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Portrait ashunera fe10.png
Ashunera's portrait in Radiant Dawn.






Goddess of Dawn


Radiant Dawn

In the very beginning of this world... there was only water, until one day a girl appeared.
— Yune

Ashunera (pronounced /⁠æˈʃunəˌɹɑ⁠/[key][1]; Japanese: アスタテューヌ Astartunu) is the creator goddess of Tellius, known by the title "Goddess of Dawn".


The creation of Tellius

Ashunera among the Zunanma, the first people of Tellius.
The Great Flood, a disaster caused by Ashunera.

According to the creation myths of Tellius, Ashunera emerged from an endless and barren ocean and created the first landmasses, plant and animal life. Despite her initial excitement at what she had created, she soon grew lonely as none of her creations were anything like her, but after a millennium of this loneliness, the creatures of this primitive world evolved into the Zunanma and began to grow close to her.

The Zunanma took to worshipping Ashunera as their goddess, dubbing her the "Goddess of Dawn", but as their evolution continued and diverged, conflict and war constantly erupted among them. Ashunera made many attempts to stop the fighting, including separating them into the distinct laguz and beorc species, but none of these worked.

Her outrage, grief and desperation to stop the war led to her losing control of her immense powers and unleashing the Great Flood on the world, killing countless people and submerging, as far as anybody knows, every landmass in the world except Tellius itself.[2] On the advice of Lehran and others (though they would later regret it), Ashunera cast away her emotions entirely out of a desire to prevent such a thing from ever happening again; she turned into the order goddess Ashera, while her emotions became the chaos goddess Yune.

Two goddesses

Main articles: Ashera and Yune

Consenting to her counsel's request to spare Yune, Ashera agreed to a covenent with the people of Tellius, where she and Yune would sleep for a thousand years and, should the people of Tellius conduct themselves without a war for that time, they would reunite into Ashunera.

In the years since the goddesses' descent into sleep, Ashunera herself faded from Tellius mythology while her Ashera form effectively replaced her in myths as the creator and guardian goddess of Tellius. Similarly, her Yune half was branded a "dark god" and credited solely with causing the Great Flood, thanks to the efforts of Dheginsea deliberately twisting the legends in order to convince people to not engage in war.[3] Both laguz and beorc societies ended up developing completely different versions of the creation myths of Tellius, all of which obscured elements of its truth.[4]

The covenant with Ashera lasted only 780 years before the goddesses were awakened. Ashera proceeded to cast her judgement upon Tellius and petrify all of its people, but was stopped by beorc and laguz heroes led by Ike and Micaiah under Yune's guidance.

Around 1200 years after her split, Ashera and Yune reunited to form Ashunera once more. When she returned to Tellius she was greeted by Lehran, who warned her of the collapse of the peace built after Ashera's defeat, but Ashunera was resolved to protect the world and its people where she had failed last time.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Ashunera appears in the final scene of the Radiant Dawn epilogue, which plays only if Lehran was successfully recruited.


Ashunera is effectively a perfect balance between the personas of her split forms, Ashera and Yune. She is a benevolent and caring goddess who desires for her world to be a safe and peaceful place for all of the people who inhabit it, and although she failed her people in the Great Flood, after her reformation she was determined to make up for her failure and save her people, no matter what. She historically had a close relationship with the Zunanma even though they worshipped her as a superior being.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Ashunera is featured on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Ashunera
TCGCipher B20-096HN.png Goddess of Dawn, Ashunera

"In the very beginning of this world... a girl appeared. The girl forged the first land... then she made plants, and so the people worshipped her as a goddess."
Attack: 0 Support: 20 Range: - Deploy Cost: 0
Class: Goddess Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Creator of the World: [Special] This card cannot be deployed by the effect of skills.
Chaos Excised: [Activate] [Tap this unit] Reveal 4 cards from the top of your Deck. Choose up to 1 Tellius card from among those cards, place it at the bottom of your Deck, and send the remainder to the Retreat Area.
Order Aslumber: [Trigger] At the end of your turn, send this unit to the Retreat Area, and draw 1 card.
Card #B20-096HN • Artist: Tomohide Takaya
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Ashunera .

Choose Your Legends placement history

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509 Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Portrait ashunera fe10 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Total results This character has 8 entries across all Choose Your Legends polls. 2,191

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Composite of Ashera and Yune, the two goddesses she split into.



Officially romanized as Astartunu. Composite of Ashera and Yune's Japanese names, アスタ Astarte and Yunnu (although Yune is still supposed to be "Yune" according to her official NoJ name).



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Mentioned in Ashera: Order Goddess's help text description in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Astartunu; composite of 亞絲塔 Yàsītǎ'ěr and Yún. Mentioned in Ashera: Order Goddess's help text description in Heroes.



  1. Ashera in a Radiant Dawn cutscene
  2. "No matter how I admonished you, you would not stop fighting. There was nothing I could do. Every day my beloved children were killed, killed by others of my beloved children. With every death my rage and sorrow grew until I could control myself no longer. My emotions burst forth and I razed the land. Furious storms savaged the heavens, roiling waters rose in tremendous floods. Lives were lost beyond counting. I will purge chaos from within myself. Never again will I allow myself to commit such atrocities. I will become a goddess to properly guide and protect my people. I will become perfect." — Ashera, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "To convince the laguz kings to follow my example, I rewrote history, hid my tracks, and declared you a dark god. All I ever wanted was to avoid conflict... Please, forgive me." — Dheginsea, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  4. "Ike: Are you sure about this story? It's very different from the histories that we've each been taught.
    Nailah: True. In Hatari we learned that the flood was a punishment, but this sounds like she didn't even do it intentionally.
    Caineghis: That's why we have always been so adamant that the dark god must not be released from the medallion. Laguz rulers have been taught this for generations, though it was particularly stressed in times of war.
    Yune: Hmm...
    Elincia: Among beorc nations, we only know a vague fairy tale about the dark god stirring up a great disaster.
    Kurthnaga: Neither the laguz nor the beorc have an accurate depiction by the sound of it. I wonder where the story got twisted.
    " — Ike, Nailah, Caineghis, Yune, Elincia and Kurthnaga, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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