood friend Liina, now the agent of a rebellion force. Liina recruited Patty into a mission to raid the Aed Shrine and retrieve the regalia sword Balmung for Shannan, convincing her over her initial disinterest with promises of being able to use the Loptrians' gold to fund her orphanage. Before they could carry it out, Liina was attacked by a mysterious assailant and died of severe wounds. Patty promised Liina that she would fulfill the mission where Liina no longer could.[1]

The holy war

After Liina's death, Patty travelled to the Aed Shrine alone, disguised as an elderly woman bringing drinks for its guards late one night. She incapacitated the guards with both poisoned drinks and bludgeoning them with the drink tray, then infiltrated the shrine's treasury and stole Balmung and other treasures.[1] As she fled the next morning, she was stopped by Shannan himself, who wanted Balmung. She denied, thinking he was just trying to freeload off her hard work, but the two were interrupted by the approach of Loptrians who had noticed their presence. Once Shannan revealed his true identity and that of the sword she carried, she gladly handed Balmung over to him.

When Seliph and his army arrived at the Aed Shrine, both Shannan and Patty joined his forces. When introducing herself to him, Seliph was initially displeased with the idea of resorting to theft, but was convinced when Patty taught him how the Empire's soldiers were often thieves themselves in the first place, and as thanks for allowing her to join, she gave Seliph a Brave Sword she had stolen. Later, back in the Munster District, she found Febail among the ranks of the Friege occupation army, after he had reluctantly consented to serve Bloom to raise money for the orphanage. She was extremely displeased to learn of his mission, and convinced him to leave the service of those impoverishing their orphanage in the first place. Later on, both learned from Lewyn that their mother was the noblewoman and crusader heiress Brigid, and that both she and Febail were Yngvi nobility.[4]

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


Patty is a playable character in the second generation.

Starting stats and growth rates

Main article: Patty/Stats
Level 1
Holy Blood  
Movement 6
Recruitment: Chapter 7, automatically from the start

Stats Growth Rates

Max HP Variable Speed Variable
Strength Variable Luck Variable
Magic Variable Defense Variable
Skill Variable Resistance Variable
Inventory Skills
  Sleep Sword
Inherited items
Inherited gold
Inherited skills
Weapon Levels
  C   --   --   --   --
  --   --   --   --   --

Promotion stat gains

Main article: Patty/Stats
Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Skills Weapon level
Thief Fighter +0 +4 +3 +4 +5 +0 +4 +3 +1   Follow-Up   A

Personality and character

Patty is fiercely independent and protective of both her orphans and her stolen goods, objecting to people who she sees as attempting to hijack her hard-earned stolen goods.[5] Despite her usual carefree attitude about her work, she actually does not enjoy resorting to theft, but sees it as a necessity to ensure the continued survival of her orphanage and Seliph's army[3] and reasons that stealing back from those who steal from the impoverished, such as the Friege army, is an acceptable form of theft.[6] She is fully aware of the bad reputation her role as a thief earns her, but doesn't care what others think of her or her mother in that respect, taking pride in herself and her heritage.[4] She thoroughly idolizes Shannan.[7] In addition to her talents as a thief, Patty is also an excellent cook.[8]

Love growths and events

Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 100
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 100
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Initial: --
Per turn:--
Initial: 0
Per turn:3
Initial: 200
Per turn:3
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Genealogy of the Holy War


Battle quotes

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Death quotes

No! Febail... Help me...
— Patty, in Genealogy of the Holy War.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

Patty was featured on three TCG cards.

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game data for Patty
  Class: Thief Level 1 Infantry Direct Attack
Energy: 2 Atk.: 1 / Counter: 1 WLv.:   C
Equip: Slim Sword Skills: Steal
Card #063Rarity: ★★ • Artist: Mayumi Hirota
No image available. Class: Thief Fighter Level 20 Infantry Direct Attack
Energy: 5 Atk.: 2 / Counter: 2 WLv.:   A
Equip: Steel Sword Skills: Class Change • Skilfulness • Usurp • Follow-Up
Card #2-033Rarity: ★★ • Artist: Katsuyoshi Koya
  Class: Thief Level 10 Infantry Direct Attack
Energy: 4 Atk.: 2 / Counter: 1 WLv.:   C
Equip: Iron Sword Skills: Steal
Card #P007Rarity: ☆★★ • Artist: Katsuyoshi Koya
Card scans and information translation provided by Aquantis.

Fire Emblem Cipher

Patty is currently featured on two cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Patty
  The Just Master Thief, Patty


"For every last coin carried by an Imperial soldier, there's a poor villager who they took it from. You can't look at all this and say that it's wrong for us to take that gold back!"
Attack: 50 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Thief Fighter Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
“Work, work, work!”: [Activate] [ ] [ ] Resolve the following effects in descending order, until one of the effects fails:
  1. Reveal the top card of your opponent's deck. If that card has a cost of 3 or higher: Draw 1 card.
  2. Choose one of your opponent's face-down Orbs, and reveal it. If the revealed card has a Field Cost of 3 or higher: Destroy that card.
  3. Discard a random card from your opponent's hand. If that card's unit name is the same as that of your opponent's Main Character, destroy your opponent's main character.
    "I'll turn a profit today, too!": [Activate] [Once per turn] [ ] Until the end of your opponent's next turn, this unit gains 20 attack.
Card #B08-079SR • Artist: Kawasumi
  Innocent Thief, Patty


"Hooboy, those rumors weren't kidding! That place was full to the brim with treasure. Been a long time since I've had a haul like this!"
Attack: 30 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Thief Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
  "I smell treasure!": [Bond] [Trigger] [ ] When you place this card in your Bond Area, you may pay the cost and if you do: Reveal the top card of your opponent's deck. If the revealed card has a Deployment Cost of 3 or more, draw 1 card.
  Thief Emblem: [Support] Reveal the top card of your opponent's deck. You may send that card to the Retreat Area.
Card #B08-080N • Artist: Kawasumi
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Patty .


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


As of Fire Emblem Heroes.



Officially romanized as Patty.


Sprite Gallery
  Thief   Thief Fighter  
(Iron Sword)
(Iron Sword)


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    Patty: Sir, where do you think the imperial troops get all their gold? They steal it from the villagers! I'm just tryin' to take it back from them! ...What's so wrong with that!?
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