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King of Crimea


Princess Elincia's father, King Ramon, and his brother, Lord Renning, are also of a different kind. All are...or were...exceptional men. Men in whom one could put his trust.
— Caineghis

Ramon (pronounced: /⁠ɹəˈmoʊn⁠/[key][1]; Japanese: ラモン Ramon) was the King of Crimea prior to the Mad King's War and the father of his successor, Elincia. His work with Caineghis of Gallia on improving relations between beorc and laguz after centuries of bitter conflict led to him being considered a pioneer among kings, and even after Ramon's murder by Daein's Mad King Ashnard, the two kings' work was looked to by other rulers as an inspiration for reforms in their own nations.


Although Crimea had been founded explicitly to pursue friendlier relations with laguz nations than Begnion's aggressive and racist policies at the time, the supposed friendship between it and Gallia never truly took root in the citizens of either nation and effectively existed only among their nobilities. This resulted in the citizens of Crimea still often being racist toward laguz and even perpetuating hunts. Ramon worked to change this upon being crowned as Crimea's king in the year 615,[2] working together with Gallia's king, Caineghis. Through the thirty years of Ramon's reign, he and Caineghis initiated numerous ambitious cultural projects aimed at uniting the people of both countries,[3] and their efforts began to gradually improve race relations in the two nations and largely put an end to the hunts and other horrific activities.[4] Ramon and Caineghis grew to have a close friendship and trusted one another greatly.[5]

Although Ramon had named his brother, Renning, as the rightful successor of the throne, late in his life he had a daughter, Elincia. However, Ramon feared conflict being provoked by how Elincia's existence challenged Renning's status as the heir apparent, so he chose to keep Elincia's existence a secret from most of the world. The other kings of the nations of Tellius were informed of her existence, in case of an emergency, but beyond that Elincia was raised in private.[6] Despite this, Ramon and Renning continued to have a good relationship with each other, and Renning and Elincia were very close to each other during her childhood and adolescence.

In the year 645, all of this came to an end with the sudden beginning of the Mad King's War. Daein's King Ashnard personally led the Daein invasion of Crimea and its capital, Melior, and despite the best efforts of Renning and his Royal Knights, Ashnard broke into Crimea Castle and personally killed Ramon and his wife.[7] Elincia was present in the castle at the time and witnessed her parents' deaths,[8] but she evaded capture thanks to the sacrifices of the Crimean Royal Knights and eventually entered the protection of Ike, Greil, and the Greil Mercenaries, who became the center of Elincia's campaign to avenge her parents and reclaim Crimea from Ashnard. In the years after his death, Ramon was fondly remembered by his surviving family and many of the other kings and queens of Tellius, and his work was seen as the model of peace between the races which others, including Sanaki and Tibarn, strove to continue and surpass.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Ramon never appears in person in Path of Radiance, but he, his life, and his actions are often discussed by the cast.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Once again, Ramon never appears in person in Radiant Dawn, but he is occasionally mentioned or discussed by the cast.

Etymology and other languages

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Catalan form of Raymond.[9]






As above.



As above.



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Mentioned in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Ramon; mentioned in Heroes.



  1. Elincia: Lost Princess in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  2. The date of Ramon's coronation is implied. Caineghis describes Ramon's rule as lasting for thirty years, and his rule ended with his death in 645.
  3. "Fellow kings and countrymen, attend to my words! As you no doubt have heard, Daein has invaded Crimea and overrun her. Of course, Crimea is a beorc nation...However, since the time of her founding, she has made every effort to engage the laguz with honor and dignity. Never has this been more true than during the thirty-year reign of good King Ramon. During this era, Gallia and Crimea initiated many ambitious cultural projects in an attempt to bring our divided people closer." — Caineghis, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  4. "Ike: But I thought Crimea and Gallia were allied nations. Why would a wandering laguz be cause for concern?
    Ranulf: Well, it shouldn't be, but...
    Titania: Do you remember what King Caineghis told you? The friendship between Crimea and Gallia exists only between the ruling classes. It hasn't taken root in the minds of the common citizenry at all.
    Ranulf: That being said, things have improved quite a bit since King Ramon ascended to the throne. The reports of hunts and such other horrors have all but disappeared...
    " — Ike, Ranulf, and Titania, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  5. "Hmm... You have good eyes. Honest and brave.I see your father in them. Long ago, Greil...your father...worked as a mercenary for Gallia. We forged a strong bond, he and I. To speak truly, I still do not trust the beorc. But your father was different. Princess Elincia’s father, King Ramon, and his brother, Lord Renning, are also of a different kind. All are...or were...exceptional men. Men in whom one could put his trust" — Caineghis, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  6. "Greil: The place where Ike found you was evidently the site of a fierce battle between Crimean and Daein forces. Do you have some relation to the Crimean royal family?
    Elincia: ...
    Ike: I make no promises, but we may be able to help you. Will you share your story with us?
    Elincia: You took me in and cared for me. I my trust in you. Elincia Ridell Crimea. I am the daughter of King Ramon of Crimea.
    Ike: What?
    Greil: You say you are the princess of Crimea?
    Elincia: Yes.
    Greil: That’s an odd claim to make. I’ve never heard of King Crimea having any children.
    Elincia: That be expected. My heritage, my very existence, has never been made public.
    Ike: Why’s that?
    Elincia: To avoid national turmoil. You see, I was born after my uncle, Lord Renning, was named as successor to the throne. So...
    Greil: They kept you a secret to avert a possible blood feud. Yes, I’m willing to accept that for the time being. Very well, let’s suppose that you truly are Princess Crimea. You must know what’s become of the king and your uncle. I would like to hear that news.
    Elincia: ...My father and my mother are dead...They fell at the hand of Ashnard, King of Daein...My lord uncle and the royal knights are still battling the Daein army, I believe.
    Greil: I see.
    Elincia: ...I...fled the follow my lord uncle’s orders and seek refuge in the kingdom of Gallia...
    Greil: In Gallia?
    Elincia: ...Yes. We believed that King Caineghis would grant me sanctuary. So that’s where I was going...But we were discovered by Daein troops, and I lost my escort of knights... My life–the life I have now–was purchased...with the blood of those brave knights...
    Ike: Does King Daein know of your existence?
    Elincia: Yes. I was told the royals of each nation were informed of my identity in the event of dire circumstances...
    Greil: If that’s the case, they must be searching frantically for you.
    " — Greil, Elincia, and Ike, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  7. "...My father and my mother are dead...They fell at the hand of Ashnard, King of Daein...My lord uncle and the royal knights are still battling the Daein army, I believe." — Elincia, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  8. "You look quite different than you did the day that I cut your father and mother down like cattle... I can hardly believe you're the same little girl who did nothing but tremble and stare at me." — Ashnard, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  9. Meaning, origin and history of the name Ramon, Behind the Name, Retrieved: August 19, 2018
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