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Ss fe10 map goldoa.png
Map of Tellius, with Goldoa marked, from Radiant Dawn.


Castle Goldoa







Would you see the laguz and beorc destroyed? Would you see all of Tellius awash in blood? No, unless destruction comes to seek us at our door, Goldoa will not move, for the sake of future generations.
— Dheginsea

Goldoa (pronounced /⁠ɡoʊlˈdoʊə⁠/[key][1]; Japanese: ゴルドア Goldoa) is a laguz-inhabited nation of Tellius, and the home of the dragon tribe. It has long maintained a strict policy of isolationism and neutrality, and has been almost entirely closed to outsiders for nearly a millennium.


Goldoa lies on the south-western edge of Tellius, bordering Gallia and Begnion, on the coast of the Gazaleah Sea to the west and the South Sea. Its territory is ringed with mountains,[2] and its landscape is composed mainly of open plains. It is located in a volcanic region[3] and the lava-filled Kauku Caves of Begnion contain a passage that leads into Goldoa, as well as one that leads into Gallia.[4]


The plains of Goldoa.

Goldoa is the second-oldest of all of the nations of Tellius, founded by Dheginsea, one of the three heroes who defeated the dark god. At the time, the beorc and laguz all lived in Begnion, but Dheginsea believed that the dragon tribe was too powerful to co-exist peacefully with other races, so shortly after Begnion's foundation, Dheginsea and all of the dragon laguz moved to the remote south-west of Tellius, far away from any other civilizations at the time, and founded Goldoa.[5] Dheginsea soon established a strict isolationist policy which forbade any foreigners from entering Goldoa without permission, and in exchange, Dheginsea forbade Goldoans from interfering with the outside world. Even when laguz in the rest of Tellius were suffering from beorc slavery, oppression, and other horrors, Dheginsea declared that Goldoa would not move to do anything about this in an attempt to prevent a war and to uphold the pledge with Ashera.[6]

Despite Dheginsea's best efforts, during the Mad King's War of 645, it was ironically Dheginsea's own children who violated the Goldoan rule of sequestration and inadvertently made massive contributions to conflicts in the outside world. Dheginsea's daughter, Almedha, left Goldoa out of disagreement with her father's non-violent policies and married Daein's Mad King Ashnard, which in turn led her brother Rajaion to depart Goldoa and become trapped by Ashnard, transformed into a Feral One, and used as his personal steed. Numerous other dragons entered Daein's service because of Almedha's actions, including Rajaion's pregnant fiancée Ena, her grandfather Nasir, and a platoon of red dragons who also became Feral Ones.[7] However, none of this was widely known for much of the war, and early in its course Dheginsea hosted a conference of the reigning laguz kings and princes in Goldoa, and attempted to convince the other rulers to not haphazardly engage in the war and to avoid releasing the dark god. Even so, toward the end of the war Goldoa came dangerously close to entering it themselves and engaging on a vengeful rampage after Dheginsea learned of the fate of Rajaion, and this was narrowly averted only by Ike's victory over Ashnard at Melior.[7]

Three years later, during the conflict between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance, Dheginsea once again tried to keep Goldoa completely neutral in the conflict, and when the Alliance accidentally entered Goldoa through the Kauku Caves, he almost ordered them to go back in and inevitably die despite the immense number of wounded among them, swayed only by Ena and Nasir reminding him of the debt they owe to Reyson. Despite his wishes, his last son Kurthnaga eventually entered the war on the side of Daein in order to aid Almedha and her son, Pelleas. This war ultimately resulted in the awakening of Ashera and Yune, and in the former petrifying almost everybody on Tellius as her judgement. In response to this, Dheginsea and all of Goldoa, aside from Kurthnaga, Almedha, and Ena, allied with Ashera, as Dheginsea was committed to following through on the consequences of failing to uphold his pledge to Ashera. Dheginsea and the army of Goldoa fought against Ike, Micaiah, and Kurthnaga at the Tower of Guidance to stop them from confronting Ashera, and Dheginsea was defeated, dying shortly after the battle. Kurthnaga succeeded him as the new king of Goldoa after Ashera's defeat and the restoration of the people of Tellius.

Characters from Goldoa

Character Description Appears in
Portrait dheginsea fe10.png
The black dragon king of Goldoa. One of the three heroes who defeated the dark god. While his own power is nearly godlike, he has removed himself from all affairs outside Goldoa. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait kurthnaga fe10.png
The black dragon prince of Goldoa. He is the son of King Dheginsea, and the youngest of all the dragons. He has established friendly ties with the outside world. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait rajaion fe09.png
A dragon laguz from Goldoa. His reason and his very identity were stolen by King Ashnard, who then used him as a personal steed. Path of Radiance
Portrait almedha fe10.png
The mother of King Pelleas, and former concubine of Ashnard. She was separated from her son when he was an infant, and spent her life searching for him. She is a very doting mother. Radiant Dawn
Portrait nasir fe10.png
A dragon laguz from Goldoa. He played the role of a double agent of the Mad King's War to aid his granddaughter, Ena. In the end, his friendship with Ike guided his actions and loyalties. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait ena fe10.png
A dragon laguz from Goldoa. She once served Daein on behalf of her missing fiancé, Rajaion. Her calm and analytical mind makes her a natural tactician. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait gareth fe10.png
A red dragon laguz from Goldoa. He is a powerful and reliable vassal assigned to watch over Prince Kurthnaga. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn

Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn
The ancestral home of the dragon
tribe laguz, located in a volcanic
area of southwestern Tellius.
Its policy of isolationism
has been unchanged for many
centuries of King Dheginsea's rule.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes





Officially romanized as Goldoa.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



Used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.

Traditional Chinese


Goldoa; used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.



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    Lehran: Of course not. Yet...there are laguz who are treated as less than livestock. I cannot believe that this is what the goddess wants.
    Dheginsea: Goldoa will not move. This decree stands from the time our nations were formed. The goddess has not yet slept one hundred and fifty years. Would you see the laguz and beorc destroyed? Would you see all of Tellius awash in blood? No, unless destruction comes to seek us at our door, Goldoa will not move, for the sake of future generations.
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    Nasir: As you wish. Lady Almedha... Are you aware of the fact that everything that's happening is due to your decision to leave Goldoa?
    Almedha: ...What?
    Kurthnaga: Explain, Nasir.
    Nasir: King Dheginsea forbade the dragon tribe to use our transformation for the purpose of war. Almedha, you left because you did not agree with this policy, did you not?
    Almedha: That's right.
    Nasir: Shortly after you left Goldoa, you met Ashnard in Daein and were united with him. However, your union begat a chain of tragedies. Did you know that the red dragon platoon which went in search of you was captured and turned into Feral Ones by King Ashnard?
    Almedha: I-I had no idea.
    Nasir: Ashnard needed Goldoa to get involved in his war. That's why he did everything in his power to provoke King Dheginsea. Most of you have never fought in a war, but even more than other laguz, the dragon tribe loses control once they taste battle.
    Kurthnaga: Oh...
    Nasir: Near the end of the war, we found out that Prince Rajaion could not be saved. I thought the king would surely go on a rampage. At the time, we had no idea that Lady Almedha was still alive. The king thought he'd lost not only dragon soldiers but also his children.
    Ena: ...
    Nasir: If the war had ended any later... Had Ike not killed Ashnard... Goldoa would have joined the war. And we would have started killing. We would have destroyed the Daein army, its coconspirators, everyone. We would not have stopped until the continent was ashes. Then the spirit of chaos would have spread across Tellius, awakening the goddess and destroying the dragon tribe. That was the danger we faced in the Mad King's War.
    Kurthnaga: ...
    Ena: But Ashnard was defeated. And Rajaion regained his sanity thanks to the songs of the heron clan.
    Almedha: ...Sniff... Bwuah... Sniff...
    Nasir: We escaped annihilation once. We took Prince Rajaion's body back to Goldoa. And the king did not shed a tear, nor fly into a rage. He endured his loss by himself. He endured for the sake of his last child, and for the sake of his people. Goldoa remained neutral.
    Kurthnaga: Father...
    Nasir: But now... All that effort has been wasted. The war between the Laguz Alliance and Begnion has spread through Daein and Crimea. And to top it all off, Goldoa can no longer stay neutral because of what Prince Kurthnaga has done!
    " — Kurthnaga, Nasir, Almedha, and Ena, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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