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Lehran's Medallion

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Lehran's Medallion in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
Do you feel its invitation? The permission to act on any base emotion that resides in your heart, no matter how unspeakable?
— Ashnard

Lehran's Medallion (Japanese: エルランのメダリオン Erlan's medallion), also known as the Fire Emblem (Japanese: 炎の紋章 Fire Emblem), is an ancient artifact of Tellius which plays a central role in the plots of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. It is a simple bronze medallion which, according to legend, imprisons a dark god which once attempted to destroy Tellius with the Great Flood; the truth of its origins and the entity it contains is somewhat more complicated. It originally belonged to the ancient heron laguz Lehran, for whom it is named.



The medallion, found after the Serenes Massacre.
Greil, driven to madness by the medallion's power, slays his own wife and countless others.

Following the Great Flood and Ashunera casting away her emotions, her new form Ashera wished to destroy her emotions, in the form of the chaos goddess Yune, to permanently prevent a catastrophe like the Great Flood from ever happening again. The advice and pleas of her servants, Altina and Lehran, convinced her to allow Yune to just be imprisoned. Using the power of his galdrar, Lehran sealed Yune within a medallion he possessed, with the promise that she would be released and reunited with Ashera in the event that the laguz and beorc lived in peace for a millennium. Lehran kept the medallion in his possession for a time, and after his disappearance it was inherited through generations of the heron laguz royalty of Serenes. Yune—now reviled as a "dark god" whose release from the medallion should be averted at all costs—remained asleep in the medallion for the following 780 years, unable to do anything except let the energies of her chaos radiate from the medallion. Throughout this time, she was regularly serenaded by heron galdrar which soothed her and kept her at peace.[1]

In the year 625, the Serenes Massacre occurred and wiped out most of the heron tribe, including much of the royal family. The medallion was left abandoned on an altar in Serenes, along with the surviving heron princess Lillia, and the two were found by Lehran who, in his grief over the destruction of the herons, resolved to awaken Yune and hasten the judgement of the world. Since he no longer had that ability himself, he let both the medallion and Lillia enter the possession of the Daein army,[2] which imprisoned her in Palmeni Temple. King Ashnard himself[3]—although Lillia did not know his identity—repeatedly tried to force her to perform the galdr of release on the medallion, which she was not able to do.[4] Eventually, before her death, she befriended a Daein cleric who attended to her named Elena, and entrusted her with both the medallion and the lyrics to the galdr of release. At Lillia's request, Elena fled Daein along with her husband, General Gawain, to protect the medallion from the Daein forces who sought to unlock the dark god.[5]

Elena and Gawain—the latter now calling himself Greil—settled in Gallia and set up a mercenary corps, and eventually had two children, Ike and Mist. Elena protected the medallion from others until, when Ike and Mist were young, Greil claimed it and was driven mad by its power. Under its influence he slaughtered everybody in sight until Elena sacrificed itself to seize it back from him. Shortly after, Sephiran and Zelgius arrived on the scene and found Greil, his children, and his countless victims. Mist picked up the medallion despite Sephiran's warnings, and proved to be unaffected by its chaos, so Sephiran left it in her possession. Afterward, having moved his mercenary operation to Crimea, Greil strictly forbade Ike from ever touching it, and maimed himself drastically in case he ever touched it again.[6]

The medallion was still in Mist's possession, along with knowledge of the lyrics to the galdr of release, when the Mad King's War broke out and the Greil Mercenaries became involved as protectors of the Crimean princess Elincia. On the orders of Lehran, the Black Knight hunted Greil down to take back the medallion, and killed him when he refused to surrender it. During Ike's travels to reclaim Crimea, the medallion was stolen from Mist by Nasir and turned over to Ashnard, who sought to release the "dark god" from the medallion by instigating a war against Crimea.[7] Following his defeat at Melior, Mist took back the medallion and gave it to the surviving Serenes royals Reyson and Leanne, with whom she felt it belonged.

Three years later, during the war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance, the medallion began to stir as a result of the chaotic violence. The Serenes herons attempted to calm Yune to lessen the crisis, but as the war grew fiercer, it became more and more futile. Eventually, at the final battle between the Alliance and Daein at Castle Nox, the medallion's radiant chaos energy grew so great that it began to cripple those with a high sense of order. In order to prevent the consequences of awakening the "dark god" through war, Micaiah followed Yune's voice and performed the galdr of release to undo the medallion's seal and set her free, triggering Ashera's judgement. The medallion served no other purpose after Yune's release and was likely abandoned.


Leanne is overwhelmed by the medallion's radiant power and has fainted as a result.

Lehran's Medallion constantly radiates Yune's chaotic energies which manifest as blue flame-like light, the reason it is also known as the "Fire Emblem". The energy has a powerful impact on people who touch the medallion, depending on their constitution: a being with a high sense of order and balance will be unaffected by it and behave as normal, but anybody not fitting this criterial will be driven to madness, with the chaos taking their worst instincts and drastically magnifying them. A person in this state is extremely dangerous and is both even stronger than usual and extremely aggressive, ignoring any inhibition they would normally have and acting on any impulse or emotion they have, no matter how base or destructive it is.[8] This state is undone once they let go of the medallion, or if they are killed.[9]

The medallion is also affected by the chaotic state of the world. In periods of great chaos such as wars, the medallion burns even more fiercely and begins to have an effect on the world beyond it. Once the chaotic state becomes severe enough, the reaction from the medallion is strong enough that the energy begins to have a debilitating effect on people who are present within a certain range of the medallion, with those with a strong sense of order being particularly overcome by it. A severe enough war will strengthen Yune to the point that she will be able to break the seal herself and emerge from the medallion.[10]

In addition to the herons of Serenes, only two people are known to have enough of a balanced spirit to touch the medallion without being affected by it normally: Elena and her daughter, Mist. However, it only affects people who directly touch its metal, and so its affects can be avoided by handling it through cloth or some other wrapping, while taking care not to touch the medallion itself.[8]


Lehran's Medallion does not exist as an actual gameplay item in either game, but it does have effects on gameplay in both games. In the endgame of Path of Radiance, Ashnard uses the medallion in higher difficulties and must be fought for a second time in a berserk state caused by it. In Radiant Dawn's Part 3 Endgame, the effects of Lehran's Medallion will slowly remove units from both armies as the chapter's kill count increases: Micaiah and Sothe will leave at 30 kills as Micaiah responds to its call, and the final 80 kills ends the chapter as Mist, Reyson and Rafiel are affected and Ike, Tibarn and Nailah retreat to look after them.


Etymology and other languages

Lehran's Medallion

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Lehran's Medallion --
Japanese エルランのメダリオン Erlan's medallion
Spanish Medallón de Lehran Lehran's medallion
French Médaillon de Lehran Lehran's medallion
German Lehrans Medaillon Lehran's Medallion
Italian Medaglione di Lehran Lehran's medallion

Fire Emblem

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Fire Emblem --
Japanese 炎の紋章 Fire Emblem
Spanish Emblema de Fuego Emblem of Fire
French Emblème du Feu Emblem of Fire
German Emblem des Feuers Emblem of Fires
Italian Emblema di Fuoco Emblem of Fire



  1. "Yune: Ashera and I see things a little differently… During my long sleep, I was wrapped in sweet, gentle music.
    Ike: Heron galdrar?
    Yune: Yes, but more important than the song itself, I was never alone. There was always someone, singing comfort to me. Ashera shouldn’t have isolated herself. She became lonely and bitter, and lost touch with her people.
    " — Yune and Ike, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  2. "Sephiran: Lady Sanaki, your theory is half correct… and half incorrect. Sir Ike, I’m afraid your father’s death was an unfortunate result of Zelgius’s own personal agenda. I must admit that I did ask him to seize the medallion and hand it over to King Ashnard, but it was not to gain Ashnard’s trust.
    Sanaki: Then why?
    Sephiran: Because originally the medallion belonged with me. 23 years ago, I placed it with Princess Lillia of Serenes.
    " — Sephiran and Sanaki (extended script), Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "Yes, I tried to get her to free the dark god from the medallion, but all she did was get sick and die. Pah! They're ridiculously frail creatures. I should have just killed her in the first place and saved some time." — Ashnard, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  4. "Reyson: She was kidnapped twenty years ago, on the night of the Serenes Massacre. I...I thought that Lillia had been murdered along with my other brothers and sisters. I believed that until today...
    Ike: Who took her?
    Reyson: The walls say only that he was a large human. She probably never knew who it was. He thrust a clan treasure at her and demanded that she use her magic to revive the thing sealed inside it. He exhorted her again and again, but to no avail. Lillia refused his request every time...because she did not possess that power.
    " — Reyson and Ike, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  5. "Reyson: I beg your pardon. Let me continue. A young beorc began coming to the room to care for Lillia. She had bluish hair and blue eyes...And her heart was unusually pure for a beorc. In time, Lillia and she came to be friends, and shared a mutual trust.
    Mist: Ah!
    Ike: ...
    Reyson: Lillia decided to entrust her hopes to the woman. They shared no common language, so it took some time. But eventually, the beorc woman understood what it was Lillia wanted... Which was to take the treasure and the song...and flee this temple.
    Mist: B-Brother!
    Ike: Was there anything else written about this beorc woman? A name, perhaps...
    Reyson: (Elena....) Translated into our language, it was probably Elena.
    " — Reyson, Mist and Ike, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  6. "Ike: I'm finding all of this a little hard to believe. You said the medallion was "an object of great peril," didn't you? Then why would my father allowMist to carry it around? That doesn't make any sense.
    Volke: It's because she can carry it safely. Actually, she's the only one who can. If you want proof, think back. Have you ever once touched it?
    Ike: ...No. I haven't. A long time ago, I remember reaching out for it while Mist had it in her hand... My father scolded me harshly. After that, I was my sister's alone, and I never reached for it again.
    " — Ike and Volke, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  7. "How could I achieve this? My attention turned to the young Daein prince… I could use the fiery Ashnard for my purposes. He was ambitious, a fierce warrior, and more than anything, he had an earnest desire to change the world. When I allowed him to know of the goddess sealed inside the medallion, he became determined to set her free. We could use heron galdrar or a massive, continent-spanning war to throw the world into chaos." — Sephiran, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  8. 8.0 8.1 "Ashnard: Ah! It's found its way back to my hands at long last. Unwrap it! Quickly! Unwrap it and show it to me...
    Petrine: V-very well--
    Ashnard: Do be careful not to touch it, Petrine. It wouldn't do to have you go mad...I'd hate to have to kill you! Aha ha ha!
    Petrine: H-here it is, Y-Your Majesty...
    Ashnard: Behold... Ah, how wonderful! See how it reacts to the war I have brought to this pathetic land?
    Petrine: Th-this is Lehran's Medallion?
    Ashnard: Yes. And inside...inside is a dark god of immeasurable power and cruelty. It once caused a flood so great that all continents save Tellius were submerged in a watery tomb.
    Petrine: light...
    Ashnard: You... Me... Even this very castle itself...We all radiate various forms of chaotic energy, and the dark god is pure chaos! The light you see is that energy calling out to the chaos around us. That is why some scholars refer to it as the Fire Emblem.
    Petrine: ...
    Ashnard: Heee! Heee har har! Look how you tremble! This light has the power to bewitch the human soul, you know? It calls to our chaotic impulses--like the urge to slaughter every living thing in sight... Do you feel its invitation? The permission to act on any base emotion that resides in your heart, no matter how unspeakable?
    " — Ashnard and Petrine, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  9. "Volke: Compared to other people, the balance within your sister is extremely strong. Your mother, it seems, was the same. That's why they could bear it safely. The medallion is like a strong poison. It takes the worst aspects of a person and magnifies them a thousandfold. Greil touched it only once, and it drove him to complete madness.
    Ike: So that's what you meant when you said he went berserk?
    Volke: That's right. Beorc and laguz are made up of two forces: balance and chaos. In this, there is no difference between us. It is the proportion of balance to chaos that determines how much the medallion affects a person. In that sense, it predicts how much harm that person might do. Your father was one of the preeminent swordsmen of his generation. That day, after he touched the medallion...Twenty soldiers had come for him. Twenty highly trained killers. Your father barely broke a sweat cutting them down. Then he began attacking his neighbors, those who had taken him in, concealed his identity, and called him friend. He slew them one by one, until your mother rushed in...thinking only to save her husband from himself. It was over in an instant. Your mother grabbed the medallion from his hand and stepped away from him...They say she smiled as he pulled his sword from her breast and forgave him as her life's blood spilled into the street.
    Ike: My father...killed my mother? No. That can't be...
    Volke: It was the medallion. Its power is too great for any man. Even one of your father's caliber. Me? You? If either of us touched it, I'm certain that we both would have been consumed by madness. When your father regained his senses, he tracked me down.
    " — Volke and Ike, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  10. "Ike: Are you sure about this? Mist is saying that she should sing the galdr of release. She’s saying that we should wake up the dark god!
    Tibarn: The seal will break anyway. If that’s the case, then we should take a chance on your sister and do what she says. Maybe there’s still a way to fix this mess.
    " — Ike and Tibarn, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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