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Sound Room of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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The Sound Room in use.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the Sound Room is unlocked by completing the game once on any difficulty. The full set of songs is automatically available for listening as soon as the Sound Room is unlocked. A total of 85 songs are featured in the Sound Room, many of which are arrangements of songs from the preceding game, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. A small number of event songs—including Mist, Micaiah and Sanaki performing galdrar—are absent from the Sound Room. As with almost every game since Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, the Sound Room displays CG images from within the game while in use.

In 2015, the soundtrack of Radiant Dawn received a four-disc album release as the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Original Soundtrack. Since the game's original release, songs from it have been featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fire Emblem Fates.

Songs appearing in the Sound Room

The soundtrack of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Name Japanese Description and uses
1 Fire Emblem Theme ファイアーエムブレムのテーマ
Fire Emblem Theme
The game's title screen theme.
2 Echoes of Daybreak 暁鐘の響鳴りて
Dawn's bells ringing
Map theme for Part 1 Prologue and Chapter 1. Later reused as the map theme in Awakening's DLC episode Champions of Yore 3.
3 Conviction 信じる道託して
Faith in one's entrusted path
Map theme for Part I, Chapter 8, Endgame, and Part III, Chapter 12.
4 Dark Traveler 闇の旅人
Dark traveler
Map theme for Part I, Chapter 9, Part 3 Prologue, and Part IV, Chapter 3.
5 Bearer of Hope 強き思いここに
Strong feelings gather
Map theme for Part 2 Endgame and Part III, Chapter 13. Later reused as the map and battle theme in Fates's DLC episode Vanguard Dawn.
6 A Gathering of Storms 静寂の暗雲
Silent stormclouds
Map theme for Part I, Chapters 4, 5, Part II, Chapter 2, Part III, Chapter 8, and Part IV, Chapters 1 and 5.
7 Proud Flight 殊勝の翔り
Proud flight
Map theme associated with the Crimean knights, used in Part 2 Prologue, Chapter 3, and Part III, Chapters 2, 3, and 9.
8 Eternal Bond 絆永久に
Bonds, eternal
Map theme associated with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries, used in Part III, Chapters 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, and Endgame; also played on the rankings screen at the game's end. Also used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as "Ike's Theme") and Rogues & Redeemers 3 in Awakening.
9 Ascent 過甚の神
Divine ascent
Map theme associated with the storming of the Tower of Guidance, used in parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Part IV, Endgame.
10 Hymn of the Righteous 正しきものの賛歌
Hymn of the righteous
Map theme for Part I, Chapters 2, 3, 6-2, Part II, Chapter 1, Part III, Chapter 1, and Part IV, Chapter 4.
11 Road of Sorrow 翻弄の道
Merciful path
Map theme for Part I, Chapters 6-1, 7, and Part III, Chapter 6.
12 Unending Task 遠き普遍の過程
Everpresent process
Map theme for Part 4 Prologue and Chapter 2.
13 A Grasping Truth 掌握の真理
Grasping truth
Map and battle theme used in the entirety of Part IV, Endgame (5).
14 Dawn Brigade 暁の団
Dawn Brigade
Battle theme for normal player attacks for the Dawn Brigade, in Part 1 Prologue-Chapter 5. Later reused as the battle theme in Awakening's DLC episode Champions of Yore 3.
15 March 進軍
Battle theme for normal player attacks for the Daein army/Silver Army, in the second half of Part 1 and Micaiah's chapters in Parts 3 and 4. Also used as the Daein army's enemy-phase battle theme for their appearances as an enemy faction in Chapters 7, 11, and Endgame.
16 On Glory's Wings 誇り高き飛来
Glorious flight
Battle theme for normal player attacks for the Crimean army/Hawk Army, in Part 2, Part III, Chapter 9, and Tibarn and Elincia's chapters in Part 4.
17 The Devoted 忠義尽くさん
The devoted
Battle theme for normal player attacks for the Greil Mercenaries in Part 3, and for Ike's Greil Army chapters in Part 4. Also used as the Laguz Alliance's enemy-phase battle theme in Chapter 6. Later reused as the battle theme in Awakening's DLC episode Rogues & Redeemers 3, and as Ike's boss battle theme in his Hero Battle in Fates.
18 Time of Action 決起の時
Time of revolution
Battle theme for normal player attacks for the Apostle's Army in Part 3, and for their enemy-phase battle theme for their appearances as an enemy faction in Chapters 12 and 13.
19 Finale in Fear 畏怖決戦
Fearful showdown
Battle theme for normal player attacks in the Part IV, Endgame. Also used as a boss battle theme for Ike and Micaiah if they fight each other in Part III, Chapters 7, 13, and the Endgame.
20 Waves of Discord 騒騒し波風
Waves of discord
Battle theme for normal enemy attacks when fighting the Nevassa bandits or Feral Ones, in Part 1 Prologue and Part IV, Chapter 5.
21 To War 奮い
Rise to war
Battle theme for normal enemy attacks when fighting Laguz bandits, the Begnion garrison in Daein, or the Crimean rebels, in Parts 1 and 2.
22 Dilemma 窮地の如し
Battle theme for normal enemy attacks when fighting the Begnion Imperial Army, in Part 2 Prologue and Part 3.
23 Embodiment of Change 変容する表れ
Change's manifestations
Battle theme for normal enemy attacks when fighting the Disciples of Order or the Goldoa dragons, in Part 4.
24 Battle of Pride 私欲の大義
Seeking greed
Battle theme for minor bosses in Parts 1, 2 and 3.
25 Stalking Menace 脅威の眼
The menace's eye
Boss battle theme for Jarod and Ludveck.
26 Ideals Clash 互いの道義
Each other's morality
Battle theme for minor bosses in Part 4, as well as Lethe and Sigrun's battle theme as bosses in Part III, Chapters 6 and 12, respectively.
27 The Strong 力在る者すべて
The strong
Boss battle theme for Zelgius; used only in cutscenes in Part 3.
28 Wisdom of Ages 太古の意識
Ancient soul
Boss battle theme for Dheginsea. Adapted from "A Trusted Ruler" from Path of Radiance.
29 Origin's End 始まりの終焉
End of the beginning
Boss battle theme for Sephiran.
30 Beauty is a Mad Mistress 我故に我アリ
I, therefore I am
Battle theme for Oliver, both as a boss and when playable.
31 Unstoppable Destiny 宿命ありき
Unstoppable destiny
Battle theme for the Black Knight, both as a boss and when playable. A variant of "Against the Black Knight" from Path of Radiance.
32 King of the Sky 空を挺す
Unyielding sky
Battle theme for Tibarn. Adapted from "Brave General, Brave King" from Path of Radiance.
33 Wheeling Corby 黒きしじま
Black silence
Battle theme for Naesala. Adapted from "On Black Wings" from Path of Radiance.
34 March of the Lion King 猛る獅子
Fierce lion
Battle theme for Caineghis. Adapted from "Lion King Caineghis" from Path of Radiance.
35 The Pledge 忠誠の誓い
Oath of loyalty
Class change theme.
36 Threat of War 戦雲たちこめる時
Growing clouds of war
Event theme.
37 Tension 緊張の糸
Threads of tension
Event theme.
38 Unease 破られた均衡
Broken balance
Event theme.
39 Battle is Joined 切り立つ脅威
Steep threat
Event theme.
40 At Peace 心穏やかなるとき
Calming heart
Event theme.
41 Divine Tranquility 神の安らぎここに
Divine peace here
Event theme.
42 Eyes of Rage 憤怒の目
Eye of rage
Event theme.
43 Cats at Play 忘我な夢
Enchanting dream
Event theme, associated with Lethe and Lyre; plays in the introduction of Part III, Chapter 1.
44 Morale Fades 雲霞の士気
Fading morale
Event theme.
45 Revelation of Dawn 暁光の導きあらんことを
Dawn's guidance
Event theme; plays at the end of Part I, Endgame.
46 Sorrowful Prince Pelleas 憂いの王子ペレアス
Sorrowful Prince Pelleas
Event theme, associated with Pelleas.
47 The Mind of Izuka 奇才イズカ
The Genius Izca
Event theme, associated with Izuka.
48 Stalwarts Unite 勇姿ここに集う
Brave ones gather here
Recruitment theme. A variant of "With Us!" from Path of Radiance.
49 In My Hands すべては我手中に帰す
Everything is in our hands
Event theme, associated with the Begnion Imperial Army.
50 Aesthetics of Deprivation 剥奪の美学
Aesthetics of deprivation
Event theme.
51 No Word for Defeat 敗北の文字無し
No word for defeat
Event theme, associated with the Begnion Imperial Army.
52 Goddess of Dawn 暁の女神
Goddess of Dawn
Event theme, associated with the history of Tellius; used in flashback cutscenes in the Part IV, Endgame.
53 The Goddess Wakes 暁の女神 帰還
Goddess of Dawn: Return
Event theme; used in Part 4 cutscenes.
54 Divine Healing 暁の女神 帰還
Goddess of Dawn: Healing
Event theme.
55 Zealot's Prayer 暁の女神 帰依
Goddess of Dawn: Faith
Event theme.
56 The Goddess' Rebuke 暁の女神 激昂
Goddess of Dawn: Fury
Event theme; plays in Part 3 Chapters 7 and/or 13 if Ike and Micaiah fight each other.
57 Ashera the Creator 創造主アスタルテ
Creator Astarte
Event theme, associated with Ashera.
58 Child of Chaos 混沌の落とし子ユンヌ
Fallen Child of Chaos Yune
Event theme, associated with Yune.
59 Micaiah's Dawn 暁の女神ミカヤ
Goddess of Dawn: Micaiah
Event theme, associated with Micaiah.
60 Empress Sanaki 皇帝サナキ
Empress Sanaki
Event theme, associated with Sanaki. A variant of "A Messenger" from Path of Radiance.
61 Zelgius the Brave 勇猛ゼルギウス
Valiant Zelgius
Event theme, associated with Zelgius.
62 Oliver's Fall 堕するオリヴァー
Degeneration of Oliver
Event theme, associated with Oliver. A variant of "Power-hungry Fool" from Path of Radiance.
63 Queen Elincia 女王エリンシア
Queen Erincia
Event theme, associated with Elincia. Adapted from "Beautiful Princess Elincia" from Path of Radiance.
64 Caineghis, King of Lions 獅子王 カイネギス
Lion King: Caineghis
Event theme, associated with Caineghis. A variant of "Lion King Caineghis" from Path of Radiance.
65 Skrimir's Pride 若き獅子 スクリミル
Young Lion: Skrimir
Event theme, associated with Skrimir.
66 Tranquility of Goldoa 閑寂なる ゴルドア
Silent Goldoa
Event theme, associated with Dheginsea. A variant of "A Trusted Ruler" from Path of Radiance.
67 The Black Knight Lives 漆黒の騎士 再び
The Dark Knight: Return
Event theme, associated with the Black Knight. A variant of "The Black Knight" from Path of Radiance.
68 Sephiran's Sorrow セフェラン 浮遊する意識
Cepheran: Drifting Soul
Event theme, associated with Sephiran.
69 Darkness Eternal 無尽の闇
Endless darkness
Event theme.
70 Rafiel's Aria 心安に漂う
Drifting heart
Event theme; the galdrar performed by Rafiel in Part I, Chapter 4.
71 Repose of Souls 鎮魂歌
Event theme; the galdrar performed by Reyson in Part IV, Chapter 5.
72 Grace 恩恵
Event theme; the galdrar performed by Leanne in Part II, Chapter 2.
73 Neutiquam Erro 道標に光そそぎて
Growing guiding light
World map narration theme.
74 Urgency Drives Us 急迫そこにあり
Urgent destination
World map narration theme.
75 Uncharted Fates 計れない地図
Unchartable map
World map narration theme.
76 The Task at Hand 備忘
Base theme for all chapters until Part III, Chapter 13.
77 Comfort's Call 懇し
Base theme for all chapters from Part III, Endgame onward.
78 Backsliding 進まざるは退転
Aid in the advance
Preparations theme.
79 Pray for Victory 意を決し勝勢を祈る
Pray for the momentum to win
Preparations theme for Part 1 Endgame, Part 2 Endgame, Part 3 Chapter 13 and Endgame, and all five parts of Part 4 Endgame.
80 Silence Reigns 終わりの時
The end
Game Over theme.
81 Fading Embers 志半ばに
Cut ambition
Death theme for commanders and other characters whose survival is required.
82 Praise the Fallen 友よ・・・
My friend...
Death theme for normal characters.
83 A Test of Will 力試す時
Testing power
Theme for the tutorial mode.
84 Everything Hereafter 向後万端
Everything hereafter
Epilogue and character endings theme.
85 Dawn Awakens Dawn Awakens
Dawn Awakens
Credits theme.


  • The track "The Strong" is never played in full in-game. The full track is only played in the Sound Room.


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