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FERD Geoffrey.png
Artwork of Geoffrey from Radiant Dawn.

The commander of Crimea's Royal Knights. He, his elder sister Lucia, and his close friend Bastian are Queen Elincia's most trusted and ardent supporters.






Lucia (sister)



Starting class


Geoffrey (pronounced /⁠ˈdʒɒfɹi⁠/[key][3]; Japanese: ジョフレ Geoffray) is a playable character in both Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the general of the Crimean Army and the commander of the Crimean Royal Knights. He is the younger brother of Lucia and close friends with Bastian. He grew up with Elincia and has since developed feelings for her.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


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Starting stats and growth rates

Medium portrait geoffrey fe09.png
Level 11
Attribute Is gcn fireaffin.png
Build 11
Recruitment: Chapter 24, automatically at the end of chapter if he survived

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Brave Lance
Steel Bow
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances A Axes -- Bows C
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Staves --


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Geoffrey is the last playable paladin. He has high movement and Canto for most of his available chapters; only severely restricted by Chapter 25. He has excellent health and defense bases, making him a mobile physical tank. His base resistance is mediocre but at his join time, Pure Waters are readily available. The Knight Ward also boosts his defense and resistance, so he can be a well-rounded tank. He has enough strength, skill, and speed to offensively contribute without any investment, but on higher difficulties, he may struggle to double attack. His respectable Lance rank lets him use the Brave Lance, Silver Lances, and Spears; however, he cannot use axes which are more powerful. While bows are significantly less useful, he has a C rank which gives him accurate 2-range options with Laguz and Killer Bows.

Geoffrey has excellent growths all around, having above average growths in strength, skill, speed, defense, and resistance. His luck is his only weak growth. Though his base level is high, Paragon lets him take some advantage of his growths, quickly cap his level, and turn him into a powerful mobile endgame unit.

Geoffrey's Paragon should not be removed until he caps his level. Geoffrey is an practical candidate of the last Occult scroll, as he will likely have no more use of Paragon around then, and Sol improves his bulk even further. Resolve is also a good skill for him thanks to his bulk and respectable offensive bases. He works well with most other skills, though earlier skills like Adept and Wrath are better used on units with higher availability and space for skills.

Geoffrey has a fire affinity which gives him a useful attack and accuracy boost; this helps compensate for his lack of axes. His only partners are Calill and Elincia, so he should support both. Calill's dark affinity gives more attack, giving both units a valuable +3 attack at A support. Elincia's heaven affinity gives only accuracy which is significantly less useful, and she does not benefit much from Geoffrey's attack boost since she is not a useful combat unit.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


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Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait geoffrey fe10.png
Lance Paladin
Level 15
Affinity Is wii fireaffin.png
Constitution 11
Authority ★★★
Recruitment: Part 2, Chapter 3, automatically from the start

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Steel Greatlance
Short Spear
CantoThis item or skill is locked to this unit.
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances A Axes -- Bows -- Knives -- Strike weapons --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --
  • Note: The above stats are Geoffrey's default stats. If a Radiant Dawn game was started via a data transfer from Path of Radiance, any stat Geoffrey capped in Path of Radiance will result in a boost to his base in the stat in question in Radiant Dawn.

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Skills Weapon level
Silver Knight +4 +2 +4 +2 +2 +0 +2 +4 +0 +0 SolThis item or skill is locked to this unit. Lances (x to A)
Bows C


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Geoffrey is a paladin available for only a few chapters through most of the game, until endgame. He is usable for chapter 2-3, part of 2-E, all of 3-9, and 4-5 to endgame. He is the most powerful unit of the Crimean Royal Knights, having good offense, mobility, and bulk. Path of Radiance Geoffrey does not cap any stats on average, though if lucky or given stat boosters, he can feasibly cap strength, skill, speed, or defense. Radiant Dawn Geoffrey would benefit from any of these transfers significantly, especially from speed.

Due to Paragon, he can level up easily and frequently, and can easily promote by 3-9. His growths are generally weak, having only a decent growth in strength, skill and resistance, but he caps them very quickly, so bonus experience can help fix his other stats. However, Geoffrey is no longer usable until chapter 4-5, the last chapter before endgame, where he will be far underleveled. At this point, he will need significant babying or significant BEXP to catch up; note that Paragon does not decrease BEXP required. Even if caught up, his class as a Silver Knight is one of the weaker endgame classes due to lack of Hammer access and weak stat caps (especially speed). Ultimately Geoffrey is a valuable temporary unit in 2-3 and 3-9 but is often best left alone afterwards.

Geoffrey has innate paragon which helps him level up more frequently early on and promote earlier, learning Sol. Due to his availability, it is most practical to remove paragon in 3-9 and either teach it to a different Crimean Royal Knight unit, or carry the scroll to a unit that joins Ike's group in 3-11, as otherwise the benefits of Paragon will be wasted until endgame.

Geoffrey has a valuable fire affinity which boosts attack and accuracy. As his availability is one of the worst in the game, his support situation is awkward. Kieran, Makalov, Astrid, and Marcia are all similar classes and appreciate the attack boost, but supporting them with Geoffrey is not practical as the bonuses will not apply after chapter 3-9, until 4-5.

Fire Emblem Awakening


Geoffrey is playable as a SpotPass character, released in the Path of Radiance character set. Geoffrey is also present as an enemy in the first and third installments of the Smash Brethren DLC series; additionally, Geoffrey appears as an ally in Smash Brethren 2.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait spotpass geoffrey fe13.png
Ma 3ds01 paladin playable.gif Paladin
Level 15
Movement 8
Recruitment: SpotPass, hire him for 13,000 G or defeat him in a skirmish

Stats Growth Rates Cap Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Brave Lance* Discipline
Outdoor Fighter
Quick Burn
Weapon Levels
Swords C Lances A Axes --
Bows -- Tomes -- Staves --

Reclassing options

Small portrait spotpass geoffrey fe13.png
Base classes:*
Cavalier Paladin
Great Knight
Reclass options:
This unit can reclass to any male class available through reclassing.
See reclass for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Tactician/Grandmaster Cavalier Knight Great Knight General Barbarian/Berserker Fighter/Warrior Mercenary/Hero Bow Knight Archer Sniper

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res
Tactician/Grandmaster 80% 50% 45% 55% 65% 50% 40% 30%

Myrmidon Swordmaster Assassin Thief Trickster Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord Griffon Rider Priest War Monk Mage/Sage Dark Mage Dark Knight Sorcerer Dread Fighter

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res
Myrmidon 80% 55% 30% 65% 75% 50% 35% 25%

Promotion stat gains

Archer Barbarian Cavalier Dark Mage Wyvern Rider Fighter Knight Mage Mercenary Myrmidon Priest Tactician Thief

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Sniper +4 +2 +1 +4 +3 +0 +5 +3 +1 --
Bow Knight +8 +3 +0 +2 +4 +0 +1 +2 +3 Swords E, Bows E

Skill set

Like all male bonus units in Awakening, Geoffrey has access to all base class and advanced class skills available to standard male units.

Personality and character

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Path of Radiance

Main article: Geoffrey/Supports (Path of Radiance)
Small portrait geoffrey fe09.png
Is gcn fireaffin.png
Small portrait calill fe09.png
Sage Is gcn darkaffin.png
C: 1
B: 2
A: 3
Small portrait elincia fe09.png
Princess Crimea Is gcn heavenaffin.png
C: 1
B: 2
A: 2
Small portrait titania fe09.png
Paladin Is gcn wateraffin.png
C: {{{c3}}}
B: {{{b3}}}
A: {{{a3}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin4}}}affin.png|link={{{affin4}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c4}}}
B: {{{b4}}}
A: {{{a4}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin5}}}affin.png|link={{{affin5}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c5}}}
B: {{{b5}}}
A: {{{a5}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin6}}}affin.png|link={{{affin6}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c6}}}
B: {{{b6}}}
A: {{{a6}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin7}}}affin.png|link={{{affin7}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c7}}}
B: {{{b7}}}
A: {{{a7}}}
See Support § Path of Radiance for more details on supports.

Radiant Dawn

Bond supports

Small portrait geoffrey fe10.png
Lance Paladin
Default bonds:
Small portrait bastian fe10.png
Small portrait elincia 01 fe10.png
Small portrait lucia 01 fe10.png
Small portrait kieran fe10.png
Axe Paladin
Extra bonds:*
Small portrait calill fe10.png
Fire Sage




See Support § Radiant Dawn for more details on supports.


Radiant Dawn

Geoffrey, Protector of the Realm
As captain of the Royal Knights and a model of chivalry, Geoffrey served his queen and country all his days.

Geoffrey, Protector of the Realm (A support with Elincia)
Geoffrey's chivalrous nature and loyalty to Queen Elincia ensured that all of Crimea supported their marriage.


Battle quotes

Leave the task of securing the path of retreat to us.
— An unused quote intended to be Geoffrey's retreat quote in Path of Radiance.
Geoffrey: Rebel forces! I am Geoffrey, commander of the Royal Knights of Crimea! Lay down your weapons and submit to the rule of the law! Further resistance is futile! Her majesty the queen promises leniency and means you no harm! Listen to me! You must yield!
Tashoria: Tch... What nonsense is this? Do you take us for idiots!? Our reinforcements will arrive shortly, and your fate will be sealed! Death to the tyrant and her lapdogs!
Geoffrey: Grr... The queen lives to serve you! Why can't you see that!

— Geoffrey, when fighting Tashoria in Part II, Chapter 3 in Radiant Dawn.
Geoffrey: That's enough, Duke Ludveck! You have no chance of victory. The Royal Knights are here, and we have our queen to lead us.
Ludveck: Ho ho... It's the valiant Geoffrey. I assume, General, that you have yet to hear about Lady Lucia?
Geoffrey: Lucia? What's happened?
Ludveck: Well... I could tell you, but what would that gain me? Now, if you were to turn on the queen and grovel at my feet, I might reconsider telling you.
Geoffrey: How dare you, you rotten...

— Geoffrey, when fighting Ludveck in Part II, Endgame in Radiant Dawn.
Geoffrey: I am Geoffrey, the commander of the Crimean Royal Knights! Do you command these men?
Roark: Knight of Crimea. You are clearly guilty of treason against the Begnion Empire! Do you understand what it means to send an army against us? You've just killed your people.
Geoffrey: You have been warned. Queen Elincia will not accept any further acts of violence and banditry within our borders! Withdraw your troops immediately, or I cannot guarantee your safe return! Decide quickly.
Roark: How dare you take that tone with me! I'll put you in your place!

— Geoffrey, when fighting Roark in Part III, Chapter 9 of Radiant Dawn.
Izuka: They've broken through my Feral Ones! I must create more!
Geoffrey: After the war against the Mad King, I always regretted not capturing you. Prepare yourself for justice!

— Geoffrey, when fighting Izuka in Part IV, Chapter 5 of Radiant Dawn.
I'm Geoffrey, a Crimean knight.
— Geoffrey's SpotPass parley quote in Awakening.
Glory to Crimea!
— Geoffrey, in a SpotPass battle in Awakening.
All right. Count me in.
— Geoffrey's SpotPass recruitment quote in Awakening.
A knight lives for the fight and rises to every challenge!
— Geoffrey, in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
Geoffrey: A mask? Hiding a weighty past, are we?
Gerome: You should be less concerned with my appearance than the battle before you.

— Geoffrey, when fighting Gerome in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
The luck of the day decides who prevails. May the best warrior win!
— Geoffrey, in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.
Geoffrey: Masked warrior, return to the world you came from. Free yourself from a life of shame—a life of hiding who you are!
Gerome: You've got it all wrong. I chose this life!

— Geoffrey, when fighting Gerome in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.

Death quotes

The rebirth of my homeland is almost before me, and yet... Is it possible I may not witness that glorious day? I will not die... I cannot go and leave Crimea like this... Princess!
— Geoffrey, in Path of Radiance.
Glory to...Crimea! Sister...Bastian... Protect...the...princess...
— Geoffrey, in Chapter 24 of Path of Radiance.
Geoffrey: Ugh... Defeated...
Elincia: ...Geoffrey! Pull back! You can't!!!
Geoffrey: What do you mean? This wound? Hardly–gnk!–worth noting...
Elincia: Withdraw! Your queen commands it!
Geoffrey: As you wish. In your service, milady.

— Geoffrey's retreat quote in Radiant Dawn.
Geoffrey: Queen Elincia! My queen, where are you?! I can't see... Blood is in my eyes... Your Majesty... I'll be right...there...
Elincia: Geoffrey... Geoffrey! ...You mustn't die... I'll be all alone... Please... Geoffrey...

— Geoffrey, in Radiant Dawn, whenever Elincia is on the map.
Queen Elincia... I your sworn sword. And even in death, I promise you... I will protect... your honor...forever...
— Geoffrey, in Radiant Dawn, whenever Elincia is not on the map.
Geoffrey: Men, you have to…keep fighting! Just leave me... Fight for Her Majesty!
Kieran: General Geoffrey... Get up, man! Fight! We can't go on without you!

— Geoffrey, in Part II, Chapter 3 of Radiant Dawn.
Geoffrey: They got me... Your Majesty... Please forgive me.
Kieran: General Geoffrey! No! Open your eyes! Your orders, General! General!

— Geoffrey, in Part III, Chapter 9 of Radiant Dawn.
A fighter like you...could have saved us so much hardship...
— Geoffrey, in Smash Brethren 1 in Awakening.
How could I lose here? Damn...
— Geoffrey, as an NPC in Smash Brethren 2 in Awakening.
No... I have failed the queen...
— Geoffrey, in Smash Brethren 3 in Awakening.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Geoffrey is featured on four cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Geoffrey
TCGCipher B05-082SR.png Lancer General, Geoffrey



"I will never leave you, Your Majesty……"
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Lance Paladin Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
"Glory to the Queen!": [Always] During either player's turn, if you have 1 or more allies that have Leveled Up or Grew this turn, for each of those allies, all of your allies in the Front Row get +10 power. However, allies that Leveled Up or Grew while this unit was not on the Battlefield are not counted.
Class Change Skill Commander of the Royal Knights: [Trigger] [Once per turn] When another ally levels up or performs a growth, you can select an enemy in the back row and move it (Class Change Skill: This skill is inactive unless this unit was Class Changed).
Card #B05-082SR • Artist: Rika Suzuki
TCGCipher B05-083N.png Protector of the Realm, Geoffrey



"It is a knight's responsibility to protect their Majesty."
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Lance Knight Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Guarding Blue Spear: [Always] During your opponent's turn, your ally "Elincia" gains +20 attack.
Attack Support Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this battle, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B05-083N • Artist: Rika Suzuki
TCGCipher B20-083R.png Azure Lance of Crimea, Geoffrey



"Follow me, my knights! We shall protect Her Majesty!"
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Silver Knight Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Blue-Lit Captain of the Knights: [Activate] [Once per turn] Choose as many Leveled Up allies as you wish, and move them.
Devotion to His Queen: [Activate] [Flip one bond card] Until the end of the turn, this unit gains +10 attack.
'Neath the Standard of Crimea: [Always] During your opponent's turn, other Leveled Up allies gain +10 attack.
Card #B20-083R • Artist: Akira Egawa
TCGCipher B20-084N.png Younger Brother Knight of House Delbray, Geoffrey



"The words always sound false, yet... Hmm... The princess is like...Everything about her is perfect."
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Lance Knight Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Princess's Faithful Knight: [Always] If you have an allied "Elincia", this unit gains +10 attack.
Attack Support Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this combat, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B20-084N • Artist: Akira Egawa
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Geoffrey .

Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn The commander of Crimea's Royal Knights. He, his elder sister Lucia, and his close friend Bastian are Queen Elincia's most trusted and ardent supporters. クリミア王国の王宮騎士団長。


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From a Norman French form of a Germanic name. The second element is Germanic frid "peace", but the first element may be either gawia "territory", walha "foreign", or gisil "hostage".[4]



Officially romanized as Geoffray.
















Traditional Chinese




Official artwork



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