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Portrait eremiya fe12.png
Eremiya's portrait from New Mystery of the Emblem.




Starting class



New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow

She's of no use to me wounded like this. Just leave her and she'll die by herself.
— Eremiya, ordering Reese to let Clarisse die

Eremiya (Japanese: エレミヤ Eremiya) is the head of a group of assassins and the apparent main antagonist of an exclusive side plot in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem primarily encompassing its sidequest chapters. She raised her underlings Reese, Clarisse, and Legion, along with countless others, from young ages in darkness, treating them in a manner similar to puppets.

Eremiya was at one point a kind bishop who looked after war orphans; she became sinister after her orphanage was burned down during a war (potentially, but not confirmed to be, the War of Shadows), after which she raised her orphans into assassins.

Although first mentioned in chapter 3x when Clarisse suspects Reese of potentially betraying her, Eremiya first appears in chapter 10x after Legion's final defeat, ordering Clarisse to finish off Legion and dispose of his clones after his failure in his mission. Eremiya later ordered Reese to do the same to Clarisse after her own failure, then sent Reese onto the mission where she ultimately defected.

Eremiya serves as the boss of chapter 20x, the final chapter of the side plot; there, she calls her remaining underlings into action at her defense, but is ultimately defeated by Marth and his army. The aftermath shows that Eremiya herself had been brainwashed by Gharnef into doing his will, as she is killed by Gharnef after having failed her mission.

Eremiya is also a playable character in a bonus mission taking place shortly after the War of Shadows, where she leads her assassins into taking out the remnants of the Soothsires, a group that had apparently been taken out by Marth's army during the War of Shadows. Once the operation is finished, Gharnef congratulates Eremiya on her success.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

Starting stats and growth rates

Enemy - Chapter 20x

Normal Hard Maniac Lunatic

Portrait eremiya fe12.png
Level 18
Movement --
Max HP 38 Speed 17
Strength 1 Luck 0
Magic 12 Defense 12
Skill 13 Resistance 16
Weapon Levels
FE12RankSword.png -- FE12RankLance.png -- FE12RankAxe.png --
FE12RankBow.png -- FE12RankTome.png B FE12RankStaff.png D

Playable - Extra chapters

Portrait eremiya fe12.png
Level 18
Movement 6
Recruitment: Downloadable episode 2, automatically one turn after reinforcements have been triggered

Stats Growth Rates

Is ds nosferatu.png Nosferatu
Is ds meteor.png Meteor
Weapon Levels
FE12RankSword.png -- FE12RankLance.png -- FE12RankAxe.png --
FE12RankBow.png -- FE12RankTome.png B FE12RankStaff.png D

Personality and character

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Death quotes

My... children...
— Eremiya in chapter 20x
Oh dear, how terrible. I'd better fall back.
— Eremiya in downloadable episode 2

Battle quotes

My children... were just trash in the end. They couldn't even dispose of this rabble.... It seems I have no choice but to show them how it's properly done.
— Eremiya in chapter 20x
Oh my, if it isn't the broken puppet. I wonder... should I call you ungrateful trash or traitorous trash? But I must say, it's very brave of you to show your face in front of me again, Reese. [...] A junk puppet talking like a human being? The only word you're ever allowed to say is "yes". I'll make sure that mouth of yours starts working properly right away.
— Eremiya, when facing Katarina in chapter 20x
Now... fear.
— Eremiya in downloadable episode 2

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Eremiah Used in the New Mystery of the Emblem fan translation patch.
Japanese エレミヤ Officially romanized as Eremiya.


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