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Disciples of Order

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Disciples of Order

TCGCipher Disciple of Order.jpg
Artwork of the Disciples of Order from Fire Emblem Cipher.



Group type

Religious army


To destroy "the dark god"

Blessed servants of the goddess! I bring dire news. The dark god has awakened and made its wrath manifest in stone. All of us were turned to hard rock by its evil power, yet we stand here today, made flesh again by the power of the goddess! Why is that? It is because we are the chosen ones!
— Lekain

The Disciples of Order (Japanese: 正の使徒 Apostles of Order) is an order of blessed soldiers who are fanatically loyal to Ashera, the Goddess of Order. Wearing golden armor which was blessed by Ashera herself, the Disciples were used by Ashera to fight the goddess Yune and the fighters who worked with her, to prevent them from reaching Ashera and putting a stop to her judgement over Tellius.


The soldiers of the Disciples of Order were originally soldiers of the Begnion Empire,[1] who fought in its war with the Laguz Alliance. During this war, Begnion experienced a schism between those loyal to the Empress Sanaki, and those loyal to the Begnion Senate who desired to undermine and destroy her. At the peak of the war, the goddesses Ashera and Yune were awakened from a centuries-long slumber, and Ashera's judgement petrified almost every beorc and laguz on Tellius. In order to put an end to the survivors of the judgement, who were loyal to Yune and planned to work with her to stop Ashera and reverse the judgement, Ashera freed several Begnion senators—including Lekain, Hetzel, Numida, Valtome, and Oliver—from their petrification, as well as those soldiers who would pledge loyalty to her,[2] and they entered her service to form the Disciples of Order.[3] The Disciples saw their being saved from petrification as a sign that they were the goddess's chosen ones and, at least for the soldiers, became fanatically devoted to Ashera and her cause.[2]

Many of the soldiers who were recruited into the Disciples were inexperienced and lacking in strength compared to the likes of Ike and Micaiah, who worked with Yune, so to compensate for this and to improve their chances of stopping Yune, Ashera blessed their weapons and armor, greatly increasing their individual strength and resilience and turning their armor gold. Because she had to bless so many soldiers all at once, these blessings were vastly weaker than those on Ragnell, Alondite, or the Black Knight's armor and did not provide the same invulnerability, but it was still enough to make them a more serious threat.[2]

Yune split her allies into three groups—Ike's Greil Army, Micaiah's Silver Army, and Tibarn and Elincia's Hawk Army and tasked them with making their way to the Tower of Guidance in Sienne. Lekain sent armies of the Disciples after all three of these armies to stop them, and they used powerful Warp magic to instantly reach the armies and ambush them.[4] As the armies progressed, some of the senators personally led the Disciples in their battles. However, they failed to prevent any of the armies from reaching Sienne and sustained heavy casualties.

At the Tower of Guidance, as the three armies reunited and prepared to enter the Tower of Guidance, Ashera resurrected the corpses of fallen Disciples without their souls, breaking the rules of nature,[5] and warped them in to attack the group in enormous numbers. Ike, Micaiah, and Yune left the majority of their allies behind to protect the tower from the reanimated Disciples while they entered the Tower with a small group of their strongest allies. More Disciples awaited them inside the tower, under the command of Lekain, Hetzel, and the Black Knight. These Disciples were defeated, along with their masters, as Ike and Micaiah scaled the Tower, and after Ike defeated Ashera and ensured her judgement was reversed, the Disciples of Order disbanded.


The forces of the Disciples of Order are comprised of many soldiers, in addition to these eight who served as leaders and commanders of the Disciples in their battles.

Small portrait lekain fe10.png Small portrait hetzel fe10.png Small portrait valtome fe10.png Small portrait numida fe10.png Small portrait oliver fe10.png Small portrait levail fe10.png Small portrait yuma fe10.png Small portrait catalena fe10.png
Lekain Hetzel Valtome Numida Oliver Levail Yuma Catalena

In gameplay

The Disciples of Order comprise the standard enemy forces for most of Part 4, being present in every chapter except Chapter 5 and the last three stages of the Endgame. All generic enemies affiliated with the Disciples of Order are in unique enhanced variants of the advanced classes. These variants have higher stats and weapon levels that are almost on par with those of the third-tier classes, so that they pose more of a challenge to the player's armies, who will often have reached the third-tier classes themselves by this point.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

The Disciples of Order are featured on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Disciples of Order
TCGCipher B16-086HN.png Golden Warriors, Disciples of Order


"We have been charged by the goddess Ashera to cleanse your taint from the world!"
Attack: 60 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Halberdier Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
The Goddess's Legions: [Special] You may deploy this card even if you already have an allied "Disciples of Order", and you may have 2 or more allied "Disciples of Order" at once.
"Death to the heathens!": [Trigger] [Flip one bond card] When this unit is deployed, you may pay the cost and if you do: Choose 1 "Disciples of Order" from your Retreat Area, and add it to your hand.
Blessing of Order: [Always] If you have an allied "Ashera", this unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B16-086HN • Artist: Kotetsu Kinoshita
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Disciple_of_Order .


  • As mentioned above, the generic enemies of the Disciples of Order are classed as enhanced variations of second-tier advanced classes. With a few rare exceptions, the reason that they are classed as such instead of being third-tier advanced classes proper is likely because every third-tier advanced classes have innate Mastery Skills that inflicts significant amounts of damage, which can make them far more dangerous to the player otherwise.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Disciples of Order



Apostles of Order


Discípulos del Orden

Disciples of Order


Disciples de l'Ordre

Disciples of Order. Abbreviated to Aide divine before the Epilogue of Part IV and Gardien tour during Rebirth in gameplay due to space restrictions.


Getreuen der Ordnung

Order's Faithful


Discepoli dell'Ordine

Disciples of Order



  1. "Skrimir: Hmph. They were strong... for beorc. Has the senate held back its elite forces?
    Sigrun: No, I knew a few of them by face. Some of these soldiers were new recruits. I can’t imagine how they could have fought against us so fiercely.
    " — Skrimir and Sigrun, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 "Skrimir: Hmph. They were strong… for beorc. Has the senate held back its elite forces?
    Sigrun: No, I knew a few of them by face. Some of these soldiers were new recruits. I can’t imagine how they could have fought against us so fiercely.
    Yune: Simple. They were protected by Ashera. I sent a message to Micaiah about the impending attack, then returned here as fast as I could. Ashera freed the petrified soldiers who would pledge loyalty to her. By themselves, they weren’t a threat to skin puppets as strong as you, so she blessed their armor and weapons. Now they are worthy to be her true disciples, and their power will be stronger as we get closer to her. The battle will only get more difficult from here.
    Sigrun: Their weapons and armor are blessed by the goddess herself?
    Naesala: Is that similar to the Black Knight’s armor, or Ike’s sword Ragnell?
    Yune: It’s the same idea, yes. The Disciples’ blessings were much weaker, because there were a lot of them. Still, it makes them a lot more powerful than they originally were. I’d like to bless you all with protection, too, but I haven’t been awake long enough to wield that kind of power. Sorry about that.
    Skrimir: Ahhh…that was how they were able to stand against us.
    Yune: Poor souls… When they were turned back from stone, they probably thought they were the chosen ones or something. No one is good enough for her, though. When she’s done using them against us, they’ll all be stone creatures again.
    " — Skrimir, Sigrun, Yune, and Naesala, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "Yuma: Here are the minions of the dark god! Go forth, Disciples, and deliver the holy judgment of the goddess! Destroy them!
    Sanaki: You! All of you. You are all Begnion citizens! I’m so relieved you are all safe.
    Naesala: Sanaki, be careful! I don’t know that they’re going to be pleased to see you.
    Sanaki: What do you–
    Disciple of Order: Minions of the dark god! We are the Disciples of Order, led by blessed Lord Lekain. We have been charged by the goddess Ashera to cleanse your taint from the world!
    Disciple of Order: Death to the tainted souls! Let none escape!
    Sigrun: Empress Sanaki, please stay back. These traitors must have sided with the senate during the coup.
    Disciple of Order: Apostle Sanaki is a fraud! Any apostle who defies the edicts of the goddess is an enemy to the people!
    Sanaki: What?! No, I–
    Sigrun: Silence, betrayers of the empire! How dare you accuse the empress! Treason can only be punished by death!
    " — Yuma, Sanaki, Naesala, several Disciples of Order, and Sigrun, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  4. "Janaff: We’ve spotted the enemy! They’re over there, to the southwest!
    Tibarn: How did they get so close without being noticed? Did we have men out of position?
    Ulki: No, I just checked in. Enemy forces just suddenly appeared, with no sign or warning at all.
    Tibarn: Guess that’s one good thing about fighting a goddess… Things are sure to be exciting. Everyone, get in position!
    " — Janaff, Tibarn, and Ulki, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  5. "Yune: These soldiers… We’ve killed them already. They’ve been reborn in flesh but not spirit.
    Sanaki: Brought back from the dead…
    Elincia: A miracle of the goddess…
    Caineghis: A blasphemy, you mean! How could the goddess of order violate the most fundamental natural law?
    " — Yune, Sanaki, Elincia, and Caineghis, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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