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Path of Radiance Radiant Dawn Heroes

FERD Nephenee.png
Artwork of Nephenee from Radiant Dawn.

A young woman of the Crimean countryside. She joined a rural militia to drive out the Daein invaders turning the Mad King’s War. She has mostly overcome her shyness about revealing her rustic roots.





  • 19 (Path of Radiance)[1]
  • 22 (Radiant Dawn)[2]


Starting class
Voiced by
Queen Elincia, Crimea needs you more than anything, and I reckon you could use my help.
— Nephenee

Nephenee (Japanese: ネフェニー Nepenee) is a character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She first appears as a captured member of the Crimea militia during the Mad King's War. She starts as a soldier in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and a halberdier in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She can only wield lances throughout all her promotions. She, along with fellow militia member Brom, is from Ohma, a small farming village in Crimea. She appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn as a General for one chapter in which the only playable characters are herself, Brom, and the recruitable unit Heather.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


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Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait nephenee fe09.png
Level 7
Affinity Is gcn windaffin.png
Constitution 8
Recruitment: Chapter 11, start of chapter if prison door was opened in chapter 10 and Nephenee survived the chapter

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
-- Wrath
Weapon Levels
GCNRankSword.gif -- GCNRankLance.gif E GCNRankAxe.gif -- GCNRankBow.gif --
GCNRankFire.gif -- GCNRankThunder.gif -- GCNRankWind.gif -- GCNRankStaff.gif --

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Weapon level
Halberdier +4 +2 +1 +2 +2 +0 +2 +2 +1 +1 GCNRankLance.gif (x to C)


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Nephenee is an infantry lance-user with average to mediocre base stats all around for her join time. To start doubling and dealing decent damage reliably, she needs many levels of BEXP investment and forges. Furthermore, she starts with E lank lances, so her weapons are initially limited to javelins, iron, and slim lances. An arms scroll lets her use Steel forges immediately, which is very helpful as arms scrolls are not in high demand. In the japanese version, she can access 255% crit slim lances which help pull her out of her slow start significantly. Finally, as an infantry unit, she struggles to keep up with mounted units, having significantly lower movement and no canto, and she cannot compensate for this.

Nephenee has excellent skill and speed growth, so after investment, she will reliably double and hit through the majority of the game. Her strength growth is fine, though her mediocre strength base means she may often struggle to deal damage without forges, especially while stuck with E rank lances. She also struggles with bulk, having mediocre health, defense, and resistance growths, so she cannot be exposed to as many units as most of the cavaliers can. She can equip the Knight Ward to help her durability and also an unnecessary speed growth boost, though cavaliers make much more use out of the Knight Ward than Nephenee due to being mounted, better weapon types, and the speed growth boost actually making a difference. When promoted, she gains a movement bonus and well-rounded boosts to all of her stats, though she does not gain a mount, nor a crit bonus, nor extra weapons.

Nephenee has the wrath skill, which is what makes her stand out as she has no mount nor flight nor as good offense as other infantry units like Ike and Boyd. It is highly recommended to keep it. Vantage is one of the best skills for her, because it complements wrath when she is low on health, she has 1-2 range, and helps her survive overall. Resolve is also an excellent skill for her, though it is a very late skill and often put to better use on Ike. Her mastery skill, Luna, is also a good skill, though she cannot make space for it without removing Wrath so it is not recommended.

Nephenee has a wind affinity which gives a light avoid and accuracy boost. All three of her partners are units with similar movement, so it is easy to keep them together. Brom has a useful water affinity, but their affinities do not complement each other. Devdan and Calill are better partners for Nephenee, as they both give a light attack boost with a boost to accuracy or avoid to complement her wind affinity.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


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Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait nephenee fe10.png
Level 1
Affinity Is wii windaffin.png
Constitution 7
Recruitment: Part 2, Chapter 1, start of chapter

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Steel Greatlance
Critical +5
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png -- WiiRankLance.png B WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png --
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png -- WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png -- WiiRankDark.png -- WiiRankStaff.png --
  • Note: The above stats are Nephenee's default stats. If a Radiant Dawn game was started via a data transfer from Path of Radiance, any stat Nephenee capped in Path of Radiance will result in a boost to her base in the stat in question in Radiant Dawn.

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Skills Weapon level
Sentinel +4 +3 +4 +2 +2 +0 +3 +4 +0 +0 Critical +10*
WiiRankLance.png (x to A)


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Nephenee is a halberdier available for most of part 2, and joins Ike's group in 3-2. She has good base skill and speed, and average strength and durability. Through part 2 she can double most units and deal decent damage. However, Nephenee is normally limited to a Stl Greatlance until 2-E, which significantly weighs her down and gives her very unreliable hitrates, so it is recommended in 2-P to pass Nealuchi a javelin and/or a steel lance so he can give it to Nephenee in 2-2. Nephenee benefits significantly from Path of Radiance transfers; she caps skill and speed on average, and can cap strength if lucky, so these boosts solve her initial issues with being weighed down.

In part 3, Nephenee joins Ike's group, likely underlevelled. As she has immediate 1-2 range access and good skill and speed, she can contribute with a few levels of investment. Her strength and defense growths are low, so it is common for her to struggle with raw damage and durability. This can be mitigated by forges. Because Nephenee caps skill and speed quickly, BEXP can fix her low strength and defense issues, turning her into an excellent lance-using infantry unit. Her issues are further mitigated by her promotion bonuses, since she gains 3 strength and defense and a small crit boost.

In part 4, Nephenee wants to avoid Micaiah's team due to the desert chapter. She works well on the other two teams. At this point, Nephenee can generally one-round most units with 1-2 range, important for the late rout chapters. While her lategame durability is not excellent, she is typically a good dodge tank. Also, her good speed cap and decent resistance is particularly helpful for endgame.

Nephenee has innate Wrath, which is a risky ability due to its lower health activation rate. As she has excellent skill and speed, giving her Resolve complements Wrath. Adept also works well for even more Wrath crits, thanks to her excellent speed. Nephenee even has space for both Vantage and Cancel, increasing her dodging capability. In addition, she learns Impale upon promotion, which has a good activation rate thanks to her excellent skill. In general, innate Wrath gives Nephenee a lot of flexibility with skills, making her one of the best users of them.

Nephenee has a wind affinity which gives a light accuracy and avoid boost. Brom and Heather are two other units with the same availability as her, and have useful affinities to boost her attack, which she struggles with early on. If the player wants to pair her when she joins Ike's group, Boyd and Mia are excellent partners with their fire affinities giving attack and accuracy. Ike himself is an infantry combat unit with an earth affinity and gives pure avoid to Nephenee, to further amplify her strengths.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Nephenee is playable as a SpotPass character, released in the Radiant Dawn character set. Nephenee is also present as an enemy in the first and third installments of the Smash Brethren DLC series.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait spotpass nephenee fe13.png
Ma 3ds01 knight playable.gif Knight
Level 18
Movement 4
Recruitment: SpotPass, hire her for 10,200 G or defeat her in a skirmish

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Max HP 36 Speed 18
Strength 17 Luck 15
Magic 8 Defense 18+2
Skill 21 Resistance 14
Inventory Skills
Steel Lance* Defense +2
Indoor Fighter
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances C Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --

Reclassing options

Small portrait spotpass nephenee fe13.png
Base classes:*
Knight Great Knight
Reclass options:
This unit can reclass to any female class available through reclassing.
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

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Promotion stat gains

Archer Cavalier Cleric Dark Mage Wyvern Rider Knight Mage Mercenary Myrmidon Pegasus Knight Tactician Thief Troubadour

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Sniper +4 +2 +1 +4 +3 +0 +5 +3 +1 --
Bow Knight +8 +3 +0 +2 +4 +0 +1 +2 +3 Swords E, Bows E

Skill set

Like all female bonus units in Awakening, Nephenee has access to all base class and advanced class skills available to standard female units.

In addition, Nephenee can also receive the following as a personal skill:

Is 3ds01 wrath.png Wrath

Fire Emblem Heroes


There are two different variations of Nephenee available to Heroes, both of which are tied to her storyline appearance in Path of Radiance. The normal variation of Nephenee is one of the characters added to the game in the Diabolical Bloodline update, and became available for summoning by players on September 15, 2017. A performance-themed variation of Nephenee was made available between the period of September 6, 2018 through October 7, 2018 as part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the A Splendid Soiree update.

Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier

Starting stats

Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier is only available at 5★ rarity.
Portrait nephenee feh.png
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh lance.png
Movement type Infantry

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 17/18/19
Attack 6/7/8 Speed 8/9/10
Defense 7/8/9 Resistance 4/5/6
Is feh skill offense.png Slaying Lance+*
Is feh skill support.png --
Is feh skill special.png New Moon

Skill set

Skill Rarity SP cost
Is feh skill offense.png Iron Sword Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Steel Lance Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Slaying Lance Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Slaying Lance+ Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Dauntless Lance ★★★★★ 400 SP
Is feh skill special.png New Moon Innate
Is feh skill special.png Moonbow ★★★★★ 200 SP
Is feh speed +1.pngA Speed +1 ★★★★★ 30 SP
Is feh atk spd 1.pngA Atk/Spd 1 ★★★★★ 80 SP
Is feh atk spd 2.pngA Atk/Spd 2 ★★★★★ 160 SP
Is feh wrath 1.pngB Wrath 1 ★★★★★ 60 SP
Is feh wrath 2.pngB Wrath 2 ★★★★★ 120 SP
Is feh wrath 3.pngB Wrath 3 ★★★★★ 240 SP

Nephenee: Sincere Dancer

Starting stats

Nephenee: Sincere Dancer is only available at 5★ rarity.
Portrait nephenee sincere dancer feh.png
Rarity ★★★★★
Weapon type Is feh colorless bow.png
Movement type Infantry

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 14/15/16
Attack 8/9/10 Speed 7/8/9
Defense 4/5/6 Resistance 2/3/4
Is feh skill offense.png Fiddlestick Bow+
Is feh skill support.png Dance
Is feh skill special.png --

Skill set

Skill Rarity SP cost
Is feh skill offense.png Iron Bow Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Steel Bow Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Fiddlestick Bow Innate
Is feh skill offense.png Fiddlestick Bow+ Innate
Is feh skill support.png Dance Innate
Is feh blaze dance 1.pngB Blaze Dance 1 ★★★★★ 50 SP
Is feh caldera dance 1.pngB Caldera Dance 1 ★★★★★ 120 SP
Is feh caldera dance 2.pngB Caldera Dance 2 ★★★★★ 240 SP
Is feh spd tactic 1.pngC Spd Tactic 1 ★★★★★ 60 SP
Is feh spd tactic 2.pngC Spd Tactic 2 ★★★★★ 120 SP
Is feh spd tactic 3.pngC Spd Tactic 3 ★★★★★ 240 SP

Personality and character

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Nephenee is a simple country girl who is embarassed by her appearance and accent. She also dislikes war and does not wish to take part in it. She is kind and caring, but prefers to stay silent as she's afraid of people disliking her due to her strong accent. She is also rather easily pressured by others.


Path of Radiance

Main article: Nephenee/Supports (Path of Radiance)
Small portrait nephenee fe09.png
Is gcn windaffin.png
Small portrait brom fe09.png
Knight Is gcn wateraffin.png
C: 4
B: 8
A: 11
Small portrait devdan fe09.png
Halberdier Is gcn fireaffin.png
C: 2
B: 5
A: 8
Small portrait calill fe09.png
Sage Is gcn darkaffin.png
C: 1
B: 3
A: 5

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin4}}}affin.png|link={{{affin4}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c4}}}
B: {{{b4}}}
A: {{{a4}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin5}}}affin.png|link={{{affin5}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c5}}}
B: {{{b5}}}
A: {{{a5}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin6}}}affin.png|link={{{affin6}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c6}}}
B: {{{b6}}}
A: {{{a6}}}

[[]] link={{{affin7}}} (affinity)
C: {{{c7}}}
B: {{{b7}}}
A: {{{a7}}}
Click here for more details on supports.

Radiant Dawn

Bond supports

Small portrait nephenee fe10.png
Default bonds:




Extra bonds:*
Small portrait brom fe10.png
Axe General
Small portrait danved fe10.png
Small portrait calill fe10.png
Fire Sage


Click here for more details on supports.


Radiant Dawn

Nephenee, Relentless Halberdier
Nephenee lived with her family in Melior. Time and again she raised her lance in defense of the realm.


Battle quotes

Thank you. Here I go.
— Nephenee's escape quote in Path of Radiance.
Thanks... I’ll get going.
— Nephenee's escape quote in Radiant Dawn.
Yeardley: Ah, survivors of the war. You would be better off dead and forgotten. You can’t stop the duke!
Nephenee: Duke?
Yeardley: Yes. Our master, Lord Ludveck, duke of Felirae, will rule over Crimea. When our plan is complete, the queen will be erased from history. Now then! I believe it’s time for you to die...
Nephenee: Right...

— Nephenee, when fighting Yeardley in Part 2 Chapter 1 of Radiant Dawn.
What? Why are you staring?
— Nephenee's SpotPass parley quote in Awakening.
I reckon you should clear out.
— Nephenee, in a SpotPass battle in Awakening.
But I'm just a country girl...
— Nephenee's SpotPass recruitment quote in Awakening.
A fight? As you wish.
— Nephenee, in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
Donnel: Gosh, but yer purdy! Do I really have to fight ya?
Nephenee: ......
Donnel: Why do girls do that? It's this here pot on m'head, ain't it?

— Nephenee, when fighting Donnel in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
No words. Let's just fight.
— Nephenee, in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.
Donnel: Gosh, you're purdy. How come you're out here fightin'? ...Why so silent? Not big on chattin' with your foes?
Nephenee: I don't want people to hear my country accent.
Donnel: Huh? ...What was that there? I couldn't quite make it out. ...Ack, what? Why are ya glarin' at me like that?!

— Nephenee, when fighting Donnel in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.

Death quotes

The world... It grows... so...dark...
— Nephenee, in Path of Radiance.
Everything’ dark... I...don’t want to...
— Nephenee, in Chapter 10 of Path of Radiance.
...It’s darker than a prairie night... Why can’t I...see...anything...?
— Nephenee, in Radiant Dawn.
Br-Brom... The...revolt... The queen...has told...
— Nephenee, in Part 2 Chapter 1 of Radiant Dawn.
No...I cannot...rrgh...
— Nephenee, in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
Nngh, no... Why?
— Nephenee, in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.

Heroes quotes

Main article: Nephenee/Quotes (Heroes)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Nephenee is currently featured on six cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Two of the below cards' epithets and one of those cards' quotes are still in raw, untranslated Japanese; these need translation.
Fire Emblem Cipher data for Nephenee

Normal + variant

TCGCipher B03-032R.png
Swift Lance of Liberation, Nephenee


"...I will also fight. For Crimea's sake."
Attack: 70 Support: 1 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Halberdier Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Impaling Princess: [Always] During your turn, this unit gains +10 attack for each card stacked under this unit.
Tempered Wrath: [Trigger] When this unit performs a Critical Hit, you may select a “Nephenee” card from your Retreat Area and place it under this unit to growth them (The unit is treated as if it was Leveled Up. Class Change Skill effects can be used if that unit has any Class Change Skill effects).
Card #B03-032R(+), B03-032ST • Artist: Raita Kazama
TCGCipher B03-033N.png Quiet Soldier, Nephenee


"....Help has... arrived.....I won't lose......"
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Soldier Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Blow of Wrath: [Always] When this unit performs a Critical Hit, this unit’s attack is tripled instead of doubled.
Attack Support Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B03-033N, B03-033ST • Artist: Raita Kazama
TCGCipher B05-077R.png Patriotic War Princess, Nephenee


"If you don't want to get hurt it's better to run away, okay."
Attack: 60 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Halberdier Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Furious Point: [Activate] [Once per turn] [ Flip one bond cards , Stack a "Nephenee" card from your Retreat Area under this unit to growth them ] This turn, this unit's attack is doubled (The unit is treated as if it was Leveled Up. Class Change Skill effects can be used if that unit has any Class Change Skill effects).
Javelin: [Activate] [ Flip one bond cards ] This turn, this unit's range becomes 1-2.
Card #B05-077R • Artist: daigoman
TCGCipher B05-078N.png Relentless Halberdier, Nephenee


"...For Crimea's future, Princess Elincia is necessary."
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Soldier Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Militia Woman: [Trigger] When this unit attacks, if there are at least two other allies in the front row, this turn, this unit gains +10 attack.
Attack Support Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B05-078N • Artist: daigoman

Normal R+

TCGCipher B16-079R.png
祖国を愛する闘槍, Nephenee


"If we don't step up, the whole country'll be goin' on the compost heap."
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Halberdier Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Level Skill 3 Love for Crimea: [Always] If this unit inflicts a critical hit, you may [Flip one bond card] instead of sending 1 "Nephenee" from your hand to the Retreat Area. (Level Skill 3 becomes usable if a total of 3 or more cards are stacked with this unit.)
Shieldpiercing Lance: [Trigger] When this unit destroys an enemy with a Critical Hit, choose 1 of your opponent's Orbs, and destroy it.
Card #B16-079R(+) • Artist: Nijihayashi
TCGCipher B16-080N.png 兜に秘めた怒り, Nephenee


"If you can defeat the king of Daein, will this country return to the way it used to be? Is that what you're after?"
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Soldier Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Quiet Wrath: [Trigger] When this unit destroys an enemy with a Critical Hit, draw 1 card.
Attack Support Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this combat, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B16-080N • Artist: Nijihayashi
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Nephenee .


  • The official English Path of Radiance website spelled Nephenee's name as "Nephanie".

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes




Officially romanized as Nepenee.











Traditional Chinese




Official artwork


Path of Radiance

Radiant Dawn

Heroes artwork

Other appearances


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Fire Emblem Awakening
Playable characters AnnaAversaBasilioBradyChercheChromCordeliaCynthiaDonnelEmmerynFlaviaFrederickGaiusGangrelGeromeGregorHenryInigoKellamKjelleLaurentLibraLissaLon'quLucinaMaribelleMirielMorganNahNoireNowiOliviaOwainPannePriamRickenRobinSay'riSeveraStahlSullySumiaTharjaTikiVaikeVirionWalhartYarneYen'fay
Non-playable characters HierarchHollandKe'riNagaOld HubbaPhila
Bosses AlgolAnguillaArdriAversaBovisCampariCanisCassiusCervantesChalardDalenDaltonDracoEquusExcellusEzraFarberGallusGangrelGarrickGeckoGrimaGyralIgnatiusJamilLepusMarthMorristanMusMustafaNelsonNombryOrtonOvisPherosPorcusPriamRaimiRisen ChiefRoddickRugerSimiaTigrisValidarVastoVictorVincentWalhartXalbadorYen'fayZanth
DLC characters AlmCatriaCelicaEirikaEldiganElinciaEphraimEstIkeKatarinaLeifLynPrince MarthMicaiahPallaRoySeliph
SpotPass characters Shadow Dragon CaedaGharnefLindeMerricMinervaNavarreNynaOgmaPrince MarthTiki
Gaiden AlmBoeyCelicaClairCliveDeenLuthierMycenNomahValbar
Mystery of the Emblem AthenaCatriaEtzelHardinHoraceKatarinaKing MarthLegionMaliceNorne
Genealogy of the Holy War G1 ArdenArvisAyraDeirdreEthlynJamkeLewynQuanRaquesisSigurd
Genealogy of the Holy War G2 AltenaAresArthurCedFeeJuliaJuliusLarceiSeliphUlster
Thracia 776 DagdarEyvelFinnLeifMareetaNannaOlwenRaydrikSaiasSalem
Binding Blade CeciliaLilinaLughPercevalRaighRoyShannaSophiaWoltZephiel
Fire Emblem EliwoodFlorinaHectorJaffarKarelLynMatthewNergalNinoSerra
Sacred Stones AmeliaEirikaEphraimInnesL'ArachelLuteLyonMarisaMoulderSeth
Path of Radiance AshnardElinciaGeoffreyIkeLuciaMiaMistSorenTitaniaZihark
Radiant Dawn Black KnightBromEdwardLeonardoMicaiahNepheneeSanakiSephiranSigrunSothe
Others CamusIshtarLinusLloydNarcianOliverPetrineSelenaTravantUrsula
Regalia and personal weapons AmatsuArmadsBalmungBook of NagaDouble BowExcaliburFalchion (Exalted FalchionParallel Falchion) • ForsetiGáe BolgGoddess StaffGoetiaGradivusGrima's TruthGungnirHauteclereHelswathMercuriusMissiletainnMjölnirMystletainnNidhoggNoble RapierParthiaRagnellRapierSol KattiTyrfingValflameWolf BergYewfelle
Chapters Main story path Pm: Invisible Ties • P: The Verge of History • 1: Unwelcome Change • 2: Shepherds • 3: Warrior Realm • 4: Two Falchions • 5: The Exalt and the King • 6: Foreseer • 7: Incursion • 8: The Grimleal • 9: Emmeryn • 10: Renewal • 11: Mad King Gangrel • 12: The Seacomers • 13: Of Sacred Blood • 14: Flames on the Blue • 15: Smoldering Resistance • 16: Naga's Voice • 17: Inexorable Death • 18: Sibling Blades • 19: The Conqueror • 20: The Sword or the Knee • 21: Five Gemstones • 22: An Ill Presage • 23: Invisible Ties • 24: Awakening • 25: To Slay a God • Endgame: Grima
Paralogues Pr1: Sickle to Sword • Pr2: The Secret Seller • Pr3: A Strangled Peace • Pr4: Anna the Merchant • Pr5: Scion of Legend • Pr6: A Man for Flowers • Pr7: Noble Lineage • Pr8: A Duel Disgraced • Pr9: Wings of Justice • Pr10: Ambivalence • Pr11: Twin Wyverns • Pr12: Disowned by Time • Pr13: Rival Bands • Pr14: Shadow in the Sands • Pr15: A Shot from the Dark • Pr16: Daughter to Dragons • Pr17: The Threat of Silence • Pr18: The Dead King's Lament • Pr19: Irreconcilable Paths • Pr20: A Hard Miracle • Pr21: Ghost of a Blade • Pr22: The Wellspring of Truth • Pr23: The Radiant Hero
Xenologues Champions of Yore 1Champions of Yore 2Champions of Yore 3The Golden GaffeEXPonential GrowthInfinite RegaliaLost Bloodlines 1Lost Bloodlines 2Lost Bloodlines 3Smash Brethren 1Smash Brethren 2Smash Brethren 3Rogues & Redeemers 1Rogues & Redeemers 2Rogues & Redeemers 3Death's EmbraceFive-Anna FirefightRoster RescueHarvest ScrambleSummer ScrambleHot-Spring ScrambleThe Future Past 1The Future Past 2The Future Past 3Apotheosis
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Fire Emblem Heroes
Characters Heroes AlfonseAnnaBrunoEirFehFehnixFjormFreyjaFreyrGunnthráGustavHelHelbindiHenrietteHrídLaegjarnLaevateinLífLokiMirabilisPeonyPlumeriaSharenaSummonerSurtrThórrThrasirTriandraVeronicaYlgr
SDatBoL, MotE, NMotE AbelAstramAthenaBantuBarstCaedaCainCamusCatriaClarisseDarrosDraugEliceEremiyaEstGharnefGordinHardinJagenJeorgeJulianKatarinaKrisLegionLenaLindeLukeMarthMariaMerricMichalisMinervaNagaNagiNavarreNorneOgmaPallaPhinaRoderickSheenaSiriusTikiWrysXane
Shadows of Valentia AlmBerkutBoeyCatriaCelicaClairCliveConradDeltheaDumaFayeForsythGennyGrayKliffLeonLukasMaeMathildaMilaPythonRineaRudolfSaberSilqueSonyaTobinValbar
Genealogy of the Holy War AltenaArdenAresArvisAyraBrigidCedDeirdreEldiganEthlynIshtarJamkeJuliaJuliusLachesisLarceiLeneLewynQuanSeliphShannanSigurdSilviaTailtiuTravant
Thracia 776 EyvelFinnKempfLeifMareetaNannaOlwenOsianReinhardtSaiasTanya
The Binding Blade BartreBrunnyaCeciliaChadClarineDieckEchidnaFaeFirGalleGeeseGuinivereGwendolynIdunnIgreneKleinLarumLilinaLughMeladyMerlinusNarcianPercevalRaighRoyRutgerShannaSophiaSueTheaWoltZephiel
The Blazing Blade BramimondCanasDorcasEliwoodFioraFlorinaHawkeyeHeathHectorJaffarKarelKarlaLegaultLeilaLinusLloydLouiseLuciusLynMatthewNilsNinianNinoPentPriscillaRathRavenRebeccaSerraUrsulaZephiel
The Sacred Stones AmeliaCormagDozlaEirikaEphraimEwanGerikInnesJoshuaL'ArachelLuteLyonMarisaMyrrhRossSelenaSethTanaTethysValter
Path of Radiance AshnardBlack KnightElinciaGatrieGreilIkeIlyanaJillMiaMistNepheneeOscarPetrineRolfSanakiShinonSigrunSorenTanithTitaniaZihark
Radiant Dawn AltinaCaineghisDheginseaElinciaEnaHaarIkeJorgeLeanneLetheMiaMicaiahMordecaiNaesalaNailahOliverRanulfRafielReysonRhysSanakiSotheTibarnYuneZelgius
Awakening AnnaAversaBradyChercheChromCordeliaCynthiaDonnelEmmerynFrederickGaiusGangrelGeromeHenryInigoKjelleLibraLissaLon'quLucinaMaribelle"Marth"MorganMustafaNagaNahNoireNowiOliviaOwainPanneRobinSay'riStahlSullySumiaTharjaTikiVirionWalhartYarne
Fates ArthurAzamaAzuraBerukaCamillaCharlotteCorrinEffieEliseFeliciaFloraForrestGaronGunterHanaHinataHinokaIagoJakobKadenKageroKanaKazeKeatonLaslowLeoLilithMidoriMikotoNilesNinaOboroOdinOpheliaPeriRhajatRinkahRyomaSakuraSaizoSelenaSelkieSetsunaShigureShiroSiegbertSilasSoleilSubakiTakumiVelouriaXander
Three Houses AnnetteBernadettaBylethCatherineClaudeDeath KnightDimitriDorotheaEdelgardFerdinandFlame EmperorFlaynHildaHubertIngridKronyaLorenzLysitheaMercedesNemesisPetraRheaSetethShamirSothisSylvain
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore EleonoraItsukiKiriaMamoriTsubasa
Story Maps Book I PrefaceP: World of Zenith • 1: World of Mystery • 2: World of Conquest • 3: World of Binding • 4: World of Awakening • 5: Back to Mystery • 6: World of Birthright • 7: World of Blazing • 8: Back to Awakening • 9: Heroes Invade • 10: World of Radiance • 11: Rite of Shadows • 12: Bitter Enemies • 13: Diabolical BloodlineI: A Power AwakensI: The Rite of Blades
Book II 1: The Flame • 2: Princess of Ice • 3: Guided by a Dream • 4: Fiery Resolve • 5: Blood and Snow • 6: The True Quarry • 7: Snow and Ash • 8: Rite of Frost • 9: Hellfire • 10: The King's Demise • 11: Prince of Ice • 12: Seeping Poison • 13: A Way Home
Book III 1: Death • 2: The Dread Gate • 3: Countdown • 4: A King's Worth • 5: A Father's Legacy • 6: Realm of the Dead • 7: A Home Unknown • 8: Truth of a Name • 9: Cohort of the Dead • 10: Omnicidal Witch • 11: Where It Began • 12: Lethal Swordsman • 13: Marvelous Dream
Book IV 1: The Dream • 2: Missing You • 3: Gullinkambi • 4: On Dark Wings • 5: Twisted Reality • 6: Dreaming Reality • 7: Steeped in Twilight • 8: Wallowing in Love • 9: Violent Fantasies • 10: Lack • 11: Plumeria's Dream • 12: Triandra's Dream • 13: Reality
Paralogues 1: Family Bonds • 2: Sibling Bonds • 3: Blazing Shadows • 4: Spring Festival • 5: World of Shadows • 6: Bridal Blessings • 7: Echoes of Mystery • 8: Ylissean Summer • 9: Nohrian Summer • 10: The Sacred World • 11: Brave Heroes • 12: Performing Arts • 13: World of Holy War • 14: Trick or Defeat! • 15: Farfetched Heroes • 16: Winter's Envoy • 17: Happy New Year! • 18: Love Abounds • 19: Hares at the Fair • 20: Bridal Bloom • 21: Summer's Arrival • 22: A Sketchy Summer • 23: Festival in Hoshido • 24: Arrival of the Brave • 25: The Land's Bounty • 26: Brave Redux • 27: Adrift • 28: Gifts of Winter • 29: New Year's Wish • 30: Hostile Springs • 31: Greil's Devoted • 32: Regal Rabbits • 33: A Season for Picnics • 34: Bridal Belonging • 35: Summer Returns • 36: Summer Refreshes • 37: Brave Echoes • 38: A Splendid Soiree • 39: Treat Fiends • 40: Glorious Gifts • 41: Renewed Spirit • 42: A Star Is Born • 43: Lovely Gifts • 44: Familial Festivities • 45: The Start of It All • 46: Bridal Beloveds • 47: Summer Passing • 48: Overseas Memories • 49: Pirate's Pride • 50: To Stay Dreaming • 51: Dragons Harvest • 52: In the Moment
Xenologues 1: Detached Princess • 2: The Brink of Chaos • 3: The People's Hero • 4: Whispers of Death • 5: Heavenly Witness
Locations The Sacred WorldWorld of AwakeningWorld of BindingWorld of BirthrightWorld of BlazingWorld of ConquestWorld of DawnWorld of Holy WarWorld of MysteryWorld of RadianceWorld of ShadowsWorld of ThraciaWorld of Zenith (Askran KingdomDökkálfheimrEmblian EmpireHelLjósálfheimrMúspellNifl)
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